Bridal rhinestone t shirts

[http://Bridal Rhinestone T Shirts and custom bridal Rhinestone T Shirts. Personalized to your specifications for the]Bridal Rhinestone T Shirts and custom bridal Rhinestone T Shirts. Personalized to your specifications for the bridal party. Affordable bridal t shirts,

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why no t-shirts?

Why aren't there t-shirts as prizez for this burning question?it really annoys me- maybe if i put in 2 i'll get a t-shirt.....

Posted by duck-lemon 10 years ago

how to make t-shirts?

I wanted to make t-shirts with text on it that would last but not be too expensive.

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How to cut a t shirt?

I would like to know how to cut a t shirt thats feminine,,,

Asked by Lacey21 8 years ago

What's the cheapest company to print custom T-shirts, only front and full t-shirt?

What's the cheapest company to print custom T-shirts, only front and full t-shirt?

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Star Wars T-Shirts

Some of these are really cool, others just interesting:202 Star Wars T-ShirtsL

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steps in photographic t-shirt printing?

Steps and guide in phptographic t-shirt printing[[Video(, {width:425, height:350})]]

Asked by RASHDE 8 years ago

How do you braid a t-shirt?

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how to use t-shirt printer?

I mean the steps of using it t-shirt printing process how the ink or the paint load in the t-shirt printer and the design ofcourse

Asked by annaayen 7 years ago

Robot T-shirt

Ewilhelm pointed me to some high resolution picts of the instructables robot I made a T-shirt with T-shirt transfer paper.~Matt

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T-Shirt Underpants!

Revive your old t-shirts. I love this unique t-shirt reuse project!  I have so many awesome t's that build up in the back of my closet.   Why not create some fun underware? I found these on SuperNaturale another DIY website filled with crafty and nerdy projects : )

Posted by Carleyy 7 years ago

how can I print text on a t shirt? Answered

I do not want to use the iron on t shirt transfer, I am looking for more like screen printing?

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Check out my new T-shirt!

Just finished this last night. What do you think?

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Free Ebook Re-Use for T-shirts

Not sure If I would use any of these but for anyone with a bunch of old t-shirts lying around here's some more ideas. link

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how to get old t-shirts whiter? Answered

I want to wash about one dozen white t-shirts that are no longer white-white and i have tried bleach and really don' like the results, any suggestions ?

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T-Rex visits Australian School

I found this link today on Twitter (RE-tweeted by @Mr_Wallace)  <br /> youtubelink I love this, I think if I was in this school I would have S**t my pants Baby t-rex or not! I hope the rest of the school budget is spent on therapy

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Convert Surface to T-Spline Geometry? Answered

In the section Convert Surface to T-Spline Geometry, when I go into Convert, there are three options under the Selection Filter: BRep Face, T-Spline Body and Mesh Body.In the instructions it says to convert the polygon mesh into a T-Spline Body, but then says to pick the Mesh Body option.I'm just double-checking this is correct? What is the difference between using the T-Spline and Mesh options in Convert?

Asked by kai.h 1 year ago

Instructables T-shirt Giveaway (Closed)

Hey guys and recently I came in the nine runners up the K'nex toys and rods connectors contest 2014 and I have received my prize a week ago but the t-shirt that came with the K'nex set was to small for me and it wasn't the colour I thought it would be so I'am giving it away to the person that asks for it will get it. The t-shirt is purple and in size medium.

Posted by Zombiekiller-93 3 years ago

Instructables T-Shirt

"These shirts are hand-made art silkscreened in Northern California on high-quality American Apparel t-shirts." how about an instructable on how these t-shirts are made? I'd love to learn how to screen print shirts that look as professional. btw - what's with the search function on this site? it doesn't exactly...function... very well, does it?

Posted by theagent 10 years ago

T-Virus Injection

How can I make something to give myself T-Virus injection marks? I'm looking for a way to give myself T-Virus injection marks, like Alice and Angela have in Resident Evil: Apocalypse, without actually injecting my self. The purpose would be for SDCC and eventually tattoos.

Posted by cjschen 7 years ago

looking for a t-shirt skirt pattern?

I am looking for a pattern to make my old fire t-shirts into a cute skirt I would like it to be multi panel and have a rollover waist band...maybe a drwstring. Thank you !

Asked by hollym17 8 years ago

how to find t pin and ground on headset of force trainer toy? Answered

I can not find t pin and ground on head set board of force trainer toy,can somebody help me?

Asked by milomir 1 year ago

Old T Shirt?

OK. I have a Long Sleeve T Shirt that my dog tore up. I don't really want to throw it away, and was wondering if I could do something with it. Does anybody have any ideas? (It has a couple holes)

Asked by rhino21 8 years ago

T-Shirt Hacks Speed Contest Winners Announced!

Instructables is happy to announce the prizewinners from the T-Shirt Hacks Speed Contest!The call for some funky t-shirt modifications was answered in a variety of ways. There was cutting, sewing, bleaching, ironing, and much more. stinkymum went above and beyond with five cool Instructables and also grabbed the top spot for votes. A great job was done all around.Now, on with the winners! Top Votes and PageviewsThe authors of these Instructables will each receive an Instructables robot t-shirt. Top Votes Pageviews Transforming a boring old blackt-shirt using bleach! by stinkymum 15-Minute Halter Top by Smexy Dead Runners-Up The authors of these Instructables will each receive an Instructables Robot t-shirt. How to Make an Instructables T-Shirt Buit-in T-Shirt Belt T-shirt to sexy top Stylish Ways to cut your T-shirt Random Prize - For being lucky enough to have its name pulled out of a t-shirt, the author of this Instructable will receive an Instructables robot t-shirt.and the random winner is...this totally rad entry.

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how do i make a small sound circuit to a t-shirt? Answered

I don't know hoe make a small sound circuit to my t-shirt. who can help me to do it. thx for any help

Asked by yezid 9 years ago

how can i make a t-shirt into something else?

I just have some old t-shirts with cool prints, and it would be cool to make them into skirts or other articles of clothing. anyone have any ideas?

Asked by Greytiger 8 years ago

How do I sew or stitch a patch onto a t-shirt? Answered

I'd like to know how to sew or stitch a patch onto a t-shirt. There is an instructable but I'm not sure what technique to use.

Asked by EPL 9 years ago

'Editing" embossed T-shirts?

I temp at conventions and get T shirts with stuff & logos on them. They're not silk screened, just a high quality surface that feels like latex. I would like to remove parts. How do I, selectively, remove the printed stuff?

Asked by unclejoe 6 years ago

Aluminum T-Slotted Framing?

Who is the most economical supplier of T-Slot framing, 80/20 The Industrial Erector Set, Faztek, TSlots, Bosch Rexroth, Parco, Inc, or Framing Technology. Framing Technology claims to be the manufacturer, but is there another out there?  I just want the best prices.

Asked by cadams15 3 years ago

T-shirt rug loom?

I am making t-shirts into rugs with 5 to 12 year olds. I am looking for instructions for a loom similar to the ones we used as kids to make pot-holders only big enough to use with loops cut from t-shirts.

Asked by gloria osburn 8 years ago

My Awsome New Intructables T-Shirt and Hammer.

I love em!

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Hey so i just got my Instructable T-shirt. I'm gonna be representing instructables at the detroit maker faire with it. how do you like it

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What is sharpies?

Its involved in t-shirt making tips from this site .Please answer my question

Asked by spejs 9 years ago

T- shirt cannon

Does anyone have any ideas for a t-shirt cannon? I really want to build one. I've seen them for $2000.00 and I know I could make one for much less. My budget is about $40.00 and I have weeks to build it. Plans would be Awsome.

Posted by ry25920 10 years ago

how do you replace the lcd screen on a t-mobile dash smartphone?

I have a t-mobile dash smartphone with a cracked screen how do I replace it?

Asked by al2009 8 years ago

Embroidering on a T-shirt? Answered

I have net even picked up any supplies yet; but I want to know if the hoop will leave a ridge on a T-shirt that is embroidered. If so, what would you suggest to get that cirle out?

Asked by nancyjaneyoung 6 months ago

Programmable T-Shirt

Saw this shirt and thought it was cool. They said it was expensive to make. How much do you think they made it for and do you think you could do it for less?

Posted by ehudwill 5 years ago