Okay so this is where you would go to learn how to hack... go ahead and post if you need to hack something or "PM" (personal message) me if you need any assistance. Remember this group is to unite us so we can gather each others intelligence so one day you cn say "HEY I KNOW HOW TO DO THAT!!! AND IM A KID/TEEN!!! :D" *Please dont abuse this privilage*

Posted by Director Shadow 6 years ago

What is a money hack for roblox?

Plz tell me a hack for roblox

Asked by Roblox128 8 years ago

No n64 hacks!

Nobody has made anything about n64 hacks!

Posted by Bartboy 10 years ago

password hacking with a usb?

How do i hack a password but not harming,deleting,or leaveing a trace that i hack into a computer with a usb without internet and without causeing a virus

Asked by 1997589 7 years ago

howto hack school laptop

anybody noe how to do it

Posted by maddogg01 7 years ago

how to hack windows xp with our computer?

How to hack windows XP with our my computer with working software for windows XP

Asked by shikhar_devil 8 years ago

How can you hack into a car's GPS or onboard computer system?

Once in, can you actually gain admin access/control any of the functions, or only watch what's going on?

Asked by 9 years ago

i need to hack my step dads pc as i think he is cheating on my mom. i really need help some help

 He has a laptop with wireless connection and a gmail account.

Asked by Jonuget 8 years ago

why was my instructable removed? Answered

About 1 and 1/2 year ago i made an instructable on basic tricks on cmd which can be helpful for newbies in the world of hacking  Link - https://www.instructables.com/id/how-to-use-cmd-to-hack-basic-codes/ but now i noticed that my instructable was removed but i dont understand plz help me.

Asked by RohitA1 1 year ago

what is the diffrent between embossing heat tools and heat gun,?

Can hair dryer been hacked and turn into embossing heat tools. anyone have picture of embossing heat tools, what i mean here inside that embossing heat tools.inside the heat tools.

Asked by hore 8 years ago

I have a MP3 player that got a little to close to a magnet. Is there anything that can be done with it?

My PC can't pick up that the device has been plugged in and the music that was on it is gone. It has a radio that still works and I think the voice recorder should still work too.

Asked by Hawk_Templar 9 years ago

Are there any other hacks to use at school? Answered

Are there any other hacks to use at school?

Asked by shoyru_master_11 8 years ago

whats the best netbook to hack?

Thought this would bring a discussion out simply it is; what's the best netbook to hack? rating by number of different hacks usability after hacks or any other catgories you can think of

Asked by benip90 9 years ago

any hacks for a zune?Ideas ,please? Answered

Give me some ideas to hack a zune give a link to how to do it or an 'ible. Thanks,             :)

Asked by Xixfas 5 years ago

Nerf Hacks

You guys should stat putting in nerf "Hacks" like my Rapid Fire Hack-check it out- Anyway hacks like burst fire or a shotgun hack would be cool. THX FOR READING!

Posted by tacozcank1ll 6 years ago

Any hacks for a Palm100?

Any hacks for a Palm100?

Asked by curmudge-man 8 years ago

the easiest driver for laser flashlight hack

What is the simplest driver to make for the laser flash light hack

Asked by carl01 8 years ago

how to hack paswords?

I want to hack into my friends yahoomail box.

Asked by Iruka Udeoke 9 years ago

Error 400: Hack It! contest not found

Is the contest over or is this a bug?

Posted by HomuraRun 5 years ago

Kitchen Equipment Hacks

Hey everyone. What are your favorite kitchen hacks- alternative ways to use your kitchen equipment to make, bake, or cook?

Posted by garnishrecipes 5 years ago

disappearing ink pen hacks?

Best hack to use for diappearing ink pen?

Asked by oz6220 6 years ago

hacking ftp servers

Does any one know how to hack into the ftp server of a web site so you can download files and stuff?

Posted by knex-4-life 9 years ago

Hack a brick?

I use it to prop books on my window seal and hold pins n junk. help me hack this better

Asked by Jumpin Jehosaphat 7 years ago

Hack A PCB

Is there a good way to solder or just connect wires directly to traces on a one sided PCB?

Posted by Doug Costlow 10 years ago

How to hack? Answered

I wanna learn ethical hacking, can u guys suggest some sites or something which teach? preferable for free? thanks for ur time! :)

Asked by ankur2893 6 years ago

Has a PS3 been hacked yet??

Will the PS3 be hacked to play downloaded games on CFW? Has anyone done it yet? I want to buy one but it be nice if it can be hacked..

Asked by PitStoP 9 years ago

Any news for the hack it contest

Has anyone heard anything about their prizes in the hack it contest? I have heard those raspberry pies' can be tough to get ahold of...

Posted by SlickSqueegie 5 years ago

How To Hack Oil Empires

Hey I play an Browser Based MMORPG called Oil Empires. I want to know if it's possible to hack it and if it is than how.

Posted by the_anaconda 10 years ago

Hack a bat

How can I purchase the wiring diagram and/or detailed instructions to build the hack a bat?

Posted by 3D STEREO 9 years ago

Ipod Nano 5th Generation Hacks???

I've been looking around for a hack to my Ipod nano 5th generation. Ipod Linux does not support the 5g and I havent been able to find anything else. Any suggestions???

Asked by General Eggs 7 years ago

Mac talk

How can u hack passwords on a mac? there are plenty of instructables on how to hack windows, and none on how to hack a mac.

Posted by adamthiede 10 years ago

how to hack passwords?

i want to hack my admins password to download adobe flash player in my pc

Asked by shridesh 6 years ago

how can i hack traffic cams? ?

 how can i hack traffic cams?

Asked by shotgun666 8 years ago

hacking bluetooth

How can i get a Bluetooth hacking software that doesn't require pairing codes and works with iphone 4?

Posted by deltasec 6 years ago

satelite dish hack

Is there anyway a television dish can b used to make satelte phone calls useing a mobile ph???

Posted by dagyboy 8 years ago

how to hack into a lan?

I hav a lan connection with my neighbourhood, i want to control their computer from my computer and i want to shutdown their computer if necessary......

Asked by mohanrajm88 8 years ago

I need some advice on how to hack......

Halo. I want to know how to hack halo. Specifically, i want to remove the banshees from multiplayer, and replace them with tanks. does Anarchist or another Halo hacker have advice?

Posted by DJ Radio 9 years ago

how to hack a sound module from a toy?

Hi! The picture shows the both sides of a circuit from a toy, it is a sound module......where is the part that produces the sound? Under that black stuff? Is it possible to hack this, to transfer other sounds to it? regards Fyps

Asked by Fypsigon 6 years ago

Can you hack or mod an xbox 360 controller to work with a PC and play PC games? Answered

Some PC games I have support use of a controller, so I was wondering if you could hack a 360 controller to work with PC games.

Asked by DJ Radio 7 years ago

Hacking a program

Is there a way to remove the trial period from a program, say its gonna expire in 30 days, delete that piece of memory so it forgets and you have it forever? (photo courtesty of whatsisface)

Posted by Danny 10 years ago

I have a laser that i bought from radio shack and i wanted to hack it? Answered

I saw a video on how to hack one by removing the button or front of the laser cap. I have not been able to remove the button or front cap of laser. If you know a better way to hack please tell.

Asked by Aron313 6 years ago

Hacking a projector alarm clock?

I have small projection alarm clock that projects time and temparature on the wall powered by a small LED. The light emited by that LED is small and hence the image is also lightly visible. I wanted to hack this one and put a high powered LED to get a brighter image on the wall . What can be done?.?

Asked by chicagopooldude 9 years ago

how do i hack with out a cmd??

I need to learn how to do things on a school computer but i have no cmd cause you need to be an admin so i need some tips and help please

Posted by KLYMAXXFACT 6 years ago

Is their any ways to hack my old nissan gps system?

I dont know what I could do with it. I just dont use the gps so I wanted to see if their was anything I could make it in to.

Asked by dknigh00 7 years ago

BIME Hack Day

Nace BIME Hack Day!!!! El mayor encuentro unconference del estado, especialmente creado para fomentar la CREATIVIDAD y la INVENCIÓN y que reunirá a amantes de la musica y las nuevas tecnologías con los profesionales de las empresas más destacadas en este sector. Dos jornadas en las que MAKERS, HACKERS y DESARROLLADORES crearán las nuevas bases para las plataformas del futuro. Más información aqui: www.bimehackday.net Inscríbete ya!!

Posted by dani9l 4 years ago

Hacking a pipe heater thermostat

Hi I am wondering if anyone has an idea on how to change the thermostat on a "store bought" pipe warmer. The kind you would wrap around your outdoor pipes to keep them from freezing in the winter. They are set fairly low, around 70f I believe and I would like it to put out a constant 100f or so , to about 150f or so. Thanks, GA

Posted by Georgeaco 10 years ago