where is the tensioner on a 2002 malibu?

I have to re[place alternator it has 3.1 lt engine

Asked by rosscowboysfan1 8 years ago

can pressure monitoring valves stems in a 2003 Cadillac Seville be replaced with standard valve stems?

Have ongoing problem of pressure stems leaking. have replaced two and they are expensive.

Asked by 9 years ago

I replaced my town and country's air filter with a fram. does that void the warranty? Answered

I replaced my town and country's air filter with a fram. does that void the warranty?

Asked by robjob1918 8 years ago

Will a leak in my muffler cause rpms to increase slightly ?

This happens in neutral as well as when in gear.  Only talking 2-300 rpms in each case.  Will be replacing muffler tomorrow regardless.

Asked by BOB J 8 years ago

Newtons Cradle

Is there anyway anyone knows how to build like a robot kind of thing that with a push of a button moves your newtons cradle and if possible can you make it do a range of tricks?? It would be awesome if i could Looking Forward to responses Thanks!

Posted by unknownusername2702 5 years ago

Rope Light?

I have a rope light that runs on a battery pack that holds 2 AA batteries. I want to use these lights to outline my grill on my truck. Is there a way to hook this up to the 12V electric system of the truck so I dont have to use batteries all the time?

Asked by JeromyR 1 year ago

Is there a remote for a stock radio?

I have a 2012 Kia Soul, base model, with the factory installed radio.  I also have two children who always 'need' the radio station changed.  Does any one know if you can purchase, if so where, a remote the radio?  I am a single mother so don't want to get involved with replacing the radio just to have a remote.  I was just hoping that there would be an easy out for me, lol.  Thank you

Asked by kloenikole36 4 years ago

Help (Semi-Auto)

I really need help on designing a semi auto mechanism. Any Ideas?

Posted by HBF 10 years ago

How do I enable Auto Renew?

I see a lot of questions about turning off Auto Renew, but in my case, I want to turn it on.  How do I do that?  I can't find any place in my profile or settings. Thanks

Posted by ve3joc 1 year ago

how can i put my computer to auto-login?

Well, title says it all, i want my computer to automatically log onto an account... how do i do it?

Asked by godofal 8 years ago

Switching Circuit

Hi, I want to build a Auto-Switching circuit. I would appreciate if you could help me on circuit. Sorry for my ignorance in circuit design. There are two power sources A and B. The A is 12v and B is 3v.I would be utilizing the power from A only when B is turned On. So an auto switching circuit is required in this scenario. The circuit should sense if B is On, if so it should let A On.

Posted by arunsun 9 years ago

wireless turnsignals

How would I design wireless turnsignals for my antique car that has not turnsignals?

Posted by tim54889 2 years ago

How do I fix an oil leak problem for a 1983 Mercedes Benz 300sd?

Oil leak appears at the pipe connected to the oil pan

Asked by 8 years ago

what is the cheapest and easyest way to paint the hood of my truck?

I got an old dodge truck and the paint on the hood is fading. i need to sand it primer it paint it and put on a clear coat, but that stuff is sooo expensive

Asked by rd6659 8 years ago

how do i replace dash lights on an 01 subaru outback ?

My light went out behind my odometer on my subaru , it is the only light that is out. it is digital . or is there a seperate fuse for that ? But all the other lights are ok. Is there a way of replacing just the bulb itself ?

Asked by nena c 6 years ago

not good just want to stop rust

I dont want a good job or a really bad job just want to cover or stop the car from rusting just want ok job will a spray can of mach paint from parts house work or  a cheap spray can from friend work

Posted by wingram 5 years ago

2001 volvo v70 t5 air conditioner cuts off while driving.

I have a 2001 volvo v70 t5, and the air conditioner cuts out while driving. When I turn it off for about 10 mins. and turn it back on it will work for a little while.

Asked by Bigmonk 5 years ago

Help needed some idiot vandalised my car

Well Guys, It seems Christmas is not all ways the season of good will. Sometime over the holiday some idiot poured white household gloss paint over my car. It dont look too good as the car is metalic red. Anyone advise me on how to remove the white paint with minimal damage to the (two pack acrylic) car paint?

Asked by trapper23 5 years ago

Replacement flanges for 2002 Ranger exhaust?

I'm replacing the rear half of the exhaust on my 02 ranger. (consists of the intermediate pipe the muffler and the exhaust pipe) There's a spring load gasket asssembly between the exhaust pipe (going to muffler) and the cat. converter. The flange on the cats pipe is rusted out. Anyone know if a split flange repair kit (or something akin) is available. I'd rather not do a chop job (remove the flanges on both pipes and install a flex pipe etc.)

Asked by Ranger1942 6 years ago

rubber inside Pulsation damper on toyota fuel rail

Hi i have a toyota pick up thats leaking fuel from the pulsation damper on the front of the fuel rail ive found pictures of what this thing looks like inside just a spring and a round piece of rubber sandwhich between round pieces of metal ..i am trying figure out what type of rubber that is maybe tire rubber or rubber gloves  maybe  someone here has rebuilt one  hope you guys can help 

Posted by Lauriepaul 5 years ago

Home used subwoofer can connect to car?

I have a home used subwoofer with 220V AC. It has a transformer input of 220V AC, and Output of 12V 2A. I want to fix that subwoofer unit into my boot of the car. My car is running on 12V NS 60 Car battery. To run the unit with car battery I may have to bypass the transformer of the unit and give power from the battery directly to the Amplifier. I have two questions. 1. Is it safe to get a direct power line from the car battery to the unit. 2. How to identify the place in the circuit board to connect the power line from the car battery. (Sample diagrams are very much appreciated)

Asked by udaruk 4 years ago

Ooda's Semi Auto

Pretty boss.

Posted by GrandeSwag 6 years ago

Turn off auto renew.

Is there a way to turn off the subscription auto renew?  I don't want to be charged when I don't expect it.

Posted by itjmiller 7 years ago

Do you think this is semi-auto?

Https://www.instructables.com/id/TrueSemi-automatic-Knex-pistol./People keep telling me this isn't semi-auto. Say what you think.

Posted by oodalumps 9 years ago

Full Autos (K'NEX)

With this link, it should be easy to build a K'NEX automatic. Scroll down to "Blowback Guns" and hold down the trigger.

Posted by DrWeird117 9 years ago

Semi auto

OK my Dad took a hand-gun safety coarse and he got to use a Semi Auto, He learned how it was semi auto. when you cock it once it loads a bullet and the firing pin is pulled back. Bang you fire! the the recoil from the gun re-cockes the gun!and you fire and so on!

Posted by Metal4God 10 years ago

Worlds First Fully auto K'nex Gun

This is a fully auto k'nex gun. yes i said fully auto. and it actually is fully auto. the pics should explain how it works. its clever because the more elastic bands you put on it the more friction it creates. ive got it just right so the ratio is perfect. ***UPDATE***Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-6LPtUgZvA

Posted by Millawi Legend 9 years ago

Can there be a knex gun that is auto without a motor?

I searched almost every machine guns on 'ibles, and it all includes a motor. Not that I have a motor, but can there be a full-auto knex gun without a motor? Like a cam action?

Asked by Dashadower 5 years ago

Auto-tune on the PC?

I've been looking and searching for some sort of free auto-tune program for the PC, and so far have turned up confusing .dll files that I can't find in my my Reaver or FL Studio programs. Sorry if this was asked before.

Asked by Drakeler 8 years ago

Auto login problem

Since I linked my instructables account with my facebook account autologin doesn't work. I checked my browser and keychain and the problem isn't there. Can you help me?

Posted by odvratno.zgodan 7 years ago

How do i make an auto cat food dispenser for 3 cats?

Capacity - say 1 week?  Prefer something simple, not using electronics as I am no good with that.

Asked by siewghek 8 years ago

post it?


Posted by ryan knexer 10 years ago

I am trying to downgrade grand theft auto san andreas on PC but when I try it says invalid directory why????????????

Exactly what it says on the title but sa-mp server choose screen works

Asked by highvoltageguy 6 years ago

How do I make a mini pen gun that shoots in fully auto?

Sorry if I published it again I'm not sure if I published it the first time

Asked by GEEK1 9 years ago

auto printing?

I need help and I'm hoping I've come to the right place. I consider myself fairly computer compitant however I'm having a hard time find a resource to learn this little trick. Basically I'm trying to make something print everyday at 730am so when i walk in the office in the morning i can grab it from the printer and get to work instead of waiting for the secretary to hopefully get there at 8am and hopefully print it by 830. It's and excell file (ns that it really matters.) If any one knows a simple macro or a setting please let me know. thanks.

Posted by knstormshadow 7 years ago

World's Strangest Vehicles

Let's build some of these!http://www.darkroastedblend.com/2007/10/worlds-strangest-vehicles-part-3.html

Posted by ewilhelm 10 years ago

new member needs help

What are the advantages of LED lights for automobile? At present, which automobile model has installed LED?

Posted by Stella2015 3 years ago

Pontiac control arm bushing?

How do you change the control arm bushings on a 1995 pontiac grand am se 3.1 L V6 engine

Asked by tigger1960 7 years ago

How to build connectors?

I am wanting to use my auto dvd player by placing the head unit in one place, but somehow extending the touchscreen so I can mount it on my dash. Is it possible to build a connector so the screen can be moved and does not have to be connected to the head unit? The screen is removeable as an antitheft measure so all I would need to do is extend the the distance between the head unit and the screen. If I could build the connectors then extending that would be simple.?

Asked by balrog1008 5 years ago

hydrogen kit for a car? Answered

First is it real and i know how the hydrogen is made but does it go into the intake or something or through the fuel injectors as well as does it use the oxygen as well?

Asked by BIGHAIRYDUDE 7 years ago