is there a way to convert a lighted Christmas Tree Ornament from watch batteries to plug into a mini light set???

I have a Lighted Christmas Tree Ornament that is powered by plugging it into a mini light set.  I have 5 other Lighted Christmas Tree Ornament that run on watch batteries.  Is there a way to convert these into being able to plug into a mini light set????

Asked by Glyceron 6 years ago

How to make a lighted dog collar? Answered

The days are getting shorter and my time at the dog park involves some darkness. I don't want to lose my dogs and I don't want the same lighted collar like everyone else purchased. Lighted collars out there are very limited in style AND expensive.

Asked by Astros 8 years ago

I need help wiring a 12VDC SPST lighted on-off rocker switch.? Answered

I want to install a 12VDV SPST lighted on-off rocker switch to turn some lights on and off on my model railroad. The switch has three terminals and one is marked "light". I am going to use a 12VDC (wall wart) adapter as the power source. How and where do I attach the wires correctly? Obviously, one terminal is positive and one is negative but what do I attach to the "light" terminal?

Asked by dadret 9 years ago

How to make lighted wine bottles without drilling?

I don't have a glass drill bit, is there another way to install the lights in a wine bottle either using another type of drill bit or a way that I don't need to drill?

Asked by DonnaMElb 6 years ago

Has anyone put battery operated mini LED spotlights in an acrylic display case?

I was  given  a Bradford Mint 1:24 scale 1966 Mustang convertible model car for my birthday. I want to display the car in a lighted acrylic 10" cube and a 3" base. I am asking the Instructables community for their help, as I have never undertaken a project like this before.To begin the car measures about 8" Lx 4" W x roughly 4" H. Now, here are my three questions. First, would an AA battery power source run a switch plus 4 LED violet spotlights? Second, what can I use to attach the LED's to the base? And is there a way to harness the LED light to only highlight a specific point on the model car ? I have never undertaken anything like this before. And although I can picture the look I'd like to achieve in my head; I'm very much in the dark about a lot of the details needed to get the job done.Any help on any one or all four of my questions would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you, Cathy

Asked by polus 1 year ago

Where can I get a "Non-Momentary" Lighted button switch? Answered

I'm working on a project which requires a lighted button switch. I need the light on the switch to turn on when the button is pressed and stay on after the button is released. Then I need it to turn back off when the button is pressed and released a second time. I bought a lighted button switch only to find out that it can only be constantly on or only on when the button is held down (or off depending on how you wire it). This will not do for my project. Does anyone know where I can get what I need or if there is a way to tinker with the switch I have and make it do what I want? 

Asked by Graceria 5 years ago

How do I add on fiber optic bundles to the end of a large single Fiber optic strand/LED?

I need to figure out how to add on a lot of multi-strand fiber optics to the end of large single strand or single LED. I would like to create a lighted and animated cuttle fish sculpture and I want to know how I would be able to get the most amount of small single dots of light from a single LED. The LEDs will be individually animated in the belly of the beast and light patterns will appear on the surface...

Asked by pastaffo 7 years ago

A sport coat that has hundreds of little lights sewn into it.

I once saw a local musician play the guitar and sing in a small venue. For one song, they dimmed the lights on the stage almost completely, and the sport coat he was wearing suddenly "switched on" and he had hundreds of tiny little light beads sewn into the jacket that you could not see before. They were not string lights, like for a Christmas tree. They seemed to be much more LED like, and bright, and most of all, small to the point of being invisible.  I hate to be a copy cat... but I want to make a jacket like this too. I do not care if it is portable. i.e. if I have to plug it in, that's fine. Anyone have any ideas for where I might start?

Posted by Dolmetscher007 3 years ago

Super Bright Night Light

Who makes the brightest night light?

Asked by 8 years ago

lights, blue lighting? help?

Hey, i need help with lighting for a shed, but its a place to hang out so not just regular lighting, like some blue lights or something, no usb or anything around, so should i use a computer power supply? i want LED's or something similar

Posted by Yerboogieman 10 years ago

rgb lights?

Do you know how to connect the arduino to the led light when the lights are rgb

Asked by emiy 1 year ago

Bike lights.

These are very nice.

Posted by FriendOfHumanity 6 years ago

My right brake light isn't working unless I have my lights on. Why won't it work w/o the lights?

My right brake lights only work when the daytime running lights or head lights are turned on. I checked the fuses and everything is fine, nothing blown. Why won't the brake lights work without the lights turned on? Its a 2005 Mazda 6 if that helps.

Asked by 8 years ago

Controlling LED lights

Help, I am trying to find out if it is possible to control a string of LED lights so that when i enter a part number only certain lights will turn on. (example: If I enter 1234 into the computer, lights 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 will light up out of a string of 100). 

Posted by tuanman 6 years ago

sketch for a traffic light 4 way?

Sketch for a traffic light 4 way

Asked by saleh alomari 5 years ago

Is there a light distance chart for LED light based on the MCD rating? ?

I'm trying to light a desk surface from the ceiling about 6 ft above the desk.  Not sure if light type makes a difference either - trying to use a natural light LED. Thanks! Kory

Asked by sk888smooth 6 years ago

mutliple timer relay with min/max time

I am looking for an Instructable on making a multiple timer relay with a changeable min/max time to light 3 different lights. Ex.: 1 to 2 minutes, light 1 at 1 minute, light 2 at 90 seconds, 3rd light at 2 minutes. when light 2 comes on, light 1 goes off, when light 3 comes on, light 2 goes off. Thanks!

Posted by Roger13077 9 years ago

Light saber room light modification

I got 2 Remote control Light Saber room lights for Christmas. I want to mount them crossed, like a crest, but I want them to be operated independently. Both Remotes control both lights. I would like to be able to Change frequency? or something to make the remotes specific for the lights, so they can be changed/turned on and off independently. Any ideas?

Posted by CaptainMal 7 years ago

how to light infinity mirror ? Answered

Using strip lights.

Asked by GrantC12 1 year ago

chrisymas lights

Can anyone tellme what i need and hw to synchronize my christmas lights  that wont break the bank

Posted by elissa11 7 years ago

Why are there lights under the steps of an escalator? Answered

I was on a escalator and noticed lights underneath the step. Why are they there ?

Asked by Quest for Questions 8 years ago

How do I wire a light ? Answered

How do i wire many light bulbs together and then attach them to a switch and plug?

Asked by puregoldner 7 years ago

solar light to laser beam ?

Hello, would it be possible to concentrate solar light so to form a laser beam ? In other words would it be possible to apply laser light principles to basic solar light with the help of optics of some sort ?

Posted by gabdab 8 years ago

how can I build a light board that will randomly turn on 1 of 4 lights?

I want to be able to have 4 different colored lights on a board. press a switch and have one of the 4 lights randomly come on. lights will be 110 volts. will be used with the game twister.

Asked by cutter112 7 years ago

Can I turn a Laser.LED Keychain Light to where it can (light stuff on fire) transfer heat?

Can I turn a Laser.LED Keychain Light to where it can (light stuff on fire) transfer heat?

Asked by 9 years ago

LED Indoor Light Fixture

LED lights is a wonderful thing, but it is horrifically expensive.I bought some LED indoor light fixture for home deco. There are still have some led indoor light fixture left. I don't want to waste of these resources, so i decided to use them in my gardens. What's the difference between indoor light and outdoor lights? My these led indoor light fixture can be used in my gardens?

Posted by bella2009111 8 years ago

setting default mode or light pattern on commercial rope lights?

I have purchased a commercial LED rope light which has about 8 selectable light pattern by pressing a tack switch in series.  Problem is everytime the rope light is unplugged then switched back on it always defaults to the first pattern.  Is there an easy way of setting a default patter other than the first light pattern?

Asked by jojitf 8 years ago

Outdoor LED light fixtures?

I have an outdoor landscape lighting system. I just converted the light fixtures from halogen to LED. Most of the system works fine, but there is a section that will not light up. I know there is power to the cables within that section because I can connect one of the old halogen lights and it will light up. But when I hook up the LED it will not work. Any ideas?

Asked by carviso 2 years ago

Can light collide with light? Answered

If two electromagnetic waves intersect, what happens? Is light 'immaterial' or without density, is light weightless? The photograph below is not related to this question in any way.

Asked by nepheron 8 years ago

looking for sound activated light?

This light I'm looking for had a spinning T inside with leds along their length that would change with sound pressure, shinning on the screen covering the front of the light. One of the simplest lights I have seen. Schmatics would be very helpful.

Asked by misterneal 7 years ago

how do I get the light that scaned the paper in an old printer to light again?

I have an old lexmark 3300 series printer BUT i dont know how to get the light in the scaner section to light again please help?

Asked by Laserman595 8 years ago

UV Light? Answered

Would it be a good idea to install an UV Light to avoid mold, or is this not necessary?

Asked by sharky1000 1 year ago

im wanting to make my old floresant light fixture in to a led light fixture

im wanting to make my old florescent light fixture in to a led light  fixture  but im wanting to know if i just hard wire the led strip into the power lines of the house will the led lights go bad 

Posted by edwardthefma 7 years ago

Colored Lights- How do colored led lights work and what do they emit?

I'm doing an experiment by growing plants under colored led lights, so do led lights emit specifically one color. For example does a red led light emit only wavelengths of light that are red and no others. I want to make sure that only one color of light is existent to get accurate results. I hope this makes sense. Also if you know of any 1-colored high watt led lights please link them to me.

Asked by Potapids 2 years ago

Rc light ,flashing light

Ive tried and tried to get an LED to light up (on at all times) then add a flashing circuit on same led like a car turn signal. Any help would be greatly appreaciated

Posted by jbrownskunk 1 year ago

Change pendant light bulb?

I have three teardrop pendant lights over my counter; one light bulb burnt out. I tried to change the bulb but it does not screw in - not sure what type of bulb this is? Really, I've changed light bulbs forever, but can't figure this one out. Search You Tube and DIY for a video but only found typical light bulbs or recessed lights. Your help is much appreciated.

Asked by paulbb 8 years ago

LED's and Arduino Question,,,,

LED's and Arduino Question,,,, I am looking to install LED lights (a LOT) in a 1:18 diecast car. I'm slowly grasping the wire schematics, and feel the install wont be too tough (yeah right)... But, I am looking for a way to turn the lights on/off. Since I will put lights (or extend fiber optics to) tail lights, blinkers (front and rear) brake lights, fog lights, running (marker) lights, head lights, and a bevy of interior point lights via a Fiber Optic layout. My main question is the lighting controls. As you can see, I need to be able to switch a variety of lights, in different modes,,, Blinking for 4-way, blinking for turn signal, all on, just running lights on, and brakes lights on....Anyone care (dare) to step in? Similar to this...

Asked by vwluvrs 6 years ago