Adding a PDF to my ible

Hi, I'm trting to submit my first ible, and for some reason I can't seem to make my PDF file show up in it... My ible is published at but he PDF that's supposed to be downloadable with it isn't there. While Creating the ible, I uploaded my PDF file, and it's now in my Library, and also in the Attached pictures and files window under the text box. However, it's not on the published ible... How do I attach it?  It's a template I want pepople to be able to downlad. Thanks for the help!

Posted by Morgantao 7 years ago

Permitted attachment file types.

Hello, I'm having trouble finding a list of permitted file types for attachment to articles. I understand there are some which work, like .svg, .pdf, and the image extensions. The reason I ask is that I wish to attach Autodesk 123D Design .123dx files, but it doesn't appear to like it. Thanks Greg

Posted by SilverJimny 5 years ago

How do I attach wheels to a metal filing cabinet? Answered

I have a 5 drawer metal Hon lateral filing cabinet that I want to put wheels on so I can move it around. How do I do it?

Asked by StarPrincess 8 years ago

Making pointy cone-shaped nipple!

Hi all! New to the board... So I am going to be fire for Halloween to complement my boyfriend's firefighter costume. I will be wearing a lot of body paint, a shelf bra, a skirt, and I will be making cone-shaped Madonna-style nipple covers (maybe I will make them horn/flame shaped I havent decided), that will point upward. I will paint flames on them that will continue on to the rest of my chest in body paint. I need your help in deciding how to make these pointy nipple pieces. I think they will be about 2 inches in diameter and be about 5 inches long. I was thinking of making them out of Polymer Clay and attaching them with Spirit Gum. They will be painted with acrylic. I am not sure if this is the best option or if spirit gum will even hold them in place. Is there a gooey-er adhesive I could use and a different material to make the cones? I am also hoping to make 3-5 smaller cones to paint flames on and attach to my arms. Any ideas? Thanks!! I appreciate all the feedback.

Posted by Roguexxxi 10 years ago

how do you attach a squeaker into a fursuit?

How do you attach a squeaker in a fursuit mask so that it squeaks when you move your jaw??

Asked by gracehedgehog09 6 years ago

how to attach a craftsman lawn mower motor to a bike?

So I got two free craftsman lawn mowers on craigslist (one of them works the other one has parts). i couldnt really find a name or anything so its 6.75 high torch horsepower or something like that on the front. i think this is it, but im not sure. its probably older than this want to attach it with minimal $, and welding. any info helps.

Asked by frogsaver 8 years ago

lcd stand or bracket?

Hi have an LCD and finding a mount seems to be almost impossible. To attach a mount it first need to be recessed into the screen. The VESA dimensions are 200mm X 100mm. Does any one have any ideas as to as to how I can fix this monitor to the wall. The monitor is a Samsumg 2494HS Thanks

Asked by enoted 7 years ago

How to secure plastic to plastic, with clean removal in the future?

I want to attach something plastic to my motorcycle body (also plastic) temporarily. It needs to be pretty secure and preferably water-resistant, but it can't be irreversible. I'd rather not use clear plastic tape since that will be ugly and obvious. Any ideas?

Posted by DIYJRAY 2 years ago

How do you attach a file to an instructable? Answered

I am working on a new instructable that you can print out something from microsoft word and use it in your project, yet I cannot find where to attach the file on the instructable...

Asked by Jessie Marie 5 years ago

how do you fix broken digital video tape?

The tape has broken off the spool on a MINI DV video tape. Need to know how to re-attach it.

Asked by 9 years ago

[HELP ME] Attaching a gear to a skateboard wheel

Hello!  I have a project in mind about making an electric skateboard. I will use skate's wheels to make less resistance, and i plan to attach a gear i upcycled from an old drill(the tube geared on the inside, not the outside) to a skate wheel. THe problem is: HOW?? If you don't know what im talking about its the tube that makes the planetary gears in a drill spin(  ) on the photos i attached its just super glued to the wheel, so i can figure out a way to attach them.. HELP ME PLEASE!

Posted by dsirotic 4 years ago

How do you attach an envelope to a letter in MicroSoft Word 2007?

I want to figure out how to edit an envelope for printing that is attached to a letter. In other words, I want to print out the envelope with the letter. This was possible in the earlier versions of Word. Any advice on how to do this?

Asked by AlternateLives 8 years ago


Hi,, Is it possible to attach a pdf to an answer. Many thanks, Qdoc

Posted by Qdoc 7 years ago

attaching EL wire to the conection clips

Does any no how to attach EL wire to those clips?

Posted by steven123 7 years ago

My Knex Attachments

Any attachment you want, ask, ill try and make it. 1) Holographic sight 2) Sniper scope 3) M203 Grenade Launcher

Posted by EXZOTlC 7 years ago

PM Attachments in Instructables? Answered

Whats the skinny on no attachment /pictures in private messages.  Is it a major revamp to include this feature. Every place else in Instructables allows them, so i don't get it.

Asked by WWC 5 years ago

How to attach something to the smooth shaft of a DC toy motor? Answered

Hello I have a small DC motor and I want to attach something to it. But the problem is it has a smooth shaft. How can I attach something to it?

Asked by dark32 2 years ago

Attachment? Answered

Such a great class, thanks so much! I can't find where the extra Instructables you mentioned are attached. Do they not show because I'm mobile?

Asked by cfremming 7 months ago

can't attach? Answered

In Firefox in ubuntu 16.10 I've added a comment and pasted a photo. When I hit "I made it" I get "Please attach photo of what you've made". Then when I hit "attach photo" nothing happens.

Asked by voder 1 year ago

Download attached files and PDF at the same time

I have been wondering for some time, is there a way to download the PDF of the instructables together with the attached files in one go, like getting it in a *.zip or *.rar file?

Posted by 5v3n4ndr3 2 years ago

Do you need the paddle attachment to make cookies? Answered

I have alway used a normal mixer with the default attachments? Does the stand mixer with paddle attachment drastically affect the result? Is it worth it to invest in a stand mixer?

Asked by ShaneC3 1 year ago

attaching the prosthetic

One of the biggest challenges has been figuring out a low cost easy to DIY way to attach the prosthetic to the child's remaining limb. Please share any thoughts, information or ideas you might have.

Posted by CarliPierce 9 years ago

Is there an attachment from my dremel 8220 that I could use as router? Answered

Is there an attachment from my dremel 8220 that I could use instead of a router?

Asked by JoshB261 1 year ago

attaching hammock to a roofed deck?

Would it be safe to attach a hammock to a deck with a roof. it looks like the one in the picture below. the hammock would go where the green circles are drawn. about how many pounds can something attached to those posts hold . thanks and also where would be the worst place to attach it.

Asked by KawalS 3 years ago

Can't attach images to comments

Add images button opens the interface, but the image library tab won't open. Images can be uploaded but cannot be attached. ? L

Posted by lemonie 9 years ago

How to attach stone to necklace like this?

Greetings, Does anyone know how to attach a stone to a necklace like this? What are those metals? Thanks

Posted by NeuroPulse 4 years ago

USB Flash Drive keyring attachment

Everybody loves their flash drive, and most people keep them on their keys (or if you're really cool, on a lanyard around your neck with some kind of card identifying you as a professional geek). A few months ago I bought a little 4gb Lexar Firefly, and I love it. It's tiny and holds lots of information. As you can see in the picture, the hole where you attach a keyring is in the lid, not on the body of the drive. This cuts down on the drive's size, but means that the drive might fall out of the lid, or get forgotten and left behind. Naturally, this happened after not 3 months of ownership. After a while I lamented ever finding my trusty drive, and tossed the little clear plastic cap. However, lo and behold, I did find my little USB drive a long time later--Bbt now I have no way to attach it to my keys! Does anybody have some ideas for a key-attachment mod for my little firefly? I'd like to avoid adding any kind of bulky casing, but I will if it means not having to drop $25 on a new one.

Posted by thepeacefish 8 years ago

can anyone identify this lathe attachment (used for turning disks into "bowls") ?

Hey I'm looking for the name and/or other informations about this lathe attachment used for turning (silver) disks into "bowls"  (I'm talking about the attachment used for holding the disks) really hope you can help me!! thanks :)

Asked by lordl9999 6 years ago

How to attach stone to necklace like this?

Greetings, Does anyone know how to attach a stone to a necklace like this? What are those metals? Thanks

Asked by NeuroPulse 4 years ago

How can I attach a cable to a steel rod?

I need to attach a cable to a steel rod. Right now, the cable is attached to the rod by a loop in the cable and some tape (see photo). I'd like to attach it in a way that is aesthetically cleaner and more robust. I'd like to find a solution that does not involve welding. Any ideas are really appreciated! Thanks!

Asked by BillyZac 6 years ago

how to attach electrical box to lolly column? Answered

Is there a clamp, bracket, etc that I can buy or make to facilitate the attachment of an electrical box to the lolly column in my basement?

Asked by dagdon 8 years ago