removal of texture from ceiling?

Need to remove3 texture spray from ceiling

Asked by Gerald Chamberlin 4 years ago

Can I do texture paint on a part of my drawing room wall myself ? If yes, how ? .... Thanks?

At the entrance of my house, just before the drawing room, there are 3 small niches with hidden lights that could be used for small showpieces. I would like to use textured paint in this area to highlight the niches. Can I do it at home myself ? If yes, how ?

Asked by 9 years ago

Photoshop digital art, needing advice with detail.

Hello all, Ive begun to crack into digital art in photoshop. This is mainly refering to painting and not manipulating photos. Im not having much trouble with lighting or coloring. My main issue is with Texture and detail. I can make shapes and lighting and coloring but that all means nothing if it doesnt have any texture. So any and all advice within these regards would be awesome. and i will be starting on grass and nature and im trying to make high quality photos so if you have any advice on ground texturizing (like grass or trees) you can also help me out there. -Thank you for taking time to read this, Liam

Posted by Poobert 5 years ago

How do I open Minecraft.jar without any special programs?

I want to open Minecraft.jar so I can get the Texture.png file, but without any special programs. I went into the Properties of Minecraft.jar and changed it to a .zip. I opened it up as a .zip, but the Texture.png wasn't there. How do I get it?

Asked by ~KnexBuild~ 4 years ago

McDonalds Textures

For a game just the textures for a map.

Posted by Rockerx 9 years ago

Minecraft Textures

Hi!  This is a forum to post the textures that you have made for Minecraft blocks.  In your post, be sure to include an image of the texture and what type of block it is.  Please post, comment, and subscribe! :)

Posted by electronicz 4 years ago

How to get Texture Packs on minecraft pe for free? Answered

How do you download free texture packs on minecraft pe.

Asked by DreamJumper 1 year ago

Grippy Textured Road

Certain spots seem more problematic in snow  n ice.  Particularly hills, intersections...  What if the pavement was textured for traction in those places?

Posted by Toga_Dan 3 years ago

Free LiveType Textures?

Is there any way I can get free LiveType textures? The defaults are very limited and hardly ever coincide with the theme or style of the film I'm making. I tried Googling, but I do not want to download a big, juicy virus. As you can tell, I don't want to spend $90 for a few more textures. I'm trying to save money for a future project.

Asked by Spl1nt3rC3ll 9 years ago

Where did you get the texture pack? Answered

I saw your pics, and i saw that there were different details than my MINECRAFT. So where did you get your texture pack?

Asked by ZeRandomMan 1 year ago

Could you use Mastic as a wall texturing stuff? Answered

I love mastic, it's affordable at 3 Gallons for $34.00.  It has a consistency like cream cheese or frosting, dries rock hard and is easy to clean up and work with.   So...  could I use it as a wall texturing compound? Thanks for any clues -foo

Asked by foobear 5 years ago

What texture pack did you use for these pictures? Answered

I have been searching for a while that gives minecraft a new look but still holds true to how minecraft should look. Could you please give me the place to get this texture pack?

Asked by Scratchy1024 1 year ago


What is difference in recipes that ask for 3 whole eggs and one yolk versus 4 whole eggs?I heard adding extra egg to cake mix makes it better-why?

Asked by paulajmazur 12 months ago

how to get rid of the paper mache texture?

I'm using paper mache on a shield and i don't want it peal off when I fight with it?help.

Asked by thesuperninja2 3 years ago

Creating texture or a composite in a photo using photoshopj

I just want to show some creative steps I used in creating a photo, probably photo shop. Does that qualify as a lesson?can I enter it in the water contest?

Asked by luv2instruct 4 days ago

Hi All, Anybody know a good technic to paint metal ? creating textures of old or brushed ?

Hi All, Anybody know a good technic to paint metal ? creating textures of old or brushed ?

Asked by Dotanko 9 years ago

How can I get rid of the watercolor-paper texture when I scan a painting on my Epson Perfection scanner?

I used to have an Arcus II scanner and I don't remember the texture of the paper being so visible. Sometimes my illustrations fade to white on the border but the paper is still obvious. Thanks in advance. Garison W.

Asked by garison 8 years ago

How to make Minecraft transparent glass?

Recently I've been making some textures for a Minecraft resource pack of mine, but I have a problem. Whenever I try to make a glass texture, It always ends up white in-game. I tried to make it clear with the Transperency option, but it still didn't work. Can anyone show me how to make a glass texture that is clear? I am using Adobe PhotoDeluxe Home Edition.

Asked by ~KnexBuild~ 4 years ago

Shading? Answered

You should have some videos about shading e give texture to the figure

Asked by paulagfeitoza 11 months ago

X-wing vs. Tie fighter help?

The space texture is yellow.

Asked by builderkidj 6 years ago

What category would I post this Instructable in? Answered

Hi, The other day, I wrote a tutorial on my blog for creating low-resolution textures with GIMP. I would like to write an instructable on the same subject, but I don't know which category to post it in. A lot of other GIMP tutorials are posted under Technology:Photography. This wouldn't really be a good fit because mine is about creating an image, not manipulating one. You can read the tutorial here: Thanks!

Asked by Shelby S 6 years ago

Syrup affecting tetxture? Answered

If you use the maple syrup instead of the mollases,wont it affect the texture of your baked good?

Asked by vitorialc2006 1 year ago

How can I transfer an inkjet full color photograph to a textured leather surface?

I want to print a full color photograph on a wide format HP inkjet printer on to some kind of transfer paper and then transfer that image to leather that has a textured surface. The problem is getting the image down into the grain of the leather and not just on the raised surface of the leather obtaining a complete and clear image.

Asked by 9 years ago

What's a good meal to stop carbohydrate-cravings on Atkins?

Anything for crunchy and smooth smooth textures. Sweet and sour taste.

Asked by Queenoftheknownuniverse 8 years ago

I am looking for a casting material for a mold made from a textured sheet Answered

I made a latex mold off a piece of textured sheet.  The mold is 24x24x1/8 inch.  I want to make castings that are flexible and paintable, so I can make "sheets" I can shape into roads for miniature terrain. I have heard there are paints or surface finishes that will work for this, and if this is true, I'd like brand names from US sources.

Asked by hardlec 6 years ago

whats a good alternative to Chickpeas (garbanzo beans) (see question)?

Hi everyone i recently tried roasting chickpeas as a snack and they worked out pretty nice with a good texture but I'm not to keen on the taste, so i was wondering what are some good alternatives to chickpeas as a toasted snack. preferably something around chickpea size that can be flavored with things like onion powder, and will have a nice crunchy texture  :) thank you! AAG

Asked by AussieAnglerGal 5 years ago

Text Editor? Answered

My PC doesn't have a default text editor with which I could edit the pack.mcmeta. file for the out of date texture pack - would you recommend a particular one?

Asked by WolfStorm 1 year ago

has anyone experimented with a homemade gunnite (concrete applied with air pressure) machine?

It cant be too different from drywall texture spray rigs.

Asked by firehazrd 9 years ago

does anybody want to join a blender 3d project top help make a zombie game?

We'll be using dropbox to sync the files, blender 2.49/ 2.5 to make the models, animations and scripting. any help would be good, python scripters are a also needed seen as i can't script to save my life. modelers or designers for the models and texture artists. thanks in advance, message me if you're interested. freerunnin1

Asked by freerunnin1 8 years ago

Building a vacuum former table

I want to build a vacuum former table at home but I want to know if I can get texture and other details showing in the mold with this process.

Asked by 8 years ago

Making fresh Mozzarella

I've tried to make fresh mozzarella twice and haven't been able to get it smooth. The cheese has the texture of sticky riicotta cheese. What can I do to fix it?

Asked by Troye Mackie 5 years ago

Wallet Leather Type Answered

Hello, I'm going to be making my leather wallet soon, and I wanted to know what type of leather you used. I love the color and texture! Is there somewhere I can purchase it? Thanks, Dylan

Asked by DylanD581 2 years ago

Anyone know how to paint real flowers onto walls?

My friend works in a flower shop and is going to be redoing the bathroom there to make it fit into the flower theme.  I remember seeing somewhere real leafs painted onto walls.  It seems like what they did was somehow secure a leaf onto the wall (glue would create a flat spot behind the lead) and painted over it.  The effect was the wall had the texture of the leaves.  Anyone have a good idea how to secure the leaves to the wall without ruining the texture of the leaves, or maybe another way to get this effect?

Asked by oi2342001 8 years ago

stripping wallpaper

I'm new to DYI and started to strip wallpaper off of my wall. I used Golden Harvest Strip plus after scoring the wallpaper. The wallpaper came off easily. Underneath there was a section that was painted with a roller and had a little texture. The was also a section of heavy white paper which I also pealed off and beneath that was plaster. Not sure what to do I left the paper folded over a section of wallpaper as I did not know if I should remove it or paste it back. Also when I was washing the paste off of the painted section some of the textured paint came off. I wanto to eventually paint the wall. Help Help!! Sallery

Posted by sal1ya 11 years ago

1 in a million shots!

So one time, i was practising throwing cards. i lay on the floor tossing cards at the ceiling. One stuck there, embedded in the popcorn texture. Stayed there for weeks. High ceiling.   Any other examples of a  long shot?

Posted by Toga_Dan 4 years ago

PCB Quality? Answered

Hello and thanks for this interesting course;With regard to the this PCB is it obtained this way of brilliant and with this color texture? in case of the letters and figures of the semiconductors printed on the PCB this it stems where you order to burn the form, I might explain where it obtains it because in my country it is not possible to obtain this quality

Asked by SentinelT 1 year ago

3D etching on Carboard questions:What sorts of finishing can I make on top of interlocked carboard (123dmaker) to look professional?

 I want to make a 2 meter tall sculpture of a face but  I need to know what are the possible finishings for this sculpture,  and can I put the borders on stacked carboard and the interior on interlocked carboard.? how do I do that? is there a finishing that looks as good as this? maybe crazy textures finishings, do you know any? this technique is massive in terms of carboard usage, can I use grided technique on the interior? How would I do that?  

Posted by DIAGONALLIS 9 months ago

Protein content? Answered

"Pastry flour .... Having a lower protein content means less gluten (or chewy, densetexture) can be formed".In the very next paragraph:"Cake flour is very similar ... The low protein content results in light and airy bakedgoods and like the name states is best used for cakes and cupcakes."Which one is it?

Asked by papalevies 1 year ago

how's this? Answered

Here are some photos of a project I'm working on, my walkway. I'm using a mold and concrete colorant. Mostly mortar mix, some concrete mix. I like the smoother texture of the mortar mix. The close-up shows what I polished using the same diamond polishing pads shown in your picture.

Asked by bruceissmart 1 year ago

Leather choice Answered

I've decided to draft my own bag design, and I'm basing it on this bag. What kind of leather should I use? From the structure of the bag, I'd expect something heavier/thicker for the body, and thinner for the straps. I want the leather edges to be finished and for the leather to be red and have a hide-like texture.

Asked by impied 2 years ago

Where can I find the type of rubber used on keds shoes the band around the shoe Thank you

The band around the keds tennis shoe has a light texture to it and is an off white i am looking for rubber like that 

Asked by Studio 536 1 year ago

What about these No-Knead bread recipes? Answered

There seems to be an explosion in no-knead breads. They are are good because they let me make breads even though I work full time, but I still like the old style and I am not quite happy with the texture. Any comment on how these breads work, or any suggestions?

Asked by rainbowheart82 1 year ago

DIY foam board to build castles. Needc help for drawings.

Hi. Long time ago, I used to make rooms for playing games (like space hulk :) ) using foam board. Foam board is just styrofoam with paper glued on it. So, if we hade a PDF file that we could print and glue on styrofoam, we would have easy something that is very cheap, and we'd just to cut and put a little bit of adhesive tape to make nice looking things. This could include : -Castles (every body like castles) -Making a small version of your own home -Making some real-life map of doom (code is open now, I hope textures are too). Is someone interesting in making some plans with me, and helping for the texture, so we could make an instructable ? Regards, tReg.

Posted by treg 9 years ago