Backward Typing!

I just published a topic on cleaning juice stains from carpet. (home section) When I first started writing the topic, my 1st sentence came out ".der gnihtemoS" At first, I said 'what the??!!"  but then I realized that it was PRECISELY backwards of what I had written. "Something red." After deleting the glitch sentence, it went normally. Curious.

Posted by Toga_Dan 2 years ago


Ok so i have a little problem here... i want to make a little electric motor go forward and backward by pressing a single button for each move (so 2 button in total) i got a little image ( poor quality i know but youl get the point) of what i did but its doesnt work :/ thx

Posted by koax 10 years ago

Is it possible to have a piston engine run backwards and generate electricity?

Such as a one-piston lawn mower engine.

Asked by MatanSilver 9 years ago


I am working on am iphone charger. it does not work. could my resistors be backwards?

Asked by Vijster1 6 years ago

Loaded backwards

This one day, I was trying to open a page, and I noticed something funny. The thing at the bottom of the page that shows you how much of the page has loaded was going backwards! Seriously, it was on 99, and then it went to 97, 89, 78, 65, 55, 43, 20, 4... My Fasterfox timer (which counts how long it takes for your page to load) even started going backwards! Ah well. I guess that's just what I get for using an old version of Firefox. (2.00.01, I know it's old.)

Posted by YummyPancakes 10 years ago

i need to know how to make a 2 stroke run backward?

I am converting a pocket rocket from electric to run on a weed wacker engine but, the engine rotates the wrong way. any advice on how to get it to run the other way. i am most confused on how to change the timing to fire at the right time going backward. thanks

Asked by sirchioi 8 years ago

How can I create audio palindromes?

There are plenty of guides to writing phrases that are read the same backwards and forwards. But how can I create some phrases that sound the same when the recording is digitally reversed?

Asked by 9 years ago

What happens when you install electrolytic capacitors backwards? Answered

I built an ignition coil driver with a ne555 timer I think I may have installed the electrolytic capacitor in the circuit backwards. The circuit oscillated then started to die out would this be the capacitor failing?  

Asked by The MadScientist 7 years ago

how to make this DTMF ROBOT?

If this question is stupid plz  sorry I made a dtmf based bot ( car) using mt8870 ic   (without any programming) now i am trying to make another bot with some new features  i need to control 8 things  1 forward          -- when 2 is pressed                                  2  backward     -- 8 is pressed 3 left                 --  4 is pressed 4 right               --  6 is pressed 5 camera motor 1 forward and backward           -- 1 is pressed 6 camera motor 2 forward and backward           -- 3 is pressed 7 and two more motor forward and backward    --  7  is pressed 8 want to lit a led                                                --- 0 what will be the programming code i am using atmega 16  plz tell

Asked by Mayoogh 3 years ago

messing with a clock

For Halloween I want to create a little knock off of the clock from Disney's Haunted Mansion. I have found a great image of the clock face online. How feasible would it be for me to hack a simple electric clock and have it 1) run backwards and 2) run very fast Thanks!!!!

Posted by Purple Chez 1 year ago

What could make my antique table fan run backwards?

I bought an antique hunter table fan at an auction. The power cord was missing so I replaced it. When I turn it on now it runs but it sucks air rather than blowing it. Can anyone tell me what the problem might be?

Asked by EddieP21 2 years ago

Star rating going backwards help

Please fix I had about 5 friends who gave me five stars And each time they voted my rating would go down. I now have 1.88,please fix and if you can put My instructable at the correct number of star and rating. Thanks very much!!

Posted by vader119 8 years ago

What is a very long word that can be spelled the same backwards???

I am very coureous.....please help!!

Asked by Snooki3 6 years ago

how to lenghten bicycle frame? Answered

The frame of my bike is too short for me so my back seriously hurts especially up slopes. is it because the frame is too short or the handlebar is too low? if i reposition the saddle backwards, the cycling is a bit better but not a lot. next idea is: i have is to buy longer stem 2nd idea is to buy saddle support (pipe) that is bended backwards.

Asked by Karletto555 8 years ago

Electric motor running backwards

I have an electric motor on a large Hobart vertical mixer 80 quart.I had the brushes replaced and put it back together It now runs in reverseIt is a single phase motor with four brushes that have no power to them there is no capacitor eitherIt is an old style motorAny help would be greatly appreciated even what type of motor this isThanks David

Asked by David Ferguson 3 months ago

Circuit diagram Answered

Hi - is the battery pack shown backwards in the circuit diagram?I'm trying to match up my components with the + and - and it seems to be different between the different photos.Thanks for the help!

Asked by amyschlosser 1 year ago

The World Is Going to Explode!

I came here and all of the sudden, the whole design is backwards (which looks like shit by the way). How long has the world been spinning into disaster like this?

Posted by Crash2108 11 years ago

My solar garden light is working backwards how can i fix it? Answered

Hey guys I brought a solar garden light to light up a sign in mums garden so i chopped off the led and soldered in a length of wire, then when it was all connected up i put it out in the sun and noticed it lit up and when i covered the panel the light went out. Whats wrong with it how do i fix it? Answers appreciated

Asked by Scotty3000 7 years ago

Continental knitting? Answered

I knit continental because I learned to crochet first. I often get confused by knitting instruction videos because everything is "backwards." Is this class going to offer Continental instructions as well as standard knitting?

Asked by SabrinaB38 1 year ago

Would it be possible to turn seats around? Answered

Would it be possible to turn seats around? Like in a ford escape take the rear seats out, and reverse them so they face backwards?

Asked by frisbeechamp1983 6 years ago

Srac Sdrawkcab.

Here's a bit of fun; lift the top off a car, flip it front-for-back, and refit it, all in Photoshop. From FinalGear via NOTCOT. Go on, let's see your photoshoppery and gimpery.

Posted by Kiteman 7 years ago

I have been working on an rc robot. I need help determinig what pins do what on the microcontroller. Can any one help? Answered

I have found the pins for the two motors. Each motor has two pins. All of the pins for the motors respond when I make the motors go froward or backward. (by all I mean both pins for the motor that is mooving). I need to know which pin goes forward and which pin goes backward.

Asked by TOCO 8 years ago

Bug using NEXT and PREV buttons

Hi,   Using the next and previous buttons when searching for related instructables adds a backwards slash (\) to the URL resulting in a "Request Too Long" error after the 13th page.

Posted by affix 6 years ago

If you increase the voltage to a clock, will the clock tick faster? Answered

Pretty much that, will it tick faster, slower(?), backwards(!), blow the clock, do nothing, make tim-tams?

Asked by munchman 9 years ago

Phase Cancellation to Prevent Feedback

The Grateful Dead's wall of sound prevented feed back by having two mics for each vocalist with one of the mics 180° out of phase of the other. Then mixing both mics on the same channel. So the only information that wasn't canceled was the voice.  This gave me an idea. I took a handset and added a mic facing backward from the existing mic. Then wired the second mic out of phase. Apparently there's more to it electrically then just wiring the other mic backwards because the handset went dead. Is this possible with just parts salvaged from old phone equipment?

Posted by AJRimmer 5 years ago

How can we reverse the chemical reaction of a lead acid battery without the addition of energy? Just adding chems.

Http:// shows the forward and backward chemical reactions.

Asked by lamedust 9 years ago

I need to make an air valve, but backwards!?!??! I really need help.?

All air valves I see move into the high pressure resevoir to release the air and then a spring pushes it back shut. Is it possible to have the valve set up opposite of that? In this valve the valve would open away from the high pressure resevoir and the air would escape the same way the valve is going. Traditionally, the valve moves into the high pressure and the air moves out the opposite way. Any information would be excessively helpful and I appreciate it in advance!

Asked by whiteyg0tgame 8 years ago

How do I make a spinning wheel from this treadle sewing machine? Answered

It does need cleaning and painting, but the treadle and the fly wheel move smoothly backwards and forwards.  Thank you.

Asked by jodi8727 5 years ago

Knex scar L not working?

My scar L is not working when i pull the pin back the bullet goes backwards and forwards sometimes and when it does fire it does not go very far any ideas on how i can fix this?

Posted by pongopeter826 3 years ago

Voltage help

Hello I am new to electronics I am having trouble designing a circuit that lowers VDC as ground resistance increases and raises as ground decreases every circuit I've built works backwards. I am working with 5vdc any help would be much appreciated thanks

Posted by Ed69 1 year ago

An Electronic piston

Please guys I need a small 12 or 24 volts  device  that can give me a forward movement when it's powered on and backward movement when it is off or vice-versa. Just as pneumatic pistons work, but I need it to be electronic. please help it is very urgent. thanks

Asked by victorious4live 2 years ago

555 working backwards?

Hey, so i wired up my 555, with a trigger button, and because i only had small resistors at the time, I used one to give a really quick period. however when i put in a brand new 800 KOhm resistor (that should have raised the period to 8 seconds) instead of lengthening the period it put a time limit on the trigger. so now i have an output that stays high for a faction of a second and then the chip can't be re-triggered for 8 seconds. i know people don't have an encyclopedic knowledge of 555, but does anyone more experienced have any ideas why this might have happened. thanks in advance.

Asked by DrVonTrap 7 years ago

How to fix CRT monitor that has been powered with reverse voltage?

I have a small Homeland Security system monitor (model number 01875) that I accidentally powered with backwards polarity. Now it doesn't turn on. How can I fix it?

Asked by Ethanal 7 years ago

CD to LP Help!

I have a CD of mine that I really would like converted back to vinyl is this possible at all?The only thing that I could find is LP to CD conversion such as this site hereAnyone know anything about this?And the CD is Buckethead : Enter The Chicken : P

Posted by jackillac92 9 years ago

Front page is broken

The front page is broken. First, words typed into the large search box come up backwards (can't upload screenshot due to "server maintenance"). Second, hitting the space bar whilst typing in the large search box takes you to the end of the front page. So, trying to type in "cable reel" shows "elbac" in the search box, then you jump to the bottom of the page. Third, the drop-down menus (Explore, Create etc) do not work on the front page. (But, the small search box at the top of the front page is working) This is not just on my home computer - Kitewife just phoned me to tell me that they were having this problem at her place of work (she was trying to show some colleagues some knitting techniques, I think.)

Posted by Kiteman 3 years ago


Hi, I'm making plans for a remote control car from scratch, and have a few questions. Are hobby motors able to go backwards, how do you control that? Any ideas on making a wireless usb cord for a webcam? Do you know of any small things (like motors) that could move a switch remotely for the steering mechanism? Any other ideas?

Posted by Weissensteinburg 11 years ago

PWM to Digital Signal

I am trying to make an R/C sumo bot for a competition. What would be the easiest way to run regular DC gearhead motors from a servo controller? I'm thinking of somehow converting the pwm signal into a digital signal that would run the motors forward or backward.

Posted by Stingray 7 years ago

Stuck analog stick?

Whenever I try to play with one of my original XBOX controllers, the left analog stick seems to be stuck in a down position. Physically, it's fine, but ingame my character is always moving backwards. I've tried multiple games and xboxes, but i can't get it to work. Any help?

Asked by LiquidLightning 7 years ago

4 axis Joystick on 2 motors. HELP?

I got a 4 axis joystick that i want to hock up to 2 motors, so when i push it forward both motors turn in one direction (the same for backwards) and when i push to one of the side the motors will turn different ways? can anyone make a schematic?

Asked by mberg86 8 years ago