tiny addressable components

Hello everyone, I've got a question and am hoping someone can point me to the right places to figure this out. I am an avid r/c tinkerer. A question I have though, is: Is it possible to take your standard r/c servo, and install something into it to make it addressable? Why I want to do this is that I want to be able to control things from my handheld radio system beyond the 6/7 channel systems I have now, but not have to buy a radio system that will cost upwards of a thousand dollars to do more with it. I know, it will probably be easier to buy the uber-radio and just shell out the cash...I'd rather learn how to create something like this myself and learn some more electronic gadgeteering along the way :) I don't even know if thats the right approach, so, if you have ideas on this I am all ears and would love to hear from you. Thanks so much for reading this and I am quite looking forward to hearing some ideas! :) -Mike

Posted by Ravenseye 8 years ago

Divoom MicroPixels RGB+W Matrix Board ... HELP!?

Divoom MicroPixels RGB+W Matrix Board ... HELP! A while ago I ordered a 8x8 WS2812B RGB matrix, and to make a long story short the matrix I was sent was not what I ordered, but Is very nice, I kinda like it! It appears to be high quality, the soldering is flawless & the chip & led placement is perfect, and it included a grid bezels &  tinted cover I am perplexed in a way I have worked with hundreds of adafruits & neopixels & RGB leds but I dont remember ever seeing these, not a 100bit layout with 25mm RGB leds, these are basically 1/2 size of the standard RGB 50mm leds -photos attached- I was able to get a test animation and it seemed to run quick, it looked about as bright & colorful as Neopixels but smaller, the squares are very defined with the tinted cover/diffuser I have no idea what technology this is using, I was able to find the developer "Divoom" but they indicated this product is not open source so they cannot help me via the support pages! Anwyas outside of them I cant find anyone or anything documentation about these board, im very curious about getting it working, ive made a few clocks & this might complement a neopixel ring if I can start addressing these! does anyone have experience with this led/ic setup? or know what the official driver is?

Asked by rdlockrey 1 year ago

individually addressable led DECORA switch

Greetings collective Instructables genius, Here's the deal, I have a kitchen,  I also have several strips of individually addressable LED's powered by the same supply.  I like the led's, I really the fade between teal and blue as it gives the impression that you're underwater.  At any rate, having anything other than a decora sized switch is out of the question.  I don't need another remote, or some box with switches on it to control the LEDs.  I'd really like a switch that can be mounted in a single gang electrical box, that can be covered by a decora faceplate.  I have a media cabinet where the power supply for the LED's is housed, and the switch can run to the supply in the cabinet.  I need at least 4 programs (like the underwater effect), though 8 would be ideal.  Any thoughts on how to approach this?  I'd spend upwards of $80 for a finished product.   Any input is appreciated.  Thank you Eric

Posted by legionmanchild 4 months ago

Email address change not taking effect

Last week I changed my email address, received an email at my old address to confirm the change, and when I look at my settings it shows the new email address, but instructables newsletters are still going to the old address? Can someone help please? Steve

Posted by sjsquirrel 7 years ago

E-mails not going to updated e-mail address

I've updated my e-mail address for notifications and my profile indicates the new e-mail address but they still go to the old e-mail address. What can I do? Thanks, Chad

Posted by bruzer101 6 years ago

How do I change my E-mail address

How do I change my e-mail address?

Posted by JRV31 4 months ago

Can't change email address

My old aol email address has been turned off. I need to change my email address on my instructables account. But i need access to the old address to confirm the new address - which i don't have. Is there a way to change my email without having to confirm through my old address. I'm worried that I'm missing important info.

Posted by sensoryhouse 9 years ago

How can I find my IP address?

Does anyone know how I can find an IP address on a windows computer?

Asked by Pettrocity 6 years ago

Emails still going to old address

I changed my email address several weeks ago, but you're still sending your emails to my OLD email address, why?  I just checked my profile and my NEW email address is the only one listed. So, I do hope you'll fix this SOON, I won't be using my old email address at all, soon. Thanx

Posted by 70sford 7 years ago

Outlook Express Address Book Formatting Lost after Import?

Hi Guys, I have an address book in Outlook Express which has  been organised into categories and the appropriate emails reside in those Folders, I have imported the address book into a new system, all the emails are there and the Categorised folders are there but no addresses in them, they are in the root of the address book and not organized how I need them. help would be appreciated cheers

Asked by buarfoe 2 years ago

Changed e-mail address; still getting e-mails at old address

I changed my e-mail address but am still getting Instructables at my old e-mail address.  How can I correct this?

Posted by dlb156 7 years ago

Newsletter being sent to old email address

I changed my email address in my account a while ago but am still receiving instructable newsletters at the old email address. Is there a different spot in my account that I have to change the email address for newsletters? Or is this a bug?

Posted by Redbuck 3 years ago

How can I remove an old address from the internet (i.e. superpages.com)?

I need to remove an old business address from superpages.com. Does anyone know how to do this?

Asked by 8 years ago

How to Change Address?

I have looked back through some past posts, but not through all of them, so I am sorry if someone has already answered this. I have moved and need to change my address, but I am not sure how to do it.  Can someone help me?  I need to know how to change my mailing address, not my email address.  Thanks

Posted by jnifrwebb 5 years ago


I have recently entered my instructables in many contests and if i win , is it safe giving my address to instructables plz answer i am new here !!!

Asked by Dr_Cosmic 2 years ago

How do I address a letter to Ukraine?

Do i write the address in cyrillic writing or in english? how should it be formatted? can you give an example of how it should look?

Asked by katherine luva 4 life 8 years ago

Updated e-mail address doesn't change in the newsletter mailing

Changed my profile's e-mail address and confirmed it, and it shows under my profile. However I still get newsletter e-mails under the old e-mail address. I assume they're two different databases, but then how do I delete the old address from the newsletter mailing database?

Posted by SAVAJ 8 years ago

how to change my email address on my profile?

I want to change my email address.  Don't want to miss any unstructables!

Asked by dixiegrits 7 years ago

arrays base address is 1000?.array is a[5][4]..then wat is the correct address of a[4][3]? ?

It's a question on C programming.  Please explain the answer.

Asked by sanlee1990 6 years ago

How Can We get MAC Address with the help of IP address ? How Can We trace IP Address ?

Hi , Suppose you got any harmful Email and you are getting continue same mail So this will  not good for you . So Can We trace IP address by Email  and IF We got IP address of system , So with the help of IP Can We know MAC address of system .......... I am asking this question because this our daily routine problem and with the help of we all people can get out with this problem .....  

Asked by stardks 5 years ago

How to hide my IP address ? Answered

i tried these apps-- hide my ip,mask my ip but they did not work whatismyip website shows my real ip address and google too.. How to hide my real ip address ???

Asked by ishan udyoga 4 years ago

Updated email address - still getting emails to old address

I updated my email address in my profile over a week ago, and I still get emails to my old address.  I tried updating both the Settings>Email Alerts page and the Settings>Change Email page, but I continue to get emails at the old address. Any ideas how to fix this?  Thanks! Not sure if it matters, but I'm on Win7 and Chrome.

Posted by guaps 4 years ago

Current Address for Instructables HQ?

I am going to be in San Francisco on July 15th and 16th, and I am planning on visiting the offices of Instructables. I keep searching for a street address of the office, but there are three different ones. Could I get the current address, the hours it is open, and who is likely to be there? I would love to meet the guys behind one of my favorite websites!

Posted by arpoky 4 years ago

IP Address

I was wondering if I could get into a computer with no access to the computer that you want to get into? I was thinking about an ip address. I want to use this to get back at a hacker that almost destroyed my computer!! (Thanks Norton for giving me his ip) he he he. Please answer

Posted by Jakeg 9 years ago

Does instructables.com sell our email addresses ?!!!

Hi, I subscribed to the instructables.com newsletter for only a couple of days (with an email address I hardly use) and since that I received a bunch of spams in my mailbox ! Weird coincidence, isn't it ? Does instructables.com sell our email addresses ?!!! >-(

Posted by PeanutFR 9 years ago

New email address and not receiving any newsletters.

Hi, i recently changed my address linked to my Instructables account, but i still get the newsletter in the old one. ¿Do i have to do something else, o what should i do? Thank you in advance.

Posted by sergioh101 4 years ago


I've changed my email address but I still get your emails in the old account which will be closed soon.

Posted by artkennedy 6 years ago

How do I change my email address with Instructables?

Trying to change it with the "Update Profile / Unsubscribe" link does not work. (The only thing you cannot change there is your email)

Asked by hellvig 5 years ago

How can I change my home address? Answered

I just moved and instructables sends me stuff in the mail sometimes. I just got a Halloween card and it had to be re-directed. The post office will eventually stop doing this and I wont be able to get anymore stuff... how can I change my address?

Asked by nepheron 8 years ago

Help with a game system mod?

I'm buying a sega game gear to mod. I want to add an a/v input without using the tv tuner accessory. Is this possible? I cant find it anywhere online, but i did find a pinout and it seems possible. I know i could connect the audio to pins 44 and 45. Would it work if i connected the video in to pin 43? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. 1 +34(V) liquid drive                                        24 MREQ memory request 2 +5(V) +5(V)                                                    25 A10/TPR2 address 3 /WR write signal                                           26 /RD read signal 4 A12 address                                                 27 /EXM 2 0~7FFFH 5 A7/CL1B3 address                                      28 A15 address 6 A6/CL1A2 address                                      29 A11 address 7 A5/CL1B2 address                                      30 A9/TPR1 address 8 A4/CL1A1 address                                      31 A8/CLIA3 address 9 A3/CL1B1 address                                      32 A13 address 10 A2/DW address                                          33 A14 address 11 A1/DO3 address                                        34 /EXM1 8000~BFFFH 12 A0/DO1 address                                        35 +5v +5 volts 13 D0/DB data                                                 36 /M1 M1 cycle 14 D1/P3 data                                                  37 IORQ I/O request 15 D2/P2 data                                                  38 /RFSH refresh 16 GND D ground                                           39 /RESET Reset 17 GND A ground                                            40 CCLK Clock 18 GND D ground                                           41 GND Ground 19 D3/P4 data                                                  42 /GG MS/GG 20 D4/P1 data                                                  43 /TV TV Cart 21 D5/CL2 data                                               44 TVSNDR VR Right Audio 22 D6/DO2 data                                              45 TVSNDL TV Left Audio 23 D7/DO4 data

Asked by musick_08 6 years ago

change to website address?

Hi, if I choose to create my own website and then later on change my mind and want to hire a professional, will my web address be transportalbe to the new site the professionals created? As you can see I am a complete rookie at this :-)

Asked by chrisdanlee 5 years ago

not getting weekly newsletter

I changed my e-mail address,but it still is going to my old e-mail.

Posted by Mare322 9 years ago

Email address change

How do I update my email, when I no longer have access to my old email account?

Posted by pyrocop1 7 years ago

How can I restrict visitors to certain areas of a website based on IP address? Answered

I want to create two directories on a website: one is only accessible from certain IP addresses, and the other one available to everyone except those IP addresses. I think that the .htaccess mod_rewrite would work best, but how should I do it?

Asked by MePerson 9 years ago

Subscription Email Address

I love this website and enjoy my weekly newsletter of new Instructables. Originally, I had them going to my spam-catcher email (I do that when I sign up for something new), but want it to come to my regular email now. My main account settings now has my regular email address, but the newsletter still went to the old one. Private messages and comment updates go to the new email just fine. Finally, I turned off the subscriptions to that old email address. Oops... Now I don't get the weekly at all! I tried to find where to subscribe to the newsletter and all I get is a page that is essentially for new accounts: it wants a NEW address and won't accept my current email address, saying it's already in use. Well no kidding! It's my email address and that's where I want the newsletter to go!!! So how the heck do I subscribe to the weekly newsletter using my current account settings' regular email address? {I originally posted this in the Help-FAQ section}

Posted by shamanwhitewolf 10 years ago

individually addressed LED? Answered

I want to make something like this https://anthrolume.wordpress.com/2014/09/ Do you have any recommendations of resources to learn how to do this?

Asked by ScottR165 1 year ago

how can i change my wiis ip address to a uk one? Answered

I have the internet channel and would like to be able to use the bbc iplayer but i live outside the uk

Asked by sir-zeke 9 years ago

Caftsman Club 3D Printer Sweepstakes - won't accept email address with dash

I tried ot enter the Caftsman Club 3D Printer Sweepstakes but the form will not accept my email address because it has a dash in the domain which is valid.  Please fix.

Posted by rwollin 4 years ago

i know the ip address of my friend .he is in another location,can i send any message to him through command ?

I know the ip address of my friend .he is in another location,can i send any message to him through command

Asked by mjaddavi 5 years ago

Received Instructable.com request for my physical address to qualify to receive an animated holiday card. Is this Legit? Why know physical address for this? Anyone else get one of these notices?

I received a notice from Instructables.com with request that I identify my physical address to qualify to receive an automated greeting card...???  Is this legit? Why do they need to know my physical address? This really sounds odd to me.  Anyone else get one of these kinds of notices?  I really LOVE Instructables.com   Its awesome fun for those who like to do projects not just talk about them.

Posted by BudBump 5 years ago

Is it possible to find and store the IP address information of anyone that visits your site?

I know there are sites and images that show your IP Address, browser, OS, possible location, etc. Could you have some way of writing this found information into a database, or would that be too much of a security flaw? I'm not talking about tracert commands, IP locators, etc. EDIT: Sorry if i wasn't clear enough for anyone, I was meaning something like a PHP, HTML or Java code that logs the visitors IP Address (And if possible, some other miscellaneous information) on a .txt file or something similar.

Asked by iTraceur 8 years ago

Account email not updating....

I've changed my account email address and updates are still being sent to the old address even though it shows that it's been updated in the account info.

Posted by drseuss 7 years ago