What is art?

In the comments, please suggest your answer to the eternal question "What is art?"

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art college Answered

Does anyone know what  kind of art  supplies you should  take with you to a art college?

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Creative Food Art

Here are some more creative ways to think about your food.  FOOD ART! Food art on a stick?

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The art of hornets

Dsicussion about the art and how to practice

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Favorite Art Pieces

What's your favorite art piece?

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are there any art programs that help beginning artist to get art supplies and will pay the artist?? Answered

It has to be within the united states and has got to be a free program.

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Does anyone have some awesomely creative ideas for an upcoming art show that I have been asked to be a part of?

It is called Dispelling the Myth - Art for Deviant Breeds. I am asked to focus on Pit Bull related art. Thanks for your help in any way.?

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Rubik's cube art

Awesome pixel art made entirely from Rubik's cubes.Link

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how to make a skirt?

How to make a skirt in the easiest way.

Asked by thea tonica 6 years ago

using a photo to make a silk screen?

O.k. short and sweet, I have a photograph (Colour) 8x10 that i would like to put on a T-Shirt for a friend. Is this possible and if so what would i pay and art student to do this. Would only want 2 shirts, There would be Basic lettering on the front with again a nother small photgraph 3x5.Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks

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Illusionist Locket 196 Silver Inlayed Butterfly Magic Pendant?

How to build it ?????????link http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=24173336me email mpkn@walla.com

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Chinese Knotting

Chinese knots are, in some ways, similar to Celtic knots. Each knot represents a particular traditional Chinese form, and in many cases are representative of Buddhist precepts like the continuation of life. Chinese knotted jewelry usually incorporates a main jade or stone centerpiece and jade, stone, coins or glass beads. The cord from the knots usually is extended upward to make a lanyard for a necklace, but with some bracelet styles the knot or knots are extended around the wrist with a macramé style knot. Chinese knotting was nearly lost as an art form. In recent years, several books teaching knotting techniques have been released. The cord used in making the knots is readily available at craft or fabric stores. Josephine Knot (Chinese Double Coin Knot) http://www.bridgat.com

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Is charging aerosol spray paint cans with home-mixed colors possible?

I have access to raw pigments and about a dozen empty aerosol cans, is there any way to utilize these two items in tandem to create unique colors of working spray paint? (c'mon Banksy, if you're out there, help an aspiring artist)

Asked by expungetheworm 8 years ago

What's the best way of protecting a large vinyl banner?

I have a very large banner which is a photo printed onto a thick plastic (vinyl??). It is autographed so I would like to preserve the banner and the signature. Is there any product I can use to help protect the surface and stop it from fading? I've e-mailed Krylon but apparently none of their products are suitable

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What's the best way of protecting a large vinyl banner?

I have a very large banner which is a photo printed onto a thick plastic (vinyl??). It is autographed so I would like to preserve the banner and the signature. Is there any product I can use to help protect the surface and stop it from fading? I've e-mailed Krylon but apparently none of their products

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Can someone help me, please? I want to make a 'logo' for home-made produce.?

Hi, thanks for looking in. Pretty much, I have never liked graphics packages, they are too complex for me. I make a variety of produce for a disability co-operative (free, not a penny is charged) The aim is to grow veg and fruit, process it and give it away, living on state benefits is tough in the UK. As I am disabled too, I feel more strongly for this cause. You will appreciate, half of the appreciation of food is the presentation, and that includes the  packaging. So I would like a logo, please, but I'm rubbish with graphics. Ideally I would like something like the shield from the Warner Bros logo with Tweetie Pie's Grandma character 'popping' out of it. I would like permanent writing on it that says "Granny Vera's" (my wife is Vera - and she is a Granny at just 40!) with a space underneath Granny Vera's to allow me to type in the produce. If you can help me I would be immensely grateful, and I am very easy to please. I can also draw a sketch of what I envisage to help you further so time is not wasted. Many thanks Kevin

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Hi, Will sewing projects qualify as an instructable in the fiber arts contest? Best, Susan

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Urban Art

Hey, this fourm is for peoplewho make urban art and want to show it off.What is urban art? Urban art is creatingand art work out of anything common to you.ie. making a portrate of jimi hendrix out ofa cassette tape (http://www.flickr.com/photos/iri5/3344465546/)So have fun about showing off and discussingthis art form!

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egg art?

Where can I find patterns for painting ostrich eggs?

Asked by coolmuma 8 years ago

Backlighting Metal Wall Art

Anyone know how to backlight metal wall art? https://www.instructables.com/answers/How-to-backlight-outdoor-metal-wall-art/ thanks

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Revolution art

So, anyone have any new generation, revolution inspiring art? here's my stab at it.

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Rice Paddy Art

Somewhere in between crop circles and intricate corn mazes is this rice paddy art, in which different colors of rice are planted in strategic locations to make patterns. The Japanese are masters of creating art in the least likely of places--see metro ticket art.Link

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Selling Art

Does anyone here at Instructables sell their art at Redbubble? http://www.redbubble.com/people/josehflm

Posted by Josehf Murchison 3 years ago

Backlighting Metal Wall Art

Does anyone know how to backlight metal silhouette wall art? https://www.instructables.com/answers/How-to-backlight-outdoor-metal-wall-art/ Thanks

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Jesse Hensel, San Francisco Art Institute Ice Art Team Captain

I am a contemporary artist as well as a traditional woodcarver. This will be the third time I have participated in the World Ice Art Championships in my hometown of Fairbanks, Alaska. Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture, San Francisco Art Institute: Expected May 2008 Bachelor of Liberal Arts, Sarah Lawrence College: 2006 Additional Images of my work can be found at: www.jessehensel.com

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Art Cam does not start ?

The trial free for one month Art Cam does not start

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free art and crafts supplies Answered

Does anyone know of any sites that are giving away free art and craft supplies or free samples of arts and crafts supplies or any place where I maybe able to get from?

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wall art painting?


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Is writing an art form?

Is writing considered as an art form? I think it is. You create highly emotive pictures using pen and paper instead of paint or other mediums. Your opinions?

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My 1st attempt at art

Any comments, good or bad, would be really appreciated. Thanks 

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Art Experiment

Klara.be (belgium art radio/channel) did an experiment with Belgian painter Luc Tuymans (who's paintings go for million usd). What if you take art out of its usual context and expose it in the street? Would people even notice it?

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My Art In Illustrator

I made this in illustrator last night. Is it good? kinda grungey though...

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How can I finance a arts and crafts business? Answered

I would like to know anyway I can finance a arts and crafts business.Information must be for U.S. and please provide links. thank you.

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Some album art

. Something to look at

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do you have an art section?

I am an artist. Can I exhibit my work on this site?

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Wall art illusion

Here is an awesome wall art illusion, it took me about 2 hours to do as there was alot of tweaking involved. Hope you like it and tell me what you think.

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Best art brands for paper just for paint and sketches? Answered

I love art and i just use printer paper sometimes I use bigger skale paper. 

Asked by alpe_97 6 years ago

Amazing Art 3D That Comes Alive !

HI, Just watched this Amazing video.Enjoy watching http://www.askthecrafter.com/videos/750/amazing-art-3d-that-comes-alive-!

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Spray paint art, check out my profile

Hey guys if you wanna learn how to do some art with spray paint give me a message and ill try my best to make a clear and good piece of art for you guys to make also, However in the mean time look at my profile for some inscrutable on there. 

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