how do i make a fuelless generator?

I mean a generator that runs on free energy source

Asked by lokoboy 7 years ago

Flywheel fuelless generator

How to construct a 50 kw flywheel fuelless generator using alternator ,motor ,and flywheel..?

Asked by bilalhafiz28 3 months ago

How to make a fuelless generator? Answered

Can anyone make a more detailed tutorial of this MATERIAL: 1. Four Germanium Diodes (1N34). 2. Two 100µF 50V electrolytic capacitors. 3. Tw0 0.2µF 50V ceramic capacitors. 4. Some kinda antenna The circuit plan is at the end of the video. Can anyone make a video and show the exact steps to create this? And If possible to on a larger scale. Thanks.

Asked by Luna Ivanova 6 years ago