An advanced version of GMAIL

In a report of a recent 4 hour outage of gmail in Europe, it was mentioned that there were some users who by paying $50.00/year were using an advanced version of Gmail. I already pay Google to do searches on a great number of documents, but can find no information on how to pay for and receive an advanced version of Gmail. Can any one help me find it?

Posted by cfw123 9 years ago

Should we have "Advanced Searching" on Instructables?

I'm posting this topic to bring forth the idea of having advanced search capabilities on Instuctables. If anyone has visited a member who has amassed a huge number of instructables, you'll notice that using the "next" button is rather inefficient for searching. If you don't know what I mean, go to Kitemans page and search for the first instructable he wrote.  There are also times where you are looking for a specific instructable written by a member and would therefore need a method to do so, especially when some members have written over 100 instructables. There may be a specific forum topic, group, guide, or question/answer that you're looking for, and again, you'd need a way to search these only. I'm sure I'm missing a few examples, so feel free to throw in your 2 cents regarding advanced searching on Instructables, and maybe the staff might implement it for us.  Thanks, canucksgirl

Posted by canucksgirl 6 years ago

Tricky batch stuff...?

This isn't exactly a conventional question, but it's a question nonetheless.  The thing is, I'm thinking of starting a forum for all the tricky techniques and methods with batch (it wouldn't be a great instructable as it would require a lot of previous knowledge). So, I'd basically just have an index with all these different segments of how to do tricky stuff (such as advanced techniques for piping and other random stuff). The only problem is that I don't know what to make it on, so I'm trying to target people who've read all the instructables and are still missing that extra bit of information. Now, you could say something like "do whatever you think is hard", but the thing is I work better when it's at the request of someone else (basically I like to help people, and I'm abusing that natural urge). So, if you're experienced in batch but are curious about anything (perhaps how to ignore every rule in the book and put 50 nested for loops within your script), please post it below. Thank you. --EDIT-- I've started rewriting my batch tutorial, so most of the stuff you comment will go into that... somewhere.

Asked by Prof. Pickle 5 years ago

Echo independent color

Hello i'm makin a super advanced bat file for my comp noob m8 and it looks really complcated so i was wondering is it possible to color certan linese.g if their was an error it be in red with the rest of the screen in greenI ALREADY know about 'color 0a' but that fills the whole screen. I need a small block or just a line to be different & stand out

Posted by DELETED_simkinggold 10 years ago

i have a toshiba sattelite that i need to crack

I have a toshiba sattelite and i am locked out besides one limited account the default admin account is password protected it cant boot from a usb or a disc and i need to get on that freakin laptop......please help?

Asked by tweaker119 7 years ago

Advanced Level? Answered

What should we do to take advanced level lessons

Asked by Learner_1981 1 year ago

Batch Coding

I need an interactive advanced batch and visual basic scripts course.

Posted by DarkShadowOrigin 4 months ago

How do I rip sounds from older games? Answered

I'm attempting to create a content pack for a Minecraft mod, and need old gun sounds. Anyway, I remembered an older game (not DOS era) game, Oregon Trail, and thought I could rip the sounds out of it, since it had some nice gun sounds from the hunting sections. Anyway, usually this wouldn't be a problem, but that's only if the sound files are either .wav or .raw (which I can expand using audacity), but ... well... as you can see, I don't have anything to work with here. If someone can point me to the proper file, I can probably extract the sounds from there (I have another windows PC I can use if necessary)  Note that the folder labeled "CD" is a direct copy of the game CD. Cheers! ~Alt

Asked by AlternateLives 5 years ago

Will there be an advanced level class? Answered

Question Body: give us more detail on your question...

Asked by prinak 1 year ago

If I bought a Gameboy advance SP at a garage sale for 15$ would that be a good deal? Answered

It was only 15$ Anyone know how much they are normally?

Asked by bubbaman22 8 years ago

some new and advance instrumentation project on which i can work.?

Any instrumentation project. any advance instrument whose principle is applicable . the instrument should make the work of people much easier..

Asked by 8 years ago

Will you do a more advanced course? ie Autonomus Robot? Answered

There a so many introductionary articles on Robots but hardly any courses for the more advanced hobbyist.Would you consider such a course?

Asked by nigel.trewartha 1 year ago

What can I do with an old Gameboy Advance? Not into video games.

Any fun stuff I can do with this?

Asked by buffysissy1 6 years ago

When will robotics be advanced enough for me to build a terminator? Answered

Since reenacting ALIEN was a bust, this should be better.

Asked by Squoobmonger 9 years ago

23 stage no-capacitor full auto coilgun

  *********I have updated my design since posting this topic. The video is the more current design than what is written below.**********    I came to the conclusion that using capacitors to provide the power for a coil gun is a stupid idea. A bold statement I know. The reason is that they are big and heavy, take time to charge, and need charging circuits. Also, the sharp rise in current that comes from capacitors is bad unless you are making an induction style coilgun, because the induced currents will hurt efficiency.    If coil guns are ever going to be a practical hand held weapon it will need to be lighter, simpler / less delicate, and more powerful than what you will find on the internet if you look up coil guns. A rate of fire that is competitive with conventional guns will also be needed if a coil gun will be used for anything other than target shooting or maybe hobby hunting. So I designed a coilgun to meet these requirements. Visit my website for a full explanation of the design:!em-guns/cwjy     I realized that a coilgun would not be a practical infantry weapon until batteries are more advanced anyway, so that just adds to the list of why capacitors are out. It will be powered directly off of the batteries, and have many coil stages. This allows a very high rate of fire. To get that rate of fire with capacitors you would need several capacitor banks charging at offset times, so after each bank fires another is just finished charging. That would be terribly bulky.    The lower voltage from the batteries will give comparatively slow current rise in the coils which normally would make the coil timing weird. I plan to use an unconventional coil timing though. All the coils will be activated at once, and the coils behind the projectile will be shut off as it passes them. This will have several advantages: -The coils will only be powering up for a split second at the beginning. Most coils will already be at full power when the projectile gets to them (that is not the case in most coil guns). -Induced current will not be any issue. -Since the coils will all act as one coil, the projectile will be drawn toward the center of all the coils that are on. Timing of the shut off of the coils will not need to be perfect.    This will be a pre-tuned passively timed system. I want to use a small adjustable electronic timer for the switch-off timing. This will require some work in the initial adjustment of the timing, but even actively switched coil guns (with optical sensors or something) require that. the advantage of a passive system over an active system is cost and simplicity, and you can pack the coils tighter on the barrel if you are not putting a sensor between each stage. That matters with 23 stages! As I said check out my website to see more details and pictures for this and other projects:!em-guns/cwjy

Posted by Jaycub 4 years ago

Is there anything awesome I can do with a Nintendo Gameboy Advance (Original)?

I had got a Gameboy Advance, new, for 5 bucks at a garage sale and well this was recently. I don't buy games for it because I usually just play them on my computer and I just have a Gamboy Advance sitting there collecting dust, so I want to know if anyone has any suggestions?

Asked by ohebb 6 years ago

my nintendo advance sp is working properly,but its not charging what is the problem?

The game keep on turing on and off when the charger is inserted in the

Asked by yuhan 8 years ago

nintendo game boy advance

Just found my old nintendo game boy, any ideas what I can do, use or make from it?

Asked by dmorris11 6 years ago


Dose anyone know the button connections, power, audio, and video pinouts in a gameboy cartridge slot? Thanks so much. Zombeastly

Asked by zombeastly 6 years ago

Where can I get the advance classes on Internet of things? Answered

Thanks for this amazing IOT class. This is really the best beginner level classes for IOT I have seen till now. I just want to learn more about it. So, could you please tell me the advance course on IOT

Asked by Shivam343 1 year ago

How can I put video inputs on a gameboy advance sp?

I want to put video inputs on my gameboy advance sp but I do not want to have to purchase anything. I want it to be all home made and I want to put rca jacks on it. Can anybody help me with this?

Asked by steve-lane 6 years ago

Is genetic engineering advanced enough for me to reenact the movie ALIEN? Answered

Well, I love the ALIEN franchise (but AVP was horrible), and I want an alien as a pet.

Asked by Squoobmonger 9 years ago

advanced structures and houses? Answered

I was wondering since the new up date for pocket edition came out recently can you teach me on how to build exp. grinders and mob spawners

Asked by Donald Trump 2016 1 year ago

How do you make a Gameboy Advance to Gamecube wire?

I have been looking around for wires, and most places, I check don't have it, or Ebay, and Amazon is too expensive for what I am willing to pay.  I have GBA connector wires, and GCN extender cords.  Can I use these to "make" a gameboy advance to gamecube wire, and how would I go about doing this. -On a side note, could I also make an edit to supply it to a NDS?

Asked by Zinyin 6 years ago

VB 2008 AxWindowsMediaPlayer Control Help?

Hey everyone. If your an advanced user in Visual Basics 2008 Express Edition, I could use some help. Right now, I'm working on a video presentation program for my Home Theater PC. I'm planning on hooking up my computer to my T.V and using it as a secondary screen. I will then run an HDMI cable to my monitor, and use that as my main screen. My mouse and keyboard are wireless so it won't pose a problem. But, anyways. I'm getting off topic... I made a form with a bunch of controls on it. It has 10 textboxes for video URLs and 5 textboxes for audio URL. It has 2 AxWindowsMediaPlayers on it. One for music, the other for video. The main one (Bigger one) will be used for video, and it will also act as a control window. So, when I click play one one the textboxes, it will open the file up one both Media Players and will begin to play. I know the coding for that, its just I need to know how to control the 3rd Media Player, on a different form. So basically, the 3rd Media Player would copy the 1st media player. Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks. 

Asked by brandencota 7 years ago

Anyone have a way to make a gameboy ds/advance case without duct tape?

I'm looking for a way to make a smallish, easily carried case for about 18 Nintendo DS games and maybe 6-10 Advance games. I don't want to use duct tape, and the cloth and plastic roll up Instructable isn't exactly what I'm looking for.

Asked by Ria Hawk 9 years ago

How can i turn my gameboy advanced into a controller fo a computer?

I have an old gameboy and thought it would be cool to turn it into a computer controller or computer hacking device?

Posted by sonicsizer 6 years ago

Design lessons Answered

Will there be further levels of 3d designs lessons? intermediate? advanced?

Asked by BrandonW24 1 year ago

GameBoy Advance overly saturated screen... How to fix? Answered

I got a GameBoy Advance a few years back, the Nintendo DS of last decade. It worked great for about a year and then (I think I may have dropped it) it started displaying the colors on the screen way too brightly! Nothing else was effected, but the screen looks as though it doesn't know what "dark" means. All of the games I try to play are way too lightly-colored, to the point that I can't see any details at all. As you can see, I try to play Frogger's Adventures: Temple of the Frog, but I can barely see where I'm going because the screen is too saturated. Oh, and another thing: After the screen started doing this, I dropped it once more, and it switched back to normal for a time, but then after 30 seconds, it flipped to the higher saturation again. This would lead me to thinking that something is broken inside... Is there anyone out there who knows of this problem, and perhaps, knows how to fix it? Thanks, Win Guy

Asked by Win Guy 6 years ago

Can I use a RC TOY transmitter to control an advanced receiver?

I have one of those micro rc cars.The car died and I'm experimenting with its parts. I was wondering if it's possible for a simple Tx ,like this one, to control an advanced Rx connected with a Brushless ESC. By simple I mean single speed(forward without ESC) and with advanced those used for example in rc helis(advanced tech,many ch). I am definitely talking about the same Quarz crystal controlled frequency. Thanks you.

Asked by Zafictus 4 years ago

Advanced AR Drone?

I've been thinking and have a good understanding of physics, and am planning on possible making an AR Drone similar to the Parrot, however capable of carrying a load and perhaps a small compact paintball gun. Can anyone else say awesome? 

Asked by Douglerful 7 years ago

Maker Faire UK

Advanced notice: Looks like a Maker Faire will be held at the Newcastle Science Fair on the 13/14th March 2010. Anyone thinking that far in advance, and wants to meet up post in here. We've already booked a hotel for the night.

Posted by steveastrouk 8 years ago

Do i need a charger for a gameboy advance? Answered

I saw one for sale on the internet for sale but it doesnt have a charger and i dont want to buy a seperate charger. also if it does need a charger could i somehow hack it to fit standard batterys?

Asked by thecookiemonster 9 years ago

do nintendo DS batteries work in the Gameboy Advance sp?

I got a replacement DS rechargeable battery and it looks similar to my gameboy advance battery can I put the ds in my gba with out frying it ?

Posted by clasic_traveller_diehard 9 years ago

how can I make own chairmnats?

Thanks in advance!

Asked by domdot 7 years ago

Post the Nintendo game systems you have owned!

What Ninty game systems have you owned?I have owned:Gameboy Colour x2 *Gameboy Advance *Gameboy Advance SPNintendo DSNintendo DS Lite *and a Wii. *I'm pretty new to Nintendo consoles, but I've been through many handhelds. * means I still own.

Posted by Noodle93 10 years ago