pls send the difference between simulation project and embedded project, which is best?

I have a doubt in simulation oriented project and embedded project. pls give the description 

Asked by vijipandi 6 years ago

I have to make a technology project- I am thinking a dispenser with a sensor Maybe? But I am CLUELESS. Help?

I am not fixed on anything particular, Just need a project, that involves a sensor or circuit or something:)

Asked by projecthelp 6 years ago

Project Help

Hi friends I am Sahir An Electrical Engineering student. I want to make a project of controlling my room lights and fan via computer so that i can turn them off and on via computer and the status of on or off is also displayed on computer.I am confused how to start and from where. Please Help me in achiving it..........thanks

Posted by sahir khan 8 years ago

how to make digital clock?

I want make project of digital i want the circuit of digital clock and related material ?

Asked by 8 years ago

i want to make touchless sensor as our final year project.plz assure me the list of components to make this project.?

I want to make touchless sensor as our final year project.plz assure me the list of components to make this project.?

Asked by 9 years ago

Can anyone recommend a project for me to do in the summer holidays?

It needs to be reasonably cheap (sub £150) but there isn't really a time constraint, as I have about 8 weeks with nothing to do. I will try almost anything but if it involved welding that would have to be factored into the cost and time as I neither know how nor have the equipment.

Asked by frazzlemydrive 9 years ago

Project suggestions for the summer holidays; lots of time, not a lot of money?

I have a reasonable variety of woodworking tools, metalworking tools including a lathe. I'm 18 and consider myself pretty good at practical things, I'm looking for something labour-intensive that doesn't cost very much and I'd like to have something interesting at the end of it. Any ideas are welcome :)

Asked by frazzlemydrive 7 years ago

How to interfacing cc2500 into pc?

Now, i am stuck in my project this state,the data is transfer to pc using cc2500 and pic,then transfer the data pc to to takw the data in pc,also i am using visual studio,but how to get the data in cc2500. please helb me  

Asked by kumar manoj 3 years ago

Can saltwater be desalted by freezing it?

When putting the saltwater in the freezer for 12 hrs, will it make the concentration become lower than before?

Asked by The Acid 9 years ago

Is there any sensors to detect human and human skin? please mail me to

Is there any sensors to detect human and human skin? please mail me to

Asked by raptheguy 9 years ago

Is it possible to vary the intensity of light/ brightness coming out of the tube light using any control mechanism?

What is the  mechanism that is to adopted to change the intensity/brightness coming out of tube light. Thank you in advance.

Asked by sandiri 3 years ago

how can we vary the intensity of light coming out of the lamp? how to implement it using simple circuitry.

I am basically a beginner to electronics. Is it through varying resistance and in turn varying voltage

Asked by sandiri 3 years ago


Hello my name is flavio and I am 17 years old. I want to make a big led display with led strips. I need this to accept in school. Can you help me and send me instructions with pictures and list of part. thank you very much for understanding. FlavioD13

Posted by FlavioD13 1 year ago

School entrepreneurs day need some help?

Hi guys need some help, brother has to do something for entrepreneurs day for school. The rules are no chewing gum, fireworks, weapons or live animals. Ten items to be sold on this day, ideas must be original and exciting any ideas? P.S. Last year he won, he came up with the idea of being a doctor and sold sweets that looked like items a doctor uses.

Asked by online102782 7 years ago

Change a project's primary photo?

About the last step before publishing a project is to pick the main photo you want used with the project.  Is there a way to change that photo later?

Posted by walter.warren1 3 years ago

project conditions

i have decided to post forums that show the current state of the project that i am working on to post for instuctables. projects: blimp:stand still-need mylar top secret: blue prints near completion

Posted by Sun Gear 10 years ago

anyone have an ARM(Advanced Risc Machine) based project...?(electronics)

Need a ARM LPC2*** based project and its all details. If anybody have it plz give it to me..!!

Asked by Electronicsdevil 8 years ago

project update

Project updates blimp: standstill top secret:draft finished collecting materials S.S.A. crossbow: prototype complete making finished product D.P.C. canon: plans complete collecting materials

Posted by Sun Gear 10 years ago

Getting project viewership statistics

I notice in the sidebar area of my projects there's a little button with a trend line icon, which shows total views, today's views, and the referrer.  Is there any further granularity available for that data, where I could actually get a graph of views over time, or a way to do that using Google Analytics for a project?

Posted by walter.warren1 3 years ago

Anyone have an project idea on pcduino?

I just got my first pcduino and tried many of the examples which came with the ide, so was wondering where I could find some project ideas (tried goggling it but found very few). So I was wondering if anyone would like to share their project ideas. -Thanks

Asked by ThisIsSteve 4 years ago

Starting a project - How?

It's one thing to start a project when professors, supervisors, etc are pounding on you to get it done. But how do you manage to do all that alone? I have many ideas but they're just that - ideas. So how can I effectively start and finish one?

Posted by ebubeo 3 years ago

how to make gas or smoke come out of a volcano for a school project. ?

I already have the vinegar and baking powder effect for the foaming.  No fire please since this is for a school project.

Asked by 8 years ago

project update

NEW:project top secret II: building blimp: cancel top secret declassified true jet engine:on hold D.P.C. canon:on hold remote control knex car with independent suspension:cancel

Posted by Sun Gear 9 years ago

I need an idea for a furniture project at school

It needs to be made of wood and have some non-wood in it (glass, tile, metal) It can't be to big maybe a coffee table or a small desk Any ideas?

Asked by mysterygirl154 9 years ago

A proposed projects for physics...

Hello there techies, the project USB charger was proposed by me to our professor in physics II. unfortunately he didn't accept such project HOWEVER he was happy. He just said that our project is not yet satisfying. He wants us to do a power inverter. We will buy a 2 6-volts battery and series it and it will output a 200+volts with a 30watts and then we will insert any charger such as a nokia cell phone charger and then voila, it should be charging. Do you think it is possible to do? And another project I proposed is that we will make a REAL TIME CLOCK using a 7 segment. I already had a schematic from youtube. and it uses a decade counter ICs but unfortunately I think such ICs are not available in our country, can you help us sir? T____T 

Posted by glennvontot 7 years ago

how to make barcode reader/scanner?

i want to make a simple barcode scanner for my project . please help me..!!

Asked by amirza-1 7 years ago

Help with some Project Ideas

For my one of my Mechanical engineering classes i have to make something for a final project and I can't think of anything to make. It just can't be a weapon and should incorporate multiple manufacturing processes (milling, turning, casting, threading, shearing, sawing, shearing, bending, etc.) I was thinking about building a tall bike, but I'm not sure i'll be able to find two bikes to use.

Posted by adamhakon 10 years ago


I am trying to make a led project with 2 c bat and a knife switch and it does not work the led says 2.5 volts whats wrong?

Posted by gja132 9 years ago

how do i make a pyramid for school?

Well i have a school project i have to do and it is to make a pyramid but i don't know how to make one???

Asked by 9 years ago

I am doing a "plans" project in pre-ap high school physics and i need ideas!

This project is where I have to have someone else's plans for a project and I have to give a lesson over how physics works in the thing I make. I could make a building or bridge or radio and anything basically as long as its not outrageously simple and has physics behind it. however I would need to spend under $15 otherwise I have to submit what I am buying and how much each things costs ahead of time. if you have any great ideas and maybe could help with the physics behind it that would be grand! thank you!

Asked by hefner93 8 years ago

Looking for someone to help buld an Arduino linear measurement project.

I'm looking for someone to help me build an Arduino linear measurement project. I need to measure less than 6" stroke with some accurate repeatability. I'm willing to pay for the programming and any parts I might need. Email me if you are interested in working on this with any questions you have... Thanks, 

Posted by rpmlou 1 year ago

Help for a highschool project!

Hello everybody, well im a student, and I need your help please as soon as possible!! I have to do a project to finish my last year, I was thinking on making something for deaf, like a game or something to teach them how to read, because I've read that most deaf child don't know how to read and it is all because they're parents.. This last year a group win the science fair making a wheelchair that is commanded by the voice, now they are in LA showing that... Or anything else to do!! anything helps! thanks a lot... by the way, im from Uruguay. Thanks!

Posted by tuki3 6 years ago

Looking for Electronic Technician...Will Pay $$$

I'm looking for someone to do some electronic mods to some devices for a fee. It's a project for an invention. I'm in Jacksonville, Florida, but that's not important. We could communicate via email or phone.

Posted by daveyandgolie 10 years ago

Zigbee Soil moisture project issue

In a project I am doing, I have to send analog readings of a soil moisture sensor through zigbee. I have connected the sensor Vcc to 5v and ground; the zigbee Vcc to 3.3v and ground. The analog pin of sensor to Txx pin of adapter on which the zigbee is mounter. On the coordinator zigbee, i/o packets are being recieved..but it is always giving value of "020a" or "020b" irrespective of the data from sensor. I have also fed the analog data of sensor through voltage divider to keep it within 1.2v range..can you suggest what I am doing wrong??

Posted by kahoko22 2 years ago

substitute of a mosfet??

I'm in 6th sem EC and my group is making an project on auto intensity controlled street lights. In the circuit a irf520 mosfet is required which we are not having. so if any other transistor could be used in place of that, please tell.

Asked by deepali gupta 3 years ago

any ideas

I have several laptop and electronics parts lying around any suggestions on what to do with them for example I have several cellphones with cameras and screens and deconstructed laptops and the lcd screens for the laptop as well just need a good idea for a project with them

Posted by jdc187 8 years ago

I m currently doing my final year project in ME, i wanna ask abt what project can i do about centrifugal pump?

I m wondering what can i do about centrifugal pump, either its improving its design or doing experiment about it or do some research study about it ?  I seriously have no idea what can i do about it. but I just popped up with this topic in my mind, n I wanna do something about it. But i not sure what exact aim or purpose shud my project be, I need help in this..  Can anyone provide me with some guidance & suggestions ?  Ideas........ needed !  Thankx so so much if anyone is willing to help & able to help me ! Its very urgent actually. I need to submit my proposal n final year report in a short time. I wish i can finish it on time.  =)

Asked by JesusLoveMe 5 years ago



Posted by pinkitkat 8 years ago

So I made a Kickstarter project

And I'd appreciate it if you could check it out. It's right here. It's a calendar that I was trying to find, but never could. So I made my own design. The only problem is that it only makes sense to print up a few hundred at a time. So off to kickstarter I went. I'm really excited about it and hope it all works out. As an incentive for looking at it now the first few dozen people get it for $4 off. Thanks. The Big Picture: a continuous wall calendar for 2013

Posted by fungus amungus 5 years ago

Project pinebeetle

Alright, well the mountain pine beetle is really eating up a ton of forests, and it's releasing a LOT of Co2 into the air. So I decided, since new trees would just get destroyed by the pine beetle again, why not find a crop (Preferably edible, inedible is just as good) that absorbs the most Co2 in the world (Next to trees). Basically, I'm looking to offset the Co2 that's being released in the forest by growing another crop. Once all the forests are destroyed, the pinebeetle population will die down, and we can replant the forests. Any suggestions?

Posted by A good name 9 years ago