Getting laptop to stream to ecm in car

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favoret cars

Put in your favorite cars or hot rodes

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what are the different types of car which we often see on the roads today?

What i need is a note of 4-5 lines about the different types of cars, and how has technology improved in the making of these cars?

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i want make a car or motercycle

I want make a car or motercycle which is run by without any fuel or gas ,it is devlopped self power but i have not material what am i do ?

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Good Car DIY book? Answered

My friends birthday is coming up. He has always talked about how he would like to be able to fix stuff in his car. I decided to get him a good DIY book about cars. Unfortunately I cannot find one. Does any one know of one? Thank you in advance.

Asked by Eax5 6 years ago

how to make a remote control car and what type of requirements if its weight is 1.5 kg ?

I want to make a remote control car ..plz help me to know that what type of parts i required like what type of motor to run a1.5 kg car ..if you have any type of information plz let me know ..its urgent ..really need your help

Asked by developerVirk 4 years ago

how to convert a toy car into remote control car?

HOW TO MAKE A TOY CAR REMOTE CONTROLLED ? I want to make a four wheeled remote control toy car.I have completed half of its parts i.e. the body whic is square shaped and little bit slanting in the front,the wheels are also fixed ,whic i obtained from an old broken toy car.I have fixed three motors,each of 1.5 volts.I had also connected the motors to two 9 volt batteries, and i have also fixed one switch and now i am able to run my car.       But my question to you is that how can i make this toy car remote control?Pleease can u suggest me some answers . And aklso tell me what are the things i need to make my RC car.  TYPE OF ANSWER I ASPECT:1.the steps to make my toy car remote controlled                                                        2.The things to make it remote controlled   please give me an positive answer

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my rc car is slow and it is a cheap electric one from argos how can i make it faster? Answered

I don`t want to spend any money and also i can`t get the body off

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Used car scam? My sister bought a used car privately and now the catalytic is done- what can she do?

 She bought the car about two weeks ago, and it ran great for exactly 5 days.  Then it started shaking and making strange noises.  She took it into our old high school auto shop for a diagnosis, but a student disconnected the battery while it was hooked up (to clean the terminals) and we lost the diagnosis.  The instructor informed her that it would take a few days for the engine maintenance light to come back on, and to come back if and when this occurred.  Well it did- exactly 5 days later.  We are pretty sure it was reset the day she bought it so that by the time the problem arose, it would be "her problem", but can't prove it.  I'm pretty sure a catalytic converter does not constitute a safety issue, thus wouldn't be covered under her certification.  Is there anything she can do, is she on her own?

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2011 mitsubishi lancer fuse voice system not working fully and how do i get it to work right?

So heres the deal. Previous owner of the car istalled an amp under the drivers seat and all the speaker wires are going to it. Sound in the car is amazing. Whats not so amazing is whatever they did while hooking this amp to the head unit they messed up the fuse voice system. It still works but is unusable because the volume is so much lower than it is supposed to be. Any suggestions on how this happened or how to fix the problem?

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How to service my own vehicle?

How to fully service my vehicle on my own

Asked by D.assassin 9 years ago

does this sound like it could work?

I have an idea for a magnetic car that does not run an any type of motor at all. the idea is that we put a purposeful magnetic field in our roads keeping it on the same side so every magnet was for example negative. then we take our "car" for now lets call it a box and where our wheels are there is a magnet with its negative side down so that it will stay in the air. you then yous a 5th magnet in the front of the box that is connected to a lever so that you can flip it slightly to create movement. there is a little more to this idea but this is the basics of it.

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how to make your own diesel engine?

 i want to know how do we construct a diesel engine and what is its working

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why do cost of production of radiator cap differ at different places?

Why do cost of production of radiator cap differ at different places? example at pune and mumbai...

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i have a dodge caravan with transmission code po715. turbine sensor A circuit. does anyone have a trans sensor schematic

There are several trans sensors. no time to guess which circuit is A. thanxs

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how do you change the spark plugs on a 1999 model holden?

I have a 1999 holden acclaim i need to know exactly how i service the motor step by step

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2011 Toyota corolla wire schematic ?

Can anyone help me with this i want to install amp and speakers in front and rear into my stock factory head unit. Problem 1 : i don't have RCA out pins on stock head unit So i bought SCOSCHE RCA CONVERTER. Problem 2: I also don't no each wire color coding i mean to say what those different color of wire do can anybody tell me different  color on my head unit please i attached the head unit photos and RCA converter and my CAR 2011 TOYOTA COROLLA LE

Asked by jalisvasim 6 years ago

I am buying a 2000 dodge neon with a 2.0 and its a 16 valve. Needs a new timing belt to it. should i buy it?

He did a compression test with a mechanic and everything was fine. Im not sure if I should buy it or not.

Asked by emcneal 5 years ago

can i download the suspension calculation software called optimum k?

Please tell me some softwares which can help in doing calculations regarding suspension in cars.i heard optimum k is good. but i cant find it to download it from net.plz help me....

Asked by rjvisakh 9 years ago

Question about a Jeep Cherokee, please help?

Hello everyone im new here but i would like to ask a question about a jeep i may purchase. I am going to show some photos of the jeep and i would like to get opinions on the jeep! There i rust on the top of the jeep i am wondering what i could do to fix this? Or if anybody had an idea of the cost to fix it? If anybody has any information about this that would be great. The pictures say it all but if you have any more questions feel free to email me. Oh i will also show you that the jeep from other angles,the price is $3,200 and its in amazing condition minus the rust on the top. Thats its, but thanks for the interest and help!

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Get Car Dealers to Donate Cars

Hello Friends, Car donations can be a good source of added income for many non-profit organizations. What amounts to a tax write-off for many dealerships can be turned around and sold so the charities can increase their ability to help their causes. If you are interested in getting an automobile donation, asking a dealership to donate may be a good option. Calculate all the facts and figures before you even contact a dealership about getting a donation. Car dealers are traditionally bottom-line oriented people. This means they understand numbers well. If you can show what your operating budget and expenses are and how a donation can be a financial help to you and how the tax break will help the dealer, you will be better off. Best Regards Tim Boon Donating Cars

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my knex car

This car to me was the best one i had ever made becuase it had steering and adjustable seats and etc

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can u guys ,tell me how do i convert my liquified petroleum gas car to a proper hydrogen running car?

I am in India ,i have a fiat car i wanna convert that car make it run on hydrogen i dont mind few modifications .but can it be succesful in doing so .plzzzz help me on this .should we change the fuel container and all that stuff.the car is abt 10 years old .i found out that other car makers r making cars which run on h2 with same concept of IC engines

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How to make all terrain robotic car? Pls list out all the parts required and also the step by step procedure to make it.

The dimension of the entire car should be 30*25*25 cm... and should run in a 12v supply...... It should be of min cost too...

Asked by aswin2142 7 years ago

IS it Logical to use Lithium ions in noramal cars?

Just Normal cars,not electric ones..I think it may not be able to charge and discharge at the same time for Lithium family..Am i right? pls  point out some faults..that you think may occur?

Asked by Nr-Think different 5 years ago

mouse trap cars?

Ok my tach. ed class are making mouse trap cars!and i dont build thing =0i need some serious help give me some good ideas how to get them too go far!i am only in 7th grade make it easy !pleasethanks

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ok, does anyone build knex cars on this site anymore?

Does anybody build any knex cars on this site anymore becides me??  i wanna know because i hardly see them anymore, all i see is knex guns. but whoever still into building knex cars, lets keep in touch on here. i wanna bring knex vehicles back into the mix lol 

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how is it possible that the general world of people move away from steam to gasoline?

I mean that with todays steam cars that you can refill with water anywhere and with water being super cheap and natrual source for fuel why would people move away from those kind of cars?

Asked by neivadan 5 years ago

what's the best way to put led's on an RC?

I want to put leds on my rc car. I would like to know what is the best way to do it and not have to many wires or switches.

Asked by guy86 8 years ago

#3 Wheel Assembly

I live in San Fernando Valley area of California 91402. Where can I find Accessory #3 Wheel Assembly : 60mm DIA Trolley Wheels for the PVC Multi toy Formula Car?

Asked by rlindsarl 5 years ago

Diy Automotive book recommendations for (vast majority of cars)?

I was wondering if anyone had any good automotive books that would help a novice diy mechanic be better at diagnosing problems and doing harder tasks.  I'm looking for a good book to teach a bit of background theory ("How car's work") and specific tasks and "How" to use tools to find out what the problem is. Or any special techniques required for less common diy/adv diy tasks. Example; how to do a valve job in a car, how to reset a car to TDC, best ways to do other things etc. Something a bit better than a Chiltons or Haynes, or even less specific. Perhaps something that could provide help with the ASE. I'm not going to actually go into automotive at the moment, but I would like to learn more of the guts.

Asked by DELETED_Phill 7 years ago

automotive section

I think that instructables should have an automotive section  soo people can show upgrades to their cars  or how to solve problems and so on so forth. even if its just a subsection of workshop  a;though it would be better if it had its own place on instructables.

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How to create reed switch that activates wireless alarm?

I've been reading alot about reed switches after learning about a security feature for cars, a reed kill switch. I wanted to know how to or if someone could create some kind of setup where if the reed switch closes the circuit, it will activate a wireless remote or something like an alarm within a reasonable distance from the actual switch. I've seen those window/door entry alarms. Would those work? For a car, would it be possible to have the reed switch activate a small alarm in a key fob type of thing?

Asked by booooyet 5 years ago

burn capacitor on rc motor

Burn capacitor on my motor and i can't read the code or number on it. what will be the best capacitor to buy or to put on it?

Asked by nreyes 7 years ago

How do i make my breaks stop squeaking?

Im replacing them with my next pay check, i cant stand the noise. any help?

Asked by littlebastard 8 years ago

The best car ad ever made

A family member sent me this ad that was posted on craigslist, while it was the most explicit ad I've ever seen, I'd prefer this over any normal ad. Enjoy those who feel comfortable reading this. DISCLAIMER:  I bleeped (****) out any explicit words...... Though I could have missed s-something.  And explicit's definition is different between people Side note: If anyone thinks this is a tad (or more than a tad) over the top, PM me or reply saying so. I'll delete it. - - - If you think you'll be offended by this ad... DON'T READ IT.  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - POS 1994 Honda Civic LX for sale - $600 (Marietta, GA) Date: 2010-07-11, 4:49PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] That's right, you can own a piece of shi... history right now for only $600. You may wonder why I didn't post a picture and that's because with a car this crappy, a photo is not needed. Just imagine the worst possible car and then picture a camel taking a dump in the trunk and you'll have a close approximation. You don't need to worry about me lying... it really is a POS. There is no risk of you getting over here and finding out it's really a gorgeous gem worth thousands... that doesn't happen...ever. But if for some reason that's actually happened to you, then you are acquainted with a crazy cosmic karma that has never thought to even piss in my face. I almost had a date on PlentyofFish and you know what happened? The f***ing AC died. For two years while I was not dating, it worked fine. The day after I get digits, the AC craps out. The car also has a weird hesitation problem that was not fixed even when I replaced the fuel filter. What could cause all of these things? Satan in the drive train...that's right... it's rare, but it happens to guys like me. This car is actually demon-possessed so you can forget about any sort of easy fix. Jesus said you need faith to cast out demons like this and believe me there are only two people on the planet that have that sort of faith. One guy lives in a cave in India and the other guy is dead. And you can forget about the guy in the cave helping you because, if you can find him, he's just going to tell you how physical setbacks are really spiritual blessings...blah blah blah...yada yada yada. Exactly. Don't expect sympathy from any motherf***er that sits around in his underwear in a cave. Other problems with this car include busted boots on the tie-rod ends, busted wheel hub boots, broken AC, leaking power steering system, ABS light always on, check-engine light comes on occasionally, driver window sometimes comes off the track, paint has permanent dirt in it (yes, it's f***ing can't scrub it out with anything less than sandpaper or some highly explosive chemical that causes cancer in 49 states and erectile dysfunction in the 50th.) The car does drive, but that's about all it's good for. Good luck getting it to pass emissions. I've never tried as it's still registered in Clarke County. If you want to date, this car is probably not for you. On a positive note though, I can assure you no one has ever had sex in it. It would take a miracle to get a girl to even sit in this car, much less take her clothes off in it. Other possible uses for this car included entertainment at frat parties. You could charge people $5 a swing with a baseball bat, although you still probably wouldn't recover your investment. You might be able to sell it to the Mythbusters and get the to test the myth, "Is it possible that a car could really be this s***ty?" Adam Savage and Kari Byron will have a field day and close it off with "Myth f***ing confirmed" and a side comment from Kari about how whatever d*****bag use to own it must have never been laid. There are some positives like a beautiful Lumar 32% tint job, keyless entry with remote trunk release, an Alpine CD Player, and Pioneer speakers in the door. So at worst, you can sit in your driveway and listen to music with a bottle of Jergens and a picture of Eliza Dushku. I really wouldn't recommend taking it on the road until you replace the tie-rod ends. You might crash into a bus full of nuns and then the Pope will reign motherf***ing hail fire down on your betrodden a** with more fury than the inquisition because you actually decided to drive and be seen in such an amazing POS, killing 20 of his lovely Sisters. One other thing you might use this car would be pushing it off a cliff. If you've ever wanted to see what it's like first hand for a car to fall hundreds of feet and smash against rock, then here's your chance. Although don't be surprised if this demon-possessed sleigh from hell manages to f*** up your good time even in that bold scenario. I don't know how it would, but it would probably figure out a way. If there are any parents out there reading this, don't let your children fall into the situation I'm in. I would never have ended up with this car if I had pursued a real career. But instead I majored in math where the best job I can find now is up in Portland with a bunch of bran muffin eating hippies, jerking off Moose for 75 cents a smile for some wildlife conservation sperm bank. Let your kids do something with good with their future, like wait tables at Denny's. Oh yeah... it's white, 4 doors, and automatic. Whooptie-f***in-do!  

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How to fix a speedometer? Answered

I recently have my power steering fluid emptied unnoticed. I got stuck in the middle of the road, when I re-started the engine, the speedometer didn't work anymore. I got the power steering fluid filled with new ones but it didn't fix the problem (speedometer). Now I only feel I'm the most hazardous driver on the road, driving without knowing what speed I'm going to. I don't know anything about cars, how do I do about it? Please help, I would highly appreciate any advise. thanks

Asked by smallboy73 6 years ago

Would oil dissolve a rubber radiator hose? Answered

What's worse when slipping on heater hoses, a light coating of dishwashing soap or oil? What would you use? (I'm thinking silicone, coolant wasn't slippery enough for me)?

Asked by DELETED_Phill 7 years ago

What are the components in a honda prelude exaust system

I'm modifying my '93 Honda Prelude & I want to replace my catalitic converter with a 'hot dog' & I want to know what the indervidual components are in the exhaust system, so I don't stuff everything up. Any help is appreciated.

Asked by ICEMAN KIMI 8 years ago

Can i replace the rc transmitter/receiver in my boat with a multiple a 6 frequency

There are several of us racing boats. All have the same 3 frequencies. Can I replace the transmitter/receiver with a 6 channel? At present  2 controls used are Foward/reverse and left/right. This will change and I would like to be flexible.

Asked by rdeborde 1 year ago

How to make a magnetically powered/propelled vehicle ?

I'm a freshman in high school doing a Year End Project (YEP) for STEM. My project is a vehicle that is propelled by electromagnetism. I have three main idea's already. Option 1: Completely replace wheels with large magnets with either a North or South charge. Then replace normal roads with railings charged with magnetism of the same polar to the cars. The bumpers could be magnetically charged as well. With all car bumpers being the same polar, it would decrease the chances of accidents. Take into account that this idea has only started growing for the past 2 years so my ideas for the mechanics are not close to completion so I'm leaving those thoughts out. Option 2: keep the wheels but modify them to have 2-3 smaller magnets on the inside of the wheel. By turning and switching on different a polar changing direction between forwards and backwards. Then add the same idea with the bumpers for the same reason. This cuts the cost exponentially. Option 3: Keep the wheels and everything else of a normal automobile except the engine. Replace it with on large magnet that's stationary and a smaller magnet that can rotate or switch between North and South polar's. Possibly instead of only one pair of magnets increase to an unknown number to allow for more speed, braking and acceleration power. Still keep with the bumper idea. I can't seem to find a reason other than cost to get rid of it. Of course the magnets would interfere with electronics. I haven't thought of a solution for that problem as of yet.

Asked by 085070 1 year ago