where is the fan on a computer?

On the back of a computer wheres the fan

Asked by 8 years ago

Is it hard to build a computer?

Just thinking about building a computer.

Asked by TheGimpAddict 8 years ago

how to build my own computer?

I want to build my own computer?

Asked by lacore 8 years ago

old computer monitor? Answered

I have an old computer monitor but I don't know what to do with it. What are some neat things that you can do with a computer monitor

Asked by Black Ninja 7 years ago

i want to put wireless on my computer with a laptop's card? Answered

It is a toshiba sattalite laptop and a older computer

Asked by jaxxster1 8 years ago

Whats wrong with the computer?!!

The television on the computer does not work anymore. Its a HP Slimline with Vista. Any fixes?! Thanks!!

Asked by Putzer 9 years ago

how to cancel the dipreesed of computer?

Example: when you save a certain file on your computer and if you close it.the file you save will be gone..

Asked by 8 years ago

What can I do with an old computer?

I have an old compaq computer, is there anything I can salvage from it and sell?

Asked by laxmaster92 9 years ago

i lost all sound on my computer i have a dell 2350 pc?

No sound on my computer

Asked by busch 8 years ago

My computer keeps making annoying trinkle?

When i add the graphic card and i refresh(actualiser) the computer it makes an annoying trinkle

Asked by achraf5 4 years ago

can a computer run on water?

Can a pc or laptop run if continuous supply of water is available?

Asked by chann90 9 years ago

smps is sparking?

When i switch the computer system the smps is sparking

Asked by smanics 8 years ago

how do you bypass a computer password with a flash drive?

I am trying to get on my brothers computer to pull a prank on him. The only problem is that i don't know his password. Any suggestions.

Asked by 8 years ago

how do you remove a worm virus from your computer?

I have discovered a netsky worm virus on my computer and i have tried to remove it with spybot and f-prot anti-virus programs with out any success. i need to know the specific steps (detailed steps) to remove the worm from my computer. i live in a rural area and there are no computer repair shops or persons that i can take the computer too, so i need to learn this myself.

Asked by chuck2858 8 years ago

how to hook t v screen to computer?

I have an H D monitor that i want to use to view items from my desk top.

Asked by roccbottom 8 years ago

Computer Accessories

I was wondering what kind accessories i needed for this computer i bought, i was thinking more ram, indestructible keyboard, an external hard drive later in time, maybe a different graphics card but not for AWHILE, please comment on what else you think i should get.

Posted by Caveman477 9 years ago

My computer keeps shutting itself off for no reason. Any idea why? Answered

My computer just turns its self off and then back on. there is no definite time for how long and it shuts itself off whenever i am doing anything. I get the blue screen telling me it is corrupt.

Asked by dosp5 9 years ago

Instructable where someone took apart a computer and stuck in it a picture frame (not the digital picture frame)?

Sorry, but I was just wondering if anyone remembered a instructable where someone took apart a computer and stuck it in a picture frame. I'm sure it wasn't a hanging digital picture frame. Does anyone know this instructable? Thanks.

Asked by Ryizer 8 years ago

More than one computer on a single CPU? Answered

Ok, at this place I go, there is a set of 4 monitors all connected to one "Computer" but they are all seperate computers. There is 4 seperate keyboards, mice, and speakers. They are all connected to the computer by network cables. It is interesting, I was wondering if anybody has ever heard of this before, b/c I want a program like this. Actually what I was looking at was a ncomputing thin client, but If anybody could help me think of a cheaper option because these cost about 1100 per terminal box (i need 3-4)

Asked by bwpatton1 9 years ago

How can we lock a folder?

How can we lock a folder in our computer?

Asked by shauryac1997 8 years ago

think we could make this computer on the cheap

Heres a pc i saw advertised but if its this small and simple im sure it could be made have a look guyshttp://www.fit-pc.com/new/whats-new.html

Posted by minus273degrees 9 years ago

I have a frozen 1999 imac computer. Disk won't eject. Mouse works but no programs will work. How can I fix this? I

I have a frozen Imac computer 1999. The disk won't eject. The mouse works. I was given this. I need help how to use it. Can't find an eject button. Help

Asked by triumphman 7 years ago

help with a connection? Answered

Does any one know how to connect a web cam to a crt monitor without a computer  or a VGA camera to a crt monitor

Asked by techxpert 6 years ago

In my computer i have tons of spare power cords? Answered

These normally go to floppy drive, CD rom. How do i know which is the postive and which is the negtive and how much voltage does it provide?

Asked by wee_man 9 years ago

my computer is idle it beeps then shuts off as if im working the cpu to maximum but there is little activity WHY?!?

Custom built PC, wndows xp service pack 3 system specs on request bios pheonix award workstation bios v6.ooPG

Asked by ke3ne 8 years ago

In my computer there are 2 administrative account one is my own account and one is admin account created by IT guy.

I want to delete the administrative account create by IT guy but I don't know Domain and passward how could I do to delete the admin account ?

Asked by HninS 3 years ago

Is there a way to hook up a laptop to a regular CT TV?

I want to watch movies I have on my computer on the TV.

Asked by Flash635 9 years ago

Computer Help

I am thinking about upgrading my amd processor from a dual-core 2.0GHz to a quad core processor and i was wondering if the AM2 socket that i already have will work with a AM2+ that the processor has.P.S. also, if there are any better deals that you know please comment

Posted by Caveman477 9 years ago

How to revive a hard drive?

Asked by 9 years ago

what is the best research proposal which is not so expensive for a computer related study?

I'm looking for a project proposal which is all about technology

Asked by lynax 8 years ago

how to make usb hub ?

Asked by prgajera 7 years ago

lead-free ?

How can unsolder lead-free solder?

Asked by tomasillyo 8 years ago

hack of another PC identity?

for example any one of my friend computer i have to hack and want yo know what was his g mail,face book,etc. password and user name

Asked by rajasinghsekhawat 7 years ago

Is there an effective way to use a mini fridge as a computer tower? Answered

I have been thinking of taking a mini fridge and putting computer components in the small freezer area, I realize that I would need an enclosure for the mobo and components so they dont get wet and short out, but I have no idea how to start this project, or if it would even work. Any suggestions or ideas?

Asked by Focker 8 years ago