Please guide me to the luxurious world of electricity, I'm a newcomer

Hello, i am running on projects here, and got no idea where to begin.i want to make an alarm clock. The desired time and ringing tone for the alarm should be able to be set accordingly to my will at any time. The requirements is, i must construct it with ATMEGA8535 or ATMEGA328 or ATMEGA16. Any suggestions what's the first thing to do here? pls kindly help me:)

Posted by jayfetra 3 years ago

Arduino Beginner

I'm gonna start with arduino, I'll buy the arduino uno board, any suggestions for courses or books that can teach me how to program and work with arduino? Thanks in advance! :)

Posted by Kolnorp 4 years ago

Beginner wanting to build a 3d printer

Hello, I am an absolute beginner to building machines and my goal is to build a 3d printer. I was thinking of purchasing a kit or following one of the instructables here, but what skills or knowledge would I need to acquire before I  attempt to build one? Any advice would be appreciated.

Posted by Calcgal 3 years ago

good electronic books for beginner

Hi there, Ive done a search on here but couldnt find a relevant post that recommends electronics for beginner type books. Does anyone have any reccs? Im not a noob to maths or programming and i did physics a-level that covered the basics of electricals but never actually done anything practical. Ive amazoned and found two books that seem to have great reviews and they are: Practical Electronics for Inventors by Paul Scherz and Title is Starting Electronics by Keith Brindley They seem good but from what i can tell they are only reference type books and dont have projects to help practice the knowledge. any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by thegeezer3 10 years ago

I was wondering if there is a good robotics starter kit for someone with zero experience? Answered

I have no tools, no experience, or basic know how to robotics. However, I am very interested in trying this out as a hobby. Where can I go to start building a beginner platform robot. I am also a mac user and again, have zero programming experience. Clean slate! Need a good starting point!

Asked by EBarron21 5 years ago

Getting started for a beginner

Hi there, I hope this is in the right forum. So, I have always liked to work with my hands, seeing things people made and thinking "I WOULD LOVE TO GET INTO THAT" and I recently decided to make good on my wishes and wish to really get into the DIY scene. I'm looking for help on what tools I should get my hands on to start working on things. An example of something I wish tor re-create would be this: I'm not looking for help on what it takes to make up the end product but rather the tools one would use consistently to make everything fit and what not. Is there a sort of beginners toolbox or something of that sort I should look into getting? Sorry if this is confusing, I'm confusing even myself a bit, haha. On a side note, does everyone here have a garage they work in? I'm in NYC and as many of you know it's not the easiest place to have a workbench. Can anyone recommend me places you would go to work on projects? Thank you in advance.

Posted by Rlahens 1 year ago

tools needed to get started ?

Hi there, i haven't made anything on this site yet. i'm wondering what are some good tools and supplies to get started with? anything that you come across in most projects (like a drill) ?

Posted by mrtunes 6 years ago

Any suggestions for projects for beginners - particularly electronics?

I know this question is kind of vague, but I thought I'd go for it anyway. I'd like to start working on some fun projects to get me accustomed to working with my hands. I'm relatively handy, but don't have any hard core technical knowledge. I can "build" computers and such, but I'm no programmer or electrician. I found my way here because I love looking at Make magazine, but I never buy it because it seems like all the projects require knowledge I don't have. I want to learn that knowledge. Can anyone suggest any instructables that are good, cheap and fun for beginners? I'm particularly interested in the electronics and tech stuff to get some experience working with circuits and soldering and such. Eventually I'd like to build a basic robot. There's just so much out there, I don't really know where to start. I just want to have some fun and have detailed enough instructions that I have some hand-holding along the way. If anyone out there has suggestions of good instructables to start with, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks in advance for any and all help! Just in case it helps narrow down choices, I'll list some areas of interest: Gaming (RPG, Video & Board) Green Living Robotics (though I know nothing about it) Animatronics (though I know nothing about it) Guitar Home Repair (basic plumbing and building skills) Networking / Computer repair (I was an IT manager until just recently) BASIC Auto repair Science Fiction Comic books Thanks again!

Posted by JesterPoet 9 years ago

What is a good intro project for learning how to work with LED?

I love light!  I have tons of LED ropes and light sets.  But I want to learn to do some things myself.  I have no experience with LED's at all but would love to learn how to create my own displays.  What would be a good project to start with no previous knowledge?  Thanks

Asked by Glitch010 6 years ago

Making LEDs flicker?

I'm building a costume piece and I really want to have a gem flicker different colors, using LED backlighting. I know I've seen products that make the LEDs "chase" or "run" but, I want these four lights to go in a circular motion, so that the gem looks like it just has light flickering different colors inside or behind it. Can anyone tell me how to make that work or is it impossible?

Asked by elegant.mess.1986 3 years ago

Wanted Arduino Advice For Teenager

My son has expressed an interest in Arduino because he's in an after school group of "builders" in which a number of students are toying with Raspberry Pi. He was told that Arduino can be built using a ChromeBook - we don't own a Windows computer (only Macs). He believes that he could build using YouTube and other computer based research. Can someone tell me if Arduino is compatible with ChromeBook? With so many kits available, can you please advise one that will engage him for multiple projects and may even be used for growth but at the same time is not going to break the bank? Any advice is much appreciated!!

Posted by woooshhhhh 1 year ago

Hello I'm new to electricity, what should i learn first ?

Hello guys. I'm an undergraduate student and I'm studying Electrical Engineering. I'm on semester 7 right now. But until now i still cant make anything. I have a dream about making a robot. But i didn't know where to start. In my university they only teach me how to answer a question. They didn't teach me how to make something. I want to make other things beside robot too, but i think i will focus on making a robot first. Can you guys help me what should i learn ? Sorry for my bad English. Thank you very much.

Asked by Hatred Realm 1 year ago

Learning to crochet. Is it too hard? Answered

I always wanted to learn  to crochet. But I freak out because I think it's too hard and keep thinking that I can't learn it :( . So I need a total beginner's guide to crochet and please tell me it's not that hard! Can anyone please help? 

Asked by Muhaiminah Faiz 5 years ago

What makes an arduino board so special? Answered

I've seen arduino boards (or something comparable) in most DIY circuits, but I wonder why everyone uses them. What makes them so necessary and/or useful for building circuits?

Asked by kaddyshack 6 years ago

How would I go about making an 'item locator'? (like a remote control finder/key finder)

How would I go about creating an 'item locator' such as one used to find a remote control or car keys. I've been interested in setting up a system for all the things I keep in my storage area so that they are easily found by pressing a button on a panel or 'base' and then having it locate the actual item (which will start beeping/flashing, or what have you). I'm curious as to how these typically communicate with each other since I'm a beginner in electronics.?

Asked by pyrofyr 8 years ago

Good starter programming language?

I've got a friend who wants to learn some computer programming, to make things like games. Does anyone have a suggestion? A language that's easy to do simple stuff with, and maybe some medium stuff would be nice.

Asked by geeklord 8 years ago

I want to make an EL wire shirt for next years junior high dances. any one got any suggestions? Answered

I could use good price,  tips, where to get it, what inverter, and other stuff.  I have never used EL wire before, but I want to do an awesome T-shirt!

Asked by furrysalamander 7 years ago

Your essential "tools of the trade" ? / Ten Tools you couldn't live without?

I'm interested in starting to buy some tools to keep around for any things I may want to attempt to build. There are just so many different kinds of tools out there..and they are expensive. So before buying anything I'd like to know your top ten tools that you couldn't live without (excluding the really basic tools like screwdriver, hammer, pliers, wrench etc.)Also please share your experience with different brand name tools. Which brands would you reccomend, and which would you stay away from?

Posted by nightmaresyndrome 10 years ago

How do I convert a wall socket (2 prong) electronic to Battery source power?

So I have a bit of a conundrum. I work at a small business that rents a space- the landlord is having us eliminate all drop cords from the store. We have two "open" signs that cannot be relocated to correlate to a wall socket- so I thought we might try converting the led signs to battery power. The plug for the signs is two-pronged. I have no experienced with wiring electronics or anything remotely related. I've noticed that there are many posts as to the conversion from a  battery to an ac adapter but nothing remotely close to what I need to do/ attempt. Can anyone help me by giving me detailed instructions on how to do this, a list of items, and where I might acquire these items? I would greatly appreciate the help. If any more details are needed please let me know- our business has been lacking from the absence of the signs. 

Asked by earobinson217 1 year ago

Which camera would suit a beginner? Answered

Which camera would suti a beginner

Asked by KimL129 1 year ago

Beginner soldering projects?

I'm new to soldering, and I was wondering if you guys knew of some projects to help me get some experience in soldering. I know that there's a guide on here, but I didn't know what projects to get started on. Your help is appreciated.

Posted by UltraPurple 5 years ago

How to begin Electronic ?

Hi everyone (sorry for my english , it's not my mother tongue and the english courses in France suck) I'm at the Fine Arts and I'd like to work Arts through Electronic , so I'd like you to tell me what I should look at to learn electronic stuff (I'm a real beginner) , easy project which needs few electronic components. I have access to a lot of tools though (Dremel , Saws , Drill , Electrical Saw , Chainsaws ....)

Asked by Anykey 6 years ago

good place to start robots?

I want to start making robots and dont understand things very well, what are some cheap, easy ways to start getting into robots? links please!

Asked by nae1543 8 years ago

What is a good animal that can live in a relatively big fish tank? Answered

My hamster recently died and I am thinking of getting another pet that will fit in the cage. I don't want  fish. I have only had a cat and a hamster ever so if the animal is for more experienced owners than don't suggest it. Also if it is an animal that is hard to care for could you tell me that from past experiences. Some of my thoughts are a type of snake, a type of turtle, a possible lizard, and any other reptile or mammal that is good for beginners.

Asked by hungyhipo 2 7 years ago

I am interested in starting metal work and I was wondering whether to get a lathe or a milling machine first?

Hi there, I have done metal work on lathes and milling machines at school and I found it very interesting and good fun. I am interested in doing some metal work of my own as a hobby. I do not want to go into it all guns blazing straight away incase I do not get on with it very well. My question is should I buy a metal lathe or a milling machine to start with, I have a maximum budget of about £400 but I still want quality machines.  It seems to me that I can make a wider range of projects with a milling machine but a lathe allows me to make screw threads and bore holes etc which would be useful. I have seen lathes which have a milling machine attachment on them but I think it would be better to have it as a separate unit.  I would be very grateful for people opinions on this, but remember that I am a complete beginner with a budget!!! Thanks Ben B.

Asked by Beninstructablesbryant 5 years ago

why use a transistor when i can use the I/O pins of an ardunio

I keep seeing explanations of the uses of transistors for electronic projects. but i dont understand why i would for example: use a npn as a switch for an LED when i could just program my ardunio to use to turn it on and off again? or use any micro controller for that matter. thankyou in advance for your help im still new to eltronics

Posted by JoshuaH171 1 year ago

How to get started in digital art?

I really want to get into digital art. I have had art classes when I was in grade 7 and 8, but none beyond that. I have uploaded 2 paintings my teacher made me draw ( Starry night looks horrible,  I know). I also uploaded a third picture showing that sort stuff I wish I could make. so, where do I get started? What materials do I need?

Posted by _ZERO_ 2 years ago

What is the most affordable laser cutter for a beginner?

I really would love to try out laser cutting. ..But have no idea what knowledge it requires. I want to be able to design and cut custom wooden puzzle, laser cut fabric and also to cut felt and foam. I would like to start up a small home business. Keeping in mind that I have no clue what knowledge it requires and also know that I have 4 kids and will have to have this machine in my home. I do own a silhouette cameo but unfortunately it does not cut felt or wood. It’s a fun machine for cardstock and all…but nothing heavy duty. So is it safe to have a laser cutter at home with kids?? I mean will the light or whatever that comes off the machine be harmful for my children? Also how much is the cheapest desktop version? Will it be able to cut large fabric? Can it cut 0.5” or 0.75” hard wood?? Would that be pushing my luck?? Please let me know…so I can start saving up for it. I really really love crafting….but availability of items and affordability is a big issue. Thanks!

Posted by shazni 1 year ago

Tools to get when learning/playing around with electronics???

Hi.   I've recently started making small electronic projects, first starting with a pack I bought from an electronics store that pretty much comes with all I need (resistors, transistors, springs, wires, batteries etc) it's fairly amateurish and for a beginner. But I have some more involved things i would like to start.. and a few little things lying around I would like to play with, take apart and salvage for working parts etc.. So I am at the stage now of wanting/needing tools for jobs. I was wondering if anyone could provide me with a list of things I would need? The electronics repair kits I have found on the internet usually cover computer repair/electronic repair tools for around $80 including screwdrivers, pliers, alligator clips, torch, and soldering iron kit etc... and I have considered buying an all in one kit liked his but if I was too just buy a few things at a time what would be the things I should get first? I'm hoping to over time build up a large collection of quality tools for future long term list so I don't really want anything cheap. And safety is definitely a factor.  If anyone had any idea's or could help that would be great, Thanks. Vulnic

Posted by Vulnic 6 years ago

Starting out as electronic hobbyist. What electric components (not tools) would be good to have around workshop? Answered

I'm just starting out as an electronics hobbyist, and I am finding it is getting prohibitively expensive.  I don't have the ability to dumpster dive for parts, nor can I run to the local electronics shop for every resister I need.  Mail ordering for one or two parts for a specific project gets ridiculously expensive, not because the parts are expensive but due to shipping.  I'd like to simply place one big order for the majority of parts I will need for most projects.  So, if you were going to spend say 100 bucks to buy electric components to play with, what would you buy to keep on hand?

Asked by DarkRubyMoon 8 years ago

I'm poor, have no special tools or skills, but I love steampunk. Anything cool I can make without denting my wallet? :/

I have loved steampunk style for a while now, as well as costume design (since I am an anime fan too), but I've only recently decided to jump in on all the fun. However, despite my age and interest, I have no skills in design, save for plushies I make for spare change, and I have no special tools or equipment. On top of that, I'm seriously pretty damn poor--as in I pay no tuition at college at ALL, because they pity me that damn much...So, is there anything out there I can make that won't leave my family starving on the street, requires no special tools or equipment, little experience, but still looks completely amazing? The only thing I've seen like this before are Greensteam's goggles... :/

Asked by SlashmasterAeoniX 8 years ago

What would you recommend for an Arduino starter kit? Answered

I have €60 =~ $79 / £50 to spend on an arduino and stuff to use with it as an introduction to electronics. I've looked around at other starter kits and so far, I plan to get: An arduino Deumillanove, A breadboard Jumper wire a few piezo elements, 5 x blue, 5x red, 5 x green LEDs, 2 x RGB LEDs. LOGIC, SHIFT REGISTER 8-BIT, 16DIP (how many of these will I need) So far that costs about €50 from Are there any better places to buy from in Ireland? I have some motors with gear boxes and potentiometers that I used for school projects which I can recycle. I know that I'll need resistors but I don't know how many of which resistances. Is there anything else like sensors etc. that I might need or you think would be fun or good to learn with? I dont mind extending the budget if I have to. Thanks a lot in advance :D

Asked by Technologic 7 years ago

Beginner CNC Hobbyist ? Answered

When first starting, what type of projects are best to start with?

Asked by Tagwatts1 5 months ago


The steps you provide is for the people who have been come across robotics.but for the beginners like dont know how to begin or what is bulldozer kit or anything it is better to provide robotics in an order to learn how to construct a robot from the start explaining each step in i please you to provide this for the beginners.

Posted by rkbalaji11289 9 years ago

Beginner in Electronics? Answered

I am a complete beginner when it comes to electronics. I would like to build functioning machines eventually, so does anyone know how exactly I can get started? Are there any specific books? Thanks, freeza36

Asked by freeza36 6 years ago

I want to get into making LED art but I have no idea where to start.?

Where can I find some very VERY basic starting info, FAQs, or tutorials?

Asked by bicycle_samurai 4 years ago

So I'm new to this...

I'm new to DIY, and I was hoping for some suggested projects for newbies. I have some basic woodworking experience and knowledge of tools, but I'm more interested in electronics and that sort of thing, I just don't know where to start. I would like to make something useful. Can anyone suggest some good projects for newbies?

Posted by kyoakoa 7 years ago

Should I get a metal lathe or a milling machine first

Hi there, I have done metal work on lathes and milling machines at school and I found it very interesting and good fun. I am interested in doing some metal work of my own as a hobby. I do not want to go into it all guns blazing straight away incase I do not get on with it very well. My question is should I buy a metal lathe or a milling machine to start with, I have a maximum budget of about £400 but I still want quality machines.  It seems to me that I can make a wider range of projects with a milling machine but a lathe allows me to make screw threads and bore holes etc which would be useful. I have seen lathes which have a milling machine attachment on them but I think it would be better to have it as a separate unit.  I would be very grateful for people opinions on this, but remember that I am a complete beginner with a budget!!! Thanks Ben B.

Posted by Beninstructablesbryant 5 years ago

How to use LEDs for the first time?

I'm making a display case as a gift and I wanted to add a couple of LED lights with a simple switch to turn on/off.  Doesn't need to be super bright or too fancy.  The case will be about 12" long x 5" deep x 5-6" high overall.  Can anyone direct me to a good site to learn the basics of working with LEDs?  Like how to wire them up and put in the switch?  Thank you!

Asked by Adlai85 3 years ago

My First Instructible, please critique it

Hi, I just published my first Instructable.  I should be very pleased if anyone would like to take a look and critique it as an Instructable.  I don't mean what do you think of the idea itself, I mean what do you think of the layout, have I explained the steps carefully enough etc. etc.  Have I done anything well?  What aspects could I improve on? It's here: Thanks

Posted by Periwinkle1 5 years ago

What is Good material for a Kite? Answered

I am planning on making a kite for kite boarding, but I have two ideas about what material to use for making a Kite. I went to the store and looked at Dacron and Ripstop but the Dacron seemed very rigid and semi-heavy and Ripstop seemed like the logical choice, but Dacron was recommended in Saul's Instructable. I would like some input from people that have possibly made some kites or know a lot about kite boarding. P.S. I would like to know also what size of a kite that I would need, I am 120 lbs, the winds are about 15-20 MPH and I am just beginning. Thanks

Asked by squirt8500 9 years ago

Noobariffic LED art question (Batteries)

Uhh, hi everyone. I have a super basic question, and I'm going to appeal for help because I'm running low on time for this project. I have a signpost I want to light up with about 100 3volt LEDs. What kind of power source should I be looking at? Would 4 AA batteries suffice? I've seen online calculators for determining resistors, but not for an ideal power source. Do I just wire up as many batteries as I want and get the proper resistors? I'd like this thing to light for at least eight hours on a full charge, so I can swap batteries daily. Thank you in advance! I'm dumb!

Posted by bicycle_samurai 4 years ago

Completely uneducated in solar

So...I've been looking at making a solar panel, but have no idea about where to start whatsoever. I'm a big "go green" person and want to try solar panels now(even moreso now that my electric company has gone crazy with their charges) I've browsed the instructables on making your own, but I get confused easily with the directions(Yes..I need it broken down like a 5 year old). I found an old glass storm window in my basement and was it possible to convert that into a solar panel for starters? Or does it have to be a specific kind of glass? Apologies if this has been asked already, but I can't browse through the hundreds-thousands of posts to double check. Thanks in advance! -Xavier

Posted by XMReshadore 6 years ago

Phantom of the Paradise Helmet?

I just came up with the perfect Halloween costume for once this year, it's Winslow Leach from Phantom of the Paradise when he transforms into the Phantom. I just looked online if anyone was selling a replica and they're about $300+, so making one myself seems like an okay idea right, but i've also never made a helmet before. if anyone can show me a link to a basic helmet making video or wants to help me themselves please do. i've got 30 days to do this, if you don't think i can do it in that time please let me know before i begin buy all the products.

Asked by byazza 5 years ago

Maker Course

So -  I'd like what basically amounts to a course of things you can make in an evening, starting from near scratch in tools, materials, and skills, gradually building up to established in tools, materials and skills. The format would simply be an ordered list of things to make, each of which take an afternoon, that when you've built them all you've built some cool stuff and learned to make stuff. More importantly, that you really can "just make something". I think that I can order the list, but I don't really know good things to put on it... Is this making sense? The idea started when I realized that I could, in fact, just go make that thing I thought of a while ago, and that maybe there's something in my head that makes me think I can't "just make things". So - what if I got up every day and said, "I can!" - and then followed through by doing something I didn't think I could just get up and do? That would be awesome! Alright - now, what could those things be? Prominently - made things. And that means (among a few other places...) Instructables! So - post things that take an evening to make, and what kind of skills, tools and materials they take, and then we'll worry about putting them into a course-like-order PS - Suggest tags, or a better place in the forums? PPS - Or I just didn't pick good search terms looking for this, it already exists, and here's a link....?

Posted by narfanator 6 years ago