I'm having a man child!

Have two girls, and now there'll be a boy in 20 weeks. :) He's an instructables baby. Just followed the steps and *poof*. Anyhow, this proves I've not been damaged by exposure to X-rays at work. I'm glad about that. :) Yeah.

Posted by royalestel 10 years ago

How to protect computers from grandfathers? Answered

This is somewhat of a funny question, but I am in a need of a serious solution. My grandfather always manages to mess his computer up with virus/ crapware/ malware /. He is running Windows 7 and I am trying to lock his computer to prevent install of new programs/ crapware. Something similar to what they use on college computers. Any one know of the software? that I can use?

Asked by Eax5 6 years ago

Restoring a vintage child's pull-wagon. Anyone know where to get replacement wheels?

I am desperately looking for replacement vintage-style wheels for a pull-wagon that I'm restoring. It's in rough shape but all the bits are good except for two wheels which are beyond repair. I also have a strange old 3 wheel kick scooter that needs a wheel. I've scoured the 'net under every heading I can think of with no luck. Can anyone help? I need metal disc-type wheels like the ones in the photo. This is a pic of an old wagon I simply cleaned, waxed (including the wheels) and turned into a coffee table using a piece of tempered glass someone threw away.  I've since added those transparent little silicone "bumpers" on the corners to stop the top from sliding off.

Posted by zombateen 5 years ago

7 year old corpse bride costume?

My 7 year old daughter wants to be the corpse bride for Halloween. I want her costume to be a great one, so they can use it for dress up when Halloween is over.. any suggestions of how to go about it? I'm a perfectionist and basically want as close to the exact dress as possible. I would classify myself an experienced seamstress.?

Asked by mrsjank 9 years ago

child's DIY mechanical toy panel

Once upon a time I saw a panel that had a light switch, receptacle and plug, screen door hinge and latch and other things a child could do to keep busy and learn while they are playing. Do you have any ideas of things we could add to the panel. It will not be electrified but could have some battery operated things. Something that makes sounds would be nice too.  This child is two and seems very interested in stuff like this. 

Posted by estherwaayenberg 10 months ago

What toy can I make for a 2 year old boy? Answered

In a few weeks my nephew will be 2 years old and I want to make a toy for him because I don't like the toys I see at stores. I'm thinking of something that doesn't involve complex electronics or digital displays because I want him to develop his imagination. It would be great if the toy had an educational purpose. Any ideas??

Asked by misko13 4 years ago

Children's Electric Car

I started to build a pedal car for my granddaughter and fell victim to "Project Creep". What started off as a simple, standard style pedal car modeled on a Type 59 Bugatti grew to a 6' long soapbox style car that will need an electric motor to move it.  I am a DIY guy and i have the plans, materials lists (it will be wood) and motivation.  What I don't have is a parts list for the electrical components nor do i have any idea how big the motor should be, e.g. 500W, 750W,750 gigawatts.  I wish there was just a kit that had all the components from accelerator pedals, gears, motor and a way to connect the whole thing to the 16" bicycle tires.  I don't need it to go 20MPH (she'll be 4 by the time I'm finished) but i don't want flimsy - i tend to overbuild things: why use two bolts when three will do? So, the question is what do i need and where do i get it - the first part is the most important.  I promise i will document the whole project with pics and words from concept to test drive - but i need help.   

Posted by RBaderG 9 months ago

why everyones dna is not the same.? Answered

Humans have originated by evolving and adapting to environment.but the whole human race started from a women and men by reproduction in any stage.we know:a fathers or mothers dna matches with his or her childrens dna. then this would have happened:     parents                                                                   to                                                                  child 1      child 2                                                                       to                to       child 5 and child 6                                                   child3               child4   now as we see parent gave birth two child and so the two childs dna is same.then the child 1 gave birth two child 3 and 4.as child 3 and 4 s dna is same to child 1  then it should be same to child 2.and so the dna of child 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 will match.so in this way when family keeps changing the dna will match with everyone.so everyones dna would match now.but now it does not match why? it may sound stupid but i am a student of 13 years and so i dont know about it much.thanks for viewing and further answering   

Asked by argha halder 4 years ago

Apartment deck child-proofing and screening in ideas?

Have an apartment desk, with 3 foot railing around it but too much space between the "rungs" for my 3 year old. Anyone have experience circumventing this and/or screening in apartment decks? Anyone know of or have experience with pre-fabricated kits for this purpose? Essentially what I'm looking for is a way to barricade the railing so that my toddler and his toys can't slip between the rails.  Also would like to screen in the porch to ward off pests and make it somewhat rain proof. Primary requirement is that the system must be removable with minimal damage to the existing infrastructure. Thanks for any help!

Asked by davidchase01 8 years ago

Rig something to prevent toddlers from reaching over table/counter lip

I'm trying to think of how to rig a simple form, maybe using an old refrigerator box, which would prevent a toddler from reaching over the lip of a table or counter. Does anyone have any ideas for this?

Posted by bluescrubby 4 years ago

Baby Quilt Kit, Tummy Time Quilt Kit, I Spy Quilt Kit

I have some kits to make the baby quilt featured in my instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/Tummy-Time-Baby-Quilt/The kit is $15 and includes all the blocks and border fabric, backing fabric, cotton all-natural batting, and printed instructions -- everything but the thread, needle, and sewing machine! There are some choices for backing fabric (yellow print, aqua print, purple print, etc.). The finished quilt measures about 36x36". The fabrics shown are the fabrics you will be getting; the only differences will be the color of backing fabric (on the back side of the quilt).Shipping: Choose either flat-rate priority mail or actual parcel post to your location (probably $5-10).

Posted by karenelisam 9 years ago

Anyone know how to make an alarm that knows if my dog is being stolen?

I live in an area where people steal dogs out of our yards. I want to build an alarm that does two things: it allows the dog to roam in an area like my yard without going off and if he's taken, it goes off. The second part is that it sends a signal so I could track it on an app and help the cops get my dog back. There's got to be a simple way to make one with a Rasberry Pi or Arduino. I've never used either and want to learn, probably with the Pi. The dog would have to wear it on his collar naturally. Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm brand new to Instructables so you've probably seen something like this before. Please help. I'd love to make them for Christmas for several family and friends through our church. Thanks, Mike 

Asked by Ghostrider13 2 years ago

Please: How to remove the child-proofing from a candle (long nose) lighter?

Can someone please post instructions with pics on how to remove the child-proof annoyance on these lighters? Examples are the Handi Flame and Bic Multipurpose and Candle lighters. Thank you SO MUCH!

Posted by glamourd 9 months ago

How do I make a life like sculpture of a child out of cement or fiberglass or fiberglass cement to be set outdoors?

I was thinking of somehow doing the tape mold of a child then covering it in cement slurry or fiberglass cement.  Ideas?  

Asked by katmark 7 years ago

One laptop per child?

So i saw this story on 60 minutes a couple days back. One story was on having one laptop per child. so they tested it in a 3rd world country. It seemed like a great idea.and no need for electricity to charge the laptop they had hand cranks for it which also seemed like a great idea. So do you think having one laptop per child is a good idea

Posted by Easy Button 10 years ago

Thread replies are showing out of context

Timeline:  Ever since the update to the visual layout where the replies etc to are outlined with a fancy new box (handy feature) -- Symptom: The replies are showing as being to the wrong parent - as in they are embedding a level deeper to the wrong person.  I got a notification that I had received a reply (see attached) that the person had said "coolio!" to me, yet on examination, it renders as a child comment to AngryRedHead. I've noticed this ALL OVER, when live replying, it will show new comments as sibling level replies rather than child level replies.  ex: Parent thread. -->reply1 -->reply2 .....--->child reply to reply1  ..... = indent

Posted by frollard 8 years ago

How long does it take for a child from a western country to pay for the expense of their up bringing?

Just assume that the child is not forced to pay their parents for their upbringing. In other words I want to know when the accumulated expenses equals their income earned from their job.

Asked by 9 years ago

Is Obama's Healthcare Plan Constituional?

Before you launch yourselves into a debate about politics, please read what I have to say, and only mention things relating to my question in your response. Thanks. I am a supporter of Barack Obama, but I was thinking about his mandatory insurance for children clause of the his health care plan, and it struck me as unconstitutional. Does the federal government have the power to mandate that insurance be bought for all people under the age of 18? The 9th and 10th amendments clearly assign all powers not specifically granted to the federal government to the states and the people. Seeing as our constitution doesn't say anything about health care, or imply it, as far as I've seen, do they really have the power to mandate it? The thing is, i've never really seen this argument against socialized health care in the united states, am I missing something? Thanks! p.s. I plan on asking this same question to my American History teacher tomorrow, i'll let you all know what she says.

Posted by Weissensteinburg 9 years ago

Ideas on how to mount an iPad to a child's wheelchair?

Does anyone have any ideas for how to mount an iPad to a child's wheelchair...also making sure it is adjustable to be able to get the child in and out of the chair?  Also, any ideas on how to attach a stylus so that it doesn't get dropped or lost? As you can see from the picture, the way we have it isn't working out so well.  Thanks in advance!

Posted by mom2maddy 7 years ago

How can I make a snowglobe costume that a child can also walk in?

I would like to make a snowglobe costume with the child inserted in it, yet still able to walk. Having blowing snow in it would be great. Does anyone know what I could use as the globe? It must be domed, clear, and lightweight.

Asked by 8 years ago

I am a child and i want to know how to make my own bokken?

I want it in basic language and easy to make please

Asked by HummadJ 9 years ago

Sily child...Stun gun?

I don't know who to be more disappointed at... the Police, for reacting as such, or the kid for being dumb enough to bring it to a public school.http://www.abc6.com/news/rhodeisland/17283999.html

Posted by jongscx 10 years ago

what are some good hip-hop/ rap music that are clean/ child friendly? Answered

 so much rap has bad lyrics, something that isn't like that please!

Asked by baconnlegs 8 years ago

Request for Toy Lead Test Instructable

There are constant reports of high lead levels in many toys, as well as new findings that lead is an even more dangerous neurotoxin than previously believed. Does anyone have the chemical background to devise a simple home test for lead levels in toys? My thoughts are that a number of toys would be place in a bathtub, and a leeching agent would be added which would dissolve some of any lead present. The dilute solution in the tub would then be tested by a standard home water supply lead test. This could possibly be a great service... Thanks!

Posted by bugmenotorelse 10 years ago

Can parents read their child's cellular text messages online with the AT&T FamilyTalk plan? Answered

Can parents read their child's cellular text messages online with the AT&T FamilyTalk Plan? Cuz my mom is trying to do that and im not doin anything wrong, its just that my sister steals my phone alot and im kinda freaked about most of the stuff she says cuz my mom will think its me who says it. so is that really possible or not???

Asked by hannah16 8 years ago

Can I build a bicycle cargo trailer using a Hitchhiker child's seat attachment as the base?

I'm trying to build a bicycle cargo trailer. I was talking with a guy at my local hardware store about what I could use for a wheel base. He found a used Hitchhiker child's bicycle seat attachment frame and sold it to me for cheap. He said it was a child carrier, but on closer inspection I've found that it's just an attachment that adds an extra seat to your bike for a child to sit on. From looking at it I can't tell how I could fit the components of a cargo trailer on it and I can't find instructions for how to use it on Instructables.  Any ideas? Thanks a lot!

Asked by spicysugardaddy 7 years ago

Unusually extatic N64 kid

Watch these great videos... they're great! (I think he likes his N64!)

Posted by The Jamalam 9 years ago

What can I use for an oven switch? I want a switch to turn "eyes" on and off on my child's play oven.

What can I use for an oven switch? I want a switch to turn "eyes" on and off on my child's play oven.

Asked by commercial free 5 years ago

How do i convert a bicycle trailer or child's wagon into a cart for my dog to pull?

I have seen many made from PVC or conduit. I would like to know how to construct the portion of the cart that attaches to the cart (a bike trailer or wagon) and hooks to the dog's harness.

Asked by 9 years ago

Who likes my avatar?

Who knew who is this child?

Asked by hellrider75 7 years ago

i want to decorate my child's room with a mural, but we're renting

It's a large chunk of wall. what to do? I'm worried that sticker decals will peel the paint of when removed and blu tack is easily removed by the 1 year old and could be eaten. any ideas?

Posted by wocket 8 years ago

Bic Lighter

Plz tell me how to mod this bic lighter so i dont have to use the silly little side child lock every time. (That square buuton on the side)P.S. Dont yell at me for smoking i just like burning stuff = ]

Posted by joelkemu 9 years ago

How to make a dragon costume?

How to make a dragon costume for a child (definitely no fire needed)?

Asked by 8 years ago

Child has to build a hut using any of these materials: popsicle sticks, wood, my question is, Huts are straw, mud.

Which material would be best to use: the popsicle sticks or wood? I have no clue about constructing a hut. It needs to be constructed and designed to replicate a hut. HELP! Only thing I know is huts were temporary shelters.

Asked by 9 years ago

How do I apply make-up that goes with my child's "skeleton" costume?

My daughter bought a skeleton costume (think Cobra Kai's get-ups from the original Karate Kid) and asked me to do the face make-up.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?  Thanks.

Asked by c-dawg 7 years ago

How to make a proximity sensor to sound an alarm when another sensor is with in 5 to 10 ft

I am needing this to keep two people apart....It would basically be the opposite of a child proximity alarm, instead of sounding an alarm when the child is too far away, it would sound when it is too close .....Thanks for your help

Asked by JakHamma 8 years ago

How to measure light wavelenght? Answered

Please, don't say 'with a waveleghtometer' . This is a Physics 'practical problem', and I'm thinking interference.

Asked by gruffalo child 7 years ago

Fairchild LEDs?

Can someone show me where I can buy Fairchild LEDs? Preferably the 5mm kind. I know they are not cheap. I want 100 or less if possible. The Fairchild website is a bit confusing for me, and I have to buy in big bulks.

Asked by vitruvian8807 9 years ago

How to change a memory content

Hello! Ihave a singing toy for my little child and I want to change the content. I want to insert another melody, some different songs that my child loves a lot. How can I do?  There are little pcbs inside and I haven`t see any pin or microcontroller. Yhank you!

Posted by baicia 2 years ago

What happened to this mercury? Answered

As a very foolish child, in a plumbing and heating shop, I ate about this much mercury.   I heard it stays in my system but do I need to worry?  If I ever do see a doctor again, should I tell him?  Also, should I quit eating canned Tuna because of this?  (I've been opening tuna cans the last few years thinking it a slow suicide)    Thank you

Asked by onrust 6 years ago

What has happened to Christmas?

Has there been some sort of Grinch around? Really, it is the second week of advent already, and I still see no signs of it here...

Asked by gruffalo child 6 years ago

Ideas on how to make a simple crocodile costume for a Peter Pan production?

How can I make a crocodile for a small child(ren) to wear in Peter Pan?  It would be cool if he could open and close the mouth while the other child (in the back) would hit a wooden block for the tick tock.  We have a frog costume, which will cover the kids, but can't figure out how to do a head.  It needs to be simple - I'm no craftsman, but I can sew & glue.

Asked by dorriea 5 years ago