I want to get into Slalom (a type of skating)?

Hello, so I want to get into Slalom.  If you don't know what Slalom is, its basically really advanced skating with cones, here's a good example: http://wimp.com/girlslalom/ I have a few questions about skating in general: 1. Where can I get good skates, where/what should I look for? 2. What it more important: Balance, or agility? 3. How can I improve my balance/agility? A few questions for Slalom people: 1. Is there a term for people who play Slalom? 2. Where can I get some good cones? (I've been looking at these, but they're a bit expensive: http://www.skatecrazy.net/products/cones.html 3. I don't have any skates currently, I was thinking of getting Slalom skates instead of recreational skates.  I thought this would be cheaper and I'm probably going to end up getting them eventually but I don't know if that would make a difference starting out. I'm looking at these skates if I get Slalom-specific skates: http://www.skatecrazy.net/products/sebafr1.htm I'm eyeballing these skates for recreational skates but I don't know if they would be a good choice: http://www.sportchalet.com/product/300425_3041447.do

Asked by bclinton 7 years ago

Any ideas on making cheap slalom poles for fitness and sport training ?

Anyone have any ideas of how to make cheap slalom poles for sports training ? Must be about 1.7m high, for safety reasons I could just buy them, but at around £3 each, £40 for 12 just wondering if anyone has any suggestions about making their own.  My initial thoughts are to use 20mm pvc pipe, but not sure of what to use as a ground 'spike' ...

Asked by johmor 7 years ago

My Favorite Longboarding Videos

Ok so i just learned how to copy and paste! I have been wanting to do this for a while now and i figured this is a good time.These are my favotite vids in each catagory of the awsomest sport on the planet! These are just my Favorites,you could just find them all yourself on youtube eventually but i figured i would post this! I don't have a youtube account. If you have any suggestions i will look at them and add them!                                  dancing:                                                  www.youtube.com/watch                                                     www.youtube.com/watch                                                   www.youtube.com/watch                                                      www.youtube.com/watch                                                     www.youtube.com/watch                                                                   www.youtube.com/watch                                                                               www.youtube.com/watch                                                   www.youtube.com/watch                                  sliding:                                                www.youtube.com/watch                                                www.youtube.com/watch   some sliding and freeride:  www.youtube.com/user/LoadedNewsletter#p/u/8/kkviQ41u0eQ                                 downhill:                                                 www.youtube.com/watch                                                www.youtube.com/watch                                                www.youtube.com/watch                                  carving:                                                www.youtube.com/watch                                               www.youtube.com/user/LoadedNewsletter#p/u/141/p82JHBtGFKI                                  slalom:                                               www.youtube.com/watch I obviosly like dancing the best haha hope you enjoy!  :-)

Posted by Zaphod Beeblebrox 8 years ago

No battery solar motor system?

Hi all!I am competing in this solar boat race and one of their rules was that for a sprint race and a slalom race, the batteries have to be disconnected. We have 4 panels, each rated at 64W(18V), a victron MPPT 75v/15amp charger (bluetooth activated), 240W DC motor (up to 48V), 3000W PWM motor controller.My question is, how should I configure this electrical system with solar power only? Batteries have to be disconnected and not operable.Things that I've tried:I put 4 panels in series (72V) and connected them to the MPPT charger. Then the load I connected them to the PWM motor controller. This was not ideal since the motor barely got any power(very slow), and the panels would over volt up to 76V which was past the 75V as advertised and system goes into overvoltage protection.I also thought of connecting the leads of the solar panels in 36V config (2 parallel, 2 series) directly onto the PWM motor controller but decided that it was safer to ask y'all for some help first. I am open to buy a new MPPT controller that goes over 75V and return the old one, only if that is the best thing to do.controller link: https://www.amazon.com/Victron-Smart...ords=mppt&...Solar panels (MSX64) link: https://www.solarelectricsupply.com/...arex-MSX64...Thanks in advance! :)

Asked by ericdong886 4 weeks ago