can i get a good source code that sends commands from the parallax transmitter and receiver?

Im having trouble writing source code for the transmitter and receiver so where they send commands and receive them to operate from a distance

Asked by poop#1 9 years ago

Arduino Code?

I would like to understand this piece of Arduino code.             " delay(300L * 1000L); // 5 minutes. This can be changed to change increments " This is supposed to be a 5 min time period. 1000 = 1 second. 60 sec per min. 300 sec / 60.   Calculates by 300 / 60 = 5 minutes. What is the  " L " supposed to do? What does it represent?

Asked by WWC 5 years ago

c++ code hElp?

This is the code for mobile operated robot found from this site can somebody explain this code i didnt understand  the line which is Italic and Bold like this (DDRD=0xff;  DDRB=0×00) somebody plz tell me what the lines are CODE /* DTMF Controlled Robot PORTD pin 0,1,2,3 goes to motor driver l293d PORTB pin 0,1,2,3 is connected to output of CM8870 DTMF decoder IC */ #include #include int main(void) { DDRD=0xff; DDRB=0×00; while(1) { switch(PINB&0b00001111) { case 0b0010://Key 2 { PORTD=0x0A ;      //1010 both motor front continue; } case 0b0100://Key 4 { PORTD=0×02;    //0010 right motor front continue; } case 0b0101://Key 5 { PORTD=0x0F;//1111 SUDDEN STOP continue; } case 0b0110://Key 6 { PORTD=0×08;  //1000 left motor front continue; } case 0b1000://Key 8 { PORTD=0×05; continue; } default: continue; } }//end of switch return 0; } // // // //

Asked by agent555 3 years ago

What library is LTask.h in ?

I am getting atal error: LTask.h: No such file or directory

Asked by hsedidin 10 months ago

How do I fix my java code to print out the correct thing?

Hello I am working on homework and I am trying to figure out what is wrong with my code so that it will print correctly. Write a Java program that prompt the user for the day and month (both integers) of his or her birthday, and then prints the appropriate astrological sign. public class Horoscope { public static void main(String args [] ) { String birthday = System.console().readline("Enter your birthday, month then day."); float value = Float.parseFloat(birthday); if (month 12) {   System.out.println("Invalid month please try again."); } else if (day 31) {   System.out.println("Invalid day please try again."); } else if (month = 1 || month = 12) {    } else if (day >= 22 || day    System.out.println(birthday + "Capricorn");   } } }

Asked by bubbles92 3 years ago

I need arduino code help.

I want to do arduino time relay with RTC and LCD, but i have problems with the code. This is my code: #include "Wire.h" #define DS1307_ADDRESS 0x68 #include byte zero = 0x00; LiquidCrystal lcd(12, 11, 5, 4, 3, 2); int rele=7; #define DS1307_I2C_ADDRESS 0x68  #define STA_HOUR 16 #define STA_MINUTE 15 #define STA_SECOND 0 #define END_HOUR 16 #define END_MINUTE 17 #define END_SECOND 0 void setup(){   Wire.begin();   Serial.begin(9600);   setDateTime(); lcd.begin(16, 2); pinMode(rele,OUTPUT); } void loop(){   printDate();   delay(1000);   lcd.begin(16, 2); } void setDateTime(){   byte second =      0; //0-59   byte minute =      13; //0-59   byte hour =        16; //0-23   byte weekDay =     2; //1-7   byte monthDay =    2; //1-31   byte month =       8; //1-12   byte year  =       13; //0-99   Wire.beginTransmission(DS1307_ADDRESS);   Wire.write(zero);   Wire.write(decToBcd(second));   Wire.write(decToBcd(minute));   Wire.write(decToBcd(hour));   Wire.write(decToBcd(weekDay));   Wire.write(decToBcd(monthDay));   Wire.write(decToBcd(month));   Wire.write(decToBcd(year));   Wire.write(zero);   Wire.endTransmission(); } byte decToBcd(byte val){   return ( (val/10*16) + (val%10) ); } byte bcdToDec(byte val)  {   return ( (val/16*10) + (val%16) ); } void printDate(){     Wire.beginTransmission(DS1307_ADDRESS);   Wire.write(zero);   Wire.endTransmission();   Wire.requestFrom(DS1307_ADDRESS, 7);   int second = bcdToDec(;   int minute = bcdToDec(;   int hour = bcdToDec( & 0b111111);   int weekDay = bcdToDec(;   int monthDay = bcdToDec(;   int month = bcdToDec(;   int year = bcdToDec(;     lcd.print(monthDay);   lcd.print("/");   lcd.print(month);   lcd.print("/");   lcd.print(year);   lcd.print(" ");   lcd.print(hour);   lcd.print(":");   lcd.print(minute);   lcd.print(":");   lcd.println(second);} if (minute = STA_MINUTE && hour = STA_HOUR) { digitalWrite(rele,HIGH); } if (minute = END_MINUTE && hour = END_HOUR) { digitalWrite(rele,LOW); } The errors : chasovnik_lcd:104: error: expected unqualified-id before 'if' chasovnik_lcd:108: error: expected unqualified-id before 'if'

Asked by inaydenov1 4 years ago

Premium Code

I received a code for a premium Teacher membership.  I have entered the code and logged in, but when I go to download it says I need to upgrade to premium.  Help!

Posted by Zilhaver01 1 year ago

Giving away pro codes

So, I've given away a few pro membership codes recently. When they are used by the recipients, do they automatically disappear from the list of unredeemed codes on my own "pro settings" page? The reason I ask is because I forgot to note down which codes I sent ...

Posted by Kiteman 6 years ago

Posting formatted code

How do I post properly formatted code with the new editor ? The old one accepted Arduino format cut/paste, the new one mangles it completely. Steve

Posted by steveastrouk 3 years ago

Free Pro membership

A friend sends me a code to upgrade to Pro for a time...where do I enter this code?

Posted by mprelle 5 years ago

Bug in code formatting

When I add some sourcecode, select it and format it as code from the dropdown menu, it looks all right. But when I later change something in my Instructable, the code gets messed up and I have to write the whole block again. It's really annoying :(

Posted by metanurb 3 years ago

How do I include code in my instructable and not have it autoformatted? Answered

I have included code in my instructables before using the Trac wiki markup.  Now when I revisit those pages my code is unreadable as either a block of text or just one line that scrolls out to infinity.  How do I fix this so that my included code actually looks good.

Asked by natantus 8 years ago

How do I make a code box in an Instructables? Answered

Hi, How do i make a code box when making an Instructable, because i am making an Instructable and without it it looks really bad?

Asked by Jacoby Yarrow 3 years ago

How to post Arduino code with pointy braces ()

The Arduino code in my instructable contains '#include ' . The , which keeps disappearing when I hit 'save', I guess it is interpreted as a tag. I have tried < / > but without success. Thanks, R 

Posted by landmanr 8 years ago

How to Post Code in the Editor

Could someone please help me. Please show me the correct way to post code in an "ible". I have seen where some people post it in its own box. I would like to be able to do that, Im just not sure how.

Posted by MakrToolbox 1 year ago

Arduino time base servo sweep code help

Hi,     I need help on creating arduino code for a time base sweeping servo. Specifically i would like to have my servo sweep 180 degrees and back to center every 20 minutes and repeat indefinably. Im sure its a fairly simple code but just new at coding in general I have looked at servo sweep code sample in the arduino library but I dont know how to implement it with a timer. Hope someone can help me out. thanks for your time uno r3, micro servo 99

Posted by jaysond04 1 year ago

what's this programming code language? Answered

i found a code for a pic16f28A it's simple: main:  lablel0:   switch off 3   switch on 0   pause 1000   switch on 1   switch off 0   pause 1000   switch on 2   switch off 1   pause 1000   switch on 3   switch off 2   goto label0

Asked by top.boy 6 years ago

Arduino Code?

I have a simple problem that I could not solve for days. I am trying to write a code that takes an input from Serial Communication port such as: "00aaaaaaa12dddddddd23vvvvvvvvvvvv" and divides into one string matrix and one array such as String[] = {"aaaaaaa","dddddddd","vvvvvvvvvvvv"} int Array[] = {0,12,23} //2-digit int numbers Thank you for you help

Asked by giray123 5 years ago

What is the code to activate an RC soda machine?

There is an RC machine in my school that they actually keep stocked with soda and it turns on after school hours i need to know if there is a "password" button combination to unlock it early.

Asked by ProfessorStein 7 years ago

Aduino Bluetooth code problem!

I am building a Morse Code machine with bluetooth functuonality.  It is in the early stages at the moment but I have hit a problem. My code uses a button to input Morse code which is displayed on an LCD and flashes an LED on pin 5, but also incorporates a bluetooth HC05 which controls an LED on pin 13. Seperately, they work fine but I wanted to merge the two sketches. I have succeeded but for one small problem. When pressing the LED 'ON' button on my android app, the LED only comes on after the Morse code button has been pressed. And it works the same way for the LED 'OFF' function on the app. Press it, then press the Morse code button and the LED switches off again. This repeats. I cannot figure out why this button is controlling the Bluetooth LED command signal. I have changed baud rates of the bluetooth but to no joy. I have attached my code. Can anyone help me solve this problem?!?

Posted by Satans Thong 2 years ago

pid control motor using arduino

Hi forum I have problem i done my pid  code using arduino but the output value shows 0 or constant 250.Need your help,I attached the code. thank you

Posted by satya_82 4 years ago

Can anyone please give me code to detect speed and display on LCD using I2C interface?

   I have a speed sensor which gives 8 pulse per revolution of wheel. I want to calculate the speed of the wheel and display it on an LCD using I2C interface. The LCD interface works fine and I can print anything on it. But I do not know the code to calculate the speed and display it on LCD.   Please help me and share with me a code that will calculate the speed based on 8 pulses/rev and display the speed on my LCD.

Asked by edifiedsprit 5 years ago

Arduino code: download problem

Hi all. I don't know if it is a problem just to me, but in 90%  of times I try to download some arduino sketch related to some instructable (file.ino) the link will open an html page with all the code written continuosly, with no line breaks... every time I have to pass a lot of time writing back the code in the proper sintax. I try even by right click>save as... but no way (it will save an html page) There's some problem with my browser (?!?!) and in case how to fix it ? Or it is a common problem? Any way to fix it? Thanks Andrea

Asked by jocman 3 years ago


Hi! I'm new in batch coding using cmd. I need help. My teacher gave me an exercise where once you put a grade it will show the equivalent standing of that grade: 91-100 - excellent 81-90 -Very Satisfactory 71-80 - Satisfactory 61-70 - Very Good 51-60 - Good 0-50 - Failed ******************* Now I tried the code if %num% GRT 91 echo Excellent If %num% LSS 50 echo Failed But the problem is I don't know how to do with the rest. As per my teacher there's no code such as '=' there are other activities with such problem. I just need to know how to figure this one out then I will be able to to do the rest. Please help me.

Posted by maakuasa 9 months ago

control dc motor using pid processing and arduino

Hi forum I done code for pid to control dc motor speed but the output value gives 0 or constant value 250 and the set point is still same 100.Hereby I attach the PID code.

Posted by satya_82 4 years ago

Arduino Code Modification Help (Change of Display Type Used)

This is my first post, so I hope I'm doing this correctly. For reference, I'm new to Arduino, and with no experience with code. I want to try and do a battery tester with an Uno, as seen here ( I'm trying to follow the instructions given, and use the code ( that the author has provided. However, due to lack of availability of parts, I don't have a temperature sensor, and instead of the 16x2 LCD screen, I have an Adafruit 1.8' TFT shield. So my query is, how can I modify the code such that it works on this type of display? Again, the code is from (, and I have not directly copied it in the post so that it is easier to read. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by f-nine 4 years ago

How long will the discount code work for?

How long can you use the discount code for? I have a big wishlist I'm planning on buying in may (utilizing birthday money), and if I don't win the contest, I would like to know if I can still wait until may to buy the stuff. EDIT: I was under the assumption that the "add a new topic" button would add a new topic to the contest, not just the forums. I was talking about the april fools day contest.

Posted by codongolev 8 years ago

How do you embed a text box in an instructable for arduino code? Answered

I am writing an instructable that uses an Arduino micro controller and I wanted to include the code in a text box scrolling text box. But I can't find anywhere that tells how to embed a textbox in an instructable. Could someone point me in the right direction.

Asked by DIY Hacks and How Tos 5 years ago

Can You read this? - No cheating!

-- --- .-. ... . / -.-. --- -.. . / .. ... / --. .-. . .- - .-.-.- / -. .. -.-. . / .--- --- -... .-.-.- / -.. --- -. .----. - / --. .. ...- . / .- .-- .- -.-- / - .... . / .- -. ... .-- . .-.

Asked by FrodoandSam 6 years ago

Wanta make something

Does someone have a rig going? What are you using it for? What software are you using to generate g-code? What controller software are you using?

Posted by servant74 10 years ago

Learn Morse Code

I saw a number of instructables on how to build various kinds of telegraphs, and one including a mapping of characters to either left or right, according to the number of dot's and dashes required to represent it. however, i am missing an instructable about how to LEARN such code. so i've been thinking. it's what i do some times. and i came up with this idea. i am searching for a software that would present you a blank screen. then a letter should appear on the screen, and a sound of the corresponding morse code should be heard. a couple of times. then the same with another letter. next, random letters should show up. the newer they are to the viewer, the often they should be shown and played. after some time, words should appear letter by letter, while playing them. and so on. can anybody help me finding such a piece of software? can anybody make such software?

Posted by DonQuijote 10 years ago

Embedding things other than video

Hi, I'm looking for a way to embed things other than videos into my instructable. Specifically, I'd like to be able to embed some code that I will host on Google Code (or if anyone has a better suggestion, I'm open to it!). Is there a way to embed things other than video? Right now the embed video feature isn't even working, but I'm hoping that will be fixed by the time I'm ready to publish my instructable. Thanks!

Posted by jptrsn 5 years ago

Need help with arduino code.?

Alright I asked this question on the arduino forums but nobody is giving me a straight answer, and it's getting annoying. I am using the capsense library on an attiny85, I want to count the number of times an even happens, in this case the capacitive censor exceeding a certain amount. Then based on that number I want it to turn on one led, or two, and so forth, to keep count. Can someone tell me how the f*****g get this to work? I try to use serial to debug and just get "Serial" not defined in this scope. Heres the code: #include #include CapacitiveSensor   cs_1_2 = CapacitiveSensor(1,2);        // 10M resistor between pins 4 & 2, pin 2 is sensor pin, add a wire and or foil if desired int ledpin = 0; int countnumber = 0; void setup()                    {   cs_1_2.set_CS_AutocaL_Millis(0xFFFFFFFF);     // turn off autocalibrate on channel 1 - just as an example   pinMode (ledpin, OUTPUT); } void loop()                    {   long start = millis();   long total1 =  cs_1_2.capacitiveSensor(30);   if (total1    countnumber == 1;   }   if (countnumber = 1) {     digitalWrite(ledpin, HIGH);   } }

Asked by XOIIO 5 years ago

BAATCH code - Math Problem?

Heey! I wanna make a .BAT program that'll help me do homework. I'm lazy to type the same formula to calculator, so I wanna make a program with preset formula. I wanna make the program solve this formula: S=3,14*r2 and O=3,14*d - Surface and Circuit of a cirle (I'm not english, my english's not the best). I wanna make the program solve these formulas. When you type r=3, it will say CIRCUIT IS (r*2 and then 3,14*'the r*2') AND SURFACE IS (3,14*r2 - the 2 should be in upper right corner) When you type d=3, it will say CIRCUIT IS (3,14*d) and SIZE IS (d:2 and then 3,14*'d:2 answer'2 - again, 2 in upper right corner. Please.......

Asked by NicoFilippo 2 years ago

Arduino code help? Answered

I'm really new to the arduino and I'm struggling to get this code working. I'm trying to have a servo continuously go back and forth until I change its state, which result on the servo to stop at its current position. However, it gets stuck on that for loop and i can't change its state. I assume this is caused by the delay, but I am not sure how to make it so it works without delays, unless there is another way.My code is right here: {edited} const int Button = 2; //This is interrupt 0 int Pos; const int button2=14; volatile int sweep = HIGH; //Our state variable, initialise so we always sweep #include Servo servo1; int buttoncount=1; int lastbuttonstate=0; const int led_1=7; void setup() { servo1.attach(10); pinMode(Button, INPUT); pinMode(button2,INPUT); pinMode(led_1,OUTPUT); Serial.begin(9600); attachInterrupt(0, Isweep, CHANGE); } void loop() { Serial.println(buttoncount); switch(buttoncount){ case 1: servo1.write(0); digitalWrite(led_1, LOW); break; case 2:     Pos=0; while (Pos {servo1.write (Pos); Pos++; delay(10); } while (Pos>0 & sweep==true) {servo1.write(Pos); Pos--; delay(10); } break; case 3: digitalWrite(led_1,HIGH); break; default: Serial.println("error"); } //both these whiles will terminate and not do anything if sweep is true. } void Isweep() //Interrupt routine { int buttonstate=digitalRead(Button); if (buttonstate !=lastbuttonstate){    if (buttonstate==HIGH){      buttoncount++;    } } lastbuttonstate=buttonstate; if (buttoncount==4){    buttoncount=1;   } sweep = !sweep; while (digitalRead(Button)==true); //change state only once when button is pressed }

Asked by cmasuo 3 years ago

HTML Image Grabber?

I wish to be able to scrape an image from a webcomic with a html script so I can view the image offline at a later date or so I can view the webcomic when the site is blocked on a comic such as XKCD.

Asked by willywoozle 4 years ago

Remove a sketch from ATmega328

Is It possible to remove a sketch from an Arduino with a 328 using the Arduino IDE? I have deleted the sketch from my PC. The program is running now but no more sketch in the Arduino files. Or is rewriting it the only way?   

Asked by WWC 5 years ago


I am making a micromouse and want integrate the encoders using the fuction interrupt with the Arduino UNO. The encoders are from parallax; Boe-Bot Digital Encoder Kit. Know how programed using instruction of interrup.

Posted by gabon 1 year ago


Hi Sorry for the bad English, hope you understand what I'm after. I've been searching the site for a kit that memorizes. Lets say you got 12 different buttons and 3 tactical buttons, when I push First Tactical for, lets say 3 sec. it goes into "write" mode, and now I make a combination of pushes on the 12 buttons, when done press the tactical again and now the combination is stored. And repeat with the remaining two tactical. Now I got 3 Tactical with different press Combo's.  When I'm in need of combo N#1 I just press the Tactical N#1 and it does the combo I've saved before. And so one if I'm in need of saved Combo's on N#2 and N#3. There should be a LED that tells me when I'm in "write" mode. Hope its not to confusing to understand, Its for my disabled little brother and are gonna be a great help for him and us. I will go in to further details if anybody has an idea on how to realize the setup Tnx in advance Best Regards Henrik Andersen

Posted by Andersen1975 6 years ago

Promo code

Ok so I have 3 instructables featured now,yeah , I was given promo code for each but have lost one of the codes, is there anyway of retrieving it? Thanks.

Posted by LarryF29 9 months ago


Hey, I know not a bit of code whats the best first language for a beginner thx -zombeastly

Asked by zombeastly 6 years ago

How would one code this IR sequence for the arduino? Answered

 How do you code this sequence for the arduino assuming the IR LED is attached to pin 2.  The first code on the page...

Asked by flybye22 8 years ago

Pasting Arduino Code compiles it wrong

When i copy paste arduino code it crushes it all together so it is unreadable and unuseable.

Posted by Aquariums 4 years ago


Hi Everybody, I just tried to use YouTube's embedding code but the code wasn't accepted. Earlier, Youtube still offered their old embedding code for videos one wanted to embed. This code isn't offered anymore. Do you have any suggestions what to do? Thanks for all your help and support. Bob

Posted by bobwalshplumerias 7 years ago

Code blocks not respecting code

So, I got some feedback that my 'ible has some errors in it (which is somewhat expected :D )  I went to the instructable, to do some editing and noticed that the problems are likely coming from and tags that are in the code blocks. I tried to remove them, but they come back when I save.  I noticed this happens in *all* my code blocks.  Changing the format of text in code blocks makes Instructables unacceptable as a way to share code. Considering the amount of code for many projects on this site, this potentially breaks many of them, or at the very least makes it harder for others to copy the code for their projects.   Please make tags repect all formatting within!  Thanks, JR

Posted by jack ruby 1 year ago

Why is code changing when hitting "Post" button in comment section of instructable?

When I hit the "post" button in a comment reply section, the code that I had entered as my answer changed. See this link in the comment section: While the code in the "Find this" sections remained the same, the code in the "change to" sections automatically changed to the same code as in "Find this". Any ideas on how to avoid this?

Asked by Superbender 5 years ago

auto generating morse code device

Need ideas on building an auto generating morse code signal for a geocache I'm building. The idea is, a user will plug a battery into the device and as long as the battery is plugged in the device will emit looping morse code message either with sound or light, preferably light. Thanks for any ideas!

Posted by luckydog1313 3 years ago

i need arduino code that flashes given led for said time after set time passes?

Ok so I need to have some code that flashes two LED's on different pins. After four hours it needs to flash the two LED's 5 times every 5 min for a total of 30 min. Anyone got any ideas, maby the start of the code or heck even the whole code would be great..

Asked by bigdaddyclint 9 years ago