Depth of the thread cut by a tap?

If I was to drill a deeper hole, I buy a longer drill bit of the intended diameter.  I am sure the same thing apply to the taps as well.  However, in their specifications, I do not see anything about how deep a cut they would make.  So, my question is, what should I be looking if I need to make a deeper thread than than the tap I already have?  I mean is there a number which would say that this tap goes only one inch deep and so on? Thanks.

Posted by kabira 3 years ago

What could I use for a depth sensor in a SeaPerch ROV? Answered

I am in the process of building a SeaPerch ROV, and I want to add a few sensors with an Arduino. I have the other ones figured out, but I can't figure out what I could use for a depth sensor. I've thought about using a pressure sensor and calibrating it to give me a rough estimate of how deep it is, but I don't think that'll work too well. So if someone has some ideas for what I could do for this, that would be quite helpful. Thanks.

Asked by mbudde 8 years ago

Which Direction Does She Spin?

Check out the optical illusion below. Since the figure is totally black, there's no depth- you can see her spinning either clockwise or counter-clockwise. Which way do you see it first? Try reversing the spin direction- moving your finger in a circular motion at the rate of rotation can help you reset. How easy is do you find it to swap perspective? Does it make your brain hurt?

Posted by canida 10 years ago

Pressure, vacuums, and the on earth equivalent?

One atm is equivalent to about 14.7 psi.  Does that mean that if one was in a perfect vacuum a vessel sporting 1 atm would need only hold the pressure of 14.7 psi?  It seems to me that in space (not a perfect vacuum) a craft would only need to hold maybe 12 psi (of course when messing with human life I would definitely allow for 150 to 200% tolerance, but in the end 24 psi still isn't very much is it.  Is there more to it than this, or are all those quotes about how hard it is to deal with a vacuum and how things must be super strong a little over blown.  Going just 11 meters under water exposes you to a little over double air pressure at sea level.  Someone in just a diving suit has been to over 60 times atmosphere and the deepest submarine dive I could find was 1083 atm at around 11000 m.  It just seems to make holding out a vacuum a little overrated.

Asked by seedorfj 3 years ago

Seeing apparatus for the blind

Here's a flowchart.  Ask questions. I do not intend to profit from this idea.  If you want to try, then please help people see.

Posted by lowen1 1 year ago

Anybody want a neat idea for a project?

This is a project that really needs to be done for real, but I don't have the resources right now. Come on, folk, get on it. From XKCD.

Posted by Kiteman 6 years ago

Depth of cut? Answered

If your saw has the capacity and power, why not rip to full thickness of the material you are ripping?

Asked by K Gillette 1 year ago

Depth of the water table? Answered

I was unsuccessful in using the web to get a map of water table depths in Chicago. I would like to know where this information can be found. An accuracy of 3 feet would be fine.

Asked by ShutterBugger 8 years ago

Shallow depth of Field... From a tiny lens?

It is a nice effect to open up the aperture of a camera, focus on the subject, and allow the background to go blurry.  But many of today's still and video cameras have a tiny aperture. How can I get shallow depth of field from such a camera?

Posted by Toga_Dan 3 years ago

how do you make a small depth gage about 3cmx3cmx1cm?

I want to make a depth gage to fit into a submergable watch. a power source is also needed to fit.

Asked by sammy mast 9 years ago

Umm nope!? Answered

Pretty sure that a "depth of cut" setting is not a standard feature on a jigsaw! the angle of the cut ya, even the angle of the blade front to to back, but not the depth.

Asked by greintsma 1 year ago

2D Photo to Depth Added? Answered

I am a retired shop teacher and this has been very helpful. My ambition is to make a model for a sign that will be in the 3' range from a 2d photo. I am trying to add depth to a photo and generate a tool path.Thanks from Phill

Asked by pmurray6 1 year ago

How to make pump for a waterfall ( height approx. 10cm) and water depth approx 2cm for an aquarium.

I have this aquarium 60x30x30 cm. I wish to setup a waterfall in the aquarium. Now the depth of water in the aquarium is to be approx. 2cm and the height of waterfall is to be approx 10cm.  I am looking for a pump design which could work comfortably in that water depth.

Asked by adeshwal 6 years ago

inset feed depth and width in microstrip patch antenna?

I am making an microstrip patch antenna for satellite navigation in L1, L5 and S band. Initially i have started with the design of inset feed microstrip patch antenna for L1 band and i have a problem in finding the width and depth of inset feed of microstrip line.

Asked by jerry.sra 2 years ago

create depth for graphic? Answered

I have managed to follow everything up to this point, can't see how you select the correct area.also, the first video played for 25 seconds and then stopped. None of the other videos play at all.I am using a MAC if this helpsSteve

Asked by SteveG3 1 year ago

star depth not showing? Answered

Hello again Jonatron, Pls see screenshot as I am doing it a 2nd time - when I extrude the in-between the outer rim and star to -1/16 in.For some reason the star lost the indent edges. The software is a bit unstable as it was okay on the first round. Please help. Thanks :)

Asked by ZedarT 1 year ago

Maximum thickness versus depth of metal welded? Answered

When you say thickness of metal up to 1/4" or 5/16" is that the depth of metal that the weld penetrates? So if I were welding two pieces of 1/4" angle iron (like making a corner) then the weld should hold fine. But what if I were welding 1/4" angle to a base of say 1/2" thick (both pieces being mild steel) would this weld hold since one piece is 1/4" and the larger piece is 1/2"? Great course so far by the way!

Asked by CharlesA84 1 year ago

water proof a webcam?

Prefferbaly somthenging that i can add too and add light and go a small depth

Asked by mman1506 9 years ago

In reply to your reply? Answered

Bed size 1metre,primarily cutting and depth has to be 12 mmPrice is a consideration whether I buy at this point of time

Asked by cockleman1 1 year ago

Wallowing in the Depths of my Pool

I have a home in Las Vegas,NV that was given 2 us by my grandparents. PROBLEM- !2ft pool, empty 10 yrs!! Where do I start, what do I need, what do I do¿ plaster, sandblast, paint, or just fill it up, help me out. On top of that, I want to make this as inexpensive as possible

Asked by taiibaby 9 years ago

alternate tool? Answered

I wonder if I could just use my woodworking v gouge. I have a bit of practice with it and I'm confident I could control the depth.

Asked by DELETED_jallen76 5 months ago

need a custom built sofa for 2 people?

Space is limited so max Ht 85cm, Depth 85 cm Width 170cm.  Needs to be of simple construction!

Asked by randfmoore 3 years ago

How deep do i have to drill into the ground to hit water in st louis (near lambert airport)?

I have searched google for hours.  cant find any information on the approximate depth to the aquifer, water table, groundwater.... near lambert airport here in st louis, missouri.  Does anyone know of a source of graphs or charts showing depths underground to the water??.... or have personal experience digging/ trenching/ drilling/ in this area???   Thanks.

Asked by framistan 8 years ago

Pin-Pressions/ Rotation Sensor

I'm trying to build a sensitive pinpression device: one that can see 3d digital images. The device would be able to read, record and organize the depth of each pin. I think the first problem to overcome is figuring out a cheap way to measure pin depth. I think it will be best to do this with rotation sensors. Does anyone know how to build or where to buy cheap rotation sensors?

Posted by yes 10 years ago

How do I turn AGC (auto gain control) off on a webcam?

I want to make a DIY 35mm style digital camera from scratch out of a webcam, a Depth of Field adaptor, and a micro-pc. The only problem is that DOF adapters are very dark, and they cause a webcam to use it's auto gain control (this causes little multi-coloured patches in the dark areas known as "noise"). It's a great idea for a video chat in the dark but nothing professional. I know that all the webcams I've researched can't have gain turned off via a PC, so surely I can detach something from the PCB of the webcam (I assume there is some sort of gain module inside it). Please Obi-wan Kenobi, you're my only hope. What can I do to turn the gain off?

Asked by tyldob 6 years ago

Help regarding mobiles

'can anyone tell me the link where i can study the working of mobile(NOKIA) phones in depth?i mean the circuit diagram, symbian programming,about their memory structure etc.....

Posted by surendar 10 years ago

how to make a bathroom cupboard under the washbasin?

Measurements are as follows height 31inches width 34inches depth 17 inches. instructions on how to cut the top peice of wood to fit around the basin would be most helpful

Asked by 9 years ago

In depth preventative car maintenance....?

I've recently got a 1996 Dodge Neon. Sat untouched in the winter for a year or two. After using it; things have been failing left and right in the vehicle... What are some things i can do to clean out or revamp my car to make it in tip-top "like new" shape?? I'm not at all shy to do anything under the hood. I'm just unsure of which direction i should go. I'd very much like to complete this before winter. Some tips and details would be GREATLY appreciated.

Asked by lutziepv08 7 years ago

about superheating and supercooling.... Answered

If superheated/cooled water is exposed to exaggerated temperatures, like 1 million° celcius or to the very depths of coldness, does it still stays in liquid form? in other words, is there a limit to superheating/cooling?

Asked by necropolian 9 years ago

A Guide to Screen Printing As a Supremely Accessible Art Form

Here's a pdf of an in depth tutorial on high quality, cheap screen printing. I couldn't post it as an instructable so I was told to post it here. Check it out: (the pdf below)

Posted by humanpoweredprinter 10 years ago

What wattage laser would I need for engraving ABS plastic?

I want to build a laser engraver that can engrave ABS to a high enough depth that the grooves can be filled with resin. How powerful a laser should I get?

Asked by JN8 2 years ago

Electronic water level gauge for well

I have a 32m deep, 95cm diameter well, that is covered with two heavy concrete covers. The water depth is about 20m down from the surface. I cannot easily access the well to sound the depth or visually check the water level. I would like to build an electronic water level gauge that will tell me the amount of water in the well. I can then regulate watering accordingly. It was suggested to me that I use a washing machine pressure transducer but I have no idea of the circuit required. A refined solution would send data to my PC !!!! I have 240v AC supply to the well pump. Any ideas? Steve

Posted by SteveG31530 9 years ago

How to extrude the star? Answered

I have problems in this step: Now I want to create depth for the stamp graphic, so I select the profile that represents the space in-between the outer rim and the star shape, and extrude that into the body by 1/16” (1.5mm). please advise? Is there any other step before or any trick thanks

Asked by AbigailG17 1 year ago

How can I design and develop a earth resistivity meter for groundwater exploration upto a 200mtrs investigation depth

This meter will contain 2 set of meter, one to measure current injected into the ground and the other one to measure potential or voltage between 2electrode potential.

Asked by gtscrustal 3 years ago

I vaguely remember there is a way to dimension a drawing? Answered

Say you have a drawing or picture of a chest of drawers. It tells you the height, width, depth. There's a way to get the drawer dimension and such other needed measurements. I just cant recall how this was done, ie, a drafting ruler?

Asked by BluTiger 7 years ago

Large LED diffusers

I'm working on a project where I need large rectangular LED diffusers, about 2" x 0.5". I don't have much depth (about 0.5") to work with. Is there something I can buy, or something I can make that will act as a large enough diffuser? Thanks

Posted by Artifex 9 years ago