Favorite Cat

You probably have read the books. Who is your favorite cat? Why, and from which clan?

Posted by Hobo Joe_ 9 years ago

How do I convince my mom to let me get a cat? Answered

I understand we have 3 cats, one 16, but this cat is missing an eye, skinny, etc. and he may not get a home.  I call him Twilight because he looks a lot like another cat, Midnight.  He is very affection it, and I will keep him away from the old man cat and let him stay in my room.  I'll get rid of the air freshener, and tidy it.  Please help me convince her!

Asked by DeceptibotX 6 years ago

Any automatic cat doors triggered by the cat's I.D. chip? Answered

Has anyone made an automatic cat door that works by reading the cat's embedded I.D. chip?

Asked by Enricommuter 8 years ago

my cat ate a rat...

My cat ate a rat this morning, and threw it up on my shoe just now.....

Posted by fobblewabble 10 years ago

squirrel or cat.

Do you choose squirrel or do you choose cat or do you choose both.i choose cat sniper.

Posted by nfk11 7 years ago

really off the subject but "why not to make a cat angry"

Show us your battle scars..... from cats

Posted by naruto 777 10 years ago

cat's conductivness

If you own a cat pet it a few times without touching it's ears or nose, then touch there ear or nose, you shock them! Are there nose or ears not attached or something, because you making the charge with the cat.

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

any practical use for cat poop? Answered

I have five cats and lots of poop. jokes are expected and welcome but anybody with any real ideas? composting and fertilizer are out. thanks

Asked by dannemillerd 8 years ago

Why do people believe that a cat bringing a headless mouse into the house is a gift to the owner ? Answered

It just doesn't make sense to me; in my experience the cat brings in a mouse , plays with it until it's dead and loses interest; the owner seems irrelevant to the equation. I like cats but they do not strike me as being particularly altruistic, Any ideas?

Asked by FriendOfHumanity 8 years ago

how to prevent shedding from my cat?

My cat tiger sheds like crazy every time i brush her about 10 minutes later. i am tired of finding cat hair every wear. please help me

Asked by mchase1 6 years ago

How can I keep a stray cat out of my house?

I have a cat for whom I keep a window open, since she likes to go outside and come back in while we are gone at work.  Apparently, a neighbor's cat has come in our house to spray.  Does anyone have ideas on how I can keep the cat out?

Asked by Enricommuter 8 years ago

Homicidal cat?

We have two cats at my house and i don't know what happened but the smaller cat has been trying relentlessly to "kill" the other. The attacked cat has been acting odd a little before the incident, and wherever the smaller one can smell the other he starts growling. They have been living together for half a year without problem. We have no idea whats wrong but any help is appreciated.

Asked by monsterlego 6 years ago

how to make a good cat wheel for my lazy fat cat from an easy home materials? Answered

My cat has gained little bit more weigh than he should , and is 2 years old, he does'nt run as before, i want to build him a nice practial cat wheel, as i live in egypt and we dont have this products sold in our pet stores. If possible i need the full detailed description, please thanks alot Nihal

Asked by Niha-B 9 years ago

is it possible to make cat nip at home? and does anyone know how to do it , cuz where i live they do not sell it ? ? Answered

What would i need to do make home made cat nip and is even possible , is it safe ?

Asked by blackchibi 8 years ago

How to get my cat to get in the litter pan all the way?

My cat is a 19 year old neutered male has suddenly started getting into the litter pan only partially with the business end hanging out. As result he sprays the floor.

Asked by 9 years ago

cat running out the door

I'm looking for a device to stop my mom's cat from darting out the door.  My mom is 78 yo. and doesn't react especially fast.  I'm wanting some sort of electric mat that will only be activated when the one cat is on or near it.  The door is used constantly by humans and the dog uses the door also.  Therefore, it can't be activated by stepping on the mat.  I'm thinking of a collar device that the cat would wear that activates the mat or activates a air burst or sprayer, etc. Any ideas?

Posted by carolb4 6 years ago

Cute Cat Makes Wedding Proposal

All you need to know is that the Colin B in question is someone who works in our building. The rest speaks for itself. The Question The Answer

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

Cat Exercise Wheel...Looking for instructions on how to build it.

If anyone can show me an easy inexpensive way to build a cool cat exercise wheel I would be eternally grateful. I see some really cool examples on youtube but no one gives instructions. thanks again, danny

Posted by danny12592 6 years ago

Cat-cam revisited

Well when I was scrolling through the forums I saw the thread "cat cam" i remembering seeing it once but i didn't comment on it. But anyways that would be awesome. But would there be any way to put it on the cat without it weighing them down? W-burg (I called you that because i don't know how to spell your name) I will remove this if you want me to. Also would this be possible?

Posted by Easy Button 10 years ago

Cat Genie Faster Cycling?

Thank you for all your helpful information on Cat Genie.  I used your rotation arm instructions as soon as I got my Cat Genie 2 years ago.  They were simple and easy to follow I am also resetting my cartridges and saving tons of money. I am wondering if you could help with these two additional issues for Cat Genie 1) Inexpensive Cat Genie granules subsitute 2) Speeding up or making the cleaning cycle faster, reducing the time it takes for each cleaning cycle to complete. Thank you! Dave Stern Las Vegas, NV 702-416-4700

Asked by desmisc 7 years ago

Dog or Cat volunteer

Hey everyone. I'm working on an instructable which will end up on a dog or cat collar. Problem is, I don't have either. I'm looking for someone to volunteer their cat or dog's name for the tag I'm making. I'll send it to you and hope that in return you'll provide a picture of your pet wearing it for the instructable. If you're up to it, upload a picture (below in the comments) of your pet with this post in the background . I'll use the first pet posted. Thanks Brent.

Posted by Mrballeng 5 years ago

Release door on cat trap

I'm trying to trap a stray cat. The lenders didn't set it up right so now in my trying to figure it out I've got the trap door closed and can't figure out how to get it open. I know how to set it now...just need to open the door back up.HELP'

Posted by evalyng 10 years ago

Is it possible to read the RFID chips implanted into cats with a microcontroller for identification purposes? Answered

I would like to be able to identify my cats so that they can be fed according to their particular diet, and they are already implanted with RFID tags from the vet. I was hoping to use these tags instead of making my cat wear an extra RFID tag on their collar.

Asked by texner 7 years ago

Cat Scan - patches available

From Tumblr, via Animal New York, via Notcot, comes The Cat Scan. It's cats. On scanners. It's weird, yet somehow obvious.  The blasted animal has fallen asleep on your scanner again, so why not try and teach it to sleep elsewhere? What's the oddest thing you have ever scanned? UPDATE I've decided to arbitrarily award patches to any scans people upload. Rules: It must be something you've scanned yourself. If it was alive at the start of the scan, it must be alive and unharmed at the end of the scan (ie don't hold frogs still be pressing down on the lid). International entries are absolutely allowed.

Posted by Kiteman 6 years ago

"healthy" fountain for cat

Hello y'all, my cat is weird and likes to drink from the water tap(directly). so i thought that i could make him somekind of foutain so he can drink any time he wants from "flowing" water without me having to be home to open the water tap. My question for the time being is, is there any problem if i use an old fish tank water pump for it(i clean it already but...) cause all of the plastic and stuff? :P

Asked by migueldesousa 6 years ago

Wanting to make a cat toy, for two fat cats.?

Was thinking of,,,,, a shoe lace or sunglass kind of string, as the “Bait”. Want it to snap then craw back like your trout fish casting or pull back dragging on floor and a snap -out -again- W/O this arm smacking them in the head  (thinking of a hysteresis type  motor for speed and tork with short spring and stud to whip string  out about 12”.  Toy to Turn on and off with motion switch or after 2 min. of play  &  shut down, quit and turn on only by motion of them wanting to play again don.t want a presher plate switch.  Am I asking too much.? Steve6221

Asked by steve6221 7 years ago

Stray Cats Strut

Sad to say, a homeowner in the neighborhood takes no care of her cats and, of course, we had a bumper crop of strays for a while until nature and cars took care of most of them.  Two or three full-grown cats from the original litters are now quite healthy and roam our neighborhood freely.  As I have two indoor/outdoor cats, the "Wilds" have decided to take our yard as their own and you all know how cats mark their territory.  Every corner of our house, planters, and bbq has been sprayed as the battle for territory continues.  They're quite bold; I ran into one in our garage!  I'd like an effective, safe, non-painful (and entertaining, if possible) way to discourage them from coming into our yard and/or what I can spray over their spray to  nullify their scent.  (Baking soda and water mix, etc.)  I'm not home during the day to "catch" them in the act, I need something long-acting.  Thanks!  

Posted by Kevhead01 6 years ago

I have a female cat with scabies. Does any one have a home cure for this?

Scabies is a diease that causes her to scratch and lick herself all the time. It has created a bald patch around her neck where the fur has fallen out, and now the skin is red and raw looking, with scabby looking patches.

Asked by 8 years ago

HELP!!! MY cat won't eat or drink, what do I do?!?

More info... >She's 13 years old >She's getting too thin > she hasn't moved > but she doesn't seem to be in pain I don't get it, and I don't want to go to a vet until I have an idea of what might be happening. thanks everybody! she's back to normal :)

Asked by jrg3ni0us 6 years ago

Cat acts like he is drugged up with morphine, not himself. Rat poison is mysteriously missing. Could it be? Answered

What symptoms of the standard green rat poison will be present in cats? For mild symptoms. (does anyone have experiance with this?) I have found that vitamin K is almost an antidote, although not sure. The symptoms listed here are not present, or we cannot tell for sure. No litter in the box, no noticeable bleeding yet, he has been acting funny like that all day yesterday too. I suspect it may be a very mild poisoning, but do not know what symptoms may exist for such. Thank you.

Asked by -max- 3 years ago

my 11 year old cat has been acting strange lately Answered

My 11 year old cat has been acting strange lately. when she peed she got in her litter box but she peed on the outside out the box and when she walks shell go 3 feet then stop she usually aggressive toward others but now shell let anyone pet her or pick her up. and she seems more mellow im am scared that this is serious and that i might loose her(im really attached, ive had her since i was 3 and she was able to leave her mother) I JUST WANT TO KNOW IF SHE WILL BE OKAY

Asked by ddj 9 years ago

Cat Playing Theremin

Wow. It's a cat playing a theremin!I have nothing more to add.

Posted by canida 10 years ago

Your cat

This is a place to post pictures of your cat or cats (not internet downloaded exept from places like flickr on your account) and talk about them.

Posted by weirdo62 8 years ago

How can I make a cat door using the microchip embedded in the cat?

I know about SureFlap but they don't work with US chips! I can't put on a collar and my cat refuses to go through cat flaps. So I need something that lifts or swings automatically.

Asked by anothergalaxy 8 years ago

Cat tree

I was wondering if anyone had done a cat tree and was nice enough to share a tutorial.http://www.puffandpooh.com/cat_tips/cat_tree/cat_tree_scratching_post.jpg

Posted by lillianclair 8 years ago

How do you befriend two cats?

My neighbor's cat just had kittens and i was wondering if they would get along with my other cat who is three years old?

Asked by 9 years ago

ENTERTAINING CLIMBERS & TOYS FOR OUTSIDE CATS: any ideas/designs on how to make these?

My outside cats are very bored. a couple of them are overweight. how can i make some homemade interesting climbing things and some very creative toys for my cats that stay outside? i've surfed the net, all i find are generic ideas.

Asked by DeMarie 9 years ago



Posted by nerfer192 10 years ago

well how do cats purr??

Well go on tell me!

Asked by kittenlover 9 years ago

How to make a snotty cat happy? Answered

A friend has a cat that just began hissing, nipping and generally being a real snot, what can be done to satisfy the cat again?

Asked by grooooovy 7 years ago

My Crazy Cat

All us cat owners know the truth - cats can be really crazy. Please post your comments and pictures of your cats - crazy or normal, well, as normal as they can be. ~Below is a picture of my 6 year old Maine Coon mix cat, Princess, while my dad is trimming her claws. She HATES that.~ :)

Posted by Chikpea 4 years ago

why are other cats poooing by my front door?

I have a cat . Who is kept in over night. When i wake up in the morning there is cat poo on my doorstep and in the back garden. why are other cats doing this? Is it a territorial thing? Does anybody know?  thanks 

Asked by Joules Evans 4 years ago