game codes for

Hi. Can people PM me their club.nintendo codes inside of your game cases, on the back of a small booklet there is a code can you PM it too me if you don't mind? On wii's, Dsi's, wii games, and dsi games PLEASE...

Posted by Vynash 8 years ago

arduino project!

Hi there, I have an idea in mind but not the necessary skills. It would be nice if someone would be willing to help. my project requires a good knowledge of arduino and accelerometers. So if anyone is interested then pm me. I just need the schematic and the code. Please pm me so that we can negotiate. thanks.

Posted by thakur900 6 years ago


Hi everyone just want to know if you have facebook and if you do add me: ricky.sutherland or pm me  

Posted by 2hot2hack 6 years ago

how do i use the inbox/outbox to send messages? Answered

And by the way, what is a PM

Asked by joe ~~~~~~~ 5 years ago

Handmade Market Chicago

If you are in Chicago and are looking to pick up a late Holiday gift you can check out the Handmade MarketNext event:Saturday, January 12th, 2008noon to 4:30 pm. Free.Handmade Market is the second Saturday of the month from noon to 4:30 pm at:The Empty Bottle1035 N. WesternChicago, Illinois (map)

Posted by noahw 10 years ago

Fab11 conference - looking for an author in Boston

I'm looking for someone in Boston who has published an Instructable to be a stand-in for me at the Fab11 conference tomorrow 1:50 PM - 3:30 PM. I've already recorded a video interview; you would be there to answer questions about being an author. Should be easy (there might not even be questions!) and it gets you into the conference.

Posted by ewilhelm 2 years ago

PM-DC motor and its speed control ???

Hi friends,  our team is going to make a trike(tricycle) which runs coz of pedalling and also with an electric motor. we have decided to used PM-DC motor. can anybody please tell us what are the specifications of the motor to be used. also please tell us about the cheapest and easiest mode for speed control of the same. Other details:   Max power of motor allowed=400W Motor is made to run with a power source of a 12V battery. We would also like to know how to charge the battery with the same motor(run as generator) Thank u... 

Asked by arjun169 5 years ago

1 year free Pro Membership: No Idea where it came from

I was checking my pro membership today because it expires in a few weeks and I noticed I had a 1 year pro membership code in my account. Now the weird thing is I received no PM about it or anything. I had previously gotten a 3mo membership from having a featured instructable. I received a PM when that one appeared statin that because my instructable was featured I had received a free 3 mo membership. With this one, there is no PM of any sort. Its not from winning a contest because i haven't won any cosntests (i checked all 4 that I have entered). It just appeared there. If it was an anonymous gift from someone I would still think I would get a PM. Now I'm not complaining, I just was totally surprised by it being there and was wondering where it came from. Thanks!

Posted by PedroDaGr8 6 years ago

i need to make a easy non-ardunio robot

Please post a easy non-ardunio robot pm me the link

Asked by thecrazymagnetman 6 years ago

Something is up... Can you try to figure it out?

Ok, so today I was in a League of Legends match. My friend called me on skype. I wasn't able to answer as the screen was fullscreen on LOL. When i got back, my friend had sent me these exact three messages:  [3/23/13 8:08:23 PM] Christopher: please answer [3/23/13 8:08:27 PM] Christopher: mitchell wont be mean [3/23/13 8:08:30 PM] Christopher: i swear I have been pretty good friends with Mitchell. Now none of my friends will answer skype or real life calls. Please try to explain what might have happened.

Asked by hmfoster 5 years ago

DJ Radio- celebrating 14 years of pure awesome. (Aka my birthday) -UPDATE

Yes, today is my birthday.  I am 14.  I have a cake and everything.  I was gonna post a gun to concide with this event but unfortunately I couldn't finish it in time.  Oh well. *Update* To coincide with my birthday, I will not read any PM unless it has "To his majesty, the Honorable DJ Radio" in the subject line until March 15, 2010, 14 days from now.  The only exceptions are staff and replies to PM's I have made before March 1.  I'm serious, if you want your PM's read, you have to use that subject line until March 15.

Posted by DJ Radio 8 years ago

Small formatting bug

If replying to a PM, the "reply" and "cancel" buttons don't align in any version of FF on Windows XP - anyone else see the same issue ? Steve

Posted by steveastrouk 5 years ago

Private message without title cannot be opened

I hadn't seen this bug reported. Private message without title cannot be opened. Instructables Robot should not allow to sent untitled PM. OR clicking whole area around message, in inbox screen, should lead to the matter of message. I know, what was in PM, because i have turned on email notifications, but i still have, in my profile, one unreaded message. Inbox (1).

Posted by cube000 4 years ago

Timestamps on comments *were* UTC/GMT (update)

I notice that today all of the comments are listed with times eight hours ahead of Pacific time (e.g., a comment I posted at 1:10 pm is being displayed as 9:10 pm). I suspect that the server which generates the comment display needs it's TIMEZONE locale adjusted. UPDATE 29 Jan 2009: As Noah announced below, the TIMEZONE for the comments server has been reset to UTC-8 (Pacific time).

Posted by kelseymh 9 years ago

Your wii friend codes?

Hey I got CoD4 reflex edition for wii, so pm me your friend code for it and I'll add you. Yeah. I also have mario kart and I don't know any other games that I have which can go online. But yeah, comment here and add your friend code or pm me if you don't want it out. Merry christmas!

Posted by The Jamalam 8 years ago

who hates all the adds on instructables? Answered

Please tell me if you hate all of the ads on instructables because i will send a pm to the instructables robot with all of the names

Asked by The nerdling 7 years ago

3ds Friend codes anyone?

    I recently got a 3ds and was wondering if anyone wanted to exchange friend codes if you do just leave a comment or PM me.

Asked by tech dawg 6 years ago

3 Bipolar Steppers

 I am selling three stepper motors that I was wrongly shipped by a vendor. For specs, PM Me. 10.00 Each

Posted by 16zzundel5 8 years ago

I'm No Longer Being Notified When Someone PMs Me, Comments My Work, Publishes Or Follows Me

I used to get 20 to 40 emails a day regarding activity on answers that I elected to follow. In  fact I did not receive the notice for my 35th Best Answer. I only discover PMessages by going to my profile page. My email is working, I get newsletters, friends etc etc. Alex

Posted by iceng 7 years ago

XBox live

I got xbox live. Pm me your gamertags and i'll add you. I'm not posting my own publicly because i don't want spam.

Posted by The Jamalam 8 years ago

looking for a collab partner

 i would love to do a collab with some one if any one does please send me a pm of wat u would to like make thanks 

Posted by knexfreak95 8 years ago

What is the instructables "Suggestions" email address? Answered

I have an idea for instructables to add, but the only email I can find is the service one, of there isn't an email, should i just pm it to an editor

Asked by popewill 6 years ago

Free pattern? Answered

Hi! I'm not quite sure how to pm you on here, and I wondered how to get the free pattern. I have finished both hoops and posted pictures. :-). I loved the class. Thanks!!

Asked by Onthebiasquilts 1 year ago

i need a lot of knex when can i find some? please send me a pm here Answered

I'm not looking for micro knexs but the original knex 

Asked by headlessknight 7 years ago

Where are they now?

Having disappeared for a while myself I've noticed some other familiar users have vanished too.Does anyone know what happened to these people?FrenchCrawler since Jul 19, 2006last comment Jul 31, 2008. 1:30 PMlast instructable Dec 10, 200737 instructables930 commentslast myspace login Last Login: 07/05/2008 Tetranitrate since Jul 3, 2006last comment Oct 19, 2008. 12:37 PMlast instructable Jul 25, 200844 instructables837 commentsAlexTheGreat since May 12, 2006last comment Oct 16, 2008. 6:03 PMlast instructable Jun 8, 200818 instructables250 commentswatermelon since Apr 4, 2007last comment Dec 29, 2008. 4:06PMlast instructable Oct 22, 200819 instructables223 commentsVIRON since Jun 2, 2006last comment Aug 18, 2008. 11:34 PMlast instructable Oct 23, 200712 instructables641 commentsThese are five users I've noticed to have gone quiet. that have previously contributed a lot - I make no apologies for missing anyone else.L

Posted by lemonie 9 years ago

bi pod

I was wondering if someone could buid a bipod from knex or other stuff for my Nerf Recon (im clue less). If so PM me the instructions

Posted by alfpwns 9 years ago

new knex design

Iff you have build a new knex gun please PM me! I like new guns and every day I look there maby have been posted a new gun

Posted by ricejuh 11 years ago

are you looking to get rid of any broken air soft magazines?

Hey guys im looking for an airsoft mp5 magazine. if you have any spare or broken mp5 magazines and you want to get rid of it please send me a pm. or if you have any other magazines that are broken or unused please send me a pm. i am also looking for broken air soft guns it can be any condition except broken in half  other than that i will take them.

Asked by johnshepperd 7 years ago

Where to find plans ideas? Pm me if u got some

Ok, by now everyone is talking about how to build a quadricycle? The only problem is no one can find any plans or blueprints on how to build this machine. If u hvae any i mean ANY ideas on how to build a quadricycle just pm me or comment here and i will get back to u as soon as possible. Or u can email me at DONT BE AFRAID TO EMAIL ME I WILL TAKE ANY AND ALL IDEAS!!!!!

Posted by Howtobuild 9 years ago

Instructables on NPR's Science Friday October 22nd, 3:30 PM ET

I'll be speaking with Ira Flatow of NPR's Science Friday tomorrow at 3:30 PM ET about high-tech Halloween projects from Instructables: Instructables Halloween Want to put a little geek in your Halloween? We'll get tips from the folks at Instructables about incorporating some engineering DIY into your spookfest, from tricked-out costumes to computer-controlled, live-tweeting, Silly String shooting, jackolanterns. Listen to the segment here:

Posted by ewilhelm 7 years ago

The Largest Parsons CDT Thesis Show Ever!

If you're in New York be sure to check out the BFA thesis exhibition for Parson's graduating Communication, Design and Technology class. There is sure to be some amazing computer-based art (and other strangeness that defies explanation). This is not to be missed!Opening:Wednesday, May 14, 2008: 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.Chelsea Art Museum556 West 22nd StreetHours:Tuesday through Saturday,11:00 AM-6:00 PMThursday,11:00 AM-8:00 PM

Posted by randofo 10 years ago

Sent -4 minutes ago?

I got a PM from another member and the time stamp said -4 minutes ago. What is this supposed to mean. I know it seems silly but I am just curious.

Asked by blinkyblinky 5 years ago

Xbox who has live?

Who here has xbox live and battle field bad copany2 or modern warfare 2 or halo3 post ur live id ill pm u mine Ok

Asked by knex man123456 8 years ago

Anyone got Skype?

Anyone got Skype? If so, can you PM me your name on it? You dont have to give me it if you dont want. But if you do.... GIZ ME IT NAO! :))

Posted by Hiyadudez 8 years ago

Does anybody Play Cricket?

Cricket is a great sport, but in north america we don't exactly play it. I was wondering if anybody other than me and Kiteman know how to play. Do you? If so, PM me.

Posted by Bartboy 9 years ago

suggestion:i did that button

Im suggesting a button for instructables ,and its an i did this button and when you hit it you can upload a picture of your built instructable. i also want to add this comment from skate 6556 (sorry if i got that wrong) says: I like the idea! It could be cool if they had an "I'm doing this" button for longer instructables, that way if people run into trouble they can PM others who are doing the same thing for help. Or, like with the nintendo PC, where the author unfortunately passed, if people need help they can PM people on the "I did this" list for help.

Posted by mman1506 9 years ago

Etsy Craft Night with Special Instructables appearances! Monday Nov. 12 4-8 PM, Brooklyn, NY

Christy and I will be at Etsy's craft night this Monday. Full details and directions here on the blog.

Posted by ewilhelm 10 years ago

Lego Universe beta key?

Hi, Is anyone here going to CES? If so, could you go to the NetDevil booth and get me a beta key? Just PM me the code, and if you do, I'll be incredibly greatful. Thanks

Asked by GearsOfAwesome 8 years ago

Youtube bugfix

We released a fix for an issue with youtube comments. A change to our PM system changed how we dealt with iframes and prevented the pages with comments feature youtube videos from loading correctly should be all fine now.

Posted by frenzy 5 years ago

Knex ball factory instructions!

I have the PDF files for the BIG BALL FACTORY!Here they are! if this violates anything, just PM me and I will take it down. YAY!

Posted by Bartboy 9 years ago

Instructables on NYC's WCBS-AM 880 Monday

I'll be doing an interview with WCBS New York News Radio talking about "Holiday Gifts Made From Holiday Trash," and The Best of Instructables Volume 1. It will air at 10:20 am, 11:40 am, 12:20pm, 1:40 pm, and 2:20 pm ET. You can listen on the radio if you live in New York, or on their website.If you missed it, there's an MP3 attached here. Stuffed Animal Headphones and Ten-Green Modular Shelving were both mentioned. More news and press about Instructables here.

Posted by ewilhelm 9 years ago

Instructables Halloween Party with Autodesk and Techshop

 **UPDATE**   The party is now on Monday, October 29th from 3-6 pm     Trick or Treat, robots! This Halloween season, we're teaming up with Autodesk and TechShop to throw a boo-tastic DIY bash - and you're invited! The party will be on Tuesday October 23, from 3-6 pm. We'll be playing around with 3D printers, taking spooky pictures, making candy wands, perfecting our zombie makeup, and plenty more! If you're in the Bay Area and want to join in on the fun, please RSVP here:  Looking forward to seeing you there! 

Posted by kazmataz 5 years ago


S.D.A.A. stands for "Superior Design Airsoft Armour" which I will be posting an IBLE on soon. sdaa is made of a secret material which you will have to wait and see. if you have questions PM or comment. The IBLE will be called "How to Make S.D.A.A"

Posted by animan1 8 years ago

Giftcard-giveaway! someone intrested in knitting /crotcheting in the UK?

Hej I'm searching for someone in the UK that loves to knit / crotched  due i have to give away a 25 $ LION-brand yarn giftcard :) Please send me PM!

Posted by Mimikry 6 years ago

any knexers have a skype/aim?

Any knexers have a aim or skype just comment /pm me NOTE:my aim has changed it is now ksbf113

Posted by knexsuperbuilderfreak 8 years ago

Giving out advice!!

Hey I just wanted to post on this thread IF anybody wants some personal advice please feel free to PM or join my group! Thanks! My group:

Posted by SupremeAT 6 years ago