itouch? Answered

Is the i touch worth the cost

Asked by Sean_Voodoo 8 years ago

how do i replace glass screen on itouch 2g?

I have a i touch 2g dont know how to take case off or how to replace outside screen? please help

Asked by mad60505 8 years ago

Is the Ipod Touch 3rd Generation any better than the 2nd generation?

What are some good apps for the ipod touch?

Asked by sammychow4 8 years ago

How to download noni tunesmovies to iPod touch?

Movie that are not downloaded from i tunes how do you download them to your I pod touch

Asked by drocknel81 6 years ago

How Can I Get An Ipod Touch At Walmart On Black Friday?

There are a lot of people buying it

Asked by sammychow4 8 years ago

How Many Apps Can A Ipod Touch 3G Hold? Answered

I am getting one on black Friday

Asked by sammychow4 8 years ago

how do you open a 3rd generation ipod touch

Both my children have new  3rd gen ipod touches, but how long will the rechargable battery inside last? would it be easy to replace in the future?

Asked by shandybrother 8 years ago

How to convince your parents to buy you an ipod touch. Also tell me some really good apps.

Does an 8 gigabyte ipod touch hold a lot of apps?

Asked by sammychow4 8 years ago

how can i get the internet to work on my env touch when im using page plus service?

I pay $45 a month for unlimited page plus service which also includes 80mb of internet usage but the internet will not work  how can i get it to work on my env touch ?

Asked by lovinangel666 7 years ago

How to remove crumbs from under an ipod touch screen? Answered

I have an iPod touch 2g and I somehow have crumbs under my screen. I wonder why this happens and how to fix it. Another question is do I need a new digitizer or can i just take it out then put it back in?

Asked by D5quar3 6 years ago

Tactiontape - Touch Sensitive Tape for Rapid Prototyping

Hi everyone, Tactiontape is a one-dimensional touch sensor that curves. It's designed to make building interactive physical prototypes easier, even ones with non-planar or complex surface geometry. It functions as a flexible potentiometer and uses a strip of graphite to express a linearly resistive electrical signal, one that corresponds to how far along the tape you've touched. Each sensor is hand-made using materials from an art supply store. Here's a demo: For purchasing, photos, and more detail:

Posted by davidholmandotme 6 years ago

How can I fix these two Ipod Touch apps?

I have tried reinstalling them, that did not work. For 2xl Supercross the tilt steering will not work, and for madden 2010, as soon as my player gets the ball he dives and wont get up.

Asked by sammychow4 8 years ago

What can I do with an elo touchsystem monitor?

I received a elo touch monitor and after taking it apart saw that the touch part is just a elo 2500U usb controller connected to a glass pane with power coming from the lcd.  Was wondering if anyone had any cool ideas I could do with it.

Asked by ZeroAxr 7 years ago

How do I restore my I pod touch that show disabled connect to I tunes?

I connected to i tunes but it doesn't seem to connect. I'm not the original owner. people tell me that it gives in option in the summary to restore but i doesn't give me that option. a little screen comes up saying to unlock jens i pod.

Asked by Vicbry 8 years ago

Does the Nike + Ipod Sport Kit Require Itunes to use?

I have an Ipod touch. My Ipod has all of my music and games on it but my itunes has error code 2318 so it does not work.

Asked by sammychow4 8 years ago

ipod jack broken need advice to fixing it Answered

Sadly my ipod touch 3 generations headphone jack broke only allowing me to hear in one ear my question is if there is any way to fix this problem help with this subject is much appreciated thank you

Asked by MrKazekage 7 years ago

How can I create a system where the LED flickers when the person touches it (Kinda like lightning effect)

I'm doing a project where I'm trying to mimic raining effects and I'm wondering how can I create a lightning effect by touch sensor. I need it to be small and light cause I'm trying to make it portable. I'm kinda new to electronics and so far have only built a basic LED circuit. Any help please?

Asked by Grandplan 1 year ago

Error "the ipod "ipod can not be upgraded because an internal error occured"?

Well as stated above I get an error whenever I try to upgrade my fourth gen ipod touch, I have tried with too computers both running itunes 10.5. Help?

Asked by ElvenChild 6 years ago

gentle touch activated sound?

I have a little toy that makes noise when you squeeze it that I want to give as a Christmas present, but tiny little hands have trouble doing the squeezing properly, so I want to do a little surgery on it so that the sound activates with just a gentle touch instead.  Such as if you flick it, pet it, pick it up... that sort of thing.  I know when I was little, we had a doll that was supposed to make noises when played with, but it was so sensitive that it would go off from just the blow of our AC.  My problem is, I've no idea what parts I need to do this.  Can anybody help point me in the right direction?  And I only have about a three inches to work in, so it needs to be fairly small. Thanks.

Posted by aliasjanedoe 8 years ago

how do initialize the operation of a new ipod touch without itunes?

My computer, for some reason, does not want to finish installing quicktime programs or itunes. my computer tells me that it is unable to access network, therefore i am unable to completely install itunes 8.0. now, the ipod touch that i am trying to operate and access is brand new out of the box. is there any way to start using the device without having itunes to download applications into the ipod. what is my first,....last step to start using this wonderful gizmo? thx!!!

Asked by rodaw6 8 years ago

is there any app or hack or anything that will make you have wifi even if you are driving somewhere or walking somewhere

Is there any app or hack or anything you can do to get your ipod touch to have wifi where ever you are or somethink that u can do or install to choose which app you want to be on wifi at all times

Asked by rockinout 8 years ago

Wiring 120 LED in parallel.It is in square shape.Each side contain of 40 LED.How many power supply i need.?

I'm going to build up a multi-touch. Now I'm facing the wiring problem. The screen is square in shape. Each side contains of 40 LED.Now i need to know how many power supply that i needed..and also the wiring diagram since that i have no knowledge on it.

Asked by 9 years ago

is there any free sites allowing me to transfer my ipod information apps and songs from my ipod to my computer? Answered

I lost all my information on my old laptop due to a family member deleting all of it. Now all my info is on my ipod and no where else i was wondering if there any free sites allowing me to transfer it all to my new computer

Asked by MrKazekage 7 years ago

4 wire touchscreen

Hello, I'm currently trying to use a touchscreen that has 4 wires but 8 pins. I have a connector with 8 outputs, but I read some topics about touchscreens and everybody uses just 4 of them. So, right now, I'm using just 4 pins (It works with some noises) and my question is: If I use the 8 pins it will be better? If yes, how to connect them? Here is the touchscreen model: I'm putting the screen configuration as an attachment.

Posted by maomevoador 7 months ago

Touch Controlled Resistor?

 Hey I want to make a touch pad that if touch in a certain area will change the resistance level and hold this even after not being would I do this???

Asked by rockandjay 8 years ago

How to make the simplest momentary touch switch?

A single contact TOUCH SWITCH that turns on when touched and stays on as long as its being touched then turns off the moment its "un"touched. i'll use it for lighting up LEDs. thanks in advance

Asked by tsdgen 8 years ago

Jailbreaking iPod Touch 4G ?

Is there a method for jailbreaking an iPod Touch 4G that will NOT leave an iPod unable to update via iTunes?

Asked by RogerP44 2 years ago

Ipod touch for droid

Would you guys consider a ipod touch for a droid a good deal. The ipod has a 40$ case and is a 8gb.

Posted by silentassasin21 7 years ago

Does the ipod touch have a mic? Answered

If not, can you use the mic on the headphones that have a mic on them?

Asked by JellyWoo 9 years ago

how to make a touch sensory lamp easily?

How should i make a touch sensory lamp with easily avaliable items for my project.i want every step to step instructions.

Asked by Narmeen 7 years ago

what the best ipod touch app game,that never gets old or very addicting?

What the best ipod touch app game,that never gets old or very addicting?

Asked by priceis 8 years ago

iPod video to iPod touch

Hi.Hello.Hey.What's up?Anyways, has anybody seen that hack for the iPod video?It changes everything up, and it has an iPod Touch theme, except no touch screen and stuff.It's on YouTube and stuff, but I don't know how to do it.I saw it on craigslist...-Click.-

Posted by GorillazMiko 10 years ago

How do I control a robot from an Ipod touch?

What program should I use?

Asked by QuiksilverRox 9 years ago

Wanting a Broken iPod Touch?

Hiya, I'm looking for any broken 3rd or 4th gen iPod Touches.  I'm only in need of two, as I'm trying to learn to repair electronics.  They can have almost any issue. Thanks

Posted by Corrytonapple 6 years ago

Is It Worth it to jailbreak my ipod touch? Answered

 I want to know if i should jailbreak my ipod touch, i have version 3.1.2. If one of you guys think it's worth it can you send me a link to a video or a tutorial on how to do it? Thanks. 

Asked by Seleziona 8 years ago

ipod touch authorisation?

So my friend gave me this ipod touch with all his stuff on it but he left to go to america nd im in australia but i rly want to get his apps off onto my comp but when i sync it it sais that the following apps need authorisation. does anyone know how i can get authorisationwhen i cant access my friend?

Asked by knexcthulu 7 years ago

Looking for code to make a Atting85 into a Toggle Touch LED light?

I want to make a simple touch lamp using an attiny85 that will toggle on and off with a single touch point. I have looked on the web and found lots of touch code, but nothing that exactly fits my need. I am not a programmer and cannot tweak someone else code. I will be running the whole thing off rechargeable AA batteries. Thanks for the help!

Asked by BeerCzar 3 years ago

how do you check your email on the ipod touch on the go?

I would like to know bcuz i cant get the iphone now>

Asked by XxAwesomexX 8 years ago

can i make an touch screen mp3 player

It uses this kit; and this SD Card Shield for Arduino and it has to be under $300 jnluding software

Asked by taterkiller 8 years ago

How Do you Get dust out of an iPod Touch 4th Generation Screen?

Ive had it in my pocket. (duh.) and there is a lot of little particles that looks to be getting in through the Home button.

Asked by unominame 7 years ago

Electronic touch sensitive panels

I am somewhat new to electronics and want to make a set of touch sensitive panels that light up quickly and dim slower.I plan on puting them right next to each other so that a can drag my finger across them.I was thinking to build a circuit for each panel, That lights an led upon touch, so the parts for the circuit need to be cheaper. I also need an opaque or clear material that you can see an led light up from under and that is conductive. If you've got any ideas then please share them.

Asked by Jgniklu 6 years ago

how do i restore a disabled i pod touch 16gb?

The screen says disabled connect to i tunes. I can't get it connected. bought it like. I connected it to i tunes and it doesn't give me a option to restore

Asked by Vicbry 8 years ago

What do you have near you when using an iPod touch? Answered

I'm making a special case for ipods and I want to know what do you like to have with you? I have a pocket for earphones and a cleaning thingo (glasses rag). But what else do I need??

Asked by HMice 6 years ago