Are rc airplanes allowed to operate on rc car frequencies?

I know that rc cars are not allowed to operate on rc planes frequencies, but what about vice versa?

Asked by tesla man 5 years ago

Good rc websites

Good websites partly or fully related to rc airplanes

Posted by Mr. M 10 years ago


Does any one know how to make a cheap 8 channel rc transmitter and reciver for a rc plane from scrath or house hold don't ask me to hack a rc car pls explain in detail and instuctable...thanks in advance

Asked by mihir.sahu.355 3 years ago

how to make an rc car with functions of real car?

I want to know,how to make an rc car which will have all functions of real car.

Asked by abdulhameed 9 years ago

What is a good but cheap rc transmitter and reciver??

I am planing on building a rc hovercraft and I dont know type of rc transmitter and reciver i shood get. I only have of $100-$150 so it need to be a good one but cheap.  

Asked by paul1256 6 years ago

please help me Answered

How to increase my range in my RC car 

Asked by Hudson samuel 4 years ago

how to build a rc electric boat from a rc electric car?

How to build a rc electric boat from a rc electric car?

Asked by jazz chong 8 years ago

Rc knex motor Answered

I was wondering if it would be posible to take an rc car motor and the chip and replace the knex one with the rc

Asked by knex man123456 7 years ago

Radio control question Answered

Would putting a 27 mhz frequency crystal  instead of the one shown, and a ajusting it to the right amplitude make a RC work  with this curcuit

Asked by jbaker22 6 years ago

How to change frequency on RC toys

Hi , i just got this Rc Nikko Heavy metal, i think it's quite rare because i can't manage to find it anywhere in the Internet. So, it was an old lady who gave it to me on a garage sale, and it came with a rechargeable 7.2 v battery pack, but the controller was missing, and i don't know how much MHz it's on. so how can i change the frequency, does it work with a donor car?like i change the whole electronics setup?   1000 thanks for answering

Asked by CeskoG2311 4 years ago

what are the factroy setting for each pin?

What are the steetings to get your car to run smooth no konkouts

Asked by 8 years ago

Radio control. Answered

I have radio control radio and receivers from different cars with different AM. They are all 49 mhz, can I change AM by replacing old resisters at  the right spot and put less resistive ones to make it work? Any way?

Asked by jbaker22 6 years ago

how do you make a light bar for a traxxas bandit? i have the original body.? Answered

I have been wanting a light bar on my buggy for a year so that i can see where it is at night but i didnt want neon on it because its an off roader

Asked by tokuta 5 years ago

RC Wheelchair

Hi everyone  Does anyone know how to make a electric wheelchair in to a rc wheelchair?

Posted by Thejersey 4 years ago

Laser RC car

Something along these lines...

Posted by PKTraceur 8 years ago

would a mini rc stunt car work on a small plane?

As i have a small plane and a stunt car

Asked by rocketman217 9 years ago

When will the winners of the RC contest be announced? Answered

When will the winners of the RC contest be announced? Its been stuck on "Winners will be announced soon" for awhile

Asked by ScratchBuiltAircraft 4 years ago

is it possible to make a rc fan out of a rc car? and if so how? Answered

 i have a ton of rc cars but most either don't work or body,wheels, or something else doesn't work so i wanted to make a rc fan out of them.

Asked by nbagf 8 years ago

Best nitro RC buggy for $150-300? Answered

I'm looking to buy a nitro RC buggy but I am fairly new to the RC world. I am also open to truggies.

Asked by airsofter1 6 years ago

how to made rc car bumper?

Can anybody teach me how to  made a bumper for my rc f1 formula car ?

Asked by jazz chong 8 years ago

how to make a rc plane transmitter?

Hi dose anyone know how to make a RC plane transmitter by either making a RC car transmitter have a longer transmitting distance or by building it from scratch thank you.

Asked by hawkeye2309 8 years ago

RC Car --- RC Plane?

Okay, so today at school, we learned about Bernoulli's principle and how wings help a plane fly. So I was wondering, if you built some good wings, attached them to an RC Car, and drove it off a ramp, would it glide for a little bit?

Asked by Frozen Twinkies 7 years ago

rc planes

Looking for rcplane plans

Posted by meathead7 4 years ago


HELLO i want to know how to make a rc tx and rx of 8 channel for cheap and easy for a rc plane i am for india i want this project as cheap as possiable pls don't ask to hack a rc car....

Asked by mihir.sahu.355 3 years ago

Remote Control Builds and RC hydraulics

Doe anyone have experience of remote control builds and Rc hydraulics from ENGLAND, not USA or Germany. John

Posted by Michaelgoode 8 years ago

simple way for a kid to build an rc car, not from a kit?

I was wondering if anyone knows of a way that kids can build an rc car. Show the circuit. With motors

Asked by sr007 9 years ago

How to make RC Plane on our own?

im intersted in RC plane alot and want to make one of my own. What will the design considerations and all the other related stuff?

Asked by Ayesha Shafi 7 years ago

what's the best way to put led's on an RC?

I want to put leds on my rc car. I would like to know what is the best way to do it and not have to many wires or switches.

Asked by guy86 8 years ago

What is the code to activate an RC soda machine?

There is an RC machine in my school that they actually keep stocked with soda and it turns on after school hours i need to know if there is a "password" button combination to unlock it early.

Asked by ProfessorStein 7 years ago

burn capacitor on rc motor

Burn capacitor on my motor and i can't read the code or number on it. what will be the best capacitor to buy or to put on it?

Asked by nreyes 7 years ago

Whats a good cheap rc pack for a beginner?

Hi every one Im a novice at this, so I have a question: Whats a good cheap rc pack for a beginner? Also what does channel mean, is it how manyservos it can have?

Asked by tranoxx 8 years ago

Rc Car baterie Help?

Hi i have a 7.2v rc car batery and my car ran out of power early a then usal.So I got my voltage metre and it said the car still had 7.2v does any one know why this might be thanks.

Asked by walterh9 7 years ago

Rc car battery help?

Hi i have a 1.2v rc car batery and my car ran out of power early a then usal.So I got my voltage metre and it said the car still had 7.2v does any one know why this might be thanks.

Asked by walterh9 7 years ago

Do the car will work if the remote is different that I use before?

I need to make Rc car for my own but The old Rc car I got has no Remote for the transmitter so I need a new Transmitter or remote for an Rc car to make my toy works.

Asked by coniosis11 6 years ago

Add more channels to you factery controller rc helicopter?

Do any one no how to add more switch to your rc helicopter model GT QS8008 helicopter controller to add on/off for light switch and other think like a toy bomb drop?

Asked by pcahmed1983 4 years ago

RC Noob

I've never done much work with RC control, and i want to build a little rc car with tank steering (2 motors, one on a wheel on each side so steering can be accomplished by which motor is on).  I know I need a transmitter and a reciever (I dont know specifics of each :P).  All I know is that i want to PWM the motors and control with 2 home made H-bridges (motors require max current of 30 amps, so commercially made ESR's are too expensive) and control it via rc. I just really dont know what im looking for in the rc world.

Posted by guyfrom7up 7 years ago

Rc Boat making?

Hi i have decided to make a rc boat i have the motor all sorted out its just the body. I was hoping to make one from styrofoam or polystyrene dose any one have some tips. Will this be water safe in other word's no water seaping througth . Thanks

Asked by walterh9 7 years ago