How to move a project between Collections?

As I am building my collections, I find that some projects are more suitable in another collection. I know I can open each project and save it to another collection, then go back and delete it from the first collection. Is there a way to mass select and move projects between collections?

Asked by DIYSmurf 10 months ago

Error Adding to Collection. Please try again. ?

Everytime I try to add a new instructable to my Collection. I always displays "Error Adding to Collection. Please try again.". Is there a limit on the number of instructables inside a collection?

Asked by 2elev8 4 years ago

What is Collection in Instructables?

After reading some explanations about Collections, I still don't get. Could anyone please explain what is Collection in instructable, and what is used for? Why I can edit the collections, which are someone's published instructables? Is there any official guide about how to use Collection? Thanks.

Posted by penguin007 10 months ago

How do I make a collection?

I can't figure out how to make a collection! Can somebody help me? 

Posted by booknerd15 4 years ago

Why can't i post a collection of collections? Answered

I just tried to post a collection of collections but when i clicked on "publish" it said "oops, something went wrong." I don't know whether this is just a gliche in the system or that it is just bot possible. If someone could come up with ideas or answers on this subject that would be great :-)

Asked by DIYWEAPONS 3 years ago

Can't delete collection

[Win 7 - Chrome] Like the title says I can't delete a (draft) collection for a long time now. There is no option to do so, only edit and there is nothing there to delete. or am I missing something?

Posted by Metalfist 9 months ago

Cannot publish collection - "Ooops! Something went wrong"

When I try to publish a collection, I get the following error message. "Oops!  Something went wrong." Is there a known solution to this problem?

Posted by gregorylouie 3 years ago

Bug: Collection "Electronics" not editable

Hello, I've created my first collection naming it "Electronics", and added some instructables and published it. Now I get an error when I try to edit it or add something in it. I'm using Firefox for Windows 8. After this collection, I've created several ones and they work well. So I've created a collection named "Electronics Cool" to substitute the broken one, and it works well. You can safetly delete collection "Electronics". Thank you very much, Denis

Posted by denis74hd 3 years ago

What is a "collection" and how does one use it?

What are "collections?"  I can't find any info other than how many I have.  How do I create one, what goes in it and what would I use it for?

Posted by dgateley 4 years ago

How does one access things on 'Collection' list??

Sure it's probably a tech bug....but been adding instructables to a 'collection' for about a year.....just went back to re read some of them, only to find that left or right click does not work....although they're all listed presumably not meant to be like that/ wasting my time in building said collection? ;-)

Asked by Jake Maverick 3 years ago

Why do I keep getting an error message when I try to add to my collection?

Every time I try to add an item to my collection, I get an error message saying there has been an error adding it to the collection. I try a bunch, same thing.

Asked by mtnkttn 4 years ago

Error Adding to Collection. Please try again.

Everytime I try to add a new instructable to my Collection. I always displays "Error Adding to Collection. Please try again." I created a test collection (unpublished), it works fine. Is there a limit on the number of instructables inside a collection?

Posted by 2elev8 4 years ago

Collection list not in Alpha order

It is difficult to add items to a collection because the drop down list is not in Alpha order.   It would be much easier if the list of Collections would be in Alphabetical order.

Posted by ddpruitt 3 years ago

Collection bug

When I try to add an ible to one of my collections, I get an error. Also when I try to unpublish or save the collection the error occures. It's only this one, the other collections are fine. I'm using a mac, 10.6.8 and Firefox, latest version

Posted by Tipple 4 years ago

How do you delete draft collections?? Answered

Is there any way to delete draft collections? I made 4 of the same collection because of a clicking error and now I can't delete them.

Asked by JM1999 3 years ago

Can't edit my collection

Won't let me edit my artificial intelligence collection -- keep getting error. 1) Using Windows 7 2) Google Chrome 3) Clicked on "edit" right next to my artificial intelligence collection and I keep getting an error. 4) -- 5) Go on my account, go to my collections. Try to edit the artificial intelligence collection, and the error will come up... Works fine for the other collections.

Posted by Cat Adalay 3 years ago

Can't edit collection

I published a new collection.  During the time it took to publish it, I got "an error has occurred".  Now when I go into the collection and hit edit or try to add an additional page to the collection, I get "Something unexpected happened! If the error keeps occurring, file a bug report!"

Posted by mlarussa 3 years ago

Adding to Collection

I am new to this and I have set up a collection which is in drafts at the moment.  When I try to add instructables to it by clicking on the +COLLECTION button on what I want to add, nothing happens and nothing is added to the collection. Please can someone tell me what I am doing wrong. Regards

Posted by maxemoo 3 years ago

Error adding to collection

I have several collections of little items I like, and lately when I try to add more Instructables to it, it says "error adding to collection". Also I think some of the Instructables have disappeared from my Altoids tins collection. Has anyone else had this problem? Can it be fixed?

Posted by tinyweasel 4 years ago

How do I click a link in my draft collection?

I have a draft collection and I don't know how to go to any of the Instructables that I saved into it.

Asked by Th3GamingCore 2 years ago

Cannot edit or add to collection

I am unable to add instructables to or edit my published collection. Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit, Mozilla Firefox 35.0.1,, Click "Edit" button and get: "Something unexpected happened, If the error keeps occurring, file a bug report!" ( In attempting to add to the collection, when on the page for any instructable, I click the "+ Collection" button, the appropriate dialog pops up, I chose the collection, click the "+ Add to Collection" button, and receive the "Error Adding to Collection, Please try again" dialog. This has only begun recently, as I was able to create the collection and add Instructables previously.

Posted by irishjim68 3 years ago

Can't Delete Published Collection

Hi all! I tried to delete a draft collection, 'cause I accidentally created two of them, but I couldn't. So I published it and tried to delete it now, but I still can't and now I can't unpublish it. Can you fix this and delete all my collections? Thanks!

Posted by MyCoolNickname 4 years ago

Error adding to collection

One of my collections is malfunctioning, it's called "Altoids Tins". When I try to add more things to it it says "error adding to collection". I have made a new version of the collection but I can't unpublish the old one, and if I delete items it doesn't work. Also many items have disappeared from it. I have given up on trying to fix it since I have the new collection, but I would at least like to delete it. Can you help?

Posted by tinyweasel 4 years ago

why don't collections get the same attention as normal instructables? Answered

Just wondering why my combined view count on my Lego instructables is nearly 10X the amount on my Lego collection, any answers will help.

Asked by JM1999 3 years ago

Won't let me publish a collection

I'm trying to publish my collection of bike Instructables, and I'm getting "Woops! Something went wrong!" Tried it a few times. Also some instructables are appearing twice, but not in the edit window. Halp!

Posted by tinyweasel 2 years ago

Can't edit published collection

When i click " edit" on the only published collection i have i get this page: I want to edit this (  collection. This page gives the error: - windows 7 - chrome Version 37.0.2062.103 m Thanks!

Posted by Mr_MdR 3 years ago

delete draft collection

I hate it to start a new forumtopic when there is already one open with this topic, but that one wasn't helpful so i accidentally made a draft collection twice and have no idea how to delete this. ps: sorry for my bad english it is not my native language

Posted by andr3wtx 3 years ago

Trouble adding projects to collection

Hi, I'm having difficult two days in a row now adding projects to my "Collection." I've done it a bunch of times and keep getting an error message. Any thoughts? My class contributed 21 instructables this year (7 featured!) and 20 last year and I thought I'd gather them in one spot in this collection. Is there a limit to the number of items I can put in a collection? 1. Using Mac OS X 10.9.2 2. Safai browser 7.0.3 [tried with Firefox yesterday as well - same error] 3. Craft Technologies collection: 4. Trying to attach a screen shot 5. Every time I click on "Add to collection" from a project, I get an error message. Tried to upload it but somehow having trouble with that.  Thanks for your help!

Posted by dfields1 4 years ago

Can't add projects to collection

I am trying to add a new batch of projects to my collection "To Do" but any time I try to add a project, it says "Error adding to collection. Please try again". I am not sure why it is doing that but I can't add anything to it. I only have 21 projects in it so I don't think I am hitting any kind of project cap am I? Any and all help in this would be extremely helpful! 

Posted by Pondering_Pig 3 years ago

Collection Edit Issue

OS: Yosemite Vers. 10.10.1  Browser: Google Chrome Vers. 40.0.2214.94  URL:  Screenshot:  Issue: I can view my collection, called Woodworking, but whenever I click "edit", I see the unknown error issue. I have tried clearing my browser cache as well as signing out and logging in again. Still the same issue.

Posted by ananibunny 3 years ago

Vacuum cleaner as wood dust collection?

I was wondering if it is possible to use a vacuum cleaner as a form on wood dust collection in my workshop. What type of vacuum clearer would be the best for this, one with a bag, bagless, whatever. If this is possible, what precautions should be taken to ensure smooth operation of this setup. I'm worried about wood dust possibly clogging up the vacuum cleaner. Any help/ more info/ ideas/ would be great.

Posted by SirMalan 8 years ago

Coin Collectors

Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone here collected coins. My brother, and my dad, and I all collect coins as a side hobby. What coins do you collect? What types do you have, and the oldest ones? I have many books for nickels, dimes, and pennies. I just love the feeling when I can open up the book and find it full! My brother and I just bought some old Indian Head pennies, as well as some Steel Pennies from 1943. (During WWII) I have many foregin coins, as well as about 20 Susan B. Anthony's. I have about 10 Sacajawea coins, and a few Kennedy Half-Dollars. I just love the feeling of the profit that will be made in the future. Today I collected about 6 brand new 2007 Pennies, and took them out of circulation. Share your tips, tricks, and cool places to find your coins! As well as your coin collections!

Posted by Brennn10 10 years ago

What worlds smallest thing should i make ? Ideas please

Ok as you know i am Miniature artist and also a world smallest maker. I love what i do and i also have quite got a lot from it, from money to fame and respect too. So from my most recent, worlds smallest hand written horoscope to worlds smallest fully functional paper plane. I still need to make a lot of other things and to make them i need your feedbacks and ideas so i can eventually add them to my collection of miniatures. Current : - worlds smallest hand written book, written in blood. - worlds smallest fully functional kite. - Smallest teddy bear estimates size : .001 mm x 0.001 mm i need your ideas on what else i could make ?

Posted by arylic 9 years ago

Collections Feature Request

Please can we have... The ability to delete our own collections, especially the draft ones. The ability to flag collections for spam etc, as we do for Instructables and Forum topics. ... pretty please?

Posted by Kiteman 3 years ago

Recent Collections

I just published my first collection today, and I've noticed that it doesn't show up in the recent feed when "all types" is selected. You have to choose collections only in order to be able to see recent collections. I also noticed that none of the recent collections have been featured. Obviously they don't all deserve to be featured, but it seems like collections may be getting neglected because they aren't showing up on the recent feed. 

Posted by Brooklyntonia 2 years ago

Change Collection Icon

I don't see a way to change the collection Icon, ie, primary image and three side images. It's pretty much stuck the way it is and I want to change it to make it look different than other member's collection.  Please help. My collection is "Got Wood" - Wooden Gadgets.

Posted by alcurb 3 years ago

Change Collection Icon

I don't see a way to change the collection Icon, ie, primary image and three side images. It's pretty much stuck the way it is and I want to change it to make it look different than other member's collection.  Am I missing something?  Please help.

Posted by alcurb 3 years ago

No possible login on "Collection" section.

I touhght I was logged out by the Firefox update,then I came to log back in. On the front page, I was interested in the collection of DIY snowflakes, so I wanted to register it in my collections. But everytime I click on "+ Follow" or "+ Collection", the site wants me to log in and never logging me in then. (I did it so much I had to change my password to be sure.) The upper-right button is always "Log in - Sign in" . Then clicking anywhere else, I'm logged in! But never on this precise page. Which doesn't make recording the collection easy. Thanks for reading. Madouc

Posted by Madouc44 4 years ago

Can't edit published Collection

Hello, I am on a Windows 7 Professional 64-bit computer using Google Chrome Version 38.0.2125.111 and am unable to edit or add any instructables to my published Cosplay collection. I have tried on multiple occasions for the past few days to do so without success. Thanks

Posted by toastyknickers 3 years ago

What is the error when editing my collection? Answered

Hello! I recently published my first collection, but ever since I have been unable to edit it or to add things to it. Each time it just says that an error has occurred and to try again later. Is this a normal thing or a short-term issue? Again, I just joined the site today so I'm not sure if this is common or not. Thanks for your help!

Asked by SarahXIII 3 years ago

Mars as an Iron source?

Could we send something to mars to strip mine the surface and gather all of the iron oxide, then using a solar mirror array direct sunlight onto the days collections and melt them into iron.  Then ship it to earth in a giant iron blob which would be transported by some kind of ship. I assume this either hasn't been proposed or is not practical because I haven't seen anything like it before.

Asked by 6 years ago

What's in your money collection?

I want to know what is in your money collection. Here is what in mine. I had just started getting serious about it though. Tell me what you think.Paper Money=- 5 Yuan from China- 5 Dollars from Cayman Islands- 5 Dollars from Canada- 2 Dollars from Canada- 1000 Dollar bill from 1922 from Germany. I got it for a dollar at a local coin store.- 1 1935 blue seal dollar billCoins=Pennies- A bunch of pennies from 1979 and earlier just because they're old. A 1979, a 1978, a 1977, a 1976, a 1975, a 1974, a 1973 with a 7 stamped into it, a 1972, a 1970, a 1969, a 1967, a 1975, 1964, a 1961, a 1960.- 10 Wheat pennies, 3 1943 steel pennies all in very good condition, a 1952, a 1941, a 1950, a 1919, a 1925, a 1910, and a 1929.- a few souviner pennies. A Hulk, a Trump Plaza, a Hershey Park, and a Jungle Cruise.- A 1952 wheat penny PROOF.- 3 indian head pennies. They are all in a suprisingly (wowful) condition. A 1903, an 1888, and a 1899.Nickels- 4 old nickels, a 1946 (So close to being a war nickel) a 1969, and a 1985 (I know, you find alot of those), and an uncirculated 1964.- A bunch of different nickels from a series: 5 of the nickels with the boat on the back (2004), 2 of the nickels with the Shaking hands and crossing axes on the back (2004), 5 Indian Head/Bison nickels (2005), 2 Indian Head/Ocean view nickels (2005), and 3 jefferson head nickels with the original back (2006). Dimes2 mercury dimes. 1 from 1923, in poor condition, and a 1941 in a fine or very fine condition.Quarters- 1 Bicentennial- 2 silver quarters, one from 1953, and one from 1941.Dollars- 11 Sacajewaea dollars.- 5 Susan B. Anthony- 1 Morgan Dollar- 2 Eisenhower dollars. One is 1972, and the other is a 1976 - 1 1961 Franklin dollar, in UNCIRCULATED condition!Bicentenial.Half Dollars- 3 original half dollars, a 1971, a 1972, and a 1973 Commemoratives- 1 2006 5th anniversery of 911 with gold, and parts of ground zero.Foreign- 25 cents from Bermuda- 3 25 cents from Cayman Islands- 1 5 cents from Cayman Islands- 2 1 dollars from Jamaica- 1 20 dollars from Jamaica- 1 1 Franc from France- 1 Unknown amount from an Unknown Country.- 1 50 Pfennigs from Germany.- 17 1 cents from Canada.- 1 1 cent from The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.- 1 1 cent from BermudaPlease note I have not been to all of these countries.Other=- 1 Roooofus the Roller Roo token. (I don't know where I got it).- 1 1972 proof set with a penny, a nickel, a dime, a quarter, and a half dollar. - 1 Showboat Token. Worth 1 dollar- 1 carwash token9/6/06 Edit: As some of you might see, I had updated a few. There are lots more that either my dad gave me, or I bought from the coin store.

Posted by Flumpkins 9 years ago

Can't edit Collection

Hi, I made a collection ( ) that can not be edited or unpublished. I addition, the graphical feedback after trying to add something was quite misleading by showing a green checkmark along with the error statement (see image below) Sorry for crossposting the topic to the FAQ section (in ) - I now realize that it must be a bug. I also tried to reproduce the error by making a new collection with the same content. However, this new collection can edited and unpublished without any problems. Any ideas? Best wishes, Lars

Posted by ljohann 4 years ago

Delete a I'ble from one of my published collection

Hi all, I have set up recently Collections of great I'bles I found on the website. One of them collects all projects I would like to do in the future. But now that I have done some of them I opened a new Collection called "project done" and I would like to remove the I'ble from the "would like to do it in the future". I can't find the proper way to remove a I'ble from a published collection. Can u help?

Posted by BaptisteL8 1 year ago

Unable to Edit Collections

Well, long story short, I can't edit my collections at all. I get this 'error, something happened' screen and it doesn't matter what device or browser I use. I know this issue has been brought up before but it hasn't been worked on since. Hopefully a few more drops in the bucket will convince the techs to look into it or at least respond with 'we're working on it'.

Posted by thousand-man 3 years ago

How was Answers initially populated? Answered

C.f. Bumpus's Question.

Asked by kelseymh 9 years ago

Christmas list!!!! HELP ASAP!

OKOKOKO, so all I have on my christmas list is a drumset. I know I'm getting that, but my dad said he saved up enough money for some little stuff with my drumset. I want coins for my coin collection but everything is too expensive!!! Does anyone know of any interesting online coin stores with cheap products? It would help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Flumpkins 8 years ago

How would you convert a nice stack of dice into an art piece?

Hello Community! Sice you are the most creative people I know I think you'll be able to help me: I used to collect dice and I have a nice stack of them. I'd like to turn them into a piece of art without destroying them but I don't know what would look nice on my wall. Any ideas?

Posted by Geli12 2 years ago

wet scrubber

I am setting up a factory for making vacuum-formed acrylic shower bases reinforced with fiberglass. I will be dealing with resin fumes, microscopic glass fibers (from cutting and handling the fiberglass batts) and larger dust particles of acrylic, fiberglass and cured resin from cutting off the bottoms of these units. I am in China, and the factoryies I have seen merely have fans and blow the stuff outside, with some directing the dusty air over a bit of water that supposedly collects the dust. Being from Canada I cannot accept such a poor solution, but my newly hired employee seems to think that the concept is best. I will be looking into cyclone systems, of which a few posts are made on this site, but can anyone post a fairly simple instructable on how to make a water based system for collecting the dust?

Posted by WHET 7 years ago

How Can A Collection Get Featured?

How Can A Collection Get Featured? All of my collections have a "featured" badge on the top right, But none of them are features What are the guidelines for having a collection get featured?

Posted by Yonatan24 2 years ago