how can i store charge?

Asked by arunluke 4 years ago

Please explain WATTS to me! Answered

 I know watts equal amps times volts. But why? What is the benefit? Hypothetically, I wanted charge a laptop with some batteries ( instead of with the charger cord). The charger cord says 65 watts or some such, but what does that tell me?  Is 65 watts the same as 13 volts at 5 amps? Or 13 amps with 5 volts? what voltage/amperage would I need to charge this laptop? Thanks!

Asked by nepheron 8 years ago

How to charge this capacitor? Answered

I got this from a lightbulb. (three way)

Asked by Xixfas 4 years ago

Charged twice

I just joined today and my bank notified me that I was charged twice for this membership. Please explain and correct. MilDoc

Posted by MilDoc 7 years ago

How to charge up a capacitor? Answered

Hi, i am new ,  i want to know How to charge up a capacitor?  i have a 10v capacitor when i link it to 1.5v or 9v its only charge 1.5 or 9v and no more how i can charge it full ? thank you

Asked by BoudjelidaA 2 years ago

Charge controller CM3024z

Hi,  im a student, i just  wanna ask if i can use the charge controller CM3024Z to a Magneto (alternator) and coupled with a solar panel 50watts? does the solar charge controller are for solar panel only? thanks godbless

Posted by romeob 2 years ago

Can some one help me charge my laptop?

I've lost dc part of my laptop (where you plug in the cord) and I've got no way to charge my battery. Please help me!

Asked by Nothing2it 5 years ago

I cannot seem to charge my run battery at the same time i am using an inverter .

I am trying an experiment to charge a run battery supplying power to an inverter that is used to  make more DC voltage. I Can charge an alternate battery, but when i connected to the run battery it drains to fast  and the inverter stops working. I have a diode on the positive so no drain there. How Can i allow charge voltage in at the same time as running an inverter?

Asked by thomasskelly8 3 years ago

how do i make the best mobile charger ?

There are so many designs available which design is the best and economical to charge?

Asked by imakethings 9 years ago

I have a simple question about watts... Answered

Watts = amps times volts, correct? So if I had a laptop that charged with a 60 watt power supply, could I: -Charge it with 10 amps at 6 volts? (that is the same as 60 watts) -Charge it with 6 amps at 10 volts? (that is ALSO the same as 60 watts) -Charge it with 5 amps at 12 volts? (that is ALSO the same as 60 watts) -ect... Watts is just how much 'energy' passes a single point every second (or whatever), so it doesn't matter how you get the watts, watts is still watts? I'm still trying to grasp the whole concept of watts, so yours answers are infinitely appreciated!!!

Asked by nepheron 8 years ago

what to do with all the left over chirstmas battery that run all those chirstmas stuff?

Can i some how charge them i dont like to throw them away and buy new one again

Asked by papa1 8 years ago

Laptop does not charge and audio is also gone. Pls help!!

I have a Dell Inspiron 9200 which is abt 5yrs old. My original DELL charger went bad so i started using the DELL charger for my work laptop. However, whenever i rebooted it gave me a warning message stating your system performance will be slow when using this power adapter. I ignored it and continued using it for a few weeks until i got a blue screen stating "the disk is unmountable". I immediately ordered a new replacement adapter. I also ordered a replacement battery coz i noticed that the battery charge ran out pretty quickly and i always had to have the laptop on AC power all the time. The blue screen went away after replacing the adapter. Few weeks after this, the audio suddenly stopped working and now the laptop just doesnt charge. Is the motherboard gone bad? Should i just buy a new laptop or is it gonna be cheaper repairing the existing one? Pls help!!?

Asked by AJ81 9 years ago

How fast do capacitors discharge?

Do they discharge to 0 volts? pls and thank you (for my school expo project)

Asked by mulan2015 6 years ago

i has make solar charger! (so i hope - please take a look)

Hi everyone! i'm not so acquainted with soldering electronics and making solar equipment. but i want to be! so i soldered (so i hope) a solar charger for 2 AA batteries. material: 4 solar cells (~1.5V each) switch diod battery case picture frame please take a look at the pictures - does this construction make sense?

Posted by sebarr 8 years ago

Are capacitor charging circuits necessary? Answered

So I was looking at some coilguns and all of them have a circuit to control the charging, is this really necessary or can you just apply the voltage you want and let them charge.

Asked by 5 years ago

MP3 Battery won't charge?

I have just bought a generic MP 3/4 and did not fully charge the battery before exploring it's apps. Now I have a half full battery that won't charge any further. Can anyone help?

Asked by willywombat 6 years ago

Need to make charge indicator for 4 V 1 Ah Lead Acid battery Answered

Hi,  I have made a solar study lamp. I am using 4 volts 1 Ah lead acid battery for the same and 3 Watt solar panel. It charges well with the current circuit. But it does not have a charge indicator. I am looking for a battery charging circuit with charge indicators as follows: 1. Low battery indicator  2. Battery full indicator 3. Charging indicator - to indicate battery is getting charged Trying to keep this simple and inexpensive as this lamp is a part of social initiative for rural areas. Thanks in advance! 

Asked by rahuldj 2 years ago

Can I use ups by charging it via a 45w solar panel I made Answered

Ups is a 300w with 7amph battery and it is 110v charging can I use regular 12v 4.5amp dc? and disconnect the charger because it is 110 but I will be using in 220v country?

Asked by celalboz 8 years ago

How do solar charge controllers work?

I want to get a 5 watt 12 volt solar battery charger but I want to clear up my understanding of how they work before I get one.   FIrst:  The panel comes with a charge controller.  It says it cuts in at 13 volts.  What does that mean?  It starts charging once the battery drops to 13 volts?  That can't be it because 12 volt batteries range in voltage from 11.9 to 12.6 volts (charged/discharged).   Second:  "12 volt panels" output more than 12 volts right?: because batteries need 14.8 volts to charge.   I think they call it a 12 volt volt panel because it charges 12 volt batteries and not because it outputs 12 volts.  It must really output 22 volts and the charge controller steps it down to 14.8 volts. Thanks for the help Jacob 

Asked by Noblenutria 7 years ago

is there a way to charge a cell phone battery without the cell phone. If so, how?

The reason i ask this question is because my cell phone stopped charging my battery. it's not the charger or the where u plug the charger into the cell phone that is not making contact.   I know that regular batteries (AAA, AA) can be charged universally as long as the battery is a rechargeable one.  How about a cell phone battery?

Asked by johnshericosmo 8 years ago

Ipod charger? Answered

I have the correct 5v and the Ipod registers it but it comes up as charged, so I think its working like an external battery, but how do I get it to actually charge?

Asked by Electric Spectre1 8 years ago

Can dumb / feature phone be charged using USB?

Hello, I recently received a USB power pack but I can't seem to charge the dumb / feature phones that I have.  When I use this adapter to connect the phones they say that they are charging but even after 5 hours they seem like they didn't get a charge t all. Is the voltage difference the issue? With the USB being 5V and the phone battery being 3.7V (though the output of the chargers that the phones came with is 5V). Could I have a faulty unit? Thanks for reading.

Posted by Full Metal 4 years ago

Can a solar light be charged indoors?

Hey guys, Can a solar panel like this be charged with indoor lighting, like a calculator is, or does it need to be actual sunlight? Its rainy and cold in Canada, and need to know if I can just sit it on the kitchen table all day (the light is on anyway) and charge it up. Working on a Sun Jar, and have disassembled the outdoor solar light. I want to know if the panel/battery/light is in working order (I found an opened box at H.D. on sale for 1/2 price!) :) Thanks

Posted by Fast Eddie 10 years ago

Turn off auto renew.

Is there a way to turn off the subscription auto renew?  I don't want to be charged when I don't expect it.

Posted by itjmiller 8 years ago

Solar charge circuit question

Hi, I have a 12 volt / 0.5 watt solar cell and I am hoping to charge a 9 volt / 200 mAh rechargeable battery with it. I think I have a suitable diagram for the circuit here... I was wondering if using a 12 volt cell was ok for charging the 9 volt battery? Would I need to add resistance to the solar cell to bring it down to 9 volts? If so where would I add the resister to that diagram? If it's relevant, the load will be a fan. Thanks.

Posted by horsebones 6 years ago

The rite resistor to charge this super capacitor.

    Hello I was wondering what resistor you guys would recomend for use in a capacitor charging circut. I can follow common sense for a small 160uf 300v photo capacitor. But this cap has a rating of 3,700uf and 600v. And considering its in issue, (which I believe it may be,) assume your giving it 18v of power from let's say... a drill battery.                                                      Thank you.

Posted by darthDIY 8 years ago

Using a power mat as a charging station for internet controlled robots???

I've been wanting to make a robot with video and audio capabilities to play with the dogs while I'm at work or otherwise out. My question is this. Has anyone tried using the mat chargers to "park" their robots on when not in use and recharge? I was going to use one of my roombas but have found that sometimes they don't park in the charging base properly. Also I though this would be a good idea for a flying robot using one of those quadcopters as the base. Any thoughts? Marcel

Posted by Marcaine Art 6 years ago

how do i use a savonius wind turbine made from 200w electric scooter motor to charge 12v sla battery?

 the turbine is to charge a battery the battery will the run 2 12v caravan lights in a hut in the woods I am not electronically minded so you need to put the answer into laymans terms please many thanks 

Asked by venator 8 years ago

I need to prevent a battery from discharge?

I want to connect an air pump (5-12v) to a car battery. that battery is also connected to a solar charger panel (seen on other instructables). What i need its a circuit where i can monitor the batterry (a 12v cuttoff) so that when it goes below charge, it turns off the air pump, letting it to freely charge and start again. i thought of a NE555 or a relay. appreciate any help.

Asked by pchalita 8 years ago

Help in buying Solar Charge Controller?

I want to buy this. What is the best battery and solar panel for the same. I want  to use 6V rechargeable lithium batteries. I am guessing 2 in series will be required. Can I use array of Ni-MH pencil batteries with solar chargers? I will be mostly using the setup for emergency power supply in all rooms (5). I may also use night lamps as trickle drain.

Asked by artworker 4 years ago

How can I rig a 12v sla battery to power an amp and be charged at same time.?

I have a 12v sla battery (the kind from a kids play atv) that I want to use to make a portable mp3 player . I want to be able to use the battery and charge it at the same time if I want. The battery has only a positive wire and a negative wire coming from it. Help!

Asked by hispanickausinpanik 8 years ago

charge controller

I have the cm3024z charge controller. i have 240 watts going in, controller going to batteries, no conection on the load,   have 1500 watt converter hooked to batteries. set the controller as such,,, HvD-14v, LvR-12.5 v'  LvD-10.8 v . my voltage comming in to the controller is good, when i get to the hvd it kicks out at 14v as it should, but my lvr doesnt want to kick back in. i have let the batteties drain below the lvr but will not kick back in ..  is there anybody that can help with this, i have retured the first one and this is my second one with same problem. i have left the system hooked up as acording to manual,but after it kicks out it just wont kick bavk in unless i disconnect the panels and reconnect them.   all help would be appreciate, thanks

Posted by puddlepod 5 years ago

The mysteries of electricity... do I understand this correctly? (w/ pictures) Answered

Ok, is this diagram correct? Am I understanding all this right?

Asked by nepheron 8 years ago

If I put 5v in a 5v voltage reg, will 5v come out?

What kind of voltage drop should I expect if I put 5v in a 5v reg?

Asked by nepheron 8 years ago

Mimicking a 3.7v lithium battery with solar power

I'm trying to replace a digital cameras' battery with a solar power source instead. The camera would only work in the sun with this power source, but that's exactly what i want. The battery I'm trying to mimic is 3.7v at 760 mA. I was thinking of making a solar panel with an output of 5v at 1amp, and then using a voltage reg to bring the 5v down to a steady 3.7v. Can I get a 3.7v regulator? Is there such a thing as an adjustable/customizable voltage regulator? Would 4v be fine instead of 3.7v? is it close enough?

Asked by solarbug 7 years ago

what size of batttery can be charge with a 43w solar panel? can i connct it with out charge controler to battery&invert Answered

What size of batttery can be charge with a 43w solar panel? can i connct it with out charge controler to battery&invert

Asked by 9 years ago

Portable Chargers

Post your comments or questions

Posted by Yerboogieman 10 years ago

what is wrong with my psp?

The orange power light(not the little green one the charge one) flashes while charging and it will only turn on if it is still plugged in? it was working fine until today when it wouldn't charge.

Asked by jarrod12345 8 years ago

do the protection circuits in batteries handle charging too?

Do the protection circuits in rechargable Lithium Ion (and etc.) batteries stop the battery from charging once its fully charged? im just wondering because i plan to repair a palm pilot that cant charge on its own.

Asked by zack247 6 years ago

What's the best method of charging a car battery? Answered

I have a 12v car battery (not using in a car) and I also have a fancy charger (I use this to charge batteries for RC vehicles) that can alter voltage, current, end voltage and so on. What voltage and current should I charge at, and what should the voltage be when it's fully charged (so I know when to stop)? (the charger suggests 14.7v) thanks Jack

Asked by sladek 8 years ago

How do car alternators work?

I am working on way to charge electronics at long festivals.  There is no electricity and then my camera dies.  My solution is to bring a car battery and charge USB devices using car power/usb power adapter. My questions is about charging car batteries.  I noticed that the highest charge setting on my wall-power car charger is 6 amps.  A car alternator on the other hand supplies 65 amps.  Why such a huge difference?  When you jump start dead car battery and then charge the battery with the car running the alternator is the battery really charging at 65 amps?  That is 10 times more current than from a wall charger.

Posted by Noblenutria 3 years ago

charging 10s5p battery pack

I'm working on an ebike conversion. I'm buying laptop batteries to take out the 18650s and put them in my pack. I'm looking at a 10s 37v pcm. If I make it in 10 sets of 6 to get 37v 14.4ah, then how can I safely charge the battery so that they don't charge unevenly in each set?

Posted by leaf26 4 years ago

can i charge this battery with a solar charge controller? Answered

I have recently bought this solar charger kit from ( and was curious if i could charge two of these small sla batteries hooked in a parallel to power a project. If it is too much power how would i bring it down to a safe level for the batteries? help would be appreciated thanks: Harry

Asked by harry88 4 years ago

How do I charge lead-acid batteries? Answered

I have two 6-volt ~4.5 AH batteries, and I'm not sure how to charge them. I know that overcharging and voltage regulation can be an issue. They have markings on the outside that say "standby voltage ( voltage)", "intermettent use voltage (voltage)", and I was wondering what voltage I use to charge them, how I know when they're fully charged, etc. Advice is welcome. Thanks!

Asked by mad magoo 8 years ago

How to positively charge something? Answered

I was sitting here in the middle of a thunder storm and I had a thought, usually the clouds are negatively charged during a lightning strike, so, if you used a large cannon to blast a positive iron ball into the air, you may be able to get lightning to strike it, then collect it to see what the lightning did. So, you would you charge a cannon ball? 

Asked by 6 years ago

Charge battery and play while device is on, charge battery while device is off. How can this be done?

Working on a small project and I've hit a small bump.  My device has internal batteries that I want to charge while it is plugged in and turned on, and then when I switch the device off, the batteries still charge while it is plugged in. I'm using Li-ion and yes, I have a charging/protection circuit for them.  So through that circuit, they can be hooked up normally.  I also have a power regulator attached to the main device.  So it can't get fried. I'm hoping to accomplish this through a switch.  Maybe DPDT?  But I'm unsure how to wire it.  I tried one way with a DPDT and it just stays on...

Asked by stalledaction 8 years ago

how not to over charge a battery?

I want to connect my waterwheel to a car battery, but I dont want it to get overcharged and blow up! what can I do?

Asked by tim13211 8 years ago

how to charge a high voltage capicator from a battary ? Answered

I have about 4 capacitors , all is 330v(or less or more in small amounts) and 1 is 210uf (the others is less) . i want a circuit that charge them ALL and make them ready to use ? plz plz dont just throw the circuit image and go a noobie need some help here . thank you all . i want to charge it using 9v Battery.

Asked by gta4000 7 years ago

charge a battery while using it?

Https:// hi, i'm looking for a way to charge a 12v deep cycle lead acid battery while powering an amplifier from the battery. Can i literally just attach the battery charger to the battery as well as the amplifier as long as the connections to the amplifier and charger do not touch? or is it not that simple?  The instructable linked above is what i what to implement it into. Any help will be appreciated! 

Asked by WillERoberts 4 years ago

How many amps does a car battery have not cranking while the auto is on?

Basic idea is to use a car to charge a 12 V 225 Ah battery, I do have a wall charger, but it only charges at 1 A so it wold take 225 hours to fully charge, the car battery I have is rated with 110 RC and according to the internet that's 110 minutes at 25 A, but is that with the engine running?  

Asked by JacobE2 3 years ago