need help to buidl a single and small rgb flasher or dimmer

​i have a question, how can i make a rgb flasher or dimmer that runs with 3v and as small as possible for a key chain, just one rgb led, if anybody can help me please with a schematic, pcb or something. thanks so much please email me. i really apreciate it, my babys first year birthday is coming in 20 days and i want to make like 30 key chains like that for the kids coming to the little party. thanks so much again.

Posted by alxandre.alzate 1 year ago

Were can i find buy or build a 9 rgb driver/controller 27 channel 9 group? Answered

I have a 9 rgb panel controlled with a regular controller with the ir remote. I would like to do something more nice. Something like this : I don't know if its possible to recreate the same thing. Please give me your opinion. Thank you -Gabriel

Asked by gjanho 6 years ago

RGB POV Answered

Hello  friends! Im  make RGB pov using Arduino,   How to control 6 RGB Led  using  3 transistors?  please helpme  arduino code

Asked by AzamA9 1 year ago

Achieving different colors with RGB LEDs

 Does anyone know if it is possible to get brown with RGB LEDs?

Posted by pilferingpanda 7 years ago


Hello  friends! Im  make RGB pov using Arduino,    How to control 6 RGB Led  using  3 transistors?  please helpme  arduino code

Posted by AzamA9 1 year ago

What is RGB black ?

Asked by SudarshanK7 3 months ago

rgb lights?

Do you know how to connect the arduino to the led light when the lights are rgb

Asked by emiy 1 year ago

RGB-LED with 6 legs? Answered

As far as I know, RGB-LEDs have 4 legs: 1 common cathode and 3 seperate anodes (or vice versa). Santa Claus has left me a RGB LED with 6 pins. Now I'm confused and he has left the country! Can anyone help and explain this to me?

Asked by bertus52x11 7 years ago

controlling 100 rgb leds from arduino?

Hey there i got 100 of 5 mm rgb led diodes. so i want to run them as string lights. so can i do it via arduino? if it is possible please tell me how to do it. thanks

Asked by uditha mihiranga 2 years ago

How can I change the color of a RGB LED with the push of a button (i.e., push once for red, again for green, etc.).

I have to laugh when I see the prices of flashlights that have multiple LED colors. $50 for a headlamp with 6 RGB LEDs?  Really?  I have seen "Buy It Now"s on eBay that have 50 pcs of RGB LEDs for ~$17.  Besides, the fun is in building one myself.

Asked by CasCom98 8 years ago

I read about a 2-pin RGB LED that alternates between colors? Answered

Not sure if they exist, but I'm interested in buying a few if they do.  Supposedly the controller circuitry is in the LED package itself and alternates between colors every couple of seconds.  Does this exist?

Asked by Spaceman Spiff 6 years ago

rgb led

Red green blue common cathode light emitting diodes anybody know any cool projects with them? The best ones I found were the hypno cubes and pov's, and some displays were cool. any others? I want to know before I buy a bunch of leds to save on shipping.

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

rgb with out a microcontroller (beam-ish?)

I have been trying to contemplate how to make a rgb random oscillation, with the option of pressing button 1 for red button 2 for blue button 3 green. with no micro controllers, unfortunately I cant seem to do it most of my concepts run in to problems. any advice would be appreciated. preferably in the more helpful verity. bare bolts and brass tax is the point of this, i will be making a instructable for it if i can figure it out. the led's are common anode.

Posted by CD_tatro 3 years ago

Anybody Iis knows how to do amood rgb lamp thermo-controlled?

I want to do a light lamp, and configure it to change color with the temperature of the room with smooth transitions. We can setup it to light in blue with 18ºC or less, orange with between 19ºC and 22ºC, and red with 25ºC and more for example. Thanks

Asked by Niord 9 years ago

RGB Led lighting design help?

I have a project that uses a programable RGB Led flex light strip in a tube , I have been able to install that with no problem. What I need is at the end of the tube I would like to have the light project outward from the end , the problem is the flex strip can not be bent to go around the inside diameter of the tube which is about 2 1/2 inches. I was thinking if I could find a circular PCB that I could install RGB Leds into and then fit that into the end , this would fix  my problem. Any other suggestion would be helpful. Thank You! David Ciciotti

Asked by artful instruments 5 years ago

RGB controller issues trying to control RGB LED

Hello, I am trying to control a few 4 pin common anode RGB LEDS. All I want to do is be able to switch between colors. I purchased a 5v LED RF strip controller to see if I could get that to do it but it just cycles constantly between all colors and wont work properly. I am looking for the most basic way to control these LEDS. Everything I have seen on these uses Arduino to control them. And I have no experience with Arduino or how it works for the moment. Radioshack sells the perfect example of what I am looking for. The 5mm "7 color blinking LED" they sell changes colors when the power is cut to it with a momentary switch. I am using 0603 RGB LEDs but would like this same effect or something very similar. The LEDS they sell must have some sort of built in controller in order for it to change when the power is cut? If so what would that kind of LED be called? Thanks

Posted by Zebrah 3 years ago

How to make the voltage of the RGB LED's green and blue higher in this circuit?

So I have two 5mm RGB LEDs. In my schematic diagram, RGB LED 1 is common cathode, while RGB LED 2 is common anode. My LEDs config is this: Forward Voltage: 2.2V (R), 3.2v (G), 3.2v (B) Forward Current: 20mA I think it's the same for both? Of course when I send data from the PIC pins, one will turn on and the other will turn off. I used the resistors for current limiter. Please refer to the photos, when RGB1 is on (RGB2 off) the voltage are ok. 2.2v, 3,2v,3.2v RGB respectively. But when RGB2 is on (RGB1 off) the readings are 2.7v, 1.7v, 1.7v. It lights up in proteus. In hardware, the GB of LED2 will be dimmer right? or is this just ok? How do I increase the voltage here without affecting the current much. The current readings are also in the photos by the way, 16mA is ok I think. I'm not very good with circuits so can somebody please give me the computation for increasing the voltage? Thank you. I'm trying to understand how it works. Any suggestions, criticism is ok LOL. Thaks! ^^

Asked by worthyrabbito 3 years ago

Can someone help me with a circuit? Answered

Hi im planning to make a light bar out of rgb leds. the basic idea i have in mind is that there will be a row of 10 rgb leds. the circuit will have a variable resistance for each channel ie red,green,blue. by varying the intensity of each channel i will be able to produce different colors.  now the major issue is how do i connect the leds in series or parallel,which will be better to use with variable resistance. and how should i make the circuit so that i have one variable resistance for each color which controls the intensity on all 10 leds 

Asked by cfrek 5 years ago

WS2812B 5050 RGB? Answered

Does 5V WS2812B 5050 RGB is work with NeoPixel library? the NeoPixel is quiet expensive.

Asked by chenboly 8 months ago

Lesson 3 - RGB example? Answered

What is the name of the two programs we are to load and look at for Lesson 3 - the RGB example?

Asked by Prosperity2 1 year ago

Arduino PWM and RGB LED strips

Hi.  So I bought an arduino uno, some IRL530NBPF, and 4,3m RGB LED strips. I want to control the strip with the arduino, but can anyone tell me how to hook it up?

Posted by sinding 7 years ago

A different kind of RGB Strip? Answered

What if my RGB strip has 4 connection points...R,G,B, and +12V?

Asked by pmdillon 8 months ago

RGB Led Matrix

Sorry! I am looking on how to make a RGB Led matrix. I have found a lot of them but any of them was a RGB, so the idea is this I need to make a 6x9 RGB Led matrix and make the dots flash in different colors. I know the principle of the led matrix but not of a RGB one. So can you lend me a hand? or a sketch as possible? Thanks for reading. P.S.: Sorry for the bad english I speak spanish lol

Posted by Positive07 6 years ago

how to make a cheap programable rgb led tube light in india?

How to make a cheap programable rgb led tube light in india? which can be conected to 230 v ac supply................... actually i want to connect 100-500 leds.plz tel me formula with wich i can change my resisto nd capacitor etc specification according to the number of rgb led. thnk you

Asked by japanjot 8 years ago

Ideas? Arduino controled laser light show with RGB

. Has anyone made or have info on making a laser light show?  I have an RGB module with analog control and would like to build a light show with full RGB control using Arduino. I have found several projects to drive galvos for X-Y control but none so far have included color control. Any pointers, links or suggestions welcome. Thanks. Paul

Posted by paulckruger 3 years ago

How can I create a manually controlled rgb led controller?

I have a 4 lead common cathode led.  Would it be as simple as building an led driver circuit and placing a potentiometer between supply and each anode?

Asked by chandlerman 7 years ago

Controlling 10 RGB LEDs with three pots(with out a microcontroller)? Answered

hello i was just wondering if it was possible to wire 10 rgb leds together run all the red leads to one pot, the blue to another, and the green to the third, and have all of the leds colors controlled by turning the pots. Any information would be helpful. I am intending to use this as lighting on my head board in my room.  Id be using 5mm UltraBright RGB Tri-color LEDs Thanks to all who reply.

Asked by the seaker 7 years ago

RGB LED Sun and Moon

So, I'm working on this thing, its just an idea right now so I won't delve into it too deep, but I want to use a single RGB LED behind a frosted plexi screen as a Sun and another as a Moon, that will move on a clock motor. Could I get a white with a yellow tinge and a white with a blue tinge with a RGB and a few fixed resistors? I'm just wondering if that would be possible. Would I just set the red and green components to 70% and the blue to 100% for the moon and the red and green at 100% and blue at 70% for the sun? Thanks for the help. I don't have any RGBs so I'm just trying to theorize right now.

Posted by mattthegamer463 8 years ago

how can I make a RGB LED or three leds change colour on their own WITHOUT using a microcontroler? Answered

I am new to elecrtonics and dont have alot of money. How do i do this simply and cheaply?

Asked by z28racer 9 years ago

led ambilight rgb

I am interested in building Dan's RGB led system except where he used sliding potentiometers i want to use 3 light sensors with red green and blue filters. similar to Phillips Ambilight but in addition to behind the tv all over the room.any suggestions?i have limited knowledge of electronics and i do not know how to wire light sensors.a combination of the photos provided.

Posted by Robb 10 years ago

Addressable RGB Strip via USB?

Hi All, Im currently looking into RGB Addressable LED strips for my computer and the only option I can find is the NZXT Hue+ which is riddled with issues. Does anyone have information on how I would possibly control these via USB from inside my computer, or if that makes life complicated, over WiFi but powered from a SATA power cable?

Posted by K20Evo 1 year ago

Help with wiring a rgb light strip please!!

Mokungit 50pcs WS2811 12mm DC5V Input Diffused Digital RGB Wire Cable LED Pixels Module String Light WS2811 IP68 Waterproof Addressable Dream Color Pixels Exposed Light String This is the strip I got, and the controller has different colors!! I just want to know the correct way to wire this so I don't mess it up! Thank you!

Posted by jwolf2655 1 year ago

Arduino RGB room lighting help!? Answered

I have been looking around for what kind of transistor, mosfet, what have you, that could take in the power from the power supply of 12V 3A, and take in the PWM signal from an arduino to adjust the brightness for RGB led lighting I have in my room. I know there are a few ways, but I would like to know what the basic parts I would need, transistors, resistors, capacitors, to get this going. Any and all input would be awesome. Thanks!

Asked by AzurusNova 7 years ago

truth table to boolean expression or schematics Answered

Need help converting the truth table to boolean expression or even better, schematics 1. i don't know electronics too much 2. i am not a student nor is this an assignment simply looking for help in converting this truth table

Asked by 32teeth 8 years ago

Anyone know of any IC which can randomly fade an RGB LED?

I recently came up with the brilliant idea (read: scheme) of constructing gloves with built in  RGB LEDs that fade through colors randomly. I plan to sell these to ravers as they are usually spoiled rich kids (no offense) and I can fund my new found interest in electronics. My question is if anyone knows of any ICs that can control this without having to program it, like the LM3914 can work as a VU meter. If no such thing exists, then the cheapest alternative.

Asked by wootwootman 7 years ago

RGB LED amplifier / power isolater / I don;t know what to call it

So I have this idea.   In my car is an LCD stereo that has several RGB LEDs in it's face around the volume knob, the tuning knob, and a few buttons.  In the stereo's configuration settings, you can choose what color (7 options) you want these LEDs to display, or an 8th option which cycles through colors. I really like the idea of adding other lights to my car, just for geek/bling/rice value/for the hell of it/because I can.  How could I take the signal for one of those LEDs and use it to CONTROL a small circuit which in-turn would POWER the other LEDs I want to add?  I do not want to try to draw enough current directly from the stereo's circuits to power many more LEDs.  I am thinking of maybe 20 more LEDs. A little about me:  I could likely print a board, if I really had to . . . I can solder . . .  I understand basic circuits but have a little trouble with the math behind things like multiple resistors and voltage drops etc. I have worked a little with LEDs before, including RGB. I am over 30.. Let me know what you think? Michael, from "DC"

Posted by DieCastoms 5 years ago

New guy with a new idea

First off, Hi to everyone! I made a VU meter using the LM3914N and RGB LEDs.  My "new" idea is to create 2 modes "VU meter" and "lamp".  I can't figure out a way to do this with a single switch.  At first I though it was simple...Oh just put a switch on the 10 LEDs going into the LM3914 and send it to ground.  WRONG!   Any help would be great! Thanks! P.S.  I'm new to all this.

Posted by Natdog 5 years ago

Color Mixing Cube

Yesterday I was fooling around in Unity 3d (Video Game Development Software), and I created 13 particle systems, that show how red, green, and blue light, mix into white.  Every vertex is a basic RGB color. The colors shown are Black, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Magenta and White. The colors parallel to each other mix. If you use Unity, and you want the Prefab, I have it for download.

Posted by Super_Nerd 6 years ago

whats the best/cheapest way to drive 20 or 30 common cathode rgb leds with an arduino? Answered

I would like to drive 20 or 30 leds i got on ebay to put in my truck. i already got some code to change the color of the led with pwm using only one potentiometer, but i am not sure how to power the amount i need. it will need to use the 12 volts or so available in my truck.

Asked by hivoltage 9 years ago

Outdoor RGB LED Strip Failure

Hi all,  I've had quite a modest installation of RGB LED tape (45 meters ish, split into more manageable circuits) around the perimeter of my decking. This uses the commonly available 5050 RGB LED Strip light, the type with the epoxy covering the tape and also an outer sheath to protect it from water ingress.  I had heat shrinked the ends and also applied multiple layers of liquid electrical tape where a connection to a 4-core cable was needed. This has held up well for some time.  After about 2 years, I noticed that some of my RGB LED tape runs were sort of 'corrupting' where a small amount of moisture had got in, and shorted the RGB channels so that no matter what I feed into the tape, it always output white (or some other combinations or colours). Still, I ignored this, as it didn;t bother me too much.  These ran back to a central controller, which did the DMX control and amplification of the 12v single.  Anyway, to cut a long story short: Yesterday I smelt smoke.  I was walking around the garden and I noticed that one of the strips had caught fire, at a single point in the middle, and was burning a hole through my decking!  Again, long story cut short, I put this fire out and looked closer. The strip was so badly burnt that I can't determine what went wrong here.  I'm thinking maybe a resistor burnt out and caught fire? The tape has been running 'on' for quite some time (weeks) so this is a possibility.  Another possibility is that there could have been a short between 12v and ground, which caused heat. Now, there aren't any fuses on the 12v rail (fuse and circuit breaker protecting the 240v side) but I wouldn't have thought that this would protect me from a fire anyway!  I'm interested whether anyone else has had a similar experience or has any suggestions as to why this has happened.  I love these RGB LED strips, use them a lot in my house, but after seeing this, I'm not a little more dubious to keep using them.  I'm an electrical engineer (in the making, at University) and this has stumped me!  Thanks Joe

Posted by joearkay 1 year ago

Arduino controlling 10 RGB groups

Hi everyone! I recently came across the arduino board and I've been playing around with using Python to control the board. I would like to use my new toy to create an Ambilight like setup for my computer monitor. The python script I have created for this does quite a good job and runs at about 15-10 fps! I want to use 10 RGB groups of 3 leds each (3 top/bottom, 2 sides). Since the Arduino only has 6 PWM ports and that leaves me with 5 Digital out ports, I have to multiplex the system. Since I want to use all colors and not just the 7 combinations normal rgb controlled by on off gives me I designed a circuit that would make this possible. The refresh times on the PWM ports have me worries.. (changing to a new voltage) The PWM resistor-capacitor circuit is an option to fix this (I think), it would replace the resistor after the PWM in the diagram. My knowledge on the subject is a little rusty so I was wondering if someone here would like to look at my circuit design and comment on it. I'm using MOSFETS, NPN transistors, resistors and capacitors. My LED strips use 12 Volts (hence the mosfets). In a single setup the mosfets work like a charm! 12V goes to the anode of the led group and the mosfet drain goes to the cathode, which is labeled as LED in my diagram. Tnx Guys/(Girls?)!

Posted by AIex 8 years ago

How do tricolour LED lights work? (the ones that cycle from colour to colour)? Answered

I was looking for a pack of blue LED's online and came across a red/green/blue cycling LED which only had two leads coming out from it. How do these work?

Asked by or_ford98 6 years ago

RGB LED strip help

Hi guys so i'm buying a 5050 rgb led strip and i'm connecting it to my arduino UNO so my question is can the arduino power 2 meters long led strip

Posted by OmarB8 2 years ago

RGB LED Ring Light Answered

I want to build a RGB LED Ring Light for my Photography sessions. I'm going to order 20 RGB LED's and i want to make it as simple as possible. 3 Potentiometers to control RED / GREEN / BLUE Values. What would be the best way to power 20 RGB LED's? Still wondering if Im going to use a Microcontroller or just directly feed power thru the the potentiometers and to the LED's. Thank yoU!

Asked by SgtOneill 7 years ago