to pull a camper wich new truck is better ford f250 or a chevy 2500?

I need to get a new truck but the dealers never seem to know which is a better truck.

Asked by yo man 8 years ago

ive got a 98 chevy 3500dualie pick up ive put a 1972 4brl. 454

It has the stock 4l80e trans in it  and i need to trick it into thinking the old 350 votec fuel inject engine is still in it with out spending the money for a painless wiring harness dose anyone have the pin voltages to dothis or know a way around this problem ? thank you for your time

Asked by dizzydog598r 7 years ago

How do i take the back seat out of a 1965 Chevy Impala?

I want to take the seat cover off the seat without ripping it and it seems i can't take it off without taking the seat out. Can anyone help?

Asked by pooker 9 years ago

2003 chevy tracker help?

I got a chevy tracker 2003 2 door convertible 4 calender engine with a prndl(aka automatic transmission ;) and i have a few questions that i need to be answered... the first question is that im adding a sub but that the easy part the problem is i want to keep the car as stack looking as possible. there are some spaces ware buttons/switches/dials/nobs could of been i got some photos of the areas ware i need switches to be i numbered the ones i didn't know in blue and the ones with red leters are the ones i'm not there if a switch was sapos to be there or that how it sapos to to be and the ones with yellow ( ! ) is ones that are there. if you know what one of the switches are put "(*)" replacing the star with the number or later of the space and what it is next to it. the secant thing i need answered is that i have this plug at the front of my tracker that apparently hooked up to nothing idk what it ther for or if i need to plug it back into somthing i couldent find anything about this plug on the internet and i'm thinking that it could be an add on that you could buy from the dealer but if that is true i'm not shure. if you know what the plug is for put "plug;" and write what you think it is.?

Asked by mcowdrick 6 years ago

Why is my Chevy Malibu Maxx Shifting hard?

My dads Chevy Malibu Maxx is down shifting hard. We drive at over 10 mph, then shift it into neutral, and when it drops below 10 mph, it down shifts with a thump. Why is that?

Asked by Thelonelysandwitch 9 years ago

flywheel replacement step by step on 94 gmc 1500

My truck has an auto transmission and a v6 i would like to know if anyone knows were i can find a step by step or somethin along those lines. im pretty handy and ive done it once before, but it was on a v8 mustang, so i would like to be able to go over some instructions. thanks

Asked by ccorey_13 8 years ago

i have a 1996 chevy blazer that needs a timing chain replacement

I would like step by step instruction from begining to end to do that myself .?

Asked by jhowe14 9 years ago

Chevy Flip Car Key Fix

I have one of those older flip Chevy fobs. Well the key broke off the fob so it's just a piece a metal and I use the fob to turn the ignition. I am looking for a fix with maybe like sugru or something to make a top portion to make it look like a key again.  Any ideas??? or plans of action? don't want to fork out another 100$ a key.

Posted by tunes4x 1 year ago

Anyone got tips on leaning out a 2.8L chevy V6 stock carb? Answered

Mine likes to blow BLAAAACK smoke out when I 'punch it' also, lately its been getting around 11mpg.... though, it fires up absolutely fantastic when its -20 or -30 F

Asked by Junk_Wizard 9 years ago

painting a model 53 chevy bel air top white help? Answered

I got this model 53 chevy and it was molded into the perfect blue, but i dont have that paint, and my friend keeps on bugging me that using normal paint will make it look bad but i got a flat whte spray, which would work fine, i just no that i can get of paint from the blue body with varsol, but if its poossible to not use tape ( cause itll make it rly sticky) that would be helpful. its an old model to, from 1968 or something, and it dosnt tell you what color to paint it, so i got the oher stuff, but could somebody show me the enginge colors? that would be rly helpful.

Asked by the poodleo 7 years ago

2002 impala intake manifold gasket?

Is it difficult to change the upper intake manifold gasket on a 2002 chevy impala?

Asked by jakerice 6 years ago

Anyone know why a 99 Chevy blazer would engage 4-Hi 4wd but not 4-Low?

2-Hi and 4-Hi work just fine but the 4-low just won't engage. Trying to figure out if  can DIY fix it if it's something simple, rather than pay an exorbitant amount to a mechanic. Thanks.

Asked by A.J.B. 7 years ago

should i paint my 1997 chevy cavalier by myself?

I have a 1997 chevy cavalier. it is my first car and the clear coat is chipping off causing the paint to fade. i want to re do the paint another color but i dont want to break the bank with a professional job. I want to do a paint job at home. Do you guys think i should do it? Keep in mind the car is only supposed to last a few years at the most so i dont need a 20-30 year paint job just a few years.

Asked by curtis foreman 7 years ago

suggestions on my next knex car

I want some suggestions on what vehicle I should make next. Im open to almost anything.

Posted by beanieostrich 7 years ago

I am trying to rewire my 1988 Chevy C1500 pickup..?

I have replaced switches and  attempted to strengthen connections with electrical tape to no avail; and am now determined to fix the problem from the ground up. I have no experience with automotive electrical work and would very much appreciate as much detailed help as possible. My primary goal is to rewire my rear and front lights, as well as the door locks and windows.

Asked by SoLiferous 6 years ago

What would cause every other cylinder not to fire on a big block chevy?

In my truck I have a 366 big block chevy motor and cylinders 2, 3, 5 and 8 are not getting spark and the firing order is 1,8,4,3,6,5,7,2. So I am not getting spark to every other cylinder I have an H.E.I distributor. I am thinking it could be the ignition module but am not sure any help is appreciated.

Asked by vince 09 3 years ago

Silhouette from photo

How to make a silhouette from a photo on my iPad  I want a silhouette of our 50 Chevy Pickup to weld on to our rod iron fence thank you

Posted by HowardSue 4 years ago

How do you hotwire a car?

Preferably a Chevy El Camino.I lost my keys and I dont want to pay for a lockpicker or new keys.Help would be nice.

Asked by philli12 8 years ago

Need Help With Amp Instilation

I recently aquired a Infinity 311a Amp and am wanting to install it on a 1994 Chevy Silverado 2500. i can get any wiring i will need i just dont know what to start with  

Posted by torquerat 5 years ago

how to fix car trunk which is not opening by key? Answered

It is chevy aveo 2008 before it was right but some day before i close from then it does not open i put key in and rotate it then it does not pop up what to do help.thanks

Asked by HarishK95 9 months ago

Automobile cd player aux. port installation.

I drive a 1999 Chevy Tracker, same as the Vitara.  I'd like to play my mp3 through the OE cd player.  Any hints in installing an aux port as there isn't one on this older player?

Asked by Hubiewan 6 years ago

How do you remove a stuck cd from an automobile cd player?

I placed a cd disc in the cd player in my 2004 Chevy Silverado, and when I pushed the eject button, I only received a clicking noise and a check cd message. I have not been able to retrieve the cd. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Asked by rogern 8 years ago

installing a DVD console in a 06 Malibu Maxx?

I have an OEM DVD RSE (Rear Seat Entertainment) console. It is for a 2006 Chevy Malibu Maxx LTZ. The console I have in my car is without the DVD component. I see 4 holes to bolt it into the center. As I will have to remove the one in my car and replace it with the new GM part, will I have to take the seats out? Anything special I should do first?

Asked by 9 years ago

Solar page ad takeover.

The "Solar" projects page is pretty much a Chevy Volt advertisement.  A video about the Volt is set to auto-play for every "page" of instructables... of which there are only 5 shown.  I understand that websites need ad money to survive, but when those ads dominate the page and hinder the user from accessing site content it borders on ridiculous. When I click next page I'm greeted with the same giant, auto-play video ad and only 5 instructables.  I find this irritating. -Tom

Posted by tomzook 7 years ago

will this carburetor work on my 350?

It will fit my intake I know that for sure its a 4 barrel quadrajet Originally on 1967 chevy 397,427 and 1967 pontiac 327,400,427 its a 4mv f9 I'm trying to put a motor together for my camero and don't have much money and have lil time to get it done the ppl who run my apt say to at least make it move I'm waiting on other parts so i can't just put it on and see eventually i plan to put an eddlbrock on it but that is prolly years away unless this carb works really well

Asked by darkmickey 8 years ago

Brake lights

So i have a '95 chevy suburban, and it has a few issues. at the moment, the biggest issue is my brake lights. Basically, when the vehicle is in accessory and i depress the brake peddle, my brake lights come on, YAY! but when i have the vehicle running and i depress the brake peddle, the 15 A fuse blows and the lights go out. now i have a schematic diagram for the whole vehicle (in parts), but im still trying having a hard time finding where my problem is. im sure there is a short somewhere but it is just all really confusing to me. thanks much in advance. note: night time lights work as well as all turn signals. 

Posted by DanJames 5 years ago

How can I build a relatively large scrolling LED display able to be outdoors and have programmable messages? Answered

My dad has an interesting idea for his Chevy Blazer project car...he wants a scrolling LED matrix attached to the rear spoiler so that he can have messages shoot across it.  Would it be moderately easy to make this or should I consider purchasing it?  The display would be approximately 3-5" tall by 36" wide.  I would need to know specs on the electronics (LED's, arduino, parts in general).  Also, If it is best for me to purchase it, where should I look for the parts? Thanks.

Asked by j626no 8 years ago


The all-new 2014 Chevy Silverado has teamed up with Instructables to bring the Instructables community great projects that boost your outdoor skills. The Outdoorsmanning hub is a great place to learn about a ton of outdoor skills like backpacking, camping, and being in nature. Many of you in the Instructables community are taking advantage of excellent fall temperatures by going hiking and exploring. If you love documenting your journey into nature, check out this great Trekking Pole Tripod. With winter right around the corner wouldn't you like to learn about how to make an ice-rink in your back yard?   Maybe you want to hit the road, get out of town and get into nature. Check out this amazingly awesome Teardrop Trailer. For more great outdoor project ideas, head over to the Outdoorsmanning page.

Posted by audreyobscura 4 years ago

Pros and cons car for camping. Suburban, truck, or wagon

I have a 3 door 1971 suburban Custom. 350 small block i think Edelbrock headers (if anyone knows where to get a gasket that drops in, let me know. (-;) Edelbrock 4 barrel carb Posi rear end detroit lockers LSD front Barn door rear doors. And my brothers 91 ford ranger 4 cyl. 4 speed with overdrive RWD 2 1/2 seater no canopy An 87 camry wagon. FWD 4 cyl knocking engine. new clutch All of them have custom LOUD stereo's. There are 3 or 4 people going. Don't turn this into a ford vs chevy vs Toyota debate

Asked by Yerboogieman 8 years ago

Weak spark (orange glow) on late model pickup truck

So  I have a 95 chevy C-1500 5.7 V8, Been having some progressively worse problems with it running rough and hesitating when accelerating. I will be re-timing it soon but that is a separate issue for the moment, When I tested the ignition system I noticed the spark tester was glowing orange/red instead of blue. (I can't even get my timing light to fire) It was due for new plugs and wires so I replaced both. The Ignition coil is less then a year old and I just finished replacing the Rotor and distributor cap. Still have an orange spark. I really need to fix this before I can time it, Any Ideas?

Asked by Wired_Mist 1 year ago

What best rated W for speakers to go with new kenwood dpx-5210u 50Wx4 stereo?

Hi all im new to this activity. i have a chevy optra 2008 with stock speakers and stereo (reciever). the sound is good but i wanted more so my friends suggested i go for a stereo but now that i got it, when i set it to max volume the sound isnt clear and breaking so i think the problem in the car speakers? im planning to change them 4 for another 4 ones, will a 300W rated speaker be good? i really dont know but what W should i go for? and do i need an amplifier or not? i really dont want to i can only afford to get new speakers if they make a better sound with the stereo.

Asked by mkhaled4 5 years ago

I just took a ride in an awesome truck

Here's some photos from the new model from Topeka Electric Motors. It's a 3/4 ton Chevy pickup with a gigantic motor and a boatload of lithium batteries, with an automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, A/C, etc. The motor on this thing is HUGE...a foot or so in diameter. This is a truck that could tow a cement mixer. They're using it as a work truck to deliver electric motors, pumps, and everything else they work on. I took a ride in it this morning, and it runs smoother than a gas truck. This is the brainchild of a few smart guys at Topeka Electric Motor. These guys are tuning the shift points for an electric motor to get maximum power and efficiency, programming the controller to perfectly match what the motor needs, and basically making a vehicle that beats the pants off anything the big companies with hundreds of engineers have put out.

Posted by CameronSS 6 years ago

need help with 12 volt relays?

I just purchased a set of running boards off of a 2011 f150. they are electronic and i need to wire them up to a set of relays. what i am trying to do is to make it so that when the door is open it triggers the relay and powers the motors causing the running boards to open up, easy enough. but the problem i am running into is that when the door is closed and the door ajar switch is no longer sending a signal, i need the relay to then reverse the polarity so that the motor will then spin the opposite direction causing the running boards to fold back up. the motors on the running boards do have built in stops so i dont have to worry about leaving power to them. i am also finding out if the door ajar switch on my 2004 chevy silverado uses a positve trigger or a ground trigger. any help i can get would be much appriciated. thanks

Asked by Gearslamer 6 years ago

How do I hook up a USB video cam in my truck? Answered

I have a IBM ThinkPad Ultra Port 2 Cam 2 "02K5152" That I want to hook up in my truck but my problem is getting the right power to and at the same time record straight into a video camera so I can keep a live feed going when I need it to. I guess it would be a lot like in a cop car where I can turn it on and off with a switch. I was thinking about getting a USB hub but I still need a way to get the power to it. Is there anyone who could draw up a scamatic so a novice can read it please. It would be of great great help to me to get this going. I have a lot of xtra USB ports from old pc's that I thought about putting together a USB hub my self but I don't know  where and what resisters to use because I havent gotten up to speed on them as fast as I wanted to so im still in the R&R stage area on that. I took some pic's of the cam so you can see it and im wanting to put it in a 1995 Chevy truck. Also it will need to be removeable quick and easy because of the cold temps of winter and thiefs if you know what I mean. Thanks for any help in advance. I really love this site. D

Asked by madrasi 8 years ago

what method should i use to build out a camper top?

I'm putting a 'penthouse' sleeping shell on the top of my chevy astro van. i got a truck canopy, cut it in half, and i'll be joining the two halves to make a room to sit up there. i have to build out the front of the room, and i'm going round and round about how to do it. i could use wood, plywood and stringers, but that presents problems with joining the wood, weight, and the funky look. i've thought about making a frame out of 1/2 conduit, and filling in the space with 2 in plastic foam they use to insulate houses- it would be easy to cut to fill in curvy/complex shapes. but how do i 'glue' them together? the build out will extend a little over the windshield of the van, to give me more room and make something artsy... it IS an art car. if i used foam pieces, i could skin it over with fiberglass to make it a little rigid and watertight. but i've never seen it done.any other ideas???? imagine that big boxy open space at the front becomes a kind of "nose" shape. how to do that? and maybe include some windows so i'm not all claustrophic'd in there...?? needs to be cheap materials, water-proofable and sturdy enough to not fly away. TIA!of course, i'll be documenting the build for an instructrable. see:

Posted by Thaikarl 9 years ago

C3 Corvette Stingray to Flex Fuel/Swapping engines? Or, Tell my if my boyhood fantasy can be a reality

Short story: How hard would it be to drop a new, maybe flex-fuel, oh-say-maybe-an Impala engine into a C3 Corvette? Long story: I love Corvettes. A lot. I have decided to save up enough money over the next two years to purchase a C3 (1968-82) Corvette, and bring it up to modern motoring glory. I've been poking around, and looks like I can get a POS for about 10-15 grandios americanos. ANYWAY I'd like to replace the old engine with a nice new fuel injected, computer controlled, more efficient engine then whatever is inside. All I'm really after is the body. Frumpy 70's interior and matching engine numbers be screwed. My question to you: Several new Chevys are flex fuel, how hard would it be to get a wrecked car (I'm thinking an Impala might be about right), take out the engine and computer control goodness, and stick it in said 'Vette? My plans for the Corvette, I'm thinking a '80-'82 if I have choice, I'd totally get a '64 split window, but they be EXPENSIVE: ~Complete interior overhaul; brushed aluminum dash (retro-motorfied-Apple-esque?), sound system etc... ~New paint job; blue with silver racing stripes (like the new Shelby Cobra, reversed) ~New engine, and what ever mechanical tune-ups are required. ~I might make the sunroof removable ~Whatever else comes to mind in my owner ship of the most awesome thing on 4 wheels Thanks!!

Posted by KentsOkay 9 years ago