Looking for online DJs for new station

I'm starting a new station called Black Box Radio. Providing we make the needed level of donations we're gunna launch on the 15th.Anyone want to to DJ for us? All styles are considered.Reply here or PM me if you're interested. Visit our partially built (a few hours last night) website. http://www.blackboxradio.co.uk/

Posted by lifelong-newbie 9 years ago

Help needed with research on material use in 3D printing

Hi, I'm doing a research which involves material use during 3D printing. I would like to ask you if you could complete a survey for this. It will take about 3 minutes. Your help is greatly appreciated! This is the link: https://qtrial.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_8crrrpLKExiPw9f Feel free to PM me for more info.

Posted by Laarn 4 years ago

Newsletter Jan 23, 2015

I make a point of keeping all the newsletters when possible; because i like to keep ideas of things i want to do for my home or small business. And today they emailed me one, but i happen to have deleted mine on accident; could someone please post the newsletter for today if possible? i will send my email address through a pm if needed

Posted by acadena2 3 years ago

Wanted: flyback transformers of any kind

Hi, im looking for flyback transformers of any kind. since plasmana wants only older styles ill take all the modern ones if anyone has any. i would be willing to pay for shipping and the transformer if the price is within reason. these are the type of transformers found in old crt tv's (the big ones) if anyones interested please post a comment or pm me Thanks

Posted by budsiskos 9 years ago

Nobody can post on my orangeboard.

I have recently been getting a flood of PM's from people who are not able to post on my orangeboard. I have tried posting myself, but the "add comment" button doesnt work, nor do any of the reply buttons on existing comments. However, I can successfully post on other orangeboards, wtf? I appreciate your help! thx!

Posted by DJ Radio 8 years ago

4 X 1 Year Pro-Membership Giveaway! (DONE)

Anyone want a 1 year Pro Membership for free? I'll be giving away 4 X 1 year pro memberships to 4 different members of instructables who are not pro and have posted at least 1 instructable (ible). Post a comment on this forum and I'll PM you the gift code :)

Posted by Muhaiminah Faiz 4 years ago

Subscribe to Author?

I had an idea... You know how YouTube allows you to subscribe to a "channel" (an account)? Perhaps we should have that for our authors, or Ibl'ers or whatever we call ourselves. The Ibles Robot may be a bit busy, but his girlfriend/secretary might be willing to PM me whenever whoever I've subscribed to posts something new. Kiteman had a good point: Make Groups subscribe-to-able Just a thought.

Posted by KentsOkay 10 years ago

Do You Want an Instructables Halloween Postcard?

We're sending out Halloween Postcards again this year!  If you'd like to get one, leave a comment here by Monday October 18th 11:59 PM Pacific Time, Thursday October 21st 2010 and we'll send you an address request through our normal prize claiming system.  Happy Halloween!

Posted by ewilhelm 7 years ago

Live Chat with Instructables

We have a live chat to discuss our recent announcement, and anything else, scheduled for Tuesday, 2011-08-02, at 3 PM PT.   Thanks to everyone who joined the chat and asked tough (and easy) questions! I think I only made a fool of myself twice.  Clicking on the play button of the video above takes you to Ustream to watch a recording of the chat.  

Posted by ewilhelm 6 years ago

~~Knex for SALE!!~~

Attention all knexers! I am about to sell all 40lbs of my knex pieces on ebay and if anyone would like to buy this huge lot just send me a pm and ill message you back when I put it on ebay. It will be selling as a buy it now for $180 or an auction starting at $140. Shipping will cost $50.

Posted by Electroinnovation 6 years ago

Orangeboard for groups

I was just looking at few groups and such and noticed that if members of the group wanted to discuss something about the group or comment on/about it the only way is to create a forum topic (or they could PM the group admin). If there was the option for groups to have comments on, but mainly for general discussion about the group, for example, a new group profile image might be in order the members of the group can just suggest or discuss images for it.

Posted by ll.13 9 years ago

How to take good pictures in fading light 'ible request

Here in England the light fades fast and i cant take instructable photos after about 5:30 pm because they look dark and crappy. Does anyone know of a cheap way to replicate natural-ish light, like a soft glow not a big glare Thanks :P (like the picture below, its too dark)

Posted by =SMART= 9 years ago

Knex gun collaboration anyone?

Does anyone want to collaborate? I think I want to build a bolt action sniper that shoots yellow rods. If you have other ideas, send me a PM. So far I've built the stock (very comfy) and the part where the rods go after they come out of the mag. Anyway, if you want to collaborate, post it here.

Posted by jamesdude 7 years ago

Caption Contest: Win a spy camera - Updated with winners

OK, we actually have a third spy camera from Wild Planet to give away so let's have another caption contest!Now, last time we did allow a photoshopped entry, but only because we changed our minds and had two winners. This time there's only one camera left so it's captions only! Photoshopped versions will be shot into space, or at least ignored.Also, this contest closes down at 12:01 pm PST tomorrow.Let's look at the rules again: - Limit of two captions per entrant - Each caption must be a new comment - No photoshop - Closes at 12:01 pm PST July 16OK? Now, go!UPDATE: OK, the results are in and cybervanig2000 is the winner! Whooo! Thanks to everyone for submitting a caption.And with that all of our spy cameras are gone, but we'll have more caption contests in the future.

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

Brick Fiesta 2011

WHAT: BRICK FIESTA Brick Fiesta is the premier fan of LEGO event held in Texas. It is presented by the Texas LEGO User Group. Brick Fiesta is a 4-day convention including a 2-day public expo where Adult Fans of LEGO (AFoLs) can congregate and display their creations. WHERE: Omni Hotel Austin at Southpark 4140 Governor’s Row Austin, Texas 78744 WHEN: Brick Fiesta will take place on June 30th to July 3, 2011 with a public exhibition on both Saturday and Sunday suited for fans of all ages. Public Hours: Saturday, July 2, 2011 : 10 AM – 4 PM Sunday, July 3, 2011: 11 AM – 3 PM WEBSITE: http://brickfiesta.com/convention/ COST: Admission to the 3-day convention is $50. Brick Fiesta has negotiated a special rate for the hotel accommodations. VENDOR INFORMATION: http://brickfiesta.com/vendors/ WHO: All Adult Fans of LEGO! Any educators or vendors interested in using Lego components.

Posted by ftking_83702 7 years ago

A "Thank you" to an anonymous doner...

Someone gave me a free pro membership.  Since I do not know who it was and thus cannot thank them personally on their orangeboards/PM's, I have decided to post this topic to publicly thank the person who gave it to me.  To whoever gave it to me, you know who you are, thanks a bunch.  And the timing couldn't have been better, my birthday is coming up soon lol.

Posted by DJ Radio 8 years ago

Can some tell me if my instructable made it to the contest deadline? Its for the BBQ contest.?

Here where I live, where more then 1O hours a head of the pacific standard time so did my instructable make it in? For us here its just gone 12 am which means it isnt even 1O pm your time...how will I know?

Asked by ireiss 6 years ago

How does one get a Contest deadline extended? Answered

I see the deadline for "Make It Real" was extended and  I'm wondering what it will take to get the Food Science deadline extended as well. A Petition to the Governor, perhaps?  A Protest Rally or a Peace Rally?  How about a cyber Sit-in?  Is there proper protocol to follow or will relentless PM requests to every past, present and future Instructables' Editor and Staff Member do the trick?  Please advise. ;-)

Asked by bajablue 6 years ago

Captcha, Coincidence or Provedence?

Ok, ive been sending some PMs around, quite a few in fact. And i must say ive started to notice a strange resemblance between some of the words? Has anyone else noticed this? is it a message from god? are the instructables team 'brainwashing' us? Here a few examples of my captchas, they currently will only make sense to the few. Add your screen shots of amazing coincedence captchas in the comments!

Posted by gmjhowe 9 years ago

Help needed! (PLease Read)

Hello everyone, I'm using getphpbb and I was wondering if anyone could find out what the price to obtain your backup is? I cannot log on after receiving several confirmation emails. Also, does anyone think they can help me make a forum layout? Also, moderators are needed! PM me and I will send you what you need! Thanks!

Posted by Murdok 10 years ago

Best Answers Count is offline for a while

.  The boot drive failed on the computer that was running the script that collects Best Answers data. New HDD is on order. I hope to have the system back online by this time next week (I'm trying to put the script on another server, but having problems). If you pass a milestone before I get the script running again, please PM me and I will send you your patch.   -- Nacho

Posted by NachoMahma 7 years ago

Wind Generator Connection

I have a generator that provides 15.5 volts and I have it to one DC 12-volt Battery. I am using a 30Amp Diode, but when I connect the cables to the battery and the output only reads 12.75. When I turn on the 750 watt inverter, It seem to overtake the battery, and takes in very little charge. The battery is new and tested. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Alex

Asked by 8 years ago

Instructables Friends List!

I've been a member of this site for a while, and I've noticed that some of the users here are very close. Wouldn't it be cool if each user could have a list of the other members of the community that they interact with the most?Perhaps it could be linked to the new chat room, or go even further and create an easier PM system much like some popular instant-messaging programsPost your thoughts on the matter, would you use it?

Posted by Firebert010 10 years ago

Looking for someone to test my web-host?

I have created a web-host and was looking for someone who wanted to try it out. I have 3 servers set up, 1 for each package. If you are interested in trying my hosting just say so and I will pm you the url to the site, and yes the hosting is free. Thank you. UPDATE: This offer is still open!

Asked by LoganRussell 7 years ago


Hello instructables fans! It has come to my attention that a lot of people like LEGOs at this site, so... I am giving away wallpapers, avatars, and for the younger ones coloring pages! Just PM me if you want them. Oh yeah, I almost forgot... I am aslo giving away stickers!!! Below is a preview of an avatar and a wallpaper.

Posted by HardCoreHacker 9 years ago

Technial Difficulties.

Sorry I haven't ended the sandwich contest yet, some of the judged haven't responded, and I'm out of people to judge. I have Gotten replies from two of them, and have sent several PM's to the other 3. I am trying everything, just give me a day or two, and I should have the votes. I am still here, I haven't forgotten about you!

Posted by kcls 7 years ago

Earth Hour 2008

Check this out! Do you want to help stop climate change? Well join the millions who do by, at 8:00 pm turn off all your lights for 1 hour! Join the millions to help make the world a better place! Please send this to your friends! So everybody can join in on Earth Hour 2008.

Posted by TeacherOfTheWays 10 years ago

Inbox and YOU page

Not sure if I am alone with the problem or if noone else noticed: On my YOU page I relaod and change the tabs as much as I like - It keeps stating my inbox is empty. Only if I actually go to my inbox I can see my Email was right and there is another PM for me. Would be nice if the Inbox links on the YOU page could reflect that instead of constantly showing zero.

Posted by Downunder35m 2 years ago

Pokemon Club

Hello this is Mplinnc showing you my latest club!!!! :D this is the pokemon fan club and I mplinnc need members!!!!! UPDATE: jwad09 has joined! So to join you just need to PM me telling me: Whats your favorite pokemon for Hoenn, Johto, Kanto, and Sinnoh And whats your name. and when I say pokemon I mean real pokemon. not Missing No. or glitch pokemon. ;D

Posted by Mplinnc 8 years ago

would any one like to

Would any one like to make with me a bull pup assault rifle see over the time I have found that I am better a modding other people's work or make odd mechs (like my arrow gun. but I have never been good at making mag feed guns. If there is any one (or multiples)  who would just pm me or say it in a comment.

Posted by ninjusk 8 years ago


ok seriously did seleziona just drop off the face of the earth or something, because i had a good idea for a mech to make a semi auto knex masuer c96 and sent him a message for a collab but its been three days now and no reply someone if you know where he is or are willing to do a collab on my mauser c96 pm me or comment below. Cyborgold1 out

Posted by altair ibn la ahad 7 years ago

[REQUEST] My Coke Rewards - Codes under Caps!

If anybody has any Coke codes (found under your bottle caps, on the cardboard boxes, under the Dasani cardboard), I would really appreciate it if you could PM me them!  My Coke Rewards is a fun program with (sometimes) cool prizes! I'm trying to get some $20 Southwest Discount Codes with my points to help fund my travels!

Posted by Brennn10 3 years ago


Okay so this is where you would go to learn how to hack... go ahead and post if you need to hack something or "PM" (personal message) me if you need any assistance. Remember this group is to unite us so we can gather each others intelligence so one day you cn say "HEY I KNOW HOW TO DO THAT!!! AND IM A KID/TEEN!!! :D" *Please dont abuse this privilage*

Posted by Director Shadow 6 years ago

Photograph of extra-solar planetary system!

An article in Science News today shows an infrared image of HR 8799 with three roughly Jupiter-sized planets around it! The speckling in the center (around the "+") is the star.The same article shows two Hubble images of Fomalhaut taken 18 months apart. The two images show directly the orbital motion of a previously detected planet, Fomalhaut b.Update (10:12 pm PST 13 Nov 2008): I've attached the two pictures from the SN article. The first is the IR composite of the three-planet system HR 8799; the second is Fomalhaut, showting the offset of Fomalhaut b between 2004 and 2006. I encourage you to read the actual article to get the details of how the data was obtained, and to judge for yourselves its veracity.Update (12:05 pm PST 14 Nov 2008): The two articles are out in today's ''Science'' along with a news article and editorial (requires subscription).HR 8799: Morois, et al.Fomalhaut: Kalas, et al.

Posted by kelseymh 9 years ago

I give you $25,000, you give me a barrel...

I am, by dint of geography, unable to enter the Jack Daniel's Contest. I do, though, have a rather good idea, which I think would have a decent chance of winning, if presented properly. Here's the deal - you can have the idea, for free.  But, if you win the $25,000 grand prize, you must make a serious attempt to get the barrel to me in the UK.  If you "only" win first or second, then all I want from you is a polite "thank you". There's a catch, though - I will not give this idea to any one person.  I will give it to everybody who asks for it by PM. Nobody will know how many people have been given my idea, and it is down to everybody who asks to present the idea in their own video, in their own style. You can comment if you want, maybe add your own ideas if you are also from an ineligible location, but I will only give the idea by return of PM.

Posted by Kiteman 5 years ago

Something from Nothing: Films on Design & Architecture

If you're interested in Yerba Buena Center for the Arts' TechnoCRAFT exhibition, you might also want to know about the design film series we're hosting this summer.  See below for more information. SOMETHING FROM NOTHING: FILMS ON DESIGN & ARCHITECTURE Sundays, Jul 11 thru Sep 5, 2 pm In conjunction with our TechnoCRAFT gallery exhibition, we present these eight matinee screenings, covering not only design, but architecture, motion graphics and craft. Sun, Jul 11, 2 pm Refrigerator Fetish: Vintage Industrial Design Films We kick off the series with a selection of funny, bizarre, and maybe even educational vintage product design films, from the 1920s forward. Examining the sensuality of the fridge, the rhapsody of the pencil and the mysterious polishing of unknowable objects, this promises to be a one-of-a-kind day at the movies. Presented live by film archivist Dennis Nyback. Sun, Jul 18, 2 pm Citizen Architect: Samuel Mockbee and the Spirit of the Rural Studio By Sam Wainwright Douglas Citizen Architect chronicles the work of the late activist architect Samuel Mockbee, and his radical educational program known as the Rural Studio. The program teaches students about the social responsibilities of architecture and charges them to provide original and inspirational homes and buildings (mostly from salvaged materials) in rural west Alabama, one of the poorest communities in the country (2010, 60 min, digital video). Preceded by the short Robin Hood Gardens (Or Every Brutalist Structure For Itself) by Martin Ginestie (2010, 17 min, digital video) Sun, Jul 25, 2 pm wow+flutter Assembled by onedotzero, the London-based cutting-edge new media group, this compilation program showcases the most progressive and unpredictable work in motion graphics and short-form media. Fresh talent and celebrated masters alike strive to expand, blur and explode traditional notions of what future moving images could be as a playground for creative expression. (2009, 70 min, digital video) Sun, Aug 1, 2 pm The Greening of Southie By Ian Cheney This incisive new documentary is set in the traditionally Irish-American working-class neighborhood of South Boston, where a new kind of building is taking shape. From wheatboard cabinetry to recycled steel, bamboo flooring to dual-flush toilets, the Macallen building is a leader in the emerging field of environmentally friendly design. But Boston's steel-toed union workers aren't sure they like it. And when things start to go wrong, the young development team gets a little more than they bargained for. A film about building the city of tomorrow…today. (2008, 72 min, digital video) Sun, Aug 15, 2 pm Infinite Space: The Architecture of John Lautner By Murray Grigor John Lautner was the Southern California architect. Even if his name isn’t familiar, you have likely seen pictures of some of his most famous works, such as the space-age “Chemosphere,” the octagonal house on a hill, which has become a Los Angeles landmark. Lautner believed that the purpose of architecture is to create timeless, free, joyous spaces for all activities in life. Infinite Space traces the lifelong quest of a man to create “architecture that has no beginning and no end.” (2009, 90 min, digital video) Sun, Aug 22, 2 pm Rem Koolhaas: A Kind of Architect By Markus Heidingsfelder and Min Tesch Rarely has an architect caused as much sensation outside of the architecture community as Rem Koolhaas. His outstanding creations such as the Dutch Embassy in Berlin, the Seattle Library, and the Casa da Musica concert hall in Porto are working examples of his visionary theories about architecture and urban society. An engaging portrait of the man and his work, the film takes us to the heart of his ideas. Koolhaas has stated "it's the only film about me that I have liked." (2008, 97 min, digital video) Sun, Aug 29, 2 pm The Visual Language of Herbert Matter By Reto Caduff SPECIAL SNEAK PREVIEW! A revealing look at the life story of a highly influential mid-century modern design master. Known as a quintessential designer's designer, Swiss-born Herbert Matter is largely credited with expanding the use of photography as a design tool and bringing the semantics of fine art into the realm of applied arts. Through never-before-seen footage, personal photography and stunning graphic design, the film explores the social and cultural impact of his personal visual language that influenced a generation of designers and artists. (2010, digital video) Sun, Sep 5, 2 pm Handmade Nation By Faythe Levine This charmingly low-fi film documents the contemporary crafting community. These artists, crafters and designers marry historical techniques, punk and D.I.Y ethos while being influenced by traditional handiwork, modern aesthetics, and politics. (2009, 65 min, digital video) Where: Something from Nothing: Films on Design & Architecture – 701 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94103 – YBCA Screening Room Public Info: 415-978-2787 or ybca.org $8 regular; $6 students, seniors, teachers & YBCA members Enjoy same-day gallery admission for all YBCA presented films!

Posted by YBCA 7 years ago

Total Eclipse of the Moon Tomorrow Night

There's going to be a total eclipse of the moon tomorrow night at 7:26 pm PST. Assuming that the bay area isn't covered with clouds that means that we'll be able to see some lunar action without having to try to stay awake while getting our feet soggy climbing around a hill at 3 in the morning.Oh wait, I just checked the weather report for tomorrow night. Mostly cloudy. Damn! link

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

Call for makers/stall-holders : stall spaces available at Maker Fayre in Liverpool (UK)

Stall spaces available for all makers who would like to sell their wares at a fabulous event at Heebie Jeebies, in Liverpool (UK), evening of August 31st. The event is geared towards a theme of Steampunk, Industrial Revolution, and mad science, but makers of all varieties welcome. To book a place, or for further details, please PM me. Thanks!

Posted by Duckatr0n 6 years ago

Singapore - Meet Awesome Makers - Eric Wilhelm at Prototyping Lab@National Design Centre

I'll be visiting Singapore this week. OmeMaker Group has graciously offered to host me for an informal talk and Q&A session about Instructables and Pier 9. The event is Thursday 2015-08-20 at 7:30 PM at Prototyping Lab@National Design Centre. You can register to attend here. I'm looking forward to meeting Instructables authors in Singapore!  

Posted by ewilhelm 2 years ago

The Library is open!!

I love libraries. I love them hard. Yay, libraries!  Knowledge is free, and I think books should be free, too (unless I write them. Then you should definitely pay for them.). So, I'm giving away book patches to everyone who asks until tomorrow at 5 PM CST OR until they run out! :0  So apply below! Post your favorite book, and the book title you want to be in the patch (if different). 

Posted by Lithium Rain 8 years ago

Elegant Black Sunflower Pendant Jewelry Making Tutorial Kit

I am selling jewelry making kits. This Black Sunflower Pendant Jewelry Making Kit also includes instructions how to create the necklace. Learning how to make the pendant you could also use it as bracelets or earrings.  Kit includes black pearls, bicone crystals, seed beads and beading thread. Visit here or PM me if you're interested. 

Posted by diylesson 6 years ago

Call for makers/stall-holders : stall spaces available at Maker Fayre in Liverpool (UK)

Stall spaces available for all makers who would like to sell their wares at a fabulous event at Heebie Jeebies, in Liverpool (UK), evening of August 31st. The event is geared towards a theme of Steampunk, Industrial Revolution, and mad science, but makers of all varieties welcome. To book a place, or for further details, please PM me. Thanks!

Posted by Duckatr0n 6 years ago

libby's potted meat food product?

Here is the ingrediants list: mechanically separated chicken,pork skin,partially defatted beef fatty tissue(???),partially defatted pork fatty tissue,vinigar,salt,spices,sugar,flavorings(more specific please??),sodium erythorbate,sodium nitrate eew! they sell this as f00d!? why is this stuff legal? the number on the can is18007275777 it says to call 10 am to seven pm monday through friday eeww

Posted by Zaphod Beeblebrox 8 years ago

Cookie jar is closed! Thanks to everyone who came and got a patch!

OK, I have more cookie patches to give away! If you want one, all you have to do is leave a new comment below asking for a cookie. That's it!I have lots and lots of cookie patches, but the cookie jar will close at 4:30 pm! So let me know soon.Patches will start to go out around noon.

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

can someone solve this? Answered

I made a riddle and want someone to solve it.can you figure out what this says tcerroc era uoy syas siht tahw em mp uoy fi DO NOT POST YOUR ANSWER IN THE COMMENTS! PM ME THE ANSWER and when someone gets it right they can put it on the comments and will get best answer or when there is 10 wrong answers in a row I will tell the answer please try every other day I will give a hint

Asked by daredevil499 6 years ago

rules. (dont worry not alot)

Here are the only rules of this group. 1. Forums are not moderated, post whatever you feel like. 2. instructables are: must be somthing that shoots out of, and or, shoots somthing out of a barrel, (i have made a few exceptions here and there, just have a good reason (pm me) 3. invite others! 4. have fun and be kind!:(i will not tolerate any insults, if you have a problem then kindly and curtiously discuss it with the objector) 5. Thats it! post intructables!

Posted by XI3 10 years ago

I need someone with 3D printer to collaborate with!

Hello everyone! I need someone with 3D printer to collaborate with. It would be great if that person lives in Europe.  The reason I am writing this is that I have few awesome (in my opinion) ideas , but there is needed a 3D printer, and maybe the person who knows how to make 3D models printaable.  Please PM me if you want to help me and make something creative together.

Posted by kondzio29 3 years ago

2 Free Pro-memberships

I am giving away 2 three month Pro-memberships. April Fools! No just kidding it is not a prank I really am giving it away. To get the be in the first 3 people to go to one of my instructables (this does not include minecraft ones or games) make the thing in the instructable comment I Made It (with a picture). Then comment here tell me wich post you commented on and I will send you the code in a PM. So get making

Posted by Mysterious_Gal 3 years ago

Get logged out switching between mobile and desktop views.

This is using my Android tablet, using the default browser: If I copy/paste normal links into the address bar, or follow links from collections, they switch to mobile view. If I then request the desktop, I am immediately logged out, and have to log back in. Since I tend to do that a lot, from forum topics and PMs, that's quite irritating...

Posted by Kiteman 4 years ago

hexapod robot kit

Video instructions Instructions, source code, all the parts you need, and I'll do everything I can to make it as clear and straightforward for you as possible. Normal MSRP would be $999.00 US.  This is my first kit and, as such, I'm offering a 10% discount for the first five early adopters - $899.00 US  Shipping included.  I would be glad to discuss resale opportunities, especially for educational purposes. Please PM me with any questions. Thanks! Dan

Posted by aggrav8d 7 years ago