Human LCD Screen

Posted by trebuchet03 10 years ago

broken lcd controller lcd works great

I have a 20" lcd tv with a broken controller in it  is there any lcd controller kit that would work good with a 20"  lcd screen mybad  its a 26"  Maxent MX-26X3 thanks 

Posted by vicz 8 years ago

connecting 31pin cellphone touch-lcd ?

connecting 31pin samsung gt-s5230 lcd to usb . how to do this. ? (need schematics.) lcd is: lj41-06367a?

Asked by ce bryan 6 years ago

How do you make color lcd into a vga lcd or an a/v lcd? Answered

Details I thought this was supposed to be optional.

Asked by Davidl3 8 years ago

welding mask LCD?

Ok i have one LCD from a welding mask and i need another. What i want to do is basically make auto-dimming glasses. I want this particular type because all i have to do is apply a few volts and the entire thing will dim, it makes things simple. Can someone please tell me where i can buy some if anywhere. Or give me a suggestion as to what else i could use.

Asked by OverSaltedFry 9 years ago

LCD monitors for sale??

I need a lcd monitor for a project. It needs to be somewhere between 17 and 21" inch. I don't have a very big price range but will pay for shipping. Thanks!!!

Asked by 16zzundel5 7 years ago

I got an LCD from an old table phone and wanted to play with it a bit.?

I found out that you can send msgs to the LCD for it to show by connecting it to the parralel port. I really want to know about both the parallel port and how the LCD functions. In a simple way ofcourse?

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Make lcd display all green

Does anyone know of a way to set a LCD display so that it will just come on and be solid green? I have several that I want to set up this way.  Thanks c

Posted by 900noe 2 years ago

Is it possible to replace a damaged 19 in lcd screen with a good 17 inch lcd ?

Both are dells the 19 inch is cracked,17 inch has the flashing light syndrome but the lcd works tried it in another monitor.Pretty sure the wiring matches up but i'm not sure about the resolutions the 19 would have a higher resolution and i don't know if the 17 inch lcd would be able to run it,any input would be appreciatted.

Asked by darkangel1966 9 years ago

arduino TFT LCD-2000-7775

I heard some persons said arduino LCD is the same as LED we usually use the same, try to use LCD this time to do a screen , it is very nice , I really like and the price is also cheaper than the LED , more surprising is that it can also add their own memory card to increase capacity.

Posted by yeeyuen 3 years ago

Is there any simple project that i can make with a lcd screen? Answered

I have this lcd display from a broken phone.. is there any simple project i can do with it??

Asked by imakethings 7 years ago

LCD panel identification?

Hi i got this old LCD panel  see pics it is about 5.7 inches has tow wires cable and another 14 wires cable coming out of it has this writing on the back: FHS-0635 MEDMMPUU3W2F MADE IN JAPAN i need data-sheet or pinouts or anything like this?"i used Google and kinda failed" and how to connect it and control it ?"or this type of LCD s " and what is its applications ? any info or links ... thank u in advance :)

Asked by lu2a 7 years ago

How can I make a simple LCD (Calculator screen)? Just one(two) pane(s) of glass that goes black.? Answered

Nothing fancy, mustn't show numbers or letters. Just go on and off (Black and clear)

Asked by Koosie 9 years ago

Could anyone help me out with this LCD?

  I stumbled upon an old StarPlus office phone and I found quite a few useful parts, but the best part by far is the LCD in it. It's on a board by itself (along with ic's and resistors to control it).  It has 14 pins and a tag on the back that reads:            WM-C2402Q-1TNNe              C2831001 I was looking for the pin layout  or a datasheet but to no avail.  I think i can get my hands on about 6 more of the phones and was really hoping to find a use for this LCD.  Could anyone inform me of the pins or of any way to find them?

Asked by DemonicRoss 8 years ago

I want to use my psp 2000 LCD to play xbox 360 games , can someone show me the steps to do this? Tx?

Hacking the board maybe, and using a composite av cable. I don't care if I have to lose the ability to play psp games

Asked by omegax360 9 years ago

how can i make a video projector?

How can i make a video projector for less then $80.00? i want the projected screen size to be about 1 meter across and exceptional quality. I'm mainly having trouble with finding a SMALL but HD screen. i also want the LCD to be about 5 inches across. it doesn't have to be exact, but i want it to fit inside a shoe box (hopefully cheep  =D  ). i did find on eBay a small, DVD player with an 8.5 inch screen with Analog Audio and , Composite inputs which might work. i also need help for LED's, preferably from can anyone HELP ME!!?!

Asked by -max- 8 years ago

using cellphone lcd for computer mini screen?

I am new to the whole programming stuff but I had an idea I have no idea on how to execute. Could you not make a computer chip to act as a transformer? Having one connector on one side for your normal PC screen connector and then sizing it down to a connector for a cell phone lcd? It seems to me it should work but as I said I am new so any info on why this may or may not work please let me know.

Asked by NativeSs 6 years ago

Can anyone help me program this 8x1 LCD with Arduino?

I'm having trouble programming this 8x1 character LCD. It's not compatible with the Arduino's LiquidCrystal library. The manufacturer failed to give a detailed datasheet. This is the supplier of the product: click Here's the Pin Map (according to supplier) : 1.) Gnd 2.) VDD (3.3v) 3.) CS Input 4.) SCL - clock signal input 5.) SI - data input 6.) /RES - reset signal 7.) Backlight Anode (3.3v) 8.) Backlight Cathode (Gnd)

Asked by ASCAS 3 years ago

LCD screen works from touch?

I was taking apart a small department store card reader and as i was doing so i noticed that the LCD screen would kinda  work from my fingers touching it.  Some parts of numbers and indicators glowed as I ran my fingers across it.  Is this from static electricity is my hands?  Or just residual power in the display.   All wires were removed from it so no capacitors to power it or anything.  I did notice that the silicon-rubber-carbon? thing on the top and bottom of it were attached.  Can someone with a knowledge of how these displays work please explain this phenomenon.

Asked by TypeNameHere 1 year ago

I Have A Samsung LT141X4 - 156 LCD Screen From A Dell Latitude Laptop. I Want It To Be A Desktop Monitor!!

I Was At Friends Place And One Of My Mates Wanted To Burn This Poor Dell Latitute Laptop, Seen As It Was Not Working Anymore. So I Asked If The Lcd Still Worked Which It Did.So I  Grabbed The Laptop And Ripped The Screen Off (Always Wanted To Do That) Now I Have A Screen And I Can't Find Proper Details On How To Turn It Into A Desktop Monitor I Understand The Fact That I Would Probly Need A Convertor Of Some Sorts To Make It Work. Anyone Got A Schematic? Any Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated (Or Any Other Good Uses For It?) Thanks In Advance The Fuller

Asked by TheFuller 7 years ago

easily viewable cheap LCD in bright glaring sunlight?

I recently bought the cheapest screen I could on amazon for around 20 or so dollars for use on my quadcopter, it is a really crap quality display (only 480 x 272 resolution, and very poor color reproduction, viewing angles, and contrast) but it does serve the purpose of a FPV display for my quadcopter. However, I remember my old faithful flip mino camera as well as my old palm centro phone which had some type of semi-reflective LCDs on them! The displays could easily be seen in direct sunlight even with the brightness set to the minimum! They seemed to work a bit like calculator LCD displays, where they work on a basis of reflection, but also have backlights in them. To verify that the display on that flip camera does indeed reflect light back, I charged it up and turned it on with my 2000 lumen LED torch shining directly at it. images on my GS3's AMOLED panel would only be visible with the brightness cranked wayyyy up, and similarly on most LCD displays. They just could not handle the same way the flip camera did! You could clearly make out a picture on the flip camera display even when it was charging and the backlight was 100% off! What would I be searching for to find a display with a composite video input capible of being viewable in direct sunlight like this? Might it be possible to modify my current LCD to make it more viewable in direct sunlight?

Asked by -max- 2 years ago

LCD & PIC18F4520!

I am trying to write HELLO on an LCD. It is a 16x1 (called WH1601A). I am using C18 language with ICD3. My 8 data lines are connected to PORTD[0-7]. My 3 control lines are connected to PORTB[0-2]. I can see 8 shaded boxes on my LCD which occupies half of the screen, but when i run the program nothing happens and the 8 boxes just stay there and nothing is written. I have been going at this for 2 days to no avail. I'm guessing the mistake is from the code, please take a look! Help will be much appreciated. #include #pragma config WDT = OFF //DEFINING PORTS #define rs PORTBbits.RB0 #define rw PORTBbits.RB1 #define en PORTBbits.RB2 #define data PORTD //Function prototypes void init(void); void LCD_init(void); void LCD_data(unsigned char); void LCD_cmd(unsigned char); void LCD_busy(unsigned int); void LCD_sendstring(unsigned char *var); void main() { init(); LCD_init(); LCD_sendstring("Hello"); while(1); } void LCD_sendstring(unsigned char *var) {      while(*var)              //till string ends        LCD_data(*var++);  //send characters one by one } //Initialize the LCD void LCD_init() { LCD_cmd(0x01);     //Clear LCD     LCD_cmd(0x38);     //Function set: 2 Line, 8-bit, 5x7 dots   //LCD_cmd(0x0C); // 1 line, 8 bit, 5x7;           LCD_cmd(0x0F);     //Display on, Curson blinking command                  LCD_cmd(0x06);     //Entry mode, auto increment with no shift    } void LCD_data(unsigned char var) {      data = var;      //Function set: 2 Line, 8-bit, 5x7 dots      rs   = 1;        //Selected data register      rw   = 0;        //We are writing      en   = 1;        //Enable H->L   LCD_busy(1);      en   = 0;      LCD_busy(15);          //Wait for LCD to process the command } void LCD_cmd(unsigned char var) {      data = var;      //Function set: 2 Line, 8-bit, 5x7 dots      rs   = 0;        //Selected command register      rw   = 0;        //We are writing in instruction register      en   = 1;        //Enable H->L   LCD_busy(1);      en   = 0;      LCD_busy(15);          //Wait for LCD to process the command } void LCD_busy(unsigned int itime) {          unsigned char i,j;          for(i=0;i             for(j=0;j } void init() { OSCCONbits.IRCF2=1; //oscillator frequency = 8mhz OSCCONbits.IRCF1=1; OSCCONbits.IRCF0=1; ADCON1=0xFF; //make ports digital TRISD=0x00; //PORTD output TRISB=0x00; //PORTB output PORTD=0x00; PORTB=0x00; en = 0; LCD_busy(250); } Any idea guys?! This is the first time i work an LCD and I could not find a problem in the forums. 

Asked by Chris414 5 years ago

Screens from old IPAQs - can i connect them to a computer?

...I got a few old IPAQs and i am wondering if there is a way to connect them to my pc.....for example a vga adapter

Asked by Fypsigon 6 years ago

lcd pc monitor to lcd dvd monitor

I have been given a dell lcd screen and want to hook it up to my dvd player, can i do that? if so how?

Posted by troyka 9 years ago

bumped lcd monitor ?

I bumped my lcd monitor (not cracked) and it has dark spot now can this be fixed ?

Asked by 11010010110 9 years ago

change lcd 6220

Any in detail description of changing the lcd on a nokia 6220 ?

Asked by aleafstorm 9 years ago

Arduino camera and lcd help? Answered

Is it possible to take a input from a camera and display it on to a LCD driven by the Arduino?

Asked by squirt8500 8 years ago

Replace backlight in LCD monitor?

I have an LCD monitor that I need to get the backlight working.  I was told that this is the place to be to get advice.

Asked by dejavuman 8 years ago

bistable transparent lcd

Dose any one know ware I can get a single pixel bistable lcd display that is about 1inx2in

Posted by dfedde 9 years ago

laptop lcd to desktop monitor

Is it possible to convert dead laptop lcd top desktop monitor, if so i have a acer aspire 3000 laptop

Posted by nebins 8 years ago

lcd TD030WHEA1 3" LCD. i need the datasheet Answered

I need the datasheet. i want to connect it to an avr thanks Rendy

Asked by Rendydevara 7 years ago

laptop lcd hack help?

Hi, is it possible to make a lcd monitor from old laptop screen that is powered by usb connected to your new laptop?

Asked by mmathavan 2 years ago

LCD Help how to Arduino ? Answered

I need help hooking up a lcd to an arduino here is a pic

Asked by MACKattacksnipe 8 years ago

how to connect the TV line to LCD Monitor with VGA connector,

 how to connect the TV line to LCD Monitor with VGA connector,

Asked by ar_ray 8 years ago

Broken lcd?

I have what I think is a broken lcd. It doesn't have any black blotches though. It is a spiderweb crack but has color in it. Is the lcd broken? What else could be wrong? The specs on the tv are Shap aquos 32 1080i .

Posted by thejrb 9 years ago

lcd power? Answered

Does anyone know the average power impute on a LCD display i need to test its backlight

Asked by MACKattacksnipe 8 years ago

how could i control the lcd on a 1st gen ipod nano with arduino Answered

I have the lcd from a first gen ipod nano and i would like to know the pin out  so that i can control the lcd with an arduino and display images on it.

Asked by devicemodder 8 years ago

old laptop LCD display and HDsk

I got an old laptop with motherboard not working but LCD display and HDsk is working? How can I use both of these components?

Asked by seema_kat27f 8 years ago

Transparent LCD's

Do all digital picture frames (eg have transparent LCD's? Like if you take it apart, could the LCD still work but it is transparent? So you could turn it into a projector with a very powerful light?Thanks!

Posted by icinnamon 10 years ago

Mini lcd's

I'm trying to find a mini lcd to use to display information. Sorta like the G15 has but in color. I was looking for lcds on ebay but could only find mini tv's that were expensive or computer monitors that go down to 13 inch. Does anybody know were I can pickup a small lcd around 4-5 inches maybe.

Posted by CowGuy 10 years ago

I need LCD monitors!!

I need a lcd monitor for a project. It needs to be somewhere between 17 and 21" inch. I don't have a very big price range but will pay for shipping. Thanks!!!

Posted by 16zzundel5 7 years ago

acer 1716 lcd monitor

I have an acer 1716 lcd monitor that powers on ok but the screen flickers a couple of times and then just stays lit with no display signal when plugged into computer. any ideas?

Asked by starmaxpc 8 years ago

LCD Monitor not working Answered

I have a lcd moniter (acer V233H 22inch) but overnight it stoped working it will turn on  then display a black screen  PS my cable works if you need more ifo than that comment

Asked by FarmerKJS 3 years ago