I need to find a Merchant selling (internationally) mini clock movements and who also offers Affiliate Commissions.?

Mini clock movements, small dials about 4 or 5 cms diameter, hour and minute hands, etc. 

Asked by LeJudge 8 years ago

Singer 527, thread breaks, AND I don't know what dials MEAN!! Help please Answered

 HI  Many thanks in advance if you can help me.  I have a singer 527 it worked fine from the basement after it's 10 year 'rest' (it was my sisters but she moved to the states!) Then the needel broke because it was too small for the work I was doing (curtains!) so I bought the ones the shop said were best. NOW though the thread breaks continually and the real problem is that I think I did something with the dials that I don't actually understand?  Can anyone help with that? I don't have the instruction booklet and can't find one online -- Many thanks if you can -- JB

Asked by buttermere4 8 years ago

how do i make a sun dial? Answered

I want to make a sun dial. i need to know the demensions for the dial and for the face of the sundial. or all of the information that any one can offer will be greatly appreciated.

Asked by dezertbreez 9 years ago

can you connect to xbox live with dial up?

Can u use dial up to connect to xbox live

Asked by jakedasnake96 8 years ago

Dial-up card's transformer voltage? Answered

Can anyone tell me about the input and output voltages of the transformer found in dial-up card? I saw some project need it but I don't know any info about it

Asked by Mad Fox 3 years ago

Dial Pad problem Answered

I created 2 Skype accounts. My PC runs Windows 10 and I downloaded Skype 7.25. I can connect to my phone with no problem. But once connected, there is no drop down dial pad. Dial pad is available on a different page and is silent. Any advice?

Asked by Steve_Lane63 1 year ago

can i call to phones using dial up method via computer?

Can i make phone calls .................via my laptop which are connected to cellphone or via dial up connection(cell phone and laptop connected through data cable)

Asked by rachit59 8 years ago

how to reassemble a triple dial built in combo lock. Samsonite?

I have a samsonite suitcase hardshell that was a gift to me the triple dial combo lock was disassembled and placed in a bag , can any one explain to me or better yet send me a diagram on how to reassele this type of lock so i can put this suitcase back in circulation

Asked by jojo677 2 years ago

Is there ANYTHING I can use old dial up modems for (other then dialing up the internet)?

Any old, or unique ideas on what I can do with them?  I have one that is fairly fast (an old cable modem) one that is medium fast (an old DSL modem) and one 56k plain vanilla dial up.

Posted by Goodhart 7 years ago

Dial up to satellite what do i need to change to play online?

I used to play Halo on my computer with dial up but once we switched to satellite every time I try to play my ping gets jacked up. I want to know what settings I need to change so I can play again.

Asked by PyroTeen213 7 years ago

can you use dial up internet with the wii?

I dont have a router  and dont want to buy one just 4 the wii

Asked by skipster2 7 years ago

Is there a way to find out how hot my electric skillet is if the temperature dial doesn't say?

I have an electric skillet / stove and it works fine, but the temperature dial does not specify what temperature it is at. Is there a way for me to find out?

Asked by Ke-Bob 7 years ago

use a landline telephone, speakers, a mic, and a computer to go online with dial-up

Would it be possible to use a landline telephone, a computer with speakers and a microphone, and a software program to connect to the internet with dial-up? there are multiple free dial-up numbers available, so if I called with the phone, and used the computer to emulate an analog modem and listen to the response with the microphone, would I be able to get online? if so, does anything like this already exist?

Posted by tyeverett4949 2 years ago

Is it possible to add a power dial to any of kipkays laser projects, So that I could have it range from no harm to kill?

Like it ranges from something to cut diamonds (If possible) to something I could use with kids? I was thinking dial because you get more settings. Please help.

Asked by 8 years ago

please how can i make simple ir alarm that dial from mobile ?

Hi please i need to make a simple circuit  that contains ir on/off switch , that will dial pre saved nimber on the mobile , for ex. , i can connect the botton (1) of the key pad in the mobile on some relay , win the alarm on it will dial the saved number simplly , the IR will be sender and recevier , when some one or something cross the red line " the IR reays " , the circuit will be just a ON /OFF switch to run a relay the relay will connect the dial up on the mobile device key bad can any one help me with that ?   Thank you all !

Asked by wa7aa 8 years ago

How would i go about converting a on/of/volume dial (wheel) to an 'on/off' button and 'volume up, volume down' buttons?

I an trying to convert a dial which works as a volume control but also as a power switch to seperate buttons for power and volume.. any help would be appreciated. thanks :)

Asked by sswanton 6 years ago



Posted by kwabena 9 years ago

micrometer caliper

How to read in inches a Vernier Caliper  without a dial?

Asked by RAR60 1 year ago

Old Rotary Dial Phone

Hello. I wanted to ask if someone could help me to connect an old rotary phone to the pc. I would like to make it hit the ring, and if it were possible to hear any sound recording. I have no knowledge about such things, it is possible to do so? This is a translation of google thank you very much

Posted by erdosain9 6 years ago

how to hook up xbox using ethernet cord on dial up internet ha?

I have a laptop with a virgin m obile broadband 2 go. want to hook up my xbox to it

Asked by jjenharley 7 years ago

Home Dial-In Server

I'm trying to set up a home dial-in server. I'd like it to have these features: -Runs from DOS -Can answer on the fourth ring -If no one is home, can redirect the call to the answering machine if it does not detect a computer on the other end (I.E. redirect if it doesn't hear computer tones) That last note is especially important. I've looked at the getty series, but it seems that it's only for Linux. Is there a way to do it with Kermit, C-Kermit, or any other of the Kermit programs? Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

Posted by 1up 9 years ago

How can i use a dial up modem to alow my phone to call threw land line using my pc? Answered

Hi i have a windows mobile phone and i realy want to get it to phone threw my land lines rather than using a call network. this is what i have 1X windows mobile 5.0 phone 1X vista ultimate computer 1X dial up modem 2X bluetooth usb adapters 1X land line internet please help

Asked by aureliansh 9 years ago

What is this? Answered

 It says MFS 474K 250V.  It is on a dial-up PCI card.

Asked by jj.inc 8 years ago

I want to make and old school dial water meter using arduino and flow meter?

I need help making a old school dial meter like the ones used in electricity or auto richshaws. http://static.splashnology.com/articles/Examples_of_Skeuomorphism_in_Graphic_Design/Rickshaw_Meter_app_by_ranganath_krishnamani.png i want to flow water through a flowmeter and record data from arduino. i also want this arduino to control dial meter and show the appropriate numbers depending on the litres flown. i do not have any knowledge of coding , however im alright to prepare the hardware and solder etc! if i has a set of instructions

Asked by ashishngupta 2 years ago

Wanted: Controller for Linear Acuator

Basically, I need a dial that would command this linear actuator https://www.servocity.com/sda24-263 to advance in one inch increments on either a dial or a touchpad or a slider. EvanBrenner@gmail.com or 917 414 5472 Thanks! Evan

Posted by EvanB65 9 months ago

PCB Help: Need to make new dial or short out for coffee grinder

I just followed a great post to hack my Delonghi Coffee Grinder here: http://ping-pong-balls.blogspot.ca/2012/03/so-youve-bought-delonghi-kg89-how-to.html However in the process I shamefully snapped off one of the knobs and part of the circuit board attached to it snapped. I'm wondering if there's a more or less easy way to fix this, such as a short circuit around the timer, or perhaps even create a new makeshift dial. I'm a PCB novice, so any tips or re-directions would be great. Thanks!

Posted by jwchan 5 years ago

I have a electric heater that uses a dial, can I link it to a machine to turn it on/off depending on the temperature?

The electric heater is not linked to a thermostat and has a dial (rotates between 120-150 degrees range) on it to control its intensity. I am thinking perhaps to link it to a thermometer to control its intensity when it reaches some temperature thresholds and depending on the time of the day (preferably a schedule). Pics available on request

Asked by knightdaemon 8 years ago

do you remember when computers first came out without auto dial modems

Do you remember when computers first came out without auto dial modems you would put your land line phone into a holder and dial the number to connect? I would like to do the same with my cell so I don't have to pay data charges. what do you think? can this still be done?

Asked by Car11 9 years ago

What kind of mechanism is used in a date dial on a watch?It stores tension, moves a disc a set amount - not gradually.

I've looked high and low, but can't find a description of the date dial mechanism.  Unlike hte hour hand or the moon dial, it doesn't move gradually - it moves a set rotation percentage,  all at once, so exactly one number is displayed at any given time, and at midnight, it switches over.  Does this make sense?  Does anyone know about this mechanism?  What are the components? I'm trying to create an analog random story generator, using the same principal as the date dial on a watch.  Instead of numbers, the discs will have pieces of a narrative written on them.  Each one will rotate at a different rate, and each disc will be divided into sections with once sentence each.   The intention is to hide all but one sentence behind a board, with a window cut out to display the one.  A drawing would make more sense. 

Asked by ultimatezeroic 6 years ago

is it possible to connect an LED to my telephone wiring without cutting or putting out the dial tone?

I decided to tap LED's on the telephone wires,well to my amusement it did light up,but the thing is,as i was trying to connect to the DSL ,it wasn't working.I lifted the landline phone and there's no dial tone.

Asked by cons11 9 years ago

Rotary dial phone

Hi all, Yesterday, my grandma gave me an old telephone. My mother used it as a toy, so my grandfather disconnected the wires (for safety). I wanted to connect the phone, but I don't know which connections I need. I attached some photo's to make the situation clear. It would be great if you could help me! Arnout P.S.: English is not my mother tongue so it would be fantastic if you didn't use a vocabulary that's too difficult ;)

Posted by arnoutdejans 6 years ago

I can't get Xbox Live with my dial-up. I tried the steps that instructables gave and I still can't get it.

I have the ethernet cable hooked to my pc, and went to my networks and did the wizard just like instructables said to do but it keeps telling me something is wrong with my IP address. It says my IP address must belong to two or more other devices. I don't know what to do. Thanks for any help.

Asked by septsher 9 years ago

Seeking advice on how to make a rotary dial phone have a busy signal when answered

Hi all, I'm working on a Just For Laughs-type hidden camera prank show and I need to build a prop rotary dial phone that, when answered, has a busy signal. I would prefer, if possible, to hide any additional parts inside the body of the phone. Also, just a note, the phone doesn't have to ring. If you have any advice I would love to hear!!! Many thanks, DAZU

Asked by damianzuch 5 years ago

Is it possible to modify this watt dial to work with less current? Answered

I've got a few of these watt dials that I would love to use in a project, however, they will not be reading wattages and will rather be controlled with Arduino. Right now they are set up to read up to 3750 w at 125v, which is much more power than I can source with an Arduino or would be achievable with this project.  The way it is set up is that current goes through the magnetic coil and creates a magnetic field perpendicular, attracting a small magnetic block (slightly visible in the photo). Would simply rewrapping the coil with thinner magnet wire in more coils work?

Asked by astroboy907 3 years ago

how to fit a small voltage regulator(with a dial) into a 2xAA battery box?

I would like to know if anyone has step by step instructions on how to build a voltage regulator on a 2xAA battrey box, i will be using 2x 14500(3.7v 1000mah) lithium battery on this box. the voltage should be adjustable from 1.2v all the way to 6v

Asked by pixellized 7 years ago

Cordless phone with a phone jack in it for wireless dial up?

Is there anyway to make a cordless phone with a phone jack to allow hook up from the cordless. I know it is somehow possable for most phones only splits the wire with a simple circuit board from two to four wires and most of the stuff are in the phone in its self anyway. Correct me if I am wrong.

Asked by Rimwulf 9 years ago

Ive been given a singer excelle 6212c, dont know what all the dials are for?

Hi Ive been given a singer excelle sewing machine, but I dont know what the dials are used for, could anyone help me please, havent been able to find any help online anywhere, would appreciate any help. Thank you

Asked by 9 years ago

Older Computer Help Needed. Low memory, slow, dial-up, Windows 98, no Command Prompt. Answered

Please help, I've got a Windows 98, on dial-up, and very limited memory, with no Command Prompt, how do I make it run faster, with out downloading software, but were can I download(I'm will sacrifice memory for this instead of MS-DOS) Command Prompt? Windows 98 seem to avoid virus, but I still have more software then necessary, and will not give it up. WINRAR is on the computer, doesn't know if that's helpful, but I put the information in here anyway. (P.s. I can't program, but if it helps I'll learn.)

Asked by JohnJY 8 years ago

how do i sight in a rifle?

 I have a break down high power pellet rifle and i need help dialing in the sight

Asked by davidmstine 8 years ago


Arrrrrrgh! Dial-up sucks! I can't watch anything on YouTube, play games online, or download anything! It makes me want to cry and slit my computer cables with an like an emo! By the way, I have dial-up because I live outside of the nearest town, and the cables don't go to out-of-town. And wireless sucks and is extremely expensive.

Posted by Aeshir 11 years ago

Can someone tell me why this isn't working? Answered

I'm trying to do my first electronics project, and am keeping it simple. All I have is a toggle button hooked up to a battery, (I have tried AA and others) hooked up to a dial-potentiometer and that was wired to a simple hobby motor. Thanks for the help, and please tell me why this isn't working.

Asked by dpagek 6 years ago

How to remove watch face/dial?

I have been trying to clean the crystal/glass and a minute hand of a watch. I do not have a tool for removing a watch crystal/glass so I thought I would try removing the movement and face from the back. I managed to remove the movement but the face/dial seems to be extremely firmly built into the case, see photo, and I cannot seem to remove it from the back. It is a chronograph and the two chrono buttons do not screw out like the crown does, which stop the metal face/dial coming out too, but regardless the face/dial seems to be extremely firmly pressure fitted so I cannot see a way of removing it without bending or breaking it. Is the only option to remove the crystal/glass itself to clean it up? If so, I don't have a special tool for removing it, has anyone removed a crystal like this with a knife or other tools? It is a plastic/acrylic domed type crystal/glass.Thanks.

Asked by lsadwdwadw 2 months ago

Seeking someone to hire for a project

Hi, I'm not sure if it's appropriate to post this inquiry on instructables but I thought I'd give it a try. Basically, I need a dial that would command this linear actuator https://www.servocity.com/sda24-263 to advance in one inch increments on either a dial or a touchpad or a slider. I'm not an engineer and I don't really have time to build this myself - would anyone be interested in doing this for a fee? If it would help in assessing the project, I now this controller would work https://www.servocity.com/digital-manual-speed-controller However, I need the dial or touch pad to allow for discrete steps and not be sort of vague. Any help would be much appreciated. I'm just not sure where else to turn. Thanks, Evan

Posted by EvanB65 9 months ago