Home-made Flash Bangs

Hey everybody, i'm looking to find out how to make the most efficent, cost effect and relatively DIY flash bangs for your day-to-day blinding needs. i know there are some fairly routine methods follow out there, but i am hoping that if enough of us instructabilians share our knowledge and experiences it will be possible to create a dam good design. thanks for your help

Posted by Klive 10 years ago

Classic bang gun from the old batman show

Hello, im making a costume for Halloween and ive been trying to build the classic bang gun,its the gun with the red flag that pops out and it says bang.i cant wrap my mind around how to make it,either through it pops out of the gun or that it slides from the side of the pipe,i dont know im not a hands on kinda guy.can any one please help me. thank you Jager

Posted by jagerwiser 9 years ago

Does anyone have a good Instructable that involves something going boom or making a big flash?

Hey. I am a new member to Instructables and like things that go "boom" and "fwoosh". Please send me some!

Posted by thebeef2 9 years ago

You know those party poppers? The ones you throw on the ground and they make a tiny spark. How do you make those? Answered

One time i unwrapped one and these rock/crystals came out. Any idea what they are and how to make them. I though it was phosphorus and another compound that ignited it. But I still have no clue. I had once seen something on a website called the anarchists cookbook. But the website was quickly deleted...

Asked by PizzaPlanet 9 years ago

banger for re-enactment

I need to make a small banger that i can fit into a a re-enactmen rifle (or near it) that will reliably bang on command. i am thinking something run on butane with a piezo sparker..any ideas?

Posted by maninamousesuit 7 years ago

Bangs? Answered

My bangs are way too short to go into the braid. Should I include or exclude them?

Asked by ElainaS2 1 year ago

Model Rocket sabotage

I need a way to sabotage a model rocket,extra points for explosions,house hold objects,undetected,funny,and relyablity

Posted by MajorBromley 7 years ago

How do you make a pressure flaker so you can knap flint? Answered

I really want to know how to make a pressure flaker so that i can knap flint but i don't know how to. Please help :2(

Asked by henster22 7 years ago

How do you nap flint I really want to know how to work flint but I don't know how to Answered

I have tried to bash one piece against the other but it always ends up splitting and a just cant find on the web how to do it. Please help me :2(

Asked by henster22 7 years ago

head banging

Who here head bangs i do and it gives me a head ace is that a bad thing? Well tell me if you do and remember keep head banging

Posted by Metal4God 10 years ago

Big Bang "theory" Dbunked!


Posted by slasinski 10 years ago

Banging Fan

For some reason the central heating/cooling fan is making a banging noise. I know it is the fan because when it kicks on, I start hearing a banging noise. It like bangs 4 times a second.  Does this mean I need a new fan or can it be repaired? Also is this a motor problem or a problem with the fan wheel? It sounds like hitting an air duct with your fingernails.

Posted by ADRIANT28 1 year ago

What is a good way yo make a firecracker from caps, without needing to break individual caps apart?

Yeah, the title just about says it all. I have made ones that you smash with a hammer, but I want something that I can set off with a time delay (Fuse). Thanks!

Asked by I_am_Canadian 9 years ago

flash paper!

This idea came from cartoons so bear with me.i have seen some flash powder instructables but not any flash paper ones (or so i think)using tetranites flash powder (https://www.instructables.com/id/Flash-Powder/) and mix with the idea of making paper (http://www.pioneerthinking.com/makingpaper.html) if you substituted "recycled paper" with flash powder could you make a flash paper that would ignite with a poof when lit. my conclusion is that the sponge would absorb the water along with the powder, but adding flash powder after making the paper while its still "wet" in step 9 add a layer of powder and sandwich it. maybe have one end without powder to make a rough fuse.i dont know what do you people think?

Posted by ich bin ein pyro 10 years ago

Do bangs work well with curly hair? Answered

I've got moderately curly shoulder-length hair. I'm kind of bored with my cut right now, and have been considering getting straight-across bangs. Is that a lot of work with curly hair?

Asked by shanghai_breezes 8 years ago

substitute for kno3

 ok so kno3( potasium nitrate ) is a 5.1 oxidiser yes?> chlorine is a 5.1 oxidizer so could you substitute kn03 for chlorine when making black powder or will chlorine react badly with the sulphur

Asked by milamber 8 years ago

Connecting two or more disposable camera flash circuits together?

I was wondering if i could connect 2 or more disposable camera flash circuits together to charge the capacitors on my coil gun faster ? and how id do so?  i know that i could do this https://www.instructables.com/id/Coilgun-Handgun/#step1 but i dont want to take apart my circuits because there not all the same. thanks

Asked by cfrenette1 6 years ago

Smokeless bang? Like a pistol blank but does not emit smoke, Any Tricks? Thanks?

I am needing to make a gun prop for a contest, However I am not allowed to make any smoke.... Help? Thanks

Asked by KyleofAsgard 7 years ago

Difficulty because of My Hairstyle? Answered

I have layered hair and short bangs. Will this be a problem?

Asked by ElainaS2 1 year ago

What is the best way to make Aluminum powder?

I don't have a coffee grinder, or a blender that will make it fine enough, and my belt sander spins the wrong way to collect it. I have all of the aluminum. Can you help?

Asked by Thelonelysandwitch 9 years ago

remote controlled bang :DD

Is there any chance some of you guys can give me an idea how to make firecracker or w/e explode using remote controller. For example pushing a button and it goes off, but nothing too seriously or expensive. 

Posted by jankost 6 years ago

I have been here for... 4 years on the 14th!

I have been here for 4 years on the 14th!!! And im turning 14 on the 21st! *fireworks shoot off* *bang bang* :-D

Posted by Vynash 7 years ago

What modification would give me the most bang for my buck on a bass guitar? Answered

I have a one year old fender squire bass guitar, and need a little better sound out of it, what mod would be the best for my money (about $20)?

Asked by shammallamaman 9 years ago

Explosive music player

There was much fear and freak out [when the box was opened]. But cooler heads prevailed and a phone call was made. “Hey Matt, did you order metal objects of a dubious nature?” Find out what they did, and how, here. (And what music would you store on it?  My first thoughts were Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang or Twisted Firestarter...)

Posted by Kiteman 8 years ago

chain gun trigger system

I am sooo tired of stupid mg's that only work when you turn the motor on.so, i've made a trigger system which works like this: first you load a chain into the gun. second, you turn the motor on. third you squeeze the trigger.bang bang bang aaaaaaawwwwwwwwweeeessssssssoooooommmmmmeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!no pics yet, will be be soon though

Posted by ultimachris 10 years ago

laser project problem?

 Hello, https://www.instructables.com/id/Laser-Surveillance-System-for-under-$20/ I've tried to do this project but i can't complete it .. I can hear the bangs only .. why ??

Asked by hakemsaeed 8 years ago

Would shades, or sunglasses protect you from flashbangs?

Let's say you are in a situation where every second counts. Do wearing shades or sunglasses protect your eyes from temporary blindness as a result of a military grade flashbang? If not, what are some ways to protect yourself from the bright, instant flash of a flashbang? What are some ways I could imitate the blinding flash of a flash bang, without having to use actual flash bangs for an experiment? I'd appreciate your ideas.

Posted by IlluminatedAntichrist 10 years ago

Which nerf gun?

I dont know with nerf gun to get the longshot, vulcan looks cool two But i dont Know what to get help i am looking for a good field gun, and does any one know were i kan buy a scope for it

Asked by hobbitboy 7 years ago

PS2 to USB!

I would do it myself, but I am poor. Get this $5 adapter from Dealextreme and do the xbox to usb thing! bang, PS2 with DirectX Feedback on your pc!

Posted by willrandship 8 years ago

Battery Powered Puppet Show Squibs

I'm doing a puppets show ( of die hard) anyhoo i though that if i could use wire and a battery to trigger a bang snap (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bang_snaps) then i could effectively make a squib to go on the puppet. However i don't even know what kind of voltage would be required to do this. I obviously want to keep things safe so can a battery (and a car battery would be too big) be used to set off a bang snap?

Posted by Beelord 4 years ago

What happens when you charge 2 1.2V batteries with 5 volts??

The 2 1.2V bateries are in series. Will they explode? Will they glow? Will they recreate the big bang?

Asked by kaboom! 6 years ago

best distraction

What do you guys thinks is the best (flash bang or smoke) distraction. It would be personaly magneseume and phoshpate ( hard to get ingredinents) for a good flash. For a smoke distraction it would be salt peter and sugar ( has to be cooked).

Posted by 0-Xero-0 11 years ago

knex 9mm (conversion crossbow)

Should i post this?( its a conversion crossbow) cc for short to convert it into a pistol all you have to do is a orange connector and put a rubber bang through the hole heres some pics

Posted by adamsdead 10 years ago

Help me spend my money

I got $75 in Lowes gift cards and am having trouble spending it. What tools/materials should I buy to get the most bang for my buck? There are so many things I want I just cannot decide.

Posted by ehudwill 5 years ago

How do I centre an image using epson 2100 printer?

 I want to print an image, using an epson 2100 printer, on A3 paper and have the image bang in the centre , or, to position it centred with a larger bottom margin? Thanks

Asked by HRPufinstuf 8 years ago


I'm looking to make explosives for some homemade fireworks. I want something to put in what I already have to give it a nice loud bang. I don't have a clue where to buy stuff like potassium or salt peter and all that good stuff. But if you could give me a few suggestions, that would be appreiciated.

Posted by Mr.Devious 11 years ago

Hello all SOE Operatives

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to design and publish new instructables about conceilment, explosives, gadgets, tricks and any other things we may need!!!!! THIS MESSAGE WILL EXPLODE IN 10 SECONDS!!!!10......9.....8....7...6...5...4...3...2...1...........BANG!!!!!

Posted by Loosewire; SOE Operative 11 years ago

How can i make a basic firecracker into a waterproof firecracker?

I need to be able to use these fireworks (equivalent of m80's ) for a film sequence and they need to be lit above water and go bang down below. any help would be appreciated. thanks in advance.

Asked by antounz 7 years ago

guess-the-joke's-punchline contest

EDIT: THE CONTEST HAS CLOSED!the winners:blue ribbon: GorillazmikoHonorable mention: Dsman195267the joke:A man walks into a fireworks store and asks: "Can I have a bang for a buck?"the joke with honorable mention:a man walks into a fireworks store and says: "it's dark in here, can I have a match?"

Posted by DJ Radio 9 years ago

Flash drive mini, noooo!

All of last night I drilled, filed, hollowed and glued togeather my flash drive car. I come on instructables to post it, but apparently I'm too late. Looking back, a plastic car might have been easier... anyways, heres a pic of mine, its a little banged up, but I like it:

Posted by sumplesnoob 11 years ago

Semi auto

OK my Dad took a hand-gun safety coarse and he got to use a Semi Auto, He learned how it was semi auto. when you cock it once it loads a bullet and the firing pin is pulled back. Bang you fire! the the recoil from the gun re-cockes the gun!and you fire and so on!

Posted by Metal4God 10 years ago