blue screen of death?

My computer crashed and now when i reboot its just a black screen with the word microsoft with the running lines.Ihave tried system repair still no good.Idont want to loose information on my lap top .running vista?

Asked by 8 years ago

Slot car Lapcounter/timer

Good morning wise folks, Looking for ideas for a Slot car lap timer. I have a great set up using an old PC,but we are going portable and moving all that stuff is a pain. What would be cool is a stand alone for 3 lanes that could count laps,display lap time and remember fastest lap time. Oh and it needs to cost less than $20 per lane. Have some ideas?

Posted by 2FER SLOTS 7 years ago

Portable, Tiltable Art Desk?

One of my biggest problems with full size art desks is that they never seem to be stable. They wobble around and it quite an annoyance of mine. What I would like to know, is is there any way I could make a lap desk that could stand on its own and raise up and down without me having to jam it into my gut to hold it up? I've looked around and haven't found exactly what I'm looking for...

Posted by ultranima 9 years ago

RC Car/truck Lap Timing

I would like to know what people would suggest as to what hardware to use to try to make a wireless RC timing system, Single car use at first but might scale up to race standards? The currently available hardware costs a lot, and is usually to dear for a home user! What it needs is a wireless transpoder in the car/truck (maybe rfid/bluetooth) that when it passes a certain location it updates the time on a counter (usb/bluetooth to laptop/phone, or arduiono based???) Any ideas??? William (Slim19198)

Posted by slim19198 6 years ago

Laptop question - is it dead? Answered

Roger-X's (Windows) laptop is playing up. When he powers it up, nothing happens on the screen at all - no messages,blinking cursors etc. You can hear the hard drive spinning up, and the computer makes a repetitive beeeeep, beep-beep, beeeeep, beep-beep, which continues until you kill the laptop by pressing and holding the power button. I did try hitting F1 as it powered up, and beeping stopped, but nothing else happened. Any ideas?

Asked by Kiteman 5 years ago

How to fasten galvanized pipes?

Hi there, I have a lot of galvanized conduit of various diameters that I found in a dumpster. I would very much like to know how to fasten one pipe to another so I can make stuff with it.Welding: I've read on instructables and elsewhere that you will become quite ill if you weld galvanized materials due to the evolved zinc fumes. Are respirators an option?Lap Joints: I thought of trying to make a lap joint by cutting out matching "half rings" from the pipes, overlaying them, and then bolting them through. I'm stuck as to how to make that cut though. I could do it in wood, it seems like metal would be trickier. Any thoughts?I'm being forced to move the pipe in a week or so; any off-the-cuff ideas would be fantastic, thanks!

Posted by post.haste 9 years ago

Is lap swimming an outdoor sport?

I know that lap swimming is usually indoors, but would it count as an outdoor sport?

Asked by ddlucas 6 weeks ago

Is there an instructable that shows a laptop cooler you can put on the couch, lap or bed? thanks.? Answered

 i use my LAPtop on my lap a lot, but it gets hot, so i would like to have a cooler but i am not sure how to make one

Asked by linuxthefish 8 years ago

Why is my laptop not even finding the wi-fi signal? Answered

I took my lap top to a friends house for the day and when I returned, it wouldn't even find the signal.  I tried my desktop to be sure it wasn't the laptop, but the signal, and the desktop worked fine.  I even went and sat next to the router but the laptop still could not find the signal!  Anyone got any advice?

Asked by sjo232 7 years ago

Inspiration: Lego lepdesk with storage

I was digging in my closet and found one of these. Basically it is a lightweight sort of flimsy plastic lap desk with two bins on either side and a track setup on top that fits Lego Plates. The plates slide into the middle to build, and slide shut over the bins for transportation. It can be carried like a suitcase. The user's legs sit in between the two bins and that hold the desk steady for building. This is definitely sized for a little kid, not a 6 foot four guy like myself. Lego made these back in the late 90's, no idea if they still do. You can find them online for exorbitant sums of money, $30-$60 US. A great design, and I am inspired to make some kind of work table. Seeing that these things are apparently collectible, I am going to sell this, then build a larger more durable adult version for all kinds of work with the money from selling this one. Sharing this here because I find this to be a nice and simple design that everyone can learn from. Any ideas? Lets hear them! I am envisioning some kind of clone of this made of medium-weight plywood or other material, with the leg space in between the bins used to hold another storage box that can be easily popped out. I really don't have the tools to do this project very cleanly, but hopefully soon I will make an initial model. For those lucky people out there with CNC machines, this is your chance to cut out something awesome. Take the idea and run with it.

Posted by ilpug 6 years ago

New Laptop or Notebook choice? Answered

I am a n00b when it comes to buying laptops. Ive worked off of a PC workstation until now. I have a budget of under $900 and DO NOT WANT an HP. I have a preference for a good graphics card, at least 2 gigs of RAM and XP pre installed as the main OS. Any suggestions or tips, in fact which notebook or macbook do you use?

Asked by M4industries 8 years ago

RFID lap counting and timing system for school walking club?

My elementary school has a weekly walking and jogging club. It would be nice to have an "automated" system to tally the laps and times each week. I do NOT want a commercial option, and hope to partner with the neighborhood Middle School tech elective to create the system. In a perfect world, I'm hoping another user has created a system like this and could share their tips (even if for remote control cars) or an instructable. There might even be a way to use an entry system that records the times.

Asked by edmondslibrarian 5 years ago

Slot Car Lap Counter using Hall Effect Sensor & Arduino

Hi guys, For a university project I am using a hall effect sensor to count laps of a slot car. I am hoping to count the laps and output the number to a 7 segment LED display. However I am very new to coding and arduinos themselves. I was wondering if anyone had any similar projects or knows of any code I could use or any ideas people may have for a potential solution. Any response would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Posted by TomR77 2 years ago

old laptop

I have scrapped a old lap top but saved the hdd is there any way i can connect this to my new laptop to get my work info off it is there a way of connecting by cables ie plug from the hdd down to a usb so i can plug into my lap top any help would be welcome many thanks kovako2007

Posted by kovako2007 10 years ago

Why will my lap top not accept the Key security code, but my Ipad does?

I have a compaq laptop that I am try to connect to wifi, but it will not reconize the security code I key in.  I also have my Ipad, and it accepts the security code.  What can I do to make my laptop accept the security code?

Asked by daleavell 5 years ago

Is there anyone in the Sun City West/Surprise vicinity who would mend a quilt for me?

It is a lap sized quilt and I have replacement material. 

Asked by tay1910 6 years ago

Infared heat lamp for photography?

I have an old infared heat lap and I was wondering how could I use this for photography.

Asked by aidanjarosgrilli 5 years ago

how to repair dv9000 laptop vga?

My dv 9000 lap vga is .blaring how me i repair it. or replays it .rip me soon.. 

Asked by janakam 8 years ago

Challenge. Building a Lap Desktop. A keyboard, monitor, and speakers. Built into a Laptop case, plugs into a tower.

Scroll down for update I've been looking at new laptops. The ones I want are way to expensive. If I had a desk top I could get a lot more computer for a lot less money.   I have 2 old laptops. I would like to gut one of the laptop cases then install a new lcd monitor into the case which will plug into a desktop. I would like to do the same with the keyboard and the speakers. Whats the point? It won't be a lap top. This is correct. I don't want a lap top. I want a folding monitor speaker and keyboard that fits on my lap with cables that plug into a desktop that is sitting on the floor next to my chair.   I want to easily unplug my Lap Desktop, fold it up and then make it disappear. I want to sit in my comfy chair gaming talking to my wife while we both watch tv. I don't want a corner of my living room dedicated to a big old computer desk. The original idea was to use component parts of the laptop.  The monitor speakers, and keyboard. After doing some research I realize using the monitor won't work. That is ok. I will get a new one. Where to buy it? what to buy? I hope I can still use the laptop case and install the parts I want. and make it all work...  If this project seems like fun give  me a hand. Help me figure out the details. I will take the pictures and make an instruct able and credit who ever has helped me... I know I haven't got a clue and I have not found this product premaid and ready for purchase.... Update The Monitor I found what I need for my laptops lcd conversion to desktop monitor. I will purchase the R.RT6251 from njytouch on ebay. This essentially will allow me to use my old desktop lcd as a computer/tv monitor. I hope it works. I will also be converting the montitor into a touch screen. Njytouch has lots of good feedbadk and I have seen some great videos for their products on youtube. Theoretically I have the montior situation under control. The base. I have given up on the idea of using the original lap top base. I still want a clamshel design. Unfortunately I cannot use my laptops old keyboard. It worked fine for the lap top but like the original road block for the LCD at present I cannot find a easy solution to by pass the proprietary element. I was hoping for another miracle solution from njytouch. Don't think it will happen though. So for my contingency plan. A weighted plexiglass base I will mount my hinged lcd on with a shelf I will set my keyboard on. I have an old logitech g15 keyboard which would be awesome to use again. It sports several usb ports easy access for my peripherals.  When finished I will have a hinged lcd touchscreen mounted on a mounted on a weighted flat lap desk surface.. It will be a lap desk  with a clamshell design for easy storage that will all plug into a desk top computer.  Questions Is Plexi glass the best building material? What would you recommend. I would like it to be inexpensive and relatively light. This set up will be on my lap for hours at a time. So far I'm looking at about $150 for this building project and I don't own a desktop yet :) Are their any additions and improvements to this idea you guys can think of. I'm thinking monitors and speakers also... That may be going overboard though. . 

Asked by jshad 6 years ago

The Space Shuttle flew in front of my house this morning

Shuttle Endeavour flew over Oakland as part of its victory lap this morning, and I took these pictures.  

Posted by ewilhelm 5 years ago

how do i fix my loose usb port?

When i put my usb into the port of my lap top it seem very loose and can fall out

Asked by harvies 5 years ago

It is possible to play XBOX360 console on your LAPTOP Display?

It is possible to play XBOX360 console on your LAPTOP PC Display? If annyone has anny experience with that please Help. Thanks in  Advance!

Asked by tomek88 7 years ago

Thanks? Answered

I just wanted to thank you for the great instructable class. I never finished, although I haven't stopped knitting and challenging myself since then... hats, dish cloths, lap blankets. Here is one of my last projects. Next up, Socks!

Asked by ahill12 1 year ago

can i transfer data from one laptop to another laptop using a usb lead?

I have a laptop that keeps crashing can i transfer data from that laptop to another laptop using a usb lead

Asked by lunch 7 years ago

Stopping an oxyacetylene weld from popping? Answered

I'm pretty sure that anyone who has oxyacytelene welded has had a weld "pop" when they jab the rod into it or overheat the molten metal. I've been doing some oxyacetylene welding and I'm working on my lap joints. When I was simply laying a straight line on weld across a plate I never made the weld "pop." Now every time I pick up a torch and try a lap joint it goes "POP!" and flings molten metal everywhere. What am I doing wrong? Can anyone shed some light on my problem? Any help is much appreciated!

Asked by dla888 6 years ago


I am going to update this in about another day. To all the people out there, and there are literally millions, I have the very best fix for broken hinges on a lap top. My lap top is an HP Pavilion zv6000, but I understand this is very similar to many other models or makes. I have read many frustrating concerns about this INFERIOR hinge design and I agree the manufacturers should foot the bill to repair them. Of course they wont because it would cost them millions of dollars. I just wanted to let everyone know I will submit a full text explanation and some good pictures. The method requires the normal care as you are handling delicate electronics. The time to do the repair is no longer than 24 hours and most of this is to let things setup. The cost for me was $9 and if you do not have the little extras, I know it would never cost more than about $20. The thing I like about this repair, which I painstakingly studied, is that it preserves all of the components, you do not loose the screen or damage anything. I would even suggest you do this fix even if your hinges are good because it will prevent them from ever breaking. I promise you. So please stand by for the update. I am new at posting on the Internet and I would love the news to get out to all who need it. Cheers for now Andy (Delta, BC, Canada)

Posted by my_buddy 8 years ago

how do i get songs onto my sciphone touch i680?

When i copy songs and photos from my lap top to my phone he documents are empty what can i do???

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Dog hydrotherapy pool?

Has anyone attempted to make their own hydrotherapy pool for a dog? The vet has one--it's a big boxy thing, portable (in theory), and has water jets to simulate a lap pool/endless pool. I want to try to make one myself...any suggestions?

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how do i make a desk top wirless ?

I have  a router on my pc, and my wife is on a wirless lap top,  how would i get my brothers desk top to be wirless / he is about 400 yards from me

Asked by bill3504 8 years ago

how do you fix a laptops charger input?

The place where you pug the charging cord into a laptop often becomes damaged. how can you fix this and stop if from happening again?

Asked by pineapplenewton 9 years ago

Motors, gear boxes and pulleys, OH MY!

We are making a time lapse dolley with an arduino. We need to move a 5 lb camera across a metal frame smoothly to produce a great shot. How can we do this?

Posted by ladymechanika 5 years ago

would like to convert a dewalt charger to a 12 volt outlet

Would like to convert a dewalt charger so I can leave a charged battery pack in it and have a cig lighter out of the charger to power lap top or dvd player................has anyone done this and how?

Asked by simon lebrock 8 years ago

I need help transferring from old laptop to new lap top files old laptop can't go to internet card went out.?

I need to tranfer my data files and pics from old laptop to new laptop

Asked by fossilnut 7 years ago

how do i reconnect my xbox360 back to my 3wireless broadband is there setting i need .

How do i reconnect my xbox360 back to my 3wireless broadband is there setting i need.are is its something i need to do in the laptop i have xboxlive in the lap top.

Asked by victor morgan 7 years ago