wats the best instructable ever? Answered

I love instructables and want to know what you guys think is the best instructable

Asked by EncasedDeath 8 years ago

I need a really good How-To speech idea.... any ideas??

I dont care what kind of "how to" it is...i just need ideas please=DDD

Asked by girlymee13 9 years ago

ok i have a tube a spring and a 1centermeter tick pice of matel 6'' long and k'nex

And what to make. copy and past the instructibul and Who ever posts the best i will make as best answer! :)-@#$%-@#$%-(:

Asked by vee-man.mol 7 years ago

How to Draw Anything in One Step

Art can be hard. There will be something that you want to draw, but you keep finding yourself getting it wrong. Here's a tip on how to draw anything. In one step! How to draw anything (in 1 step)via Drawn!

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago

Aspiring learner of new things

I'm struggling to learn how to get some valuable computer/building tech related things any advice on how to get started or good places to learn websites?? thanks for your help 

Asked by sportskja 8 years ago


Hi there! I decided to make a forum simply for chatting. If there are inappropriate subjects discussed here, fights with coarse language or death threats, I will delete your comments or even remove the chat entirely. So please obey my rules. Oh! And have fun!

Posted by Tyto Productions 7 years ago

long random talkabout Forum

Post anything wether it is your love of punk rock and anime or your crazy phobia of suffocating in Peanutbutter.

Posted by RelyNupon 10 years ago

pdfs for your ibles!

Hey there and since the pdfs dont work at all now im going to offer people pdf styles in microsoft word just tell me witch one you ant and i will make it ones im makeing: Z35 assualt rifle iacs circle ball machine iacs spiff pistol iacs striker pistol

Posted by knexsuperbuilderfreak 8 years ago

I wrote this song, does it sound like anything?

I wrote this song like 5 mins before I taped this. so there are plenty of mistakes in it.Question is, does it sound like another song you've heard before?...... I can't really tell...... and i hate it when songs are too similar.What do ya think?

Posted by chaoscampbell 10 years ago


What have you been building????? =D This  is my newest build

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This is a random forum for anyone to ask me about my Instructables, or just chat.

Posted by Tscrid 8 years ago

Unofficial K'nex Anything Contest

This is the unofficial knex contest! There are a few other knex contests with a certain theme, but in this contest, you can enter anything! Let's get on to the rules: How to Enter: Make a instructable that uses knex. Make a comment with a link to the instructable, than I might accept it. Your instructable has to be made in 2017 or up. You can have three entries entered at a time, but only one of them can win. What to Enter: Enter an instructable that is mostly knex and has instructions. If it uses to much non-knex, than I won't accept it. It has to have good instructions, or it won't get accepted. If it is something small, I will make it to see if it works and to see how good it is. A big ball machine will be accepted if you have instructions of some of the elements. When Will It Be: It will start now and go to November 1. If I get 20 entries before the ending date, I will quit the contest regardless of the date.    Prizes: There will be a grand, first, second, third, and runner up. Grand Prize: Follow from me, votes on all your ibles that you have in contests, and a 3 month pro, and your winning ible in a knex contest winners collection. First  Prize: Follow from me, vote on all your ibles that you have in contests, and your winning ible in a knex contest winners collection. Second Prize: Follow from me and your winning ible in a knex contest winners collection. Third Prize: Vote one of your ible, and your winning ible in a knex contest winners collection. Runner Up: Your winning ible in a knex winners contest collection. If you have any questions, please ask! That's all! Have fun! Current Entries:   Element Force's Shotgun Turret for the TR8 The Knex Inventor's Toothebrush Holder KneXFAN200's Fidget Spinner KneXFAN200's Annoying Clicker Box

Posted by random_builder 1 year ago

I have two old motherboards and I don't know what to do with them. Any suggestions? Answered

I can't think of what to with them, but I need to do something fast because I don't have anywhere to put them and if I don't do something with them I have to toss them.

Asked by furrysalamander 7 years ago

Ask me Anything.

So I had a video up at first, but Admin unpublished it and told me to post it as a forum topic.   I'm too lazy to copy and paste everything except a link.  www.instructables.com/id/Ask-me-ANYTHING/

Posted by DJ Radio 8 years ago

Anyone noticed anything weird about new clothes/cloths?

Has anyone noticed that new clothes and things like washcloths and dishtowels seem to repel water when they get wet? Not really repel, but they don't absorb it, and the surface stays (and feels) wet.After the clothes get washed a couple hundred times, it wears off and is like old clothes.Can anyone tell me why this is happening (and why manufacturers decided to do this)?

Posted by Bran 10 years ago

Help With New Project Ideas

Hi there! I am really wanting to make something over the summer or in general over the year however I am having trouble figuring something out something that would be pretty cool and helps with learning about the subject. I already have 2 projects going at the moment, I am learning python and creating a game with it. I need another project that could take be from 2 months to a year. It also needs to be complex, I really like a challenge :). Lastly it needs to be relatively cheap, cost could be up to $200.  Thanks and have a great day :) 

Posted by CHUGCOFFEE 4 years ago

Notacon 6: Tech, art, music, demoparty, talks and contests in Cleveland

I tried to cram a lot into the subject line, because Notacon's got a lot going on this year. It's 3 weeks away, and if you're reading this, you should definitely come. Talks this year cover computer and network security, video production, social networking and bots, microcontrollers, photogrammetry (look it up!), electronic musical instruments, and more. There's an entire demoparty (Blockparty 09) happening inside Notacon. And then there's the bit I think is of most interest to you, Mr. or Ms. Instructable: The Anything but Ethernet contest, which I judge. Bring weird gear, move data over it, win prizes. This year's grand prize is a $250 soldering station. Trust me, you should enter, and you can win something.

Posted by Myself 9 years ago

SR- 47 gun

I am in the process of making a new gun. It may not be fantastic, but I know with yalls support it might be near it. It is the American version of the AK 47. It resembles the M4. I'll post some pictures, and right now, I'm working on the stock. I think that dutchwarlord's M4 stock is pretty cool. It doesn't matter if this is a working model or not. I really want to get this up and made. Thank you for reading this and I look forward to yalls suggestions. If anyone wants to help me build this gun, just PM me.

Posted by J Moneyman 9 years ago

ideas for k'nex guns

Hey guys ! between if you've heard of me or not, probably not, i really like building k'nex guns, and i have made a few decent guns over the past year. my best gun would be SABR (Sharir170's Amazing Bullpup Rifle, instructions posted), second would be triple S rifle (Sharir1701's Super Sniper, not posted), and third would be a full-auto rifle i haven't named or posted (it works on an amazing new mechanism that i discovered with my friend, but he begged me not to post it, and made me swear, so i can't post it or show it or even explain how it works (major soz)). anyway, i'm plain out of ideas, and i really wanna build some new guns, so if you'd like me to build something, anything, you name it, and i just might build it and post it. you might be asking yourself : why should i do this... i've never heard of this guy, and therefore don't know if he's any good, and he's not a pro member on 'ibles, so he can't send me a patch... all i have to say is that i've never given up on a k'nex goal i've set for myself and i just work on it on and on until i get it. and what you will get from this is the opportunity to build the gun you requested me to design, and get credit for the idea on the 'ible. anyway, if any of you have any good ideas at all, say so and i might build them, no matter how stupid you think they might be.

Posted by Sharir1701 6 years ago

Something to build?

Hey knexers ANYTHING KNEX  APART FROM CARS But not too many pieces This includes machines, BM, guns, contraptions I don't really see the point in knex cars, you just push them along Only tell me if its like a REALLY cool car Please spread! Thanks mm8

Asked by MegaMetal8 7 years ago

Knifes From Things Around The House

Can you think of ways to make a knife out of cheap, easy to find items around the house? I came up with a knife made out of a Penny and a Nickle! Now lets see what you can thing of! (butter knifes, dinner knifes, and pocket knife do not counts , be creative :P )

Posted by iMac 9 years ago

Anything Brutal?

Anyone listen to anything brutal? if so, What?

Posted by aqren550 6 years ago

LG 5200 Verizon Wireless anybody got anything cool that i can do without cables or anything ?

I already know the secret menu one anybody got anything else?

Posted by Cameronk 10 years ago

Switch nob doesnt do anything but turn it on and off? Answered

I built the project but the switch knob isnt doing anything. Is that right?

Asked by TheDigiCraft 1 year ago

Can you make a lamp out almost anything? Answered

Can you make a lamp using musical instrument or mason jar? or anything?

Asked by braeden.henry 1 year ago

In Windows 7, You Can Send Feedback on Anything - YES, ANYTHING.

I guess MS is pretty serious this time.

Posted by Labot2001 9 years ago

Is there any way to fix this problem with Instructables when I am using the Maxthon browser? Answered

Well, I've converted from Firefox to Maxthon browser because I like Maxthon a lot better. However, anytime I try to comment or post anything I get the same error "Oops your session has expired, please log back in." No matter how many times I've tried I still get the same error, and I don't feel like going back to using Firefox. Is there any way to fix this?

Asked by bounty1012 8 years ago

Anything you want to give away?

I will accept almost anything you haveto offer. In return I might send somthing to you.

Posted by Loganbo 6 years ago

Does anybody do anything in the Popular Mechanics Group?

Does anybody do anything in this group? 

Posted by gearup500 2 years ago

Entire Living Tab and Subtabs are not displaying anything when clicked

The living tab and pages to follow are not displaying anything. No results or anything. The other main tabs are fine.

Posted by garside 8 years ago

anything nerf related

I am trying to find any Nerf guns, don't care if they are broken.  Darts, attachments, anything! I live in sw Michigan.

Posted by elliot5445 4 years ago

lol stuff

This topic is for anything funny if it is pics, jokes, or anything just plain funny

Posted by cupcake43 7 years ago