how can i build a trickle charger?

I want to build a solar powered battery charger so i need to know how to build a trickle charger i can hook the solar panel up to

Asked by Brakermaker 9 years ago

chargers, or booster??

I was watching pages throught here watching the diferent chargers post, they all very cool like the one it was built inside of an altoids can... BUT they where all made out of bateries and none of them where made out of lithium ion cell phones like bateris and i was wondering if this proces was posible so i can try to make one what yall say??????

Posted by chabelo 9 years ago

Motorola Bluetooth charger to charge 3.7v li-ion batteries Answered

I have a little bluetooth charger that outputs 5.0V and 550mA, am I able to charge 3.7v li-ion batteries with this?

Asked by vallka 5 years ago

how does a mobile phone charger work?

 i just want to know how does a cell phone charger works. i know that it uses a transformer and diodes for rectification. my actual doubt is that i have read in a news paper that there would be 30% losses when the charger is given supply and no mobile is connected. am surprised how there can be so much loss

Asked by spartans 8 years ago

circuit diagram and parts to repair 24 volt 20 amp battery charger uses Scr's?

I have a MAC 242011 battery charger  ( 24 volt 20 amp automatic battery charger I need a source and a cct diagram to repair . the Scrs are not working . can you help ? I am in Ottawa Canada tel cell leave txt message 613 291 9942

Asked by PaulTieTenQuee 5 years ago

is it possible to hook a dimmer switch to a cordless tool charger to make it universal for any voltage?

I dont know much about much but i have ideas sometimes lol the question pretty much sums it up useing a dimmer switch for a light in oes house to create a uiversal battery charger for power tools dewalt ryobi bosch etc thanks for ur time

Asked by pytlakw 8 years ago

Does anyone know how to charge this Canon XT battery without the original charger?

I left my charger behind at a friends house and need to charge the battery for my Canon XT. Any way to charge it with a regular battery charger? Thanks and Happy 2011!

Asked by buffysissy1 7 years ago

I want to download pics on my Motorola ph to my computer w/o having to buy a charger, is this possible?

I downloaded the motorola wizard but can't access it to request my pics be taken fr ph to computer.

Asked by steph4me 8 years ago

Can a charger made for 1600mah batteries safely and effectively charge 2500mah batteries? Answered

I have several dead battery packs for my 18v power tools.  Planning to rebuild them and figuring I might as well upgrade their run time while I'm at it.  The original battery packs are 1600mah but I can get 2500mah battery cells that are the same size for about the same price.  1) Will I still be able to charge the higher capacity batteries with the charger that came with the lower capacity ones?  2) Will it charge them to their full 2500mah capacity?  3) Will it be able to detect when they are fully charged?  4) Will it give a false positive and think they are fully charged as soon as they reach the 1600mah of the original battery packs?

Asked by etcmn 6 years ago

quick two wires diagram,4 wires in one blk,green,white,red,other red, blk, cell phone?what goes together?

4 wires too 2 wires how do you put them together Blk,red,green,white the other blk  ,red to get a connection for cell phone charger have to use what i have right now

Asked by monsterhung 6 years ago

Looking for a LED curcuit that will tell me when my AA batteries are charged using solar cells?

All the DIY solar chargers seem to use a feel test or a multi meter to test if batteries are charged. Is there a curcuit utilizing an LED like those on manufactured chargers, that will let me know when my batteries are charged, and possibly put them in float mode or turn the unit off?

Asked by heyfeaver 9 years ago

How do you change 3.7 V to 12V?

I have 2 cellphone battery brick chargers. I took one apart and found it to have 6, 18650 LiPo batteries connected in parallel to a circuit board to charge it. I have a project that requires 12 V and I would like to use these in some fashion. I was thinking put the two parallel battery bricks in series to get 7.4 V and step up with a DC to DC converter. Which one would be appropriate?  To charge the LiPo's I was thinking of parallel connecting the two circuit boards from the 2 cellphone battery chargers to a single wire connecting to a 5V cellphone wall usb charger. The usb charger supplies 5V at max 2.4A. Any help would be appreciated! 

Asked by Mongalss 10 months ago

how to make a mobile charger into a usb charger for ipod?

Iwant to make a charger for my ipod a mobile charger

Asked by 8 years ago

Industrial battery charger

Why the correct maintenance of batteries is essential to warn his exhaustion and to know when to replace it. With proper maintenance,can we avoid the battery failure? Im asking about battery chargers, Digital battery chargers, automatic battery chargers, traction battery chargers, Amperis battery rectifiers, battery charger rectifier! Thank you so much

Posted by GuGaC1 6 months ago

phone charger

My wall phone charger is busting up could i just make a usb charger out of it, and howdo i go about doing that, the phone is a samsung

Posted by Rotten 10 years ago

Making a smart charger?

Can anyone tell me how to make a smart charger for 9v nimh battery?

Posted by gungfudan 3 years ago

convert a DS car charger to a USB charger

I am changing my old DS car charger to a USB charger for my MP3 player. The charger puts out 5.2 volts, is that safe to use with my 5 volt MP3 player our should I add a resistor to the circuit?

Asked by person1234 9 years ago

48V battery charger?

 So i got this 48V scooter from one of my teachers for free but he didn't give a charger. can i use my own 48V charger? thanks!

Asked by theman123321 8 years ago

Black & Decker 18 volt charger not working

I have three Black and Decker, 18volt battery chargers, for the FireStorm series tools. One is an orange dual charger. One is the single black charger that came with the drill. And one is the Radio charger. The radio charger AC adapter case melted and no longer works. The single and double chargers both seem to kill batteries, and do not charge. I have voltage coming from the chargers, but I don't remember how much. Does anyone know what the voltage should be on the charger? More importantly, how do I repair the charger to output the correct voltage/current?

Posted by xTiltx 6 years ago

Solar USB charger schematic?

I need a solar usb charger schematic and a list of things I need.

Asked by sf49ers 4 years ago

Solar USB ipod Charger

Please help me design a charger that will work with a ipod touch 4th generation.

Posted by DoctorDv 6 years ago

Non-Arduino Solar Charger

Do you think there is a great alternative to the current solar charger? Today, there are many DIY Solar Chargers that are alternatives to the current commercial products. Do you think there is a better design for a solar charger that is not run by an arduino?

Posted by hthnc-student 5 years ago

Toshiba laptop charger

I now have 2 Toshiba laptops, a Portege M300 and a Portege M600. My M600 is secondhand, and didn't come with a charger, however i discovered that the charger port is smaller than the charger port on the M300. Will i have to buy a new charger or is there anything i can do? new Toshiba chargers are, I believe, AUD$96.

Asked by memyselfand1 8 years ago

laptop charger misfunctioning?

My laptop chargers output is ac 19 v. output was shorted by a wire i removed wire but now output is 43volts which part is misfunctionong?

Asked by yhdesai 3 years ago

How to make a Smart-Charger??

I was wondering if anyone knew how to make a smart charger for my cell phone so the charger turns off after my battery reaches a certain level. Help. Thanks.

Asked by jules15 8 years ago

altoids tin charger problem

If anyone in the instructables community knows circuitry well please look at this circuit diagram for a 9v portable charger.  

Posted by seedeeess 7 years ago


Hey guys, how do i make a ipod charger thats powered by fruit?? thx

Asked by zombeastly 6 years ago

19.2 volt drillmaster charger won't charge the battery?

Is ther some fix for getting the drillmaster battery charger for my 19.2 volt charger to work don't have a clue what is wrong?

Asked by cusmith03 5 years ago

how to make usb-powered AA battery charger? Answered

I want to make a AA battery charger powered by usb

Asked by DELETED_messam 6 years ago

PSP Charger Incorrect Wires?

I thought that in a PSP charger, there was a black and red wire, but there is just a white wire and some surrounding metal strips!  WHY?!

Posted by 11alex 8 years ago

who can design a portable wind laptop charger?

Who can design a portable wind laptop charger? 

Posted by greenlife 7 years ago

Home made charger for a cordless. screwdriver.?How do i connect 2wire charger to 3 prongs on batt.

Blk & dec vpx 7 vdc cordless screwdriver.Missing charger,not available anymore.Batt. has 3 prongs for charger.

Asked by 8 years ago

Charge sony ericsson with Iphone charger?

Hello I want to charge my sony ericsson w580i with my iphone charger. My SE charger is rated for charging at the current 4,9V but my iphone charger outputs 5,25V. Is it harmful for the battery in my SE mobile to have a 0,26V current extra? Or can i put in a resistor between to lower the current from 5,25 to 4,9. Old charger: 4,9V , 700mA Iphone charger: 5,25V, 1A.

Asked by Popstickal 8 years ago

Which homemade usb chargers are made specifically for an iPod Touch? Answered

Which homemade usb chargers are made specifically for an iPod Touch?

Asked by RagingAres 8 years ago

Ipod charger question?

If I were to cut an Ipod charger wire in half, and modded it to hook up to a battery, would it still work?

Asked by Rock Soldier 8 years ago

Camera USB charger

Does anyone think it would be possible to add a usb charger to my fuji finepix doesnt even have a charger at the moment, i have to take out the batteries and put them in a charger and i always forget to put them back =D lol typical me.thanks for any help

Posted by sam3352 10 years ago

What difference does amperage make in a notebook charger? Answered

While shopping for a new notebook charger for my son's computer I discovered that the new replacement charger produces 19 volts and 3.95 amps. The original charger is 19 volts and 2.65 amps. Should I be cautious of the new charger?

Asked by blkhawk 6 years ago

AA Smartphone Charger

Is there a way to charge a Smartphone using a single AA battery? I already have a DC-DC booster to 5V but the current is not enough to charge the phone, can someone please help me with this?

Posted by Wihand 1 year ago

Can I use charger of different volt than the battery? Answered

I have a charger of 4.8V and my lipo battery is 11.1V. Can I use this charger with my battery??

Asked by fahmed20 4 years ago

New black and decker single charger problem

I bought a new b&d single charger and when i put my new battery in( slider tape) , the charger  red light  will not stop blinking what is wrong.

Asked by AndreaC10 2 years ago

my dell charger is not working ....?

I have a dell lattitude c840 ..its charger suddenly stoped workin there any other go or should i hav to buy a dell there a cheaper idea?

Asked by yasirjafer 8 years ago