Best way to start robotics.

Hello, So I'd like to start with robotics, but I don't really know where to start, just start with a project, or read things first? I don't want to buy all kinds of stuff or arduino while I can't use it, because I'm new with robotics.  Hope someone can help,  Thanks in advance!

Posted by Kolnorp 4 years ago

Start Rating!!!

A lot of people are complaining about the new Rating Sytem. Well, here's the thing, if you don't rate, these ratings won't become balanced, and they'll stay that way forever!Rating isn't hard, just choose how many stars an Ible or topic deserves!Even if its just a forum topic, rate it!It won't take your time! We need to get these ratings moving!If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.

Posted by Keith-Kid 9 years ago

How to start an instructable?

I am trying to start an instructable, and every time I try to publish it, it doesn't publish. Can anyone give me some help? Thanks

Posted by jtcrules 10 years ago

Computer Won't Start Up! Help! Answered

 Hey guys, my laptop won't start up. It is a Dell Inspiron 7000 running Windows. Some lights come on on the keyboard, but doens't do anything else. Need help!

Asked by godoggie 8 years ago

How do I start a second unpublished instructable? Answered

I've been working on one unfinished instructable, but would like to start on another one.  I'm not seeing how / where to get a new blank format.  Do I need to click on submit instructable? 

Asked by mole1 7 years ago

10 hp electric start motor

I just purchaced a 10hp briggs 4cyl electric start go kart motor and im needing help figuring out how to rewire the switch. (wires were cut) anybody know where i can find a wiring diagram for it or an instructable on wiring it? any help is appreciated thanks.

Posted by kdf.inc1969 5 years ago

Why isn't the Bikes and Wheels contest accepting entries?

It says the contest started yesterday. Why won't it take entries?

Posted by lime3D 5 years ago


I have tried searching and I am unable to find out how, so I am asking here. How do you start a guide? Please answer if you know how, it would be great.

Posted by McGyver2 7 years ago

Raspberry Pi

Hello everyone I wanted some suggestions from the users of raspberry pi on where to start after getting the raspberry pi. I've searched the web and found a lot of things, but they weren't exactly beginners friendly. I am upgrading from an Arduino to a Raspberry pi and the difference between them is enormous. Arduino seemed a lot more welcoming and easier compared to Raspberry pi. So do you guys have some tips or places to start from for me? Any help is appreciated. Thank You

Posted by robo10302 3 years ago

I'm new to Instructables. What are some good tools to have?

I got hooked to Istructables with things like the desktop trebuchet, the marshmallow shooter, the $10 dollar Mont Blanc pen, and the PVC bike repair stand. There is so much more I want to do on Instructables, but I don't have the tool capabilities to do so. Where is a good place to start in terms of what kind of tools I should get?

Posted by GoCubs252 9 years ago

How do i program microcontrollers? Answered

I have never done work with microcontrollers so i really need help here.  -What supplies do i need? -Do i need any software? -are there any guides out there?

Asked by quellek2 7 years ago

How do i start a contest? Answered

How do i start a contest on instructables

Asked by smattman22 8 years ago

How can i get started in electronics, to someday build the cell phone that i've designed?

 The question above says it all. I could also use a Gumstix Fire along with some other components, and a custom PCB.

Asked by billgates27 8 years ago

Can i start a motor with an IR LED?

Hello, i'm new to electronics and I know just a few basic things. I'm trying to make a simple circuit that goes like this: I want to have a sort of remote : 9v battery + resistor + ir led (i've done this part) And a reciever that starts a motor when i point the ir led to it. What components do i need to make the motor start when i point the led to it? Searching the internet i found i can do it with photodiodes or phototranzistors but i couldn't find the exact schematic for the circuit. Does anyone know how to do it?

Asked by agent4ever2 6 years ago

Can i install (rig up) a pull start on my 18hp riding mower?

I know that they dont make pull starters for large hp motors because you would have to pull really hard, BUT i am willing to pull really hard. :) My starter is messed up and i dont want to spend a fat stack of cash to fix my 18 hp murray rider. I know i will be able to rig up a connection between any pull starter and my mower, but the question is "is this a bad idea, and will it work?" I have also heard of using a drill and socket to start your engine, but i dont want to do this because when the engine does start, it will turn faster than your drill and mess you up! i have been having problems with burning out the switch that is wired to the starter. SO finally i removed the switch entirely and tried to start it by touching the wires together and it made a "snap" inside the machine (not around the starter) and now it doesnt try to start anymore. The battery currently reads 12v and the switch wires also show 12v. There are no fuses inside the mower. I dont know what to do!

Asked by MechEngineerMike 9 years ago

I have a Piaggio Nrg 2003 EXHAUST FLAMES

I have a Piaggio Nrg 2003 been in the garage for a while now trying to get it back on the road for my son . When trying to start it turning over got good spark sometimes you get a blow backs though the Exhaust and also flames coming out . Could somebody please help!!

Asked by southern1316 5 years ago

Campfire lighting tricks?

I find myself with the task of lighting a camp fire, either dramatically, magically or mysteriously.  I know a couple of methods, but the campfire audience have seen them before. Anybody got any novel ideas for lighting a campfire at the sneaky pull of a cord, or throw of a hidden switch? (Yes, I know about wire wool and batteries...)

Posted by Kiteman 3 years ago

how do you start a group??? Answered

I,v been wondering 4 a while about how to start a group can YOU! help

Asked by 2hot2hack 6 years ago

How can yo change the windows vista start orb icon?

I have a windows vista sp2 32-bit computer. I am getting bored of the same old start orb. i dont want to waste hard earned money on something from stardock to change it though. it there any free program or at least a hack to do this? Please help. thanks

Asked by tvsamuel 5 years ago

XP Start Menu Hover Change?

So I've been messing with some different visual styles for xp and noticed that none of them  changed the hover color in the start menu. To me it drags the themes appeal way down. Is there a way to change it from the default highlight: To something like this: While preserving my current theme setup? If so, How? -rx

Posted by Rockerx 8 years ago

can i set up a capacitor bank to start up my car if the battery is dead?

a huge advantage to capacitors is low leakage (for some types) and i want to know, first of all, how much energy a starter motor needs to start the engine? one of my constraints is money (>$200) so if it works, but i can't afford the capacitors, then oh well. also, i want to know if i can make a simple circuit that would sense if the battery is dead and then switch to using the capacitors and also be able to recharge the capacitors. im also worried about the amount of leakage of capacitors with such high capacity (which might defeat the purpose of this idea), and where i could actually put the rig that would be safe from heat, and still have access to the starter motor. if this is feasable, i just might make my first instructable out of it: the invincible starting car

Asked by the judge 8 years ago

Senior Research Project

Hello Everybody! I'm doing a research project about 3D printing and the effect it has on the way we make things. I've created a quick survey to get some general information about the maker perspective on the technology, and it would be awesome if I could get some responses. This is especially for those who use 3D printing regularly. Thanks in advance!  - basementhacker

Posted by basementhacker 3 years ago

AC Pump Motor Not Working? Answered

I have just come across a free pool pump and hope I will be able to get it up and running.  So far I have had absolutely no luck with it.  The run switch seems to work and so I don't think it is the culprit.  I have even tried two newish capacitors which I know work.  When I plug it in it just hums.  It doesn't throw the breaker so I don't think a short is the problem and it isn't bound up as I can turn it easily by hand.  There is also no sign of twitching as the motor attempts to start.  The overpower protection switch seems to be good and shows continuity across all polls.  The motor itself has continuity where I believe it is necessary so I am at a loss for what could be wrong.  The motor says it is good for 115 volts as well as higher but I would prefer not to shove higher voltages through it if not necessary.  Do any of you have ideas on how I could get this up and running as the pump is in excellent condition and will be useful as a runoff booster pump.

Asked by 4 years ago

How do I get started in Arduino/microchip programming?

 I've been trying to find a VERY cheap (under 50 please!) way to start programming, since a project I want to do is too complicated and expensive for parts and actually planning it out. So, what is the cheapest Arduino board or set or whatever they call them for a decent level of ability and ease of use? Note: I have no experience WHATSOEVER with C, BASIC, VB, or any other programming language. (or building electronics, for that matter... but I tried once! [And failed VERY miserably])

Asked by PKTraceur 8 years ago

Is there a good start program for 3D printing?

Hi, I don't have a 3D printed but I would like to post instructions on making something in 3D, does anyone know what program I can use to write the file in? I need to be able to write a file compatible with most 3D printers so users can download, plug in and use straight away. Thanks for the help in advance.

Posted by JM1999 3 years ago

Can you put a key on a pocket bike?

Hi i was wondering if i could still keep the pullstart on my pocket bike, but make it so the key has to be in inorder for the bike to turn over, kind of like a kill switch any help would be much apreciated.

Asked by walterh9 5 years ago

I am new to Unix, what's a good tutorial to start with? Answered

I am new to Unix, and would like to learn my way around, shell scripting etc. Is there a good tutorial I can use?

Asked by erikals 8 years ago

My friend's PC shows "dnsrefwwwricexhl.162.148.923.34.exe.routercicsolinksys.eriocvpuxcstopped20þsponding20ïanualreboot" Answered

Whenever he starts it, this hell comes out "dnsrefwwwricexhl.162.148.923.34.exe.routercicsolinksys.eriocvpuxcstopped20þsponding20ïanualreboot" whenever he starts his computer. He must close it several time before using the computer. Whats happening?

Asked by Alex Mercer 6 years ago

sachs / ratary 30cc motorized bicycle hub converting to electric start

Hi i have looked for parts for this bike motor and have found a couple of importers as im an ozzy and found im gunna have to pay 125 for a pull start for it yet ive seen the mini motos have similar set ups and have easy start conversions and electic start converstions wich are much cheaper i also want an unrestricted cdi unit wich cost around the same could any1 tell me if there are any mini motos or thumptar parts ect that mite also fit as i no the 110cc thumptar motor was made from the design of the sachs motor for the 125 madass bike so there would have to be something to fit it besides these imported parts that cost an arm and a leg my bike is the 30cc ratary version .

Posted by jimmbay 5 years ago

How would I substitute the LM555 for the LM556 in this circuit?

I'm trying to build a small amplifier with a timed soft start circuit. Now, I thought it would be better to make the whole thing smaller by using the LM556. I'm not good at actually mapping circuits and everything I've built was all someone else's design.

Asked by AsaBerdahl 7 years ago

Grounding Issue in DIY Circuit

Hello everyone, I'm having a bit of a problem getting my LM317 soft-start circuit to function properly. If you'll take a look at my schematic, I've built everything on the schematic up until the relays and diodes get involved (specifically where the output forks into two). In order to check that I soldered the board correctly, I hooked an LED up to where the fork would be to make sure the soft-start worked. Here's where things get funny: If the LED is connected to the rectifier's negative, the LED behaves as I expect it to, with a slow turn-on. However, if I keep the LED connected to the same positive point, but hook the led directly to ground, nothing happens. In fact, using a multimeter showed that no voltage would flow to ground from the positive, but that 14 volts were flowing between the same positive point and negative. I need voltage to flow to ground, this is a ground safety interlock for a welder I'm working on... does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks for reading :)

Posted by reakter 5 years ago

i want to start and stop my line follower robot robot by blutooth

Please help me , i have no idea how to change it. i have line follower robot , and i want to operate my robot by blutooth , i want start and stop my line follower robot by blutooh ,my line follower robot code is //code is int rightmotor1=12; int leftmotor1=13; int rightmotor2=9; int leftmotor2=8; int sensorleft=5; int sensorcenter=6; int sensorright=7; int l1=1; int l2=1; int l3=1; int f1=0; int f2=0; int f3=0; ////////////////////////////////////// void setup() { pinMode(rightmotor1,OUTPUT); pinMode(leftmotor1,OUTPUT); pinMode(rightmotor2,OUTPUT); pinMode(leftmotor2,OUTPUT); pinMode(sensorleft,INPUT); pinMode(sensorcenter,INPUT); pinMode(sensorright,INPUT); } /////////////////////////////////////////////////// void loop() { l1=digitalRead(sensorleft); l2=digitalRead(sensorcenter); l3=digitalRead(sensorright); ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// if(l1==1&&l2==1&&l3==1)   //feedback when comes all sensor on white { l1=f1; l2=f2; l3=f3; } //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// if(l1==0&&l2==1&&l3==1||l1==0&&l2==0&&l3==1)   //left turn {   digitalWrite(rightmotor1,1);   digitalWrite(rightmotor2,0);   digitalWrite(leftmotor1,0);   digitalWrite(leftmotor2,0); } else if(l1==1&&l2==1&&l3==0||l1==1&&l2==0&&l3==0)  //right turn {   digitalWrite(rightmotor1,0);   digitalWrite(rightmotor2,0);   digitalWrite(leftmotor1,1);   digitalWrite(leftmotor2,0); } else if(l1==1&&l2==0&&l3==1)  //go forward straight {   digitalWrite(rightmotor1,1);   digitalWrite(rightmotor2,0);   digitalWrite(leftmotor1,1);   digitalWrite(leftmotor2,0); } else if(l1==0&&l2==0&&l3==0) //stop {   digitalWrite(rightmotor1,0);   digitalWrite(rightmotor2,0);   digitalWrite(leftmotor1,0);   digitalWrite(leftmotor2,0);   delay(2000);    digitalWrite(rightmotor1,1);   digitalWrite(rightmotor2,0);   digitalWrite(leftmotor1,1);   digitalWrite(leftmotor2,0);   } /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// f1=l1; f2=l2; f3=l3;        //memory variables //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// } , i want to keep all code in function and want to call in blutoooh code i want my robot start and stop by blutooth please help me my blutooth code is #include SoftwareSerial mySerial(10, 11); // RX, TX String state;// string to store incoming message from bluetooth int  LED = 5; // LED on pin 13 void setup() { mySerial.begin(9600); Serial.begin(9600); // serial communication to check the data on serial monitor    pinMode(LED, OUTPUT); mySerial.println("Welcome to the wonderful world of bluetooth communication");   delay(1000);   mySerial.println("Sending a '1' will turn on the LED, Sending a '0' will turn off the LED");   delay(1000);   mySerial.println("a '3' will flash the LED and a '4' will kick out a lot of data from the LDR"); } //-----------------------------------------------------------------------//  void loop() {   while (mySerial.available()){  //Check if there is an available byte to read   delay(10); //Delay added to make thing stable   char c =; //Conduct a serial read   state += c; //build the string- either "On" or "off"   }    if (state.length() > 0) {     Serial.println(state);   if(state == "turn on")   {     digitalWrite(5, HIGH);           }     else if(state == "turn off")   {     digitalWrite(5, LOW);      }      else if(state == "turn1 on")   {     digitalWrite(5, HIGH);           }     else if(state == "turn2 off")   {     digitalWrite(5, LOW);      }     state ="";}} //Reset the variable i am using arduino atmega2560 and blutooth hc 06 and using  l298n 3 sensor

Posted by ShaidK 2 years ago

soft start and speed control for single phase induction motor 1hp or less

hello i am oghenevwogaga izoma a diploma student i have been given a final year project of which i am to provide a speed control and also a soft start for a single phase induction motor No specifications given, i am to do the research on my own and come up with everything. please i need help and i am also running out of time. Motor specification not more than 1hp

Posted by oghenevwogaga 7 years ago

is there some reason i can't use electric skateboard parts to make a micro kart?

I want to build a micro kart. i have assorted skateboard/longboard parts left over from my hobby of longboarding including several full sets of wheels, it makes sense to me to use these wheels on my kart rather than buy entirely new wheels but i don't want to drill holes into them for drive sprockets as i want to be able to use them for boarding too and perhaps sell them on later. I've looked about and found 1 company that make adapter sprockets in a variety of tooth counts that fit through the existing holes in the cores of some of my wheels but they only fit their own mounting kits for electric skateboards using the same motors and ESC's as i want to use for my kart . iv emailed them about my idea but they seem to think that it won't work because i want to accelerate from a standing start instead of pushing off like on a conventional skateboard. im confused by this because while i understand their concern i can't find a single video of their product in use on a board that requires a push start, every demo video i can find involves the rider standing on a stationary board and then accelerating from a standing start using a remote control trigger. Assuming i manage to build a kart with the same weight as a fairly chunky electric skateboard, surely my being in a sitting instead of standing position shouldn't make a difference to the operation of a vehicle which doesn't require the push start they seem to think it does...?

Asked by ambientvoid 2 years ago

I want to do Parkour...what do I do? Answered

Hello, so I've seen Parkour, it's good, its cool, and it looks like a lot of fun, and, unfortunately, a bit dangerous. I want to get into it, but I'm not very athletic, I'm in martial arts so I have a bit of balance/agility/coordination, so at least I have something, but I'm not in shape.:( I've seen a bit of tutorials and I know I that even with practice, I'm not strong enough to do most of that, so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for some exercise I might be able to try to practice for this.  Any ideas? (PS: First post of anything on Instructables, except for comments, so yay!) (PPS: Any ideas for protection when I'm doing this?) (PPPS: Following most exercise Instructables found in the Exercise guide already)

Asked by Cr4zy_Dud3_0n_F1r3 7 years ago

Getting started!

Hello everyone, I just found this site last night and lets just say that i didnt get to much sleep! A quick introduction about me. Im 24y old guy from sweden. I loved taking electronic stuff apart as a kid (not so much putting them back together) and i did some experementing in school but it soon faded. I then went on to become an electrician(house/construction installations) and have been working as one for 6 years now but never really went back into electronics. The last few years LED's has been getting big as the main lightsource in our homes but the comercial solutions aren't always satisfactory, hence my renewed interest in this. Only thing i've done outside of work is built some computers but never really modding. As if i didnt  have enough to do in my spare time i now wanna get into this, so i have a few questions on how to get started: - What basic tools do i need? Soldering kit, precision screwdrivers, multimeter......more? -What store is best for getting supplies/tools? Is it ebay or do you prefer a specific company? Any site that is better/worse to use living in sweden? Also should i stock up on basic components or just get what i need for my projects? -Is there any other communities that supplements this one? Any Swedish sites perhaps? -Anything else i should know before buying some stuff and starting? Right know im mostly focused on mods involving LED and lighting in general. Suggestions about that? Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section but i didnt really find any better place. I know this might not be as exciting as the other questions in here but all input is greatly appreciated!  TLDNR: What do i need to know/have to get started modding electronics? Cheers!

Posted by Allecc 5 years ago

Does anyone know how to start a group on Instructables? Answered

Does anyone know how to start a group on Instructables? I've wanted to for a while, but I can't figure out how. I know it used to be in one of the orange boxes on the 'create' tab, but those boxes seem to have disappeared. Does anyone know where the option to start a group is? Thanks!!! -Nerfrock'

Asked by nerfrocketeer 5 years ago

I want to use a very simple circuit to start, stop and reverse the motor. Does anyone have any idea of such a circuit ?

We are currently doing a project to retract a certain beam and to extend it. We require a switch to start the motor to extend the beam, stop it and retract the beam when needed. The stopping part would be automatic. The start can be activated from a switch and the reverse switch would be connected to our previous circuit. We really need help for this motor circuit.

Asked by rukesh 8 years ago

Has anyone managed to run BOCHS on a PSP SLIM?

The PSP Port of bochs was apparently ported for 1.50 Firmware, and no other, Making incompatible with the modern 5XX Custom Firmware. Does anyone here have experience on this and have you gotten bochs to run and at least got past the BIOS loading part? The reason i am forced to use bochs is because it supports All os'es out there, According to my tests, bochs Should be able to Allocate up to 41.2 MB of RAM on a PSP SLIM, but i can't get bochs to start on my PSP. When i start it it gives me the traditional error(that means that it is only for firmware 1.50) So i installed LEDA It stands for something, supposedly it allows you to run most 1.50 firmware apps on 3++ Firmware. Now it starts, It slowly fades out, like perfect And then after a few seconds it exits, no error, what i suspect being wrong is a configuration file. So If anyone got it to run, At least to the Bios loading part, Keep me updated, and post a comment. Thanks ~ReCreate

Posted by ReCreate 9 years ago

start? Answered

Where to start the lessons

Asked by aanjal 1 year ago

Start? Answered

When do we start?

Asked by Gabriella Lourenco 1 year ago

Start date? Answered

I didn't see a start date.

Asked by drouse1441 1 year ago

Geeetech voice recognition module how to import group 2??

Hi everyone i am using a geeetech voice recognition module for a project. i have read the manual and been able to train and import group 1. But when i train group 2 then try to import group 2, there is no response only group 1 is saved see AccessPort below. How to train group 1 and 2 and import both?????? i need 10 voice commands that is why i need those 2 groups. ================================================================= Common Mode START AGAIN START Different START AGAIN START Finish one START AGAIN START Finish one START AGAIN START Finish one START AGAIN START Finish one START AGAIN START Finish one Group1 finishi! START AGAIN START Finish one START AGAIN START Finish one START AGAIN START Finish one START AGAIN START Finish one START AGAIN START Finish one Group2 finishi! Group1 Imported!

Posted by keshavcanaye 1 year ago

starting in center? Answered

How to put starting point in center

Asked by Ron-Peggy 1 year ago

How to start class? Answered

I can't start lesson.

Asked by PastaM 1 year ago

when did instructables start? Answered

When did instructables start?

Asked by the_mooney 9 years ago

How to start a group Answered

I just need to know how to start a group.

Asked by The Creatornator 8 years ago

who started with the knexguns???? Answered

Does anyone know who started this??

Asked by matsermetsuiker 7 years ago

how to start new business?

Process to start new business and some new businesses  which can be started and  must be profitable.

Asked by sunil fulmali 8 years ago