Should we have "Advanced Searching" on Instructables?

I'm posting this topic to bring forth the idea of having advanced search capabilities on Instuctables. If anyone has visited a member who has amassed a huge number of instructables, you'll notice that using the "next" button is rather inefficient for searching. If you don't know what I mean, go to Kitemans page and search for the first instructable he wrote.  There are also times where you are looking for a specific instructable written by a member and would therefore need a method to do so, especially when some members have written over 100 instructables. There may be a specific forum topic, group, guide, or question/answer that you're looking for, and again, you'd need a way to search these only. I'm sure I'm missing a few examples, so feel free to throw in your 2 cents regarding advanced searching on Instructables, and maybe the staff might implement it for us.  Thanks, canucksgirl

Posted by canucksgirl 6 years ago

Lost the ability to modify photos

Hi guys, I have lost the ability to modify a pic once uploaded on the website... B

Posted by BaptisteL8 1 year ago

What happened to the ability to email instructables to yourself or friends? Answered

There used to be a button for it, but I can't find it any more.

Asked by james.m.k 5 years ago

i want a simple robot that can a ability to push the things ,please give ideas for that?

I want a simple robot that can a ability to push the things largely please give me idead about it's materials,circuits ,wheels,etc

Asked by Ashutosh wadge 6 years ago


I would like the ability to search and favorite forum topics like instructables. This would be very helpful for staying on top of the forum. At least give us the ability to subscribe to a forum topic.

Posted by starwing123 9 years ago

Ability to edit other's instructables if you're in the same group...

If your answer has been selected as a winner in the Burning Questions, you might have noticed the ability to edit other people's instructables, because you are in the same group. I believe this shouldn't be allowed, since anyone could vandalize someone else's work.

Posted by Keith-Kid 9 years ago

Collections Feature Request

Please can we have... The ability to delete our own collections, especially the draft ones. The ability to flag collections for spam etc, as we do for Instructables and Forum topics. ... pretty please?

Posted by Kiteman 3 years ago

Lost ability to add comment to group membership denial

.  IIRC, I used to be able to send an explanatory note with a membership request denial. The system didn't give me that option a few minutes ago.

Posted by NachoMahma 7 years ago

Pro Expiration

Do I lose my ability to view all steps on one page if I signed up before Pro when my Pro membership expires? Because I had the ability to do that before I had Pro.

Posted by matchlighter 6 years ago

Feature request - ability to edit your own posts in the forum

It would be great if we had the ability to edit our posts in the forum...i've got some learning disabilities and when i get to typing a lot of stuff or typing really fast i have a habit of making drastic mistakes (complete wrong words or letters etc...) would be great if we could edit those out after posting something....even if that edit ability were time limited (like within 30 minutes of posting) i hate having to reply to my own posts with corrections

Posted by crapflinger 8 years ago

I deleted this question from instructables because they removed the ability to view an instuctable in its whole for free Answered

I deleted this question from instructables because they removed the ability to view an instuctable in its whole for free 11-2-09

Asked by baudeagle 9 years ago

Digital photo frame

I want to make a digital photo frame with the ability to dictate the length of time each photo is shown and the ability to type words describing the photo that can be triggered by use of a touchscreen.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by lacuerda1 1 year ago

would the lenght of the nichrome wire affect its ability to cut trough foam?

I need to cut a wide piece of foam and need a decent length of wire to do it like 2 feet long would that have any affect on the cutting ability of the wire

Asked by sanoske 8 years ago

add to group (FT option)

Hey guys, I used to have the ability under FT options to add an Instructable I was viewing directly to a group I was part of (button was located where 'add to guide' option is now). This ability did not require the author of the Instructable I was viewing to acknowledge the addition or for them to be part of the group. Since guide publishing was rolled out, this option seems to have disappeared. Has this happened to anyone else, is this the new format, has this ability been removed? Input? Windows 7, FF v3.6.10 _mike

Posted by mikeasaurus 7 years ago

I deleted this question from instructables because they removed the ability to view an instuctable in its whole for free Answered

I deleted this question from instructables because they removed the ability to view an instuctable in its whole for free 11-2-09

Asked by baudeagle 9 years ago

Gravatars as profile pic.

 It would be awesome if instructables would add the ability to use gravatar with your profile.

Posted by action_owl 8 years ago

Hacking/reprogramming a fijit friend

Being one of the most popular toys last year, and its apparent abilities I can't believe that not a single person has hacked one of these things yet. I found a site where someone dissected it, but nothing further. Anyone out there with the knowledge or ability to do this?

Posted by mbhillrn 6 years ago

I deleted this question from instructables because they removed the ability to view an instuctable in its whole for free Answered

I deleted this question from instructables because they removed the ability to view an instuctable in its whole for free 11-2-09

Asked by baudeagle 9 years ago

Do these methods work for lefties ? Answered

I Am a lefty and This is my first time knitting and I want to do it to my best ability

Asked by Sefane 4 months ago

is there a way to improve the wifi capabilities of a IPod Touch?

  is there a way to improve the ability of the Ipod touch to pick up wifi signals

Asked by jamest58 6 years ago

Whats a good freeware animation program?

Preferably one with vector graphics, layers, and the ability to export in swf.

Asked by Ausm 8 years ago

How to rejuvenate non-sticky velcro

Is there anything that can be done to things that fasten with Velcro that "lose" the ability to attach the "cro" to the "vel?"

Posted by weekilter 7 years ago

Ability to "tag" certain instructables that I would easily like to return to

Forgive me if there is already a way to do this.  Is it possible for members to mark or tag certain instructables (I realize it would have to be a limited number)?  I have favorites from many different categories and re-finding them again can sometimes be very cumbersome.  Thank you for your attention.

Posted by thenickp 7 years ago

Why are some of us losing the ability to view the instructables?

When I view an instructable I see all steps and clicking on the multiple pictures shows them.  When Dad tries he gets just a step at a time and when clicking the multiple pictures in a step to view them he gets a message saying he has to become a Pro member (which I am not either).

Asked by n0ukf 7 years ago

concept guns

Post any ideas for guns you have, and we'll discuss their effectiveness and ability.

Posted by Scrubsfan1234 9 years ago


This looks like both fun and exhilerating.....but I have such a poor communication ability with people face to face.....I don't know if I COULD assemble a team.  But the idea is AWESOME !

Posted by Goodhart 5 years ago

Does anyone know a proper build or adaptation for a wide-angle and/or fish-eye for a Panasonic DMC-TZ4

The camera already has a wide angle, i just want to give it a fish eye ability.hehe, fish eye ability, sounds like a super -

Asked by ho_ 8 years ago

Possible Ability to Vote Multiple Times for an Instructable

I have the instructables app for android (4.1.1)  and I was viewing an instructable I submitted for a contest. At the top of the app page, there is a vote option. You can check the boxes for which contests its been entered in, to vote. You can click the vote button, check the boxes, and cast your vote as many times as you want, so it appears. Is it possible that it is casting votes multiple times?

Posted by Aliasmk 4 years ago

has adding favorites only been a pro member ability or did it recently change to only pro ability? Answered

 I have a friend on Instructables and he is not a pro member, yet he can add to his favorites! yet when I try to add to my favorites list it says I have to be a pro member! is this a recent change or is my friend have some sort of glitch in his account? 

Asked by Apple_4_life 8 years ago

Multiple drafts?

With many projects happening at once, how do I create multiple drafts. I seem to be able to only make one, finish, then start another. There is a counter but not the ability to multi task.

Posted by Random_Canadian 2 years ago

Can someone explain the workings of this charger schematic?

I took apart my Black and Decker cordless drill charger, and drew this schematic to my best ability. I am trying to understand it to my best of my ability and what each component is responsible and how it charges the battery. From my understanding D1 only allows energy to flow to the battery. But if the potential of the battery is lower then the charger's shouldnt that be not a problem? Since it will always be more and push the electrons to the battery? The resistor and the LED are understandable, but the job of NPN (might be wrong ) transistor is a mystery to me.

Asked by Eax5 6 years ago

Account Featujre Request: Download Instructable Favorites to Browser

I would love to see some additional functionality added to Instructable's Favorites system if possible. 1. the ability to download your Instructables favorite's list to either a browser or text file.  2. The ability to view Instructables favorites as a list 3. a search command that allows one to search through Instructables Favorites rather than the whole site. I believe these additions would make for a better experience and make Instructables a more robust tool and resource. -Chris Tempe, AZ

Posted by OgreHacker 1 year ago

Yes. Back again, with more of a challenge. How would you construct a Gunshot-Location-System for 2006s standards? Answered

How'd you do it? The new requirements included: Shooter localization to plus or minus 15 degree accuracy, and within one second of the shot Reliability for shot miss distances of one to 30 meters Ability to detect and localize fire from AK-47s and other small arms at ranges from 50 to 150 meters Reliable performance in urban environments with low buildings Operable when mounted on a vehicle moving up to 60 miles per hour on either rough terrain or highways Ability to withstand sand, pebbles, rain, and light foliage impacts Ability to deliver alert information in both a voice announcement and on an LED display Microphone array and electronics box must be replaceable in the field[4]

Asked by Lance Mt. 7 years ago

Facebook login fixed!

Hi! We've just released a fix which restores the ability of users to log in using facebook. There were a few other bug fixes, etc. so please let us know if anything isn't working properly.

Posted by dworley 6 years ago

Attach LED's to (eye)Glasses with the Ability to Dim

Hello,   I'm trying to make eye glasses that are an indicator of how interested I am in what you are saying. (I'm not that big of a jerk, its for an art project ;) ) My idea is to put LED's around the frame that glow brightly when I am interested, and dim to nothing with I'm not.  It's just important to have the in between.  Ideally, this would be controlled by a slide switch dimmer.   The problem is that I really have no idea what I'm doing.  Is this possible? And could someone explain, in the most simple yet informative terms, how to make this work? Thank you!

Posted by JonathanLampron 7 years ago

Flickr Support

Did we loose the ability to import our pictures from Flickr to an Instructable? Edit: As I write this I see flickr import here in the forum but not on my instructable in progress. Doesn't seem to be working very well though.

Posted by bwrussell 6 years ago


If you could create a superhero, what would their powers/abilities be? How did they get them? What's their background/story? Do they have enemies? Allies? What would they look like? What is their personality? Do you have artwork/pics that you wish to share?

Posted by MattGyver92 9 years ago

Mods and Admin Needed!

I know I have started a lot of threads lately, and I apologize, but this will be my last thread for a few days.http://triadplanet.orgThat is my website. It is looking pretty empty now. I would LOVE to add content to it, but I need some help!I am searching for 5 people who would make good admins. Below I have included a list of needed skills to apply:-Moderate Amount of Free Time-Love of Games, Geekery, or Development (of any kind)-Basic HTML knowledge-Ability to copy/paste HTML text to add to front page-Devotion to the internet-Ability to write articles and post messages-Maturity and restraintI am also searching for 10 people who would make good mods. Below I have included a list of skills needed to apply:-Moderate Amount of Free Time-Love of Games, Geekery, or Development (of any kind)-Basic forum knowledge-Basic phpBB knowledge-Ability to modify forums-Ability to write articles including stickies and announcements-Maturity and restraint-Devotion to the internet-A partridge in a pear tree.If you are interested in signing up, please PM me here, email me at or post on my forums! You don't need all the above skills, but the more the better! I hope to hear from some of you soon!-Murdok

Posted by Murdok 10 years ago

I Can Comment Again!!!!!!!!!

Whatever bug that made me lose my ability to comment yesterday has disappeared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not sure why ... but if it's the result of the Admins fixing the problem, not it just working itself out, then Thanks a ton!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by LoneWolf 8 years ago

How can I enroll in the iOS Developer Program without a credit card or a bank account?

I currently have the ability to buy a prepaid debit card and I have a PayPal account.  Any help/ideas?

Asked by drmjj55 6 years ago

Arduino-powered ball balance machine

This wood panel has the ability to move a ball anywhere it wants thanks to Arduino, servos, and processing. If the noise could be cut down this would make for a very cool installation. Origamata via Make

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

How to create teams to work on stuff (collaboration)?

Hi there, I just joined this site and have several ideas I would like to work on.  However, it is often much better to work in teams so we can pool expertise and work off each other's creativity. Is there functionality on this site to do this? What I was thinking of was - Functionality to allow users to create a team to work on a specific projects (the current group functionality) - Ability to invite people to join this working team - Ability to develop group reources From what I see at the moment, the site allows individuals to share, and people can then comment. However, there is not a lot of room for collaboration, unless I am missing something. Regards, Martijn

Posted by mhooimeijer 3 years ago

looking for; preassure sensative air valves the size of tire fill valves,? Answered

I need a small valve that will sense low air preassure and fill as required. also looking for similar air valve, but with ability to remotely, (radio) control air preassure.

Asked by braadkarma 9 years ago

Re-locate macbook power button

I am working on converting my macbook into a tablet computer, but I need to relocate the power button and remove the keyboard. Does anyone know how to remove the keyboard but still have the ability to power on/off the computer. Thanks in advance

Posted by mbarndt 8 years ago

need a delete button for spam

I have two spam comments from this user: i've flagged both but nothing has been done. i think authors should have the ability to flag comments and delete them on their own pages.

Posted by kylemcdonald 6 years ago