How to correct bent cpu pins on motherboard in CPU socket? the pins are of motherboard not on cpu...(INTEL)?

There are several pins that are bent on the new INTEL MB that i recently purchased and found it to have some bent pins. I tried to get an RMA but they deny it. However the pins were not so much damaged as they are now. I've read a post here abt correcting CPU pins that are on CPU. But this one is even trickier. Its on the board, in the socket, the pins are thinner than that of CPU and its hard to take a knife or a smart  card in that area... I really need help on this topic as this is a new Board and I dont know how to react. Please help...

Asked by safarneo 7 years ago

what is this component? Answered

I opened up this toy (Homer Simpson Talking Eight Ball) to circuit bend it, and found something odd. The  board has a strange-looking brass (?) ball soldered to it. It's attached to the board with three prongs and is soldered to the board at one point, soldered to the wire for the play button. It is labeled S1.

Asked by noahh 7 years ago

Pitch resistor in a circuit question?

Hello, in circuit bending, if I replace the pitch resistor with a higher or lower value, does it change the sound? 

Asked by Zem 8 years ago

i need circuit-bend help !!!

Hello i want to add a little patch bay to one of my toys , but i have no idea how this works ... which cable do i have to use and which points should be connected with the jacks ? thanks roland

Posted by r2d4 9 years ago

Why are downhill ski poles bent?

I was cleaning out my garage when I found a pair of bent ski poles. I was going to throw them away when my dad told me they where downhill ski poles. Why are they bent ?

Asked by Quest for Questions 7 years ago

holden viva 2008 just been repaired for bent valve

4 weeks after bent valve repaired tested etc had a clicking sound an car died no compresion found in all 4 cylenders belt is not broken an was also replaced when they repaird the head 

Asked by HDTV1 8 months ago

Has anyone circuit bent one of these before??

 Have any of you circuit bent one of these toys before? If so, could you tell me where to bend at? I'm having trouble with it. Thanks!! P.S. If you need it, I can post a picture of the circuit board too.

Asked by Zem 8 years ago

Helo people of Instructable . I want to ask how to Fix bent and wore off Dropout ??

My dropout bent because I accident step on it when the last paint job. I not realize the bent but until recently. I provide some pictures for you guys to see . 

Asked by kmirulevil 5 years ago

Bent Bike Frame

Yeah, so, my brother bought a mid-80s Schwinn World Sport. It's a nice bike. I spent about 10 hours overhauling every piece of that bike. Unfortunately, when I got it all put back together and test rode it, the bike had a nasty pull to the right. Bent Frame. He didn't check that when he bought it (didn't know anything about it, I daresay).  Anybody know anything about repairing a bent frame? The frame's tubes don't seem to be damaged or crimped or dented.  I'm thinking of using a car jack and some straps to straighten it out. Any thoughts?

Posted by marcward86 6 years ago

Your sightly curved or bent needle? Answered

I notice in the pictures that your needle is slightly curved or bent. Is this:1. Something that just happened over time.2. Something you did to your needle on purpose. (I wonder if you can bend a needle without breaking - I tried to make a sharp bend in one with pliers when I was a kid for a science experiment and it promptly snapped like a twig.)3. Something you can buy if you know the secret handshake at the fabric store.

Asked by jchesnut1973 1 year ago

Ninjabread Men Cutters, Bent Plywood Bicycle, Six-Cheese Nacho Fountain

Ninjabread Men Cutters Bent Plywood Bicycle Six-Cheese Nacho Fountain Caramel Dumplings Armored Messenger Bag 10 Uses for Old Toothbrushes Arduino to Nokia LCD Build a Stylophone DIY Portable Photo Booth The Magic Propeller Plant Cell Cake High-Gain Parabolic Mic Camcorder Shoulder Rig Air Freshener Sensor Hack Long Cargo Bike

Posted by randofo 7 years ago

Does anyone know how to obtain and replace the two round rubber shock mounts on an Aemes bent plywood lounge chair?

Does anyone know how to obtain and replace the two round rubber shock mounts on an Aemes bent plywood lounge chair? Both have broken.

Asked by PeterBates 5 years ago

does anyone know a better way to pick locks than bent paperclips? Answered

They work!!!!!!!(paperclips,sometimes)

Asked by unanonymous 7 years ago

viva 2008 holden head repaired an fixed a bent valve 4 weeks later lost all compretion in all 4 cylenders ?

Why would a recently repaired head on a holden viva 2008 4 weeks after a bent valve  was repaired head reconditioned tested an seals bearings timing belt water pump etc was all fix an seemed to be running great 3 weeks later  i notice the car was running a bit rich on fuel then a ticking sound started an the engine died 1hr before that i noticed my temp was getting hot just before all the issues started id put 3 ltrs of water in to find it had gone already after the car died had my mechanic come out to check it all 4 chambers had no compression at all ?

Asked by HDTV1 8 months ago

Changing brakes on an '06/'07ford freestar, how do we push the cylinder back in? Answered

We bent a cast iron pipe clamp trying to push the brake cylinder back in, it didn't budge.

Asked by The Ideanator 8 years ago

Ibook adapter male plug part

Howdy, does anyone know where I could get the male plug that goes at the end of of an ibook, g4 power adapter? Mine is bent.

Posted by witznd 10 years ago

Sample and Loop Frog (Bent toy)

Hey Folks, i ordered this frog at dealextreme. com.Its called a "Digitally Recordable Motion Activated Visitor Welcoming Door Chime Frog". Originally it is a toy that says "Hello" when someone passes by. You can use your own sample, simply by pressing a button to record it to the frog. Nice toy for circuit bending i thought. Here's what i made today. I added loop, pitch control, input and output jack and a button to start the sample manually. Okay it has still a few bugs, but it works. Hope you enjoy the video:  

Posted by mischka 8 years ago

If I am going to make a cardboard shelf, how do i make sure it will be sturdy?

For instance, will the edge of the cardboard just bend and be a floppy piece of bent cardboard? Or is there a specific type of cardboard that i am supposed to use?

Asked by frannyloo 9 years ago

Knife blade tip repair...

Aye well, someone dropped BOTH of my best knives, and now I have a bent, chipped knife blade tip. I've got a standard knife sharpener, and small whetstone I need to learn how to use, and advice? Here's some pics of the damage

Posted by KentsOkay 9 years ago

What types of plastic glass do not go white when bent, and what is the best cement to join it to itself, please? Answered

When I am mid-way through a project I start thinking about the next one! I want to build a small-ish fish tank with a curved front. I envisage building a former of wood and 'wrapping' the plexi-glass round it to meet in the middle at the back. I will heat the plexi-glass gently so it can be bent but hopefully retain most of its thickness. What kinds of plexi-glass can withstand being bent and not turn colour? Also, what would be the strongest kind of cement to secure that join? I intend to reinforce that join by 'sandwiching' it with an additional piece of plexi-glass to give a greater surface area for the join, as water is incredibly heavy! FWIW I will also have much thicker plexi-glass at the bottom and top (top with access holes) with plenty of silicone around all edges. Many thanks for stopping by; I appreciate any thoughts you have. I will be posting this project as an 'ible to say thanks for the help.

Asked by kevinhannan 8 years ago

I want to delete my kyoto trough insturctable but it was in a contest so it will not let me.

It was in a contest and it seems you cannot delete stuff that was entered in a contest. I made the instructable to attract smarter people than me to the problem of unattended concentrated  solar cooking by combining 2 reflective  troughs  (to mimic a dish). (Troughs are easy to make (bent in one direction). while dishes are bent in 2 planes so they really hard to make without wrinkles on the reflector material. Nobody got attracted so I guess the idea is dead. Anyway, for me personally,  it was  a stepping stone on the way to  the clam shaped solar reflector. So it was useful but it is history now. So is there any way to delete it or substitute another thing in its place? Thank you Brian White

Posted by gaiatechnician 7 years ago

Urgent help regarding arduino duemilanove

I Have a arduino duemilanove board with the shield given on this link my surprise there are four pins instead of three to connect the sensor ... so i thought to connect my SHARP IR sensor NOT on the shield but on the board i bent the analog 0 pin so that it may not enter the shield.I gave the sensor by taking 5v parallel from the shield and connected it to the bent analog pin no. 0But when i took itz reading on serial monitor they arent coming as per the sensor senses...But after removing the shield and connecting the sensor in the same way , the sensor gives perfecly right valuesSo can u please help me and tell me what is the problem here..?

Asked by sgoel2 5 years ago

Fix Nintendo DS?

My son's favourite game was getting stuck in it's slot.  He took it out and shoved his ds pen in to the card slot - not i can see bent prongs/teeth and no game will play.  Can this be fixed?  How?  Many thanks - so near Xmas cannot afford a new one :(

Asked by anniecan 8 years ago

Recumbent Riders?

Just curious if anyone else here rides a 'bent. I've just been getting more and more excited as I continue looking for my own :) I'm currently in the market and have test rode a Bacchetta Strada, Volae (something or other), Rans Rocket and a no name unknown import SWB. I'm also waiting to hear back about a partially built M5 frame (think "sports car" class of 'bents). And don't forget my homebuilt abomination :D Today I rode a no name something or other found on Craigs List... In my home town too! It's not exactly what I'm looking for (it's too recreational for me), but almost exactly perfect for my father. It's got absolutely garbage components, but I see potential in it. It is, however, a dog on weight - ~40 pounds. But that's not an issue because there's no hills :D The seat is also a POS, so never mind the makeshift seat back made from bike inner tubes. <--- totally awesome by the way. But I think with a new seat, some cable management, better handlebar/stem and at the very least - new shifters -- it will be fun, reliable and a more road worthy 'bent. The price was right for this thing too :p Cheaper than an upright from walmart :D

Posted by trebuchet03 10 years ago

Trying To Make A Guitar Music Player

Hello, I have a very cheap Crescent Guitar with a bent neck. I had the idea of trying to turn it into a Ipod music player. The soundhole is roughly 3 1/2 inches. I don't know if the pod will be powerful enough for the speaker. Do i have to buy a small amp?

Posted by Sharpie6 4 years ago

Anyone have instructions on building a pyrography unit? Answered

I bought one recently and have had nothing but trouble.. replaced the cable and pen, then sent everything back only to have it returned saying  it was repaired. He said he ran the unit for an hour without any trouble, but he didn't say he used the cable or pen. Soooo... I plugged in the 1/4" jack end cable and it doesn't stay put.. slides right out of the socket. I opened unit and the clip/prong thingy is bent backwards, so there is nothing to hold the jack in place so it can make a connection. I bent the prong up and it held the jack, but now cable gets hot, very hot, but pens don't heat. I'm guessing the cable has a short, but not sure. What I need to know is whether the prong for the jack was supposed to be bent down so it wouldn't touch and if so, how do I keep the jack in place. If it's the cable, should I just buy new one, maybe heavier, and replace the ends? The cable has 1/4" male on one end and rca female on the other.The pens have rca male connectors. I don't want to mess with the man who makes them any more,and would just as soon figure out how to repair it myself rather than try to get my money back.?

Asked by dulciquilt 7 years ago

Good way for electroplating washers? Answered

Hello everybody...........Seem's i am in need of help from the brilliant mind's of this site again. My dad has been electroplating nut's & bolt's for the past 35 years & i decided to join for the time being(i have summer vacations going on) Recently some guy came to us for getting washer's electroplated,Issue being that the washer's won't get coated with nickel (with the Electroplating barrel).Some of them stick to each other(leading to one side of the Warsher's without nickel coating). These are so thin compared to the nut's and bolt's we are used to electroplate,That some of the washer's get bent. Need any suggestion,any alternative way to do them without much issues. Below are some pictures attached for referance Thanks in advance Regards ~HD~

Asked by Bobblehead Einstein 4 years ago

What should I do with my smashed-up bike?

I recently got hit by a car that decided not to stop at a stop sign, and as a result, I've got this bent up, broken old bicycle taking up space. It seems like a treasure trove of salvage, but I can't think where to get started and where to go from there.

Posted by jschap1 5 years ago

How to straighten copper tubing? Answered

I'm making an air "cannon", but my tubing is bent. It is 3/8 copper tubing, and is very bendy. Is there a way to get it straight, or am I better off buying a small steel tube? (I did try googling this, with no helpful results)

Asked by Bartboy 8 years ago

Instructables mentioned in Tree Lobsters! today

I read a few webcomics here and there.  One of my favorites is Tree Lobsters!, a four panel comic about arboreal crustaceans with a scientific and skeptical bent.   I was pleased this morning after I read today's comic, when I tapped the "Secret Message" button at the bottom of the page and found a brief but amusing reference to the site we all know and love.

Posted by depotdevoid 6 years ago

How to remove the metal in a CD or a DVD in a simple and ecofriendly way? I want to use the clear plastic.

I would like to upcycle the clear plastic  (polycarbonate) in CDs and DVDs to Make all sort of things like smartphone supports, boxes, structres, and so on. I have already bent, cut, polish the plastic by I haven't found a satisfactory way to remove the metalic layer. Thaks to you all. 

Asked by gserrano701 5 years ago

asus eepc tablet conversion parts sourcing?

I have an eepc 1005pe laptop, and i need a screen and a touch screen panel with controller, to make it in to a tablet any suggestions where to get the parts? also what would be the easiest way to do it, i dont have the screen case, so i was wondering if perspex cut and bent to fit around the touch screen and lcd would work

Asked by The nerdling 5 years ago

How do I open the housing on a small, single head laboratory vacuum pump?

There are three little black metal pieces keeping the motor housing closed.  I'm not sure how to remove them.  I think the on/off switch on the pump got bent and I would like to simply fix that part.  But I can't get to it because the housing is closed with these pieces.  Any help would be appreciated.

Asked by jrrm 4 years ago

Straightening old oil lamp glass shade metal ring?

The lamp is 19th century. The metal ring has bent over the years and the three spokes have come away. First need to unbend the outer metal ring, and then find a way to fix the 3 spokes (have tried soldering, without much success). If anyone knows how to repair this or someone capable of doing the job well, this would be very useful.

Asked by PaulS201 2 years ago

NES Bedding, Apple Cider Donuts, Metal Casting with Sugru

NES Bedding Apple Cider Donuts Metal Casting with Sugru Hand Lights Dr. Who Inspired Watch Green Tomato Chutney Creepy UV Sun Jar Ultimate Parts Storage Bike Part Belt Make a Dragon Skull Networked Sprinkler Controller Bent Wood Rings LED Monitor Backlight Read Credit Cards Wireless Altoids Display

Posted by randofo 7 years ago

does anybody know how to overclock AND underclock your gameboy so you can make it variable?

I have a gameboy that I overclocked and I underclocked a game boy. with positive results and they work great! i also circuit bent my guitar effects pedaland I've seen a video on youtube of a guy who used a 555 timer to help the game not crashand a variable resistor. can't figure it out

Asked by 9 years ago

Multiple Circuits to one power source

I am working on finalizing a circuit bent sculpture I've done for my undergrad thesis. I have three circuit bent items, each with it's own battery source within the sculpture. Here is my dilemma: normally I plug in the batteries when I show it to someone, then promptly take them out, but for my gallery show, the sculpture will be turned on for an extended period of time each day, in my absence. What I would like to do is connect all circuits to one battery source or AC power. After that I can add a switch so that the gallery attendant can turn in on/off as needed. I am looking for any tips on how to do this. As of now, one runs on a 4-AA pack, one on a 2-AA pack, and the last on a 9-volt. Adding these together I am getting 18V(?) and I have an old laptop adaptor that has an output of 18.5 volts. I have a video of the piece functioning if anyone is interested. Thanks for your help (in advance).

Posted by idaholaura 9 years ago

Do the impeller blades of a centrifugal pump have to be bent?

Hi instrucables...I have been working on a project in which I also need to make a centrifugal pump..I have been wondering that is it important to bend the impeller blades in a particular direction at an angle as they are in normal fans?......I mean the pump does work because of centrifugal force which pushes the water outward so the bending of the blades shouldn't be important right?......I have a bit of confusion in this so please do help me...thanks...

Asked by Wisaam 5 years ago

Robotic Drink Mixer, Camping Hot Tub, Rainbow Cupcakes

Robotic Drink Mixer Camping Hot Tub Delicious Rainbow Cupcakes LED Pinball Table Halo Costume Armor Easy Light-Up Table Scallop Your Fretboard Futuristic 10W LED Lamp Duct Tape Boat Live With Insight Anodizing Titanium Rings Take Great Close-Up Photos Playful Random Light Ball Fix Bent CPU Pins Repair Wire with Sugru

Posted by randofo 7 years ago


Ok first... i wasnt really sure where to post this but Science topic seemed the closes so i need to know whats the strongest metal(s) but still can be bent.. shaped, and cut, im trying to make 4 blades equal in length and height maybe 1foot tall each but could also be made to have room towards the middle to add some kind of gears or something to make it 'bend' back and forth (i'll attach a picture to give an idea what i mean) also, how much would it cost?

Posted by saiyankev 6 years ago

1999 dodge ram pick-up can't get the hood open, needs oil help

The guy i bought it from said the hood came up on him a few times, last time it busted the windshield and bent the hinges. He put 2 bolts in it to hold it down , i take the nuts off pull the latch in the cab and nothing happens. Can anyone tell me how to get it open from the outside. Thank You

Asked by don cochran 1 year ago