Where can I buy blueprint paper?

I am looking for blueprint paper, the kind that is just solid blue, no lines or graphs. Like the kind they use on Myth Busters.

Asked by ~•SMART•~ 6 years ago

Software for designing a cardboard blueprint? Answered

Is there any software that is specifically designed for making cardboard/wood/paper/etc blueprints? Something that you fold together like Google Cardboard. Something that I can print out on a sheet of paper to fold together.  Thanks, knexpert1700

Asked by knexpert1700 2 years ago

How can I automatically create blueprints/floorplans of the rooms in my home?

I have a very old house and the city doesn't have any blueprints for it... I'm not crazy about drawing it all out manually and, being a tinkerer by nature--I'd rather do more work creating an automatic solution than less work measuring every room by hand :-) I've looked around online and found a lot of 3D laser scanners and Kinect hacks which is great... but really all I'm looking to do is create a flat, 2D floorplan of my home.  So far, my thought is a laser distance finder attached to a servo on a tripod using an arduino to control rotation and record the various measurements. I'm thinking that I could place this type of apparatus in a room and perform a few scans from different points (if there are obstructions such as beams) in the room and use those measurements to create a floorplan. Anyone have any thoughts/ideas/comments? Thanks! Jason

Asked by jasonbarresi 5 years ago

Any printable plans, templates, blueprints of a fender stratocaster (free) ? Answered

Hi, I got some beautiful mahogany wood and  I want to make a strat model out of it. I know there are websites(or forums) out there where you can download the plans but I cant find those sites. Does any one know were i can download a plan for strat (or maybe send it) Thnx for your time (And for re-design I know that you don't like pickguards) p

Asked by la-main 8 years ago

Can someone help me with Google Sketchup? Answered

I've just finished a Garden Arbor project. A 3D sketch would make it easier for others to follow and build but I'm such a computer dummy. Here is a picture. Can somebody please help me?

Asked by cloudifornia 6 years ago

Software for blueprinting

Right now I'm blueprinting a project in Photoshop but even with the exact numbers i have to scale it up whem putting int in my project, I could just remake the files to fix the issue but there has to be software out there that makes the process simplier so i dont have to hand calculate distances between cuts and the like

Posted by nekollx 4 years ago

assassins creed hidden blade (following blueprints)

I will soon be working on a hidden blade as soon as i get the materials.I WILL post a tutorial!!!! 

Posted by darter365 7 years ago

Need someone to draw me a cool blueprint for eye tracking device

I need a blueprint for a desk mounted eye tracker, I have some specs I need met ....I need someone who understands this and may have input on how to make the idea better.

Posted by Sherwin1234 1 year ago

'62 Fender Stratocaster Neck Blueprints? Answered

I have been trying to find some blueprints for the neck of the '62 fender stratocaster, but I have had no luck so far, if anyone would be wiling to share or to give me some help, it would be appreciated.

Asked by Twisty Guy 6 years ago

Make your own Blueprints

Does anyone know of a program for the desk top that lets you design blue prints to make things? Like a wooden table, chair or anything like that?

Posted by Raidies 3 years ago

Rubiks Cube Blueprints?

Hello Instructables Community,      I am looking for the blueprints needed to make a functional 3 x 3 Rubik's Cube. I'm not so worried about the outside appearance, (It's just a cube divided into 9 square sections for each face,) but I am looking more for something that shows the inner dimensions and shapes of the Rubiks cube: the little "nub" type bits that are on the inside of each of the smaller cubes and the shape of the inside inside structure that looks like this. Any pointers would be much appreciated

Asked by nsucram 6 years ago

customisable backpack blueprints

Hi there, I have been working on my final bachelor project for my Industrial design bachelor.  I have been working with a certain technique, which allows me to integrate wood into a backpack, which in turn can transform into a low table, for picnicking.  Since I still needed to integrate a digital aspect in the whole design process, I wanted to make a digital program which allows the users to customise blueprints to their own needs. My questions is: in which way, would such a program be helpful for a DIY'er? what does the program need, in order to be useful. (other than changing certain sizes) In the pictures, you can see how the blueprints are interfaced momentarily. with the mouse, you can drag the blueprints and change its sizes. however, I feel there are more aspects which could be integrated into this program. any feedback is more than welcome! greetings, thomas

Posted by thomannanas 1 year ago

Has any one made or have blueprints for a clockwork fan

. Example.   http://www.afcaforum.com/forum1/8418.html or http://www.coroflot.com/ccmm/clockwork-fan/3  If any one know how to make make one out of Lagos or something please post how.?

Asked by morepowerr 6 years ago

has any one made a quality knex gun the uses a real trigger and hammer and shoots knex pieces NOT ruberbands Answered

(maybe even a magazine/ clip)? perfebly a hand gun and less than 700 pieces

Asked by hippyland2 8 years ago

Work Sheds

Hi Everyone, Does anyone have plans or blueprints for making a work shed? My wife and I are thinking about building one. Cheers, Devon

Posted by Devon 11 years ago

Does anyone have a blueprint for making a bigger lamp shade than the one I have?

I live in Italy and they don't have much in the way of craft stores and most US stores don't ship over here. I want to make a new, bigger lamp shade for my living room floor lamp. Does anyone have a pattern they use to make their own?

Asked by 9 years ago

looking for blueprint or schdmatic for Christmas light display with music to control the lights?

I have looked on you tube for christmas light displays with music and want to build one with 30 to 35 plugs for the lights with music. I don't have $800. to $ 3,000. to buy from a store. Would like to put together this summer and put in the local paper for people to see and collect canned food for the local food bank. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Bill

Asked by bsheintzen 9 years ago

Does anyone know where to download life size blueprints of Halo weapons?

I like to build the halo weapons. But i am not a great cutter.

Asked by chakitodog 8 years ago

Design Software? Answered

I want to create a loft bed with a desk underneath. I want to make an amateur 'blueprint' for my loft bed. Any good free software. I have windows xp. :) Any tutorials you can find on the program, too?

Asked by mg0930mg 8 years ago

Regarding the DIY music box... Answered

I was considering getting the DIY music box www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/science/8f7f/ at thinkgeek and I'm wondering if there is a website with song blueprints and if I have to buy special paper to use for it.

Asked by Fizzxwizz 8 years ago

Fully magnetic motor blueprints/plans? Answered

Hey Guys! Currently making something in class that requires to be autonomous(almost). for that, I need a magnetic motor. the only problem is I cannot find any info anywhere. for the project, we are using human-produced movement to turn the shaft of the motor.

Asked by didgitalpunk 5 years ago

I have a picture of a greenhouse....however I am unable to find the blueprint design for it, I don't know where to look. Answered

Http://toolsworkingwood.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/wood-greenhouse-plans-free.jpg Here is the link to the picture....please help :)

Asked by Snoopy_doopy 5 years ago

Airsoft Fort?

I have an airsoft team and as sniper i always want to do a fort defend i want to have a good fort that we can stand on the roof (sniper tower) with a trench and others please submit ideas Also could you give me some blueprint websites to make it out on Pics welcome

Asked by captocommando 8 years ago

How to create objects using the molecular structure as the blueprint?

I am curious if it is possible to isolate then combine specific molecules into a desired object. Something easy to explain with is the molecular structure of Iron. We know what the structure is and what it is that comprises it. Would it be possible to isolate the different parts, deconstructing, the molecule and then rebuilding the molecule, re materializing, an iron molecule.

Asked by ODIS2100 1 year ago

Amplifier mod

My old DVD/amplifier's DVD is broken so i thought i would convert it to a portable amplifier with some more inputs and stuff, anyone know where i might find blueprints or something so that i might easier figure out what's what? it's a Centrum Triton 110, (sucks, but then it doesn't matter if i mess with it) thanks

Posted by brunotheman 10 years ago

What white material should I use to draw on blue paper? Answered

I need it white to look like a blueprint, as it's a project for school. I tried a white pencil, it was OK but I had to push down really hard and it was bad for details. Worst case scenario, I'll use that.

Asked by HMice 6 years ago

how to make a galvanometers from scratch? Answered

EDIT~how to make a galvanometers from scratch? I don't want to make the compass galvanometer or the cheap ones. I want one that will look nice and work great for less than 250 volts.~EDIT does any one have any diagram or schematic/blueprint?

Asked by sora 8 years ago

Does anyone know where I can find some horse-drawn funeral hearse building plans?

I'm doing some research for a friend who wants to build one this year for Halloween. The problem is that there isn't anything on the web that'll help me. There's a TON of images but I need blueprints.

Asked by javajunkie1976 7 years ago

Anyone have blueprints or designs for a practical, full-size steam engine ?

A groups of friends and I (15 years old) are looking to re-create a steam engine to power a survey (we're thinking something along the lines of a steam-punk carriage powered by this steam engine)  we are designing. It does not have to be fast or very complex, just something to propel our vehicle forward. It must, though, be large enough to push at least three hundred pounds and operate for a good amount of time without needing to be refueled or tended to. After searching Instructables, I have found a ton of good steam engines, but they're all mini or meant for demonstrations. We need plans or ideas for a real, full-scale, functioning engine. Any advice, plans, or ideas someone has would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thank you all for your help, Carlinc   

Asked by carlinc 7 years ago

Newbie Stuff

I very much enjoy this site but am completely new to the building stuff thing. I don't even know enough to know where my lack of skills to begin. Is it possible that someone with more experience could create a daisy-chain list of basic building/electronics/etc. that I could use as a blueprint for my development? If possible I would like this to include Instructable lists thanks in advance Shamus

Posted by captainshamus 9 years ago

bren gun carrier plans

I'm making a model bren gun carrier ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bren_Gun_Carrier ) out of chipboard. I'd really appreciate it if someone could post some blueprints of plans in the comment section below. I'm really looking for a detailed outline of the main body that holds everything together. (By the way, I DONT WANT TO BUY A PLASTIC MODEL).

Posted by wenpherd 6 years ago

My husband and I are building a kitchen island and would like a blueprint it is 46" x 46" with a 18 "bartop?

The island top is 48 by 48 with the bartop being raised approx 3 inches from the island top, the island will have cupboards and a dishwasher on one side with the backside of the dishwasher being for a drawer bay, and the opposite side of the dishwasher will be cupboards.  there will be nothing on the bar side possible decorative panels that match the doors.  and a rack on the side of the dishwasher for cookbooks.

Asked by Karenbell 8 years ago

Four Keyed Safe?

Ok, so in a book I recently read, the plot of the story was to find the keys to a safe the boys father had left him for his 13th birthday.  This safe had four keyholes with four matching keys, so I want to replicate this safe.  Any ideas on how to create blueprints for it.  Remember, the safe had four keys on the outside, it's not like one safe, then another, then another. Anything would be helpful. Thanks

Asked by whiskrs 7 years ago