Muffins, anyone? Answered

Hi I am wondering if anyone could post a tiny picture of a muffin. I am writing a html document. dont ask what of. remember tiny picture, not tiny muffin. thanks and if anyone could post as soon as possible that would be nice.

Asked by account3r2 7 years ago

USB thing?

Is there a way to make a USB thing that lights up a led (<-- That's the easy part) and tells the computer that the USB port works?

Asked by account3r2 7 years ago

The jailbroken iPod touch question

Does an iPod touch have to be jailbroken to have Cydia installed in it? If you respond, I will tell you why I am asking this question. If you do respond, actually answer the question or ask me a question or leave a comment that actually has to do with this question. Thank you for your answers. (I know that is an iPhone in the picture, but that doesnt matter)

Asked by account3r2 7 years ago

What jailbreak is better? (iPod Touch)

I am looking to find out what jailbreak is better. (For iPod touch)(3rd Gen) • Unteathered- Spirit-  • Teathered- Blackra1n- Please leave an answer if you have one. Also feel free to comment or question me.

Asked by account3r2 7 years ago

How do you send e-mails through Command or Command Prompt?

Hello Instructablers... I need to know if anyone knows how to send emails through Command or Command Prompt. If you do, please leave an Instructable or how to do it below. I saw this on YouTube somewhere but I can't find it now. Please leave an answer if you know how.

Asked by account3r2 8 years ago

CrunchBang Linux Persistence Help, Please...

I have setup CrunchBang Linux on a flash drive with with persistence setup, but I can't get it to save my changes every time I shutdown. If anyone could help me, that would be great! If you need any additional information about my system or setup/flash drive, feel free to ask me. Thanks to all you Instructablers for everything!

Asked by account3r2 6 years ago

Help with (streaming) radio, please...

Hello, everyone. I am trying to get live radio stations streamed on my laptop... so far I haven't found anything, and I don't even know if something like this exists. It would be helpful if someone could possibly help me find a program that could stream radio stations. If I need to buy a radio tuner for my laptop or something, I will, but if there is software for streaming it, I would like that better. Thanks to all the Instructables users for all of the help.

Asked by account3r2 6 years ago