Burning questions

When do i get my prize

Posted by Dr. Cool 9 years ago

Shouldn't hydrogen burn ? Answered

Hello, I generated hydrogen simply by applying a DC current to 2 tubes filled with water , the ( - ) tube started bubling and filled up with a gas, i suppose that it should be hydrogen, i sucked the gas with a syringe and tried to burn this gas with a lighter by squeezing the syringe directly over the lighter's flame but the gas wouldn't burn, instead i heard micro pop's , like micro explosions.. Isn't hydrogen flamable ??

Asked by Nick_Zouein 9 years ago

simple explanation about ripping and burning a movie?

Have mac 10.5.8 . paid 51$ to DVD cloner for mac. these people can't offer a clear explanation of how to use their product. Neither does Mac. just look above for the question. I don't know if... do I have to use their copier to put the movie on a hard disk? they don't say. All i know is that each attempt to explain their product gets more garbled. this all has to be coming from India!

Asked by oatwillie 5 years ago

Burning Questions Numbah 5

Hehe, nabbed this from my newsletter e-mail, check it out!!!Burning Questions #5The contest isn't open yet, and I'm not staff, but check it out anyways

Posted by bumpus 9 years ago

How do you use a laser pointer to burn through things?

I mean things like paper. Not concrete.

Asked by Mongo Of Fire 8 years ago

How do you tell how bad a burn is? Answered

Yesterday I was baking a cake and someone spilled water on the floor so I slipped and got a nice burn on my arm from the Just out of the oven pan,And i was woundering how do you tell what degree the burn is!1)It bleed constantly (humophelia :O)2)Hurts like a ***** when i extend my arm all the way3)Went through at least one layer of skin Maybe 24)looks NASTY

Asked by spiritwolf7984 8 years ago

Help Making Wooden Pendant.

I am trying to recreate this wooden pendant. What kind of wood is this? And how do I get the burn effect that is shown /scraped. Thanks guys...

Posted by lakerk 9 years ago

CD Drive laser burner

Can i take 2 cd (CD and or DVD) burners, gut them out and take the diodes that burn the data on the cd and use it to make different art and design on wood? if so, would a single one work or do i have to mount multiple ones to get it to burn wood? and is there any difference in the diodes srength in a CD and DVD burner? and im not gonna go crazy with it and do "bad" stuff.

Posted by KT Gadget 9 years ago

AVR Programmer

I am building a  AVR Programmer refering from site : http://www.fischl.de/usbasp/ So Please can any body give the  .Hex   file to burn my Atmeg8( the on AVR circuit board). Would be a great Help to me  !  ! Thank a lot - Akshay Jadhav

Posted by akshayjadhav 6 years ago

"How can a burn a backup copy of my purchased dvd?

I have a Disney DVD that I bought & my child plays it every day. I would like to have a backup of it because I am afraid it won't last much longer. Anyone that has children can probably relate. Since I already bought the DVD once I don't want to have to purchase it again. Any help would be highly appreciated.

Asked by alwaysl8 8 years ago

Would it be possible to focus a laser beam to an even smaller point? Answered

I was thinking maybe fresnel lens+ high powered laser+ even more high powered laser!!

Asked by norsehorse 9 years ago

Soldering iron on without tip inserted?

Well, this is the second soldering fiasco I've documented on Instructables. I recently got a new tip for my soldering iron, but when I inserted it, I forgot to ensure that it was inserted all the way. When I turned the iron on, I gradually smelled what seemed like burnt plastic and resistors. I turned it off after about 3-5 min. of this, not realizing that the tip wasn't inserted. What did I just do to my soldering iron, and what did I inhale for a short period of time? 

Asked by The Manic Puppeteer 3 years ago

What happens if i burn a magnet? Answered

What happens if i burn a magnet? they allways seemed strange in nature, so i was just wondering so i don't have to burn one myself.

Asked by The Dark Lord 6 years ago

Does Germ-x burn? Answered

I found a bottle of germ-x lying in a play ground.Will it burn?I noticed that it says"active ingredient:63% ethyl alcohol. Thanks,bylerfamily

Asked by bylerfamily 9 years ago

What can I use to artistically burn wood, without a soldering iron? Answered

I need to write something in wood, but instead of writing, I want to actually burn it in. Buuut I lost my soldering iron, what could I use?

Asked by Kryptonite 8 years ago

DVD laser?

Could I use a DVD player laser as a pointer? (IT CAN'T BURN ANYTHING!)

Asked by alexw2150 7 years ago

USB duplicator burns 60 thumbdrives at once

This box can do its job quickly, finishing up a rack of 1GB drives in 2 minutes. It can even discretely encrypt each one with its own unique key. It costs $8,000, and they're developing a system to link up hundreds of these units, so that one may copy data to arbitrarily-large numbers of USB drives at once. Would love to make this myself. Anyone want to collaborate?

Posted by laminterious 10 years ago

How to burn xbox 360 games of type .sfv and .rar ?

I learnt how to burn .iso files into dvds but still cant do it with .sfv and .rar is their a special program or a trick or something? please help

Asked by 8 years ago

I got burned by Instructables!

Ahoy!I just found the definition of instructables on Urban Dictionary.Please note the usage example at the bottom of the paragraph.http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=instructables

Posted by noahh 9 years ago

DVD burning problem?

Everytime I burn a DVD (I use windows DVD Maker) It works on the computer, but only a few DVD players. I have an older one and a portable one that only some of the DVDs will wok on, otherwise I just get error messages. I also have a newer DVD player in which they all work on. Does anyone know whats going on? BTW- I'm using DVD-Rs. Thanks!

Asked by transistorguy 7 years ago

Laser conversion from pointer to burn

I could have sworn I saw an instructable on converting a regular laser pointer (low wattage type) into one that would burn (if only a little), i.e. increase it's power output, but now I am finding it impossible to locate. Has it been removed? Are there not proper tags to help me weed out the other half million laser projects? Have I lost my memory and there never was such a project? inquiring minds want to know...

Posted by Goodhart 8 years ago

Want to know how to build a waste oil pre-heater for a waste oil burning furnace.

Who out there can tell me how to build an oil pre-heater for a waste oil burning furnace. I need to heat the oil so that it will atomize through a Carlyle AF 15 oil burner. Any help would be appreciated.

Posted by rattle09 9 years ago

How might I alter a greenhouse paraffin heater to burn more CO2 and less heat, please? Answered

I've built a few things since coming across this site, one of which is a basic hydroponic table for salad greens. I have a paraffin-based greenhouse heater, but I want it to burn with less heat. Do you know if this is possible, please? Alternative suggestions are welcome, with the aim of burning natural fuels to produce CO2. The heat is not needed during these warm days (although it is turning a little colder outside the greenhouse!) I have had a look at 'professional'solutions and they run to about US$500 which is far too much cash. I also checked to see what they did different to a normal burner but other than saying they burn lean they are not helping any further. I'm guessing they burn lean by allowing less oxygen into the fuel/air mix? Thanks for stopping by.

Asked by kevinhannan 8 years ago

Other than being really careful, how can I keep myself from burning myself on a soldering iron? Answered

I tried wearing garden gloves, but that was just too bulky,

Asked by WerdnaN 8 years ago

What is the usual ratings for a capacitor in a disposable camera? Answered

I am wondering so that I can calculate the output power of my small capacitor bank-in amps and joules.

Asked by wii552 7 years ago

How can I heat gasoline, with out it igniting?

I want to dissolve plastic into the gas, so i need to heat it. How could i do this without buying anything???

Posted by DELTAWOLF05 9 years ago

Melting Steel with the Sun

Now I'd like to see an 'ible on that! A very neat contraption indeed! The only thing that was weird, was when he described a hot-dog. "Traditional, American, lunch-time, hot-dog, snack."  Very strange.      Link via Boing Boing

Posted by nickodemus 8 years ago

will any of the these batteries be strong enough to make this nichrome wire glow?

Hello, am currently trying to construct a disposable device that requires a power supply adequet to make up to 4cm of nichrome wire glow , and use as little space as possible. however, currently i am having a small issue as the output strengths of small batteries seem to be unpredictable, and i dont know wether or not these small lithium batteries will produce enough output to get my nichrome wire glowing, for instance, i have a sub c rechargable battery for starting my nitro powerd rc car's glow plg, and it says it produces 1.2v and has a capacity of 2000ma, and it is so strong that it burns up my wire immediately, but then i use my single 1.2v 3000ma rechargeable aa battery, and it doesnt do squat, now why is that?, obviously i know the glow plug battery is meant to discharge faster and allow for more power than AA. what i want to know is, will this small 1/2AA battery be enough to make this nichrome wire glow, which i might add that can be made to glow red hot with a ni-cad 4.8 700mah battery pack. and burn out with a 9v battery. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=310101398351&ssPageName=ADME:X:RTQ:US:1123 this is the battery i am looking to see to use in my device, as it is small enough, and appears to have enough amperage and voltage to be able to burn the wire, but still, as i tested out with my other battery, i cant really tell without actually having it, and i dont plan on waiting 3 weeks to test out the battery. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/NEW-3-6V-1200mah-1-2AA-ER14250-14250-Lithium-Battery-/200535000934?pt=US_Batteries&hash=item2eb0d14766 otherwise, if this alone cannot burn my nichrome wire, are there any batteries out there that are cheap (especially in bulk), are not much larger than this battery, and have a fast discharge rate, or, if there are any very small basic circuits i can use with this battery, to increase its output to enough to burn the nichrome wire, as i dont ant to exeed the size of a large cork, or roughly or (3x2x2) +/- 1cm3 lastly if i buy a smaller diameter wire, such as this one will a AA battery be enough to burn it? or the 1/2AA http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Resistance-heating-wire-Nichrome-40-awg-100ft-/170454797490?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27afe5ccb2 does the amount of ohms per meter mean it will get hotter with lesser power i have considerd using very low voltage incendary light bulbs, however due to the fact i want to make alot of these devices whiches name i will disclose, i find that they may cost me alot more, than what i could get for nichrome rocket wire. whoever answers this first , will get a "best answer" from me.

Asked by oldmanbeefjerky 7 years ago

Is it possible to add a power dial to any of kipkays laser projects, So that I could have it range from no harm to kill?

Like it ranges from something to cut diamonds (If possible) to something I could use with kids? I was thinking dial because you get more settings. Please help.

Asked by 8 years ago

Pain is a learning curve

Ok, I just made some hot chocolate, the usual 90 seconds in a microwave, narrow mug, powder and soy milk with a sprinkle of nutmeg..... drank it felt no different......but it appears that apparently it was too hot without me even realising it, and I should know because I drink hot chocolate with a spoon. My lips, roof of my mouth, gums and tounge are swelling sore and blistering. Great! Do you know what the best cure is? Whiskey, I'm sat in the living room drinking whiskey to cool the burns in my mouth, it doesnt hurt so much now but my god my lips are swelling like a mongoose fish. Who needs botocs? I have alot of food allergies too which doesn't help. Do any of you guys have food allergies and how do you cope with them, tips appreciated :)

Posted by Zion_Sphere 7 years ago

can i make a cd ir laser solderer?

Iv seen a lot of projects using dvd red lasers to light matches and other cool stuff. a lot of faqs for almost all of these projects had the "can i use a cd diode" question and the universal response was "cd uses ir so u could be almost instantly blinded without knowing it" but military lasers used to safely blow up mines, pipe bombs, ect from far away (awesome!) are ir. are people saying no ir because of morons that would not only use it without goggles, but would also show their friends it lighting a match while invisibly damaging their eyes, or is there another reason why dvd readers and cd readers and writers shouldn't be used? also, is there any easy way to combine and focus multiple laser diodes? if it just takes ir blocking goggles then an ir laser soldering system would be worth it, not to mention pretty kick-ass.

Asked by the judge 8 years ago

Why are those cotton fireballs burning me?

I cut a strand from a 100% cotton T-shirt and tie it into a ball using cotton string and soak it in lighter fluid like it said in the video, but it still burns me when I hold it from the bottom where its not supposed to burn you.

Asked by GatorSECChamps 9 years ago

laser burning cd designs

I am pretty sure there was an instructable on how to actually "burn" an image or design straight onto a cd using a cdrom, but i cant find it now. what would happen is you would put in a blank cd into your computer andetch an image right onto the cd, but i cantfind it. if anyone knows where it is, please tell me. or the maker of the instructable. thanks!!

Posted by A.C.E. 10 years ago

Fire Balls?

Hey, I'm back. Well, I never left, I just never came on Instructables. I'm on the forums on BYMC all the time, though. If you go looking for me, I am known as Alt Ctrller on there, and AIM. Well, i was surfing youtube, and I came on this video, and I was dumbstruck. How are they not burning they're fingers? What the hell? So I scanned Google for the burning point of Ronsonol Lighter fluid, known as Naptha and white gas, campstove gas, and coleman fuel. No results. It looks like he made a round "wick", and thats it. But how is he not burning himself? My ideas:-Burns really low(relatively)-heat rises, no burns-no contact long enough-he's high and he can't feel the burns-he's just stupid-a combination of any one of the above fiveWhat's your take? I know I'm going to try it, I like risks....But what about denatured alcohol? also known as meths and methelated spirits....?would they burn too hot?

Posted by John Smith 10 years ago

Most effective way to incinerate cardboard, paper and wood???

Hi everybody, i would like to know what i can make to burn off a lot of woodbricks, paper and cardboard without creating a lot of smoke. preferably no smoke at all. i was thinking on making a small incinerator that reuses the smoke created while burning wood and paper. Any idea's on how to make this??? It has to be strong enough to be used over and over again for quit some time.

Posted by AriedeB 6 years ago

Pyrotechnics Ignitor

My current hobby is EVERYTHING TO DO WITH FIRE. Usually I burn ethanol (I am not a super green person i just cant buy gasoline) . Can i just use an old camera and take the power from the flash and use this as a detonator. I would like something a little nicer WITH A BIG RED BUTTON though lol.

Posted by littlechef37 10 years ago

Fun with fire... But how?

Http://kristofvagyok.tumblr.com/post/803610146 How to make this trick what is on that picture above? How to start? Anybody has any idea? Thanks!

Posted by Evilblaze 7 years ago

How to get data off a strangely burnt CD? Answered

Hi all, I was wondering how I could get data off a CD with really strange burning marks (see pic) because it has a backup of pictures it is needed to be working, and we don't have the original photos from the disc. When I try to access it on my computer, "My Computer" freezes so I can't veiw the contents of the disc Any help greatly appreciated.

Asked by thermoelectric 8 years ago

Fireworks+Solar Igniter=?

I saw a very neat instructable for an electronic fireworks igniter, and it linked me to another one with plans for a fireworks igniter (https://www.instructables.com/id/Fireworks-Igniter/). In the effort of saving time couldn't you use solar igniters for model rockets to get the same affect, or are they not enough to start the fuse? 

Posted by justink 7 years ago

What are the byproducts of burning alcohols? Answered

I would like to know because I test my alcohol stoves in my garage. I know burning anything produces corbon monoxide.Thanks

Asked by qwertyboy 9 years ago

usb chip burned? Answered

What if i burned my board's usb chip ?

Asked by pkduino 1 year ago

is it possible to make a laser beam more powerful by adding more lasers?

Iv been looking at the laser cutter 'ables and am wondering it its possible to combine say 10 fairly high powered (cheap/er) lasers into a single beam to create a more powerful burn. id prefer not to go out and buy $2000 worth of laser which ill most likely break. or get arrested for trying to bring through customs. i was thinking of using a diverging lens to make the spread out rays in a parallel path. in diagram i understand that mounting the lasers will be a challenge.. but will constructive/deconstructive interference be a problem.. i didnt listen to well in physics. any ideas would be appreciated grim out.

Asked by grimgroper 8 years ago

If i take a usb cord (for power) and solder the two ends to a V shaped paper clip, wouuld the bottom of the...

If i take a usb cord (for power) and solder the two ends to a V shaped paper clip, wouuld the bottom of the V get hot enough for me to use as a wood burner?

Asked by PyroMaster007 8 years ago

My Experiment with a leather handle binding

So the other day i was bored, i got to thinking about dagorhir, it looked so fun, i just needed an awesome suit of armor and a sword. so i tried this, i took 2 strips of leather and tacked them into place, then i wrapped the leather around this dowel. after i got to the end of the stick i made a pommel out of more leather. then i took out the butane torch, i singed the leather so that it curled up at the edges causing a nice grippy feel. so, is this thing full of fail or full of win?

Posted by Crakur 8 years ago

What is the product of burning hydrogen? Answered

What is the product of burning hydrogen? Smoke? Hydrocarbons? Or nothing? Thanks!

Asked by joespicnictables 7 years ago