killerks pistol has a block trigger

KillerKs pistol is a block trigger so why is it in a group that hates block triggers?

Posted by King_Banana 9 years ago

New Block Party group

Neighbors Project just launched a new group dedicated purely to the art of block parties. Check it out.Those Instructables will still appear in this group, but the majority of the discussion about block parties will happen in the Block Party group. Enjoy!

Posted by neighborsproject 10 years ago

New way to class block triggers

Ok, i have found a way to class the block triggers without posting a list with a zillion links.When you find a block trigger gun, add it to this group. If you look at the ible, and see that it is added to the group, then it is a block trigger.

Posted by DJ Radio 9 years ago

what's wrong with block triggers?

What is wrong with the block trigger mechanism because I have yet to see a powerful gun without the mechanism. and the sear system has it's flaws. So what I think you hate is the mechanism and what do you think about the mechanism with the true trigger attached?

Posted by smidge147 10 years ago

"block this user" message function not working

Will someone tell me what in god's name is going on with that?!

Posted by acoleman3 6 years ago


I was thinking about poorring every  cell with concreate, for my fundashion. but i have always been told concreate expans, thats y im suppost to use expanchen in between my pads that are up again block. if i pour every cell , instead of every 4 foot will my block have trubbles to years to come?

Asked by hammer time 1 5 years ago

How do you block porn from appearing on your Mac?

I need to block all porn contents from my Mac. My young friend uses the computer and I notice that when she is logging out, she clicks out of porn sites those are opened and tells me she doesn't know how they got there. The question I have is can porn sites pop out of nowhere and show their contents out of the blue? Please help and excuse my ignorance in this. Thank you.

Posted by Jessicabrown 6 years ago

Blokcing WIFI Signals

I am researching materials to block wifi signals. I´d like to find the best ones in order to avoid being hit by those wireless killers. Anything that can be of help would be greatly appreciated. Thx

Posted by bytor70s 3 years ago

Block and Tackle Help - Adjusting Lift

Hello, I am working on a project that will lift up a flap, that is mounted to the bottom of a screen door, when the door opens. I am using a block and tackle to do the lifting when the door swing open. Everything works as expected but I would like the flap to travel more, move up/down more but I am not sure how to accomplish that. I the attached image, the red X's indicates a non-moveable part. The 2 black circles are pulleys. The yellow line is the rope. The green up/down arrow is the part that I would like to raise up higher. Is there a way to do that without getting too complicated? Thanks!

Posted by sdtacoma 7 months ago

Blocked users? Answered

If you block a user will they be forced to stop following you? And if you block a user will they get notified in any way?

Asked by JM1999 3 years ago

Just how far is "a block", anyway? Answered

When I read books based in America, distances are often related in "blocks". I have no mental image of "a block" - how far is it?  How long would it take to walk?

Asked by Kiteman 6 years ago

what do U consider a block trig to be

Tell me whatcha think

Posted by knexfreak95 8 years ago

i need headers... that fit.?

So my set up is, I have a 366 big block from a 2 ton grain truck. and before you say there is no such thing, it is a real motor. I have one, it is the smallest big block but its a big block. with a SM465 granny tranny and NP 205. normal headers wont fit the starter is in a weird position the starter solenoid is in the way. I need to find cheap headers that will work? do you know where I can get some? this pic was taken without the starter on. we tried to put the starter in afterwards and ya it did not work lol

Asked by vince 09 9 years ago

Is it possible to stop people entering a specific number into any internet pages?

Hi all Is it possible to stop anyone entering a specific number (phone number) on my network? I have a TP Link TL -WR642G if that helps. I am asking that because there have been some people in our network entering phone numbers into ads all over the net...

Posted by thermoelectric 9 years ago

how do you block websites? Answered

How do you block websites from your computer?

Asked by Knex_Gun_Builder 9 years ago

Ad Blocking ads?

If I use the ad-block plug for firefox to block ads on instructables will this impact the amount of money they make from the ads? Are the ads hit based, or are they simply paid to embed them?

Asked by TheCheese9921 8 years ago

Why do we?

Today I'm going to talk about the so dreaded block trigger that everyone hates. But why? You say they lack (or have none) innovation. You can't deny it. Even the greatest K'NEXers started out with block triggers. The K'NEX gun itself started with a block trigger. So people are just shunning our orgin. With out the block trigger, K'NEX guns would've NEVER existed. Think about it. Since newer systems were thought of and built, people just don't prefer block triggers. I don't hate block triggers, i just don't prefer them. It's not like we should all go praise them for they are our orgin, but we should just ignore them if you still hate them, or just keep in mind that this is our orgin and not even say a thing.

Posted by NYPA 8 years ago

Are there any knex block pins on this site?

Are there any block pin guns on this site? because i made one and wanna know if it is unique. i have seen one on knex innovation but it didnt work very well. so i wanted to make one that worked very well with a good removable mag system. the reason why im asking is because i wanna know if im the first one. i dont weanna brag about it either because that gets annoying now a days. please respond and if you have one share your idea or creation here!! PS: people please stop posting the same type of guns over and over again. we have enough of them. if you really care about knex guns then you would start looking into creating different types of guns and mechanisms. if you do post the same kind of gun make sure it has everything on it. for example: an sniper rifle should shoot more than 150 ft and have a removeable magazine and look nice not crappy. should be strong and not weak. anyways you get my point.

Posted by innovanna 6 years ago

Blocking websites? On a Mac? Anybody? Answered

I want to block some websites on a Mac. We use Firefox 3, on Mac OS X 10.5. Any suggestions?

Asked by memyselfand1 9 years ago

Block a Website via router? Answered

I blocked youtube on my router in keywords and the site itself,  any time I Google youtube and click on a site without an actual video on it, it gets blocked.  But when I go to it will open the page with text only (the formatting and photos just go to pot) and then I can still watch the videos, anyone know how to overcome this?

Asked by 7 years ago

is it ever better 2 use a block trigger on knex guns?

Im making a knex gun what do i do? A:go the easy way and use block trigger which i already have done or B: make it true trigger

Asked by willabeast 8 years ago

Blocking or Banning users

I would like to have a way to block a user, or ban a user from commenting on my instructables.  Currently you can send a patch, subscribe to, or send a private message to a user.  I would like to see a block tool as well. I have had users that started discussion threads on my instructables that become offtopic, or inappropriate.  Flagging the individual comments when they post takes time.  If we could block them, then it would stop the commenting all at once. Instructables could even use this filter as a guide to see what users consistently are being blocked, and use it to ban users who are abusive.

Posted by KronoNaut 8 years ago

2 Great Photo/Ad blocking add-ons for Firefox.

I hate ads. I hate them so much. My Internet is incredibly slow with them. But, there is 2 GREAT add-ons for Firefox. One is Adblocker, and FlashBlock. Adblocker can block most images. There is usually a little translucent tab that pops up with the word "block" on it, along with the button in the upper right hand corner that allows you to choose what to block. It's entirely free. But,blocking images weren't enough to speed up Firefox. Then I discovered FlashBlock. Guess what it does. It's slightly defective in a way that it blocks EVERY .flv or .swf item on the page, including YouTube videos, but if you roll your mouse over the blocked area, the little flash sign will change to a play arrow, allowing you to play the item without complications. This is also 100% free. I highly recommend these to anyone using Firefox so they can speed it up very significantly, especially if you're using a Netbook. -NYPA

Posted by NYPA 8 years ago

Internet ad awarness

One of my children was on a game site called "girl games", and a very inappropriate ad was displayed in the center of the screen without any prompting from my child. My children will no longer be going on this site, and I think a whole lot more discretion and good judgment should be used by the site as far as their ads are concerned. The ad was very upsetting to my children, and therefore to myself. These ads are for a website called 'IMVU', which is a 3-D avatar chat room. The ads show skimpily dressed people, usually female, in compromising positions. They are placed on all kinds of web sites, even though the website in question may contain games for small children, which is indeed were this ad was. Do we want our children looking at disgusting and perverted images like this?

Posted by peanutthegreat 9 years ago

block trigger knex gun list

Well we cant get in to mepains list so i posted it here.!/!!!/*NEW*-magazine-system/

Posted by dsman195276 10 years ago

Raised Garden Beds out of Concrete Blocks?

I want to build raised garden beds with the walls being made out of concrete cinder blocks. Want the beds to be about 2 1/2' above ground and about 3' to 4' wide. I also want to make basically concrete counter tops to put on top (or benches). My question is .. how many inches can the top go beyond the concrete cinder block frame without having to add braces for the bench? Ex: if I use 6" wide cinder blocks .. and fill the holes with rebar and concrete .. what is the overhang I can have on the bench top?

Asked by RayVyn 8 years ago


I have seen RFID wallets, sleeves, and cards.  I like the IDEA of RFID blocking cards that you sandwich your credit cards between. So, my question is thus... If I had two cards made of 21 gauge aluminum and placed them on in the last pocket on both sides of my wallet, would this block the RFID scanners?  If not, then what would it take? What just programming some RFID chips and put them in my wallet to eff with the scanners?  I know there are things like this in the market, but very over priced.  I have contacts in the RFID scanning and deployment world, so it would not be hard for my to get my hands on this stuff. What do you all think!?

Posted by benjaminleebates 2 years ago

How can I block someones IP address on AOL?

Someone has been sending me fake emails trying to get my password lately. Whenever I block one of his email accounts he just makes another. I got his IP address and he's really starting to annoy me now. And how i know its not real is becuase my WoW account is linked to a different email and i can look at his email in view source.

Asked by smattman22 8 years ago

How to disable this openDNS thing?

I'm using a Mac. So, every time I open a website like twitter and youtube and facebook, openDNS always blocks it. It redirects it to a website ( and I'm not sure why this is happening. Just a minute ago it was okay. I left it like for only 30 minutes (didn't shut it down) and then when I try restarting my Safari, I could not access these websites. Before I left it, I could open it. The only thing I did is to open some youtube videos and download "genio" (not sure what it is) and installed it and then uninstalled it. why is this happening? and how to fix this? Thanks (:

Asked by spikeyshot 6 years ago

Anyone familiar with the Phonebloks Project?

Anyone familiar with the Phoneblok Project? 

Posted by blkhawk 4 years ago

Does anyone know how to bypass 8e6 technologies internet filters?

I need to do research for a debate at school on gun control but it blocks the phrases guns and weapons.

Asked by charlietheunicorn 8 years ago

Any crafts with wood blocks?


Asked by martha1231 9 years ago

What is a block trigger? Answered

A block trigger,like on a knex gun.

Asked by TOMNDAN 8 years ago

at the end of the shakuhachi, is it blocked or open?

The bamboo shakuhachi, the end is it open or blocked

Asked by charlesw0001 8 years ago

why are block triggers bad??? Answered

If somebody makes a knex gun with a block trigger 95% of the time they have bad comments about the gun but WHY????

Asked by Tom Buckey 9 years ago

how to unlock the blocked site ,which is blocked from server ?

I am in hostel ,want's to unlock the all site

Asked by Ritu Raj 7 years ago

Can we block someone ?

Can we block someone for asking personal information in comment

Asked by Coolloom 2 years ago

Lights inside glass block

I have painted several glass blocks for a craft show.  When I put the lights inside and turn the block back over, all the lights fall right to the bottom of the block and the top of the block is not lit.  I see yours are lit and most of the ones I see are lit up top.  I tried glue dots which only stuck to my nails instead of the glass block.  Any suggestions?

Asked by KarenG156 1 year ago

how to get around open dns blocked sites?

Open dns blocked how to get around becuase i watch porn and it blocks  

Asked by Jessica6789 8 years ago

rise up my block trigger friends!

Make a movement to shut up people that hate block triggers, for block trigger haters dont like it dont look at it.

Posted by captianchase 11 years ago

what is a knex block trigger ? Answered

Can you please explain what a knex block trigger is to me ?

Asked by danny123456789 8 years ago

What could I use to blend into glass to block UV light? Answered

What could I use to roll red hot glass into(so it will stick to the glass) that will help it block ultraviolet light(aside from broken/crushed glass that's already UV resistant) and will let the glass stay relatively clear and colorless?

Asked by The Ideanator 8 years ago

im at school and EVERTHING is blocked, except instructables

I NEED something to do, im so bored, but the words, firefox, hack, and a bunch of other words are blocked

Posted by Yerboogieman 9 years ago

How do I stucco a masonry block wall?

I need to stucco an exterior masonry block wall

Asked by 9 years ago

Suggestion - Blocked Video

Many of us out here have firewalls that block video. The result is a box with the 'X'. This looks kludgy. Is there anything you can do? Perhaps show a picture in place of the video?

Posted by 2ManyProjects 8 years ago