Hello sir, i am stuck with my arduino uno. in the manage driver list i cant see arduino uno's name so what to do please tell

Asked by maitrteya 2 years ago


Hi,    iam using the arduino uno in my project.The project is to display the temperature and humidity in lcd and ethernet and stored in the sd card in every 1 minute ,using the dht 22 sensor.But the lcd display is not working simultaneously with the sd .Hereby i am attaching the code.pls hlp me to trobleshoot the problem.

Posted by sruthys 3 years ago


I want to construct a motor drive to run a cycle . i have arduino and hbridge with but i require a circuit diagram to connect and control it?.i wat to know the working , connecting and controlling conceots of it

Asked by Aniesh T M 6 years ago


I would like to meet how integrated the fuctions interrupts in the encoder for increase the count in the car What am I doing. help!

Posted by gabon 1 year ago

Burn Arduino Bootloader to Arduino, from Arduino

I want to burn the Arduino bootloader to an Arduino from an Arduino. I have an Arduino Duemilanove, and I want to take the chip(ATMega328) off, and use it in a circuit, without having to connect the whole Arduino to the circuit. However, I then have an Arduino with no chip. So, Can I just put a regular ATMega328(I know I can just buy one with the bootloader already on it, but I would rather do itmyself.) into the Arduino, connect it to the computer, and use the Arduino IDE(I'm using 0021- the most up to date one) to burn the bootloader to it? If so, how? If I cant, is there any way to easily do it with only another Arduino with the bootloader on it?

Posted by metrogdor22 7 years ago

What is the Arduino bootloader ? Answered

What is the Arduino bootloader and do I need it if I am making my own Arduino?

Asked by Mr_Electric 8 years ago

Arduino Beginner

I'm gonna start with arduino, I'll buy the arduino uno board, any suggestions for courses or books that can teach me how to program and work with arduino? Thanks in advance! :)

Posted by Kolnorp 4 years ago

Arduino Shield? Answered

What exactly is a Arduino Shield? Can I make one myself?

Asked by artworker 6 years ago

Arduino Analog Pin?

Can a arduino analog pin be used as a output pin?

Asked by Bot1398 6 years ago

Is there a cheaper alternative to arduino? Answered

What is the alternative, and what are the pros and cons compared to the arduino

Asked by sunny342 9 years ago

arduino? Answered

Can i use arduino mega instead of arduino uno

Asked by Kanak Shilledar RM 1 year ago

Arduino monitoring Paypal Payments

Would an Arduino Wifi Shield allow an arduino to trigger something after a paypal payment is made?

Posted by Brooklyntonia 1 year ago

arduino uno + esp8266? Answered

How to accses arduino via internet with arduino uno esp8266

Asked by RiffS 1 year ago

2014 - Arduino Day!

Hey guys! This Saturday, March 29 2014 is Arduino Day!  What are some of your favorite Arduino projects?  I am personally a fan of the Twittering Office Chair, The Arduino Step Sequencer, and this Tiny Arduino Laser Cutter (so cute!). If you want a good place to start with Arduino, check out this Instructable!

Posted by audreyobscura 4 years ago

Creating multiple application in an Arduino

If I want to control lightbulb, garage door, security camera, and a secrity sensor using an Arduino? Can I use only 1 Arduino or I have to use 4 Arduinos? Is there a specific Arduino board should I use?

Asked by yan_deleon 6 years ago

why do arduinos have to restart? Answered

I want to know why arduinos restart

Asked by thegriffy100 7 years ago

Why you picked Arduino? Answered

Can you explain why we have to pick Arduino?

Asked by iam_maker_leo 2 years ago

Measure current and voltage with arduino? Answered

How would I measure the voltage and current of this circuit with an arduino?

Asked by flybye22 8 years ago

Two Arduinos on one computer??

Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to use 2 arduinos on one computer. Since there are stuff to install and everything, is it possible to have 2 arduinos on 1 computer.

Asked by vek11 5 years ago

sutable title?? Answered

What will be a sutaible title for a arduino flashing sos

Asked by robot1398 6 years ago

Arduino help?

Wod any of you guys know how use Arduino with wii. ideas? Innnstructables?

Asked by vodo 9 years ago

Could Arduino be used for paintball?

Just a thought, but would it be possible to use an arduino for a paintball board?

Asked by BOOM5601 8 years ago

Arduino ethernet? Answered

Can Arduino ethernet be used for iot??

Asked by snayak8 1 year ago

Why the stipulation of using the Arduino IDE, and not the Arduino hardware?

I see that the new Arduino contest rules stipulate that your project must use the Arduino IDE. I was actually thinking of making a cool new Instructable using an Arduino Mega, but using avr-gcc instead of the Arduino "framework". Would that be permissible for entry into this contest?

Posted by matthewbeckler 8 years ago

Good Arduino book? Answered

I'm an Arduino layman, but eager to get started. Are there any good Books available with the basics in them?

Asked by bertus52x11 7 years ago

Arduino Thermal Camera?

Are there any cheapish arduino compatible thermal cameras on the market?

Asked by DELETED_MakerNinja 3 years ago

BS2 programming with Arduino?

Is it possible to program a Parallax BS2 using arduino?

Asked by MACKattacksnipe 8 years ago

Arduino? Answered

What should I look for when buying the arduino kit ?

Asked by esrakum 1 year ago

arduino draw software

   for the software   

Posted by Jordan arduino 7 years ago

arduino project? Answered

How to connect arduino to lcd and pir and fan

Asked by brahmareddy 1 year ago

what is arduino? Answered

Im new to this, and was wondering what it is and what it does?

Asked by That One Eegit 6 years ago

Arduino instructor wanted

Arduino instructor needed for summer course in NYC.      Contact  Include resume & experience.

Posted by davidgreenstein 5 years ago

Arduino Duemilanove USB Cable? Answered

What USB cable can be used to program this arduino?

Asked by electronicz 5 years ago

I can't enter in the Arduino contest!

I want to enter in the Arduino contest with this my instructable: , but it say: "Arduino Contest is moderated. Arduino Led Dice has been entered in Arduino Contest pending moderator approval" from two hour ago...but the contest ends soon! I've also add a screen of the problem. How to solve it? Thanks.

Asked by Davide311 8 years ago

Arduino Lilypad mp3 program using Arduino uno?

I have a arduino lilypad mp3 from sparkfun. I have bought a TTL UART USB programmer instead 5v FTDI breakout. It didn't work out. can we use Arduino uno as a bootloader ? 

Asked by DaksithaW 3 years ago