LED Contacts

What is the best way to affix an LED contact to a watch battery without soldering it and risking damage to the battery? Help

Posted by ropor 10 years ago

DIY BlackLight Contacts?

I know you can use Tonic water to make Blacklight reactive ice, But can you use this same method on soft contacts? I have no idea on weather tonic water is bad for your eyes, even less whether soft contacts are saluble enough for this trick to work. I figure a mix of 2/3 contact solution, to 1/3 tonic water soaked overnight might be enough to give your contacts a soft glow under blacklight. But I just dont know!Anyone willing to try this with some "overused" contacts?Glow Ice, How-to

Posted by Green_Primus 9 years ago

push button contacts fail

Hi, i disassembled my full-automated coffeemachine as the push buttons for programs failed. The buttons are a line of rubber and the contacts on the platine are toothed while each rubber contact got tiny plates that bridge the contacts on the platine. I guess that the contact plates lack of conductivity - any suggestions what i can do to improve the conductivity? I thought bout buying contact foil and glue it over the rubber contacts, but i don't know, if this is the best solution.

Posted by Luziviech 2 years ago

My eyes are dim, I cannot see...

You may not know, but I wear contacts. They're monthly disposables - I can leave them in 24/7 for most of a month, as long as I go without for a coupld of day in between. Unfortunately, I seem to have lost my spectacles. Since last I wore them, I have been to Cornwall (other side of the country) and on cub camp (in a field). I fear my spectacles are lost somewhere between. Being massively short-sighted, I am consequently having trouble seeing things. I have "Ctrl+ed", but I still have my nose just a hand-span from the screen and key-board. So, if I accidentally post gibberish tonight, and the next night or two, blame it on the mole-eyes. UPDATE: I have a headache, g'night all.

Posted by Kiteman 8 years ago

What is this component called?

I don't suppose anyone would happen to know the technical name for this type of switch? I'll be using one in an Instructable I am currently making, but am unable to find this kind of switches name (if indeed it does meet the specifications of a 'switch'). Thank you.

Posted by PocketSized 10 years ago

I want a circuit to close when I OPEN a glass jar ... Answered

I'm working on a project where I have a glass jar, and I want a circuit to close when I OPEN the glass. Need ideas on how I can solve that in clever ways...? I know how to program it in flash, but my current project is all hardware based, and I don't want to use a computer to solve it. I've tried using a photo cell, but for some reason it won't trigger on the circuit I'm circuitbending. I've used a photocell on another bend, and it worked there, but on this project I'm circuitbending one of those greeting cards where you can record your own voice, and it seems that it needs a good solid connection before it will trigger. Would greatly appreciate all tips. Addition: I need a solution that takes as little space as possible.

Asked by mskogly 8 years ago

Msn invitations question?

For some reason I signed in my msn and i had none of my contacts so i tried to invite my old friends again and when I had invited 13 contacts it showed mr a message telling (you have reached the daily invitations limit please try again tommorow ) 1st. Why my contacts where deleted 2nd. Is there any way to hack the limit and invite more friends per day???????????????  

Asked by arv_christos 7 years ago

contact coils

Do they make a coil are something that i can use DC to a contact coil for AC?? are like using DC as a switch for a AC realy ?

Asked by DAVjon123 3 years ago

Account / Contact Information Changes

This sit is a love / hate relationship!!!  I love all the stuff on the site BUT I can't find anywhere to change my Account / Contact Information!!!  ALSO, is it me or does everything load really Slooooooooooow on this site???

Asked by eandme2010 3 years ago

I would like to find the contact information for a person at www.instructables.com?

Greetings, My name is Vanessa Karol and I am doing some research involving crafts.  I was wondering if I could get the contact information (name, email and perhaps phone number) of the main person to contact for the www.instructables.com ­­­­website.   I would really appreciate your help.Sincerely,Vanessa Karol

Asked by 8 years ago

how to delete blocked contacts in msn messenger?

I need to delete blocked contacts from my msn messenger. my boy friend want to have my password, i just want to delete old contacts...even they are sitting in block list. please help.

Asked by summerwine 9 years ago

How would I get a non-corrective contact lens prescription? Answered

I want some of these: http://www.9mmsfx.com/lenses.html But you need a prescription.

Asked by bowmaster 8 years ago

how do i contact the teacher? Answered

Question Body: give us more detail on your question...

Asked by Andrewdanerd 1 year ago

check out my smoke bombs that explode on contact contest

The contest is to see who can make a function smoke bomb that goes off on contact with the groundmore details at here

Posted by master-of-chaos 11 years ago

contact material on button is almost gone

I have a talking key chain watch that has a contact button like any remote does .-over 8 years it has needed clean and this black coating material under button that is used to make contact to board for function is weak or gone .- would anyone know where or how I could put a new coating on it -to make it like new again or a very good substitute Thanks .

Posted by Dystonia 10 years ago

check out my smoke bombs that explode on contact contest

The contest is to see who can make a function smoke bomb that goes off on contact with the groundmore details at here

Posted by master-of-chaos 11 years ago

How to measure distance with a contact microphone?

Hey, I`m trying to create a project about echolocation, so, I´m gonna use contact microphones, give me some ideas mates. PLEASE

Posted by JoséG100 2 years ago

contact admin

 hey i want to make a guide about duct tape, but don't know how to do it. I heard you have to contact the admin account, but i don't know how to. help please? thanks

Posted by billbobby 8 years ago

Need to Contact Admin!!!!!!!!!!! Answered

My account page picture uploader is messed up. whenever i try to delete a file, it copies it three times! I have like 20 of the same pics on my page. can any admin go in and delete all the pics that say i heart christmas? Can anyone tell me how to contact admin?

Asked by CodeKid1001 7 years ago

Anybody got any idea what to do with the expired contact lenses solution?

I have many expired contact lenses solutions eating dusts in my room. what do you do with yours?

Asked by ahburn 8 years ago

Making a plate which detects contact with metal

Hello, I'm trying to make a 6" x 6" plate which can detect when a needle comes into contact with it.  The plate can be made out of whatever ( preferably an easy to obtain material like a metal sheet) and have any electrical components necessary attached to it but the needle can't have any attached wires etc.  Any thoughts?

Posted by kmforest 1 year ago

They don't understand the publising problem and ask me to contact them ?

I'm new here. I try to put my post on public. I made once but try to make another one. This time they don't let me publish. The error said that they don't know what happen and I have to contact the staffs. I click on 'CONTACT' but their are no contact about reporting problem. Any help?

Posted by tuang.pingfavilunda 3 years ago

julietcool is spamming for "contacts"

I have reported the two PM's I got, and blocked the person.  Has anyone else gotten pm's from julietcool?    

Posted by Goodhart 8 years ago

Want to c ontact the guy who has done the Tie altering thing ... but

There is no way on here I can find to make contact with other members. Either if the guy in question can contact me through the owners please or someone can direct me to how to contact other members ... either would really really be helpful for me (and this ace site too). Thanks, M

Posted by Chav-tie-guy 8 years ago

Error message? Answered

On clicking start simulation I get a message saying "unable to contact the code compilation service. Pl try again later or contact us if the problem persists"

Asked by falli 5 months ago

Can I wire a momentary contact pushbutton to do multiple things?

So I am wiring an arcade, I want a momentary contact pushbutton to activate a 110 vac device whenever I press it, thats fine, but I also want to activate a button on my keyboard encoder when that pushbutton is pressed...... Can I do this without frying the keyboard encoder? they share a difference ground the encoder and the electrical device

Posted by Negativecreep0 8 years ago

Connection Error?

I clicked on "Start Simulation" and got the same thing that Falli did:Unable to contact the code compilation service. Please try again later or contact us if the problem persists.

Asked by getz53 5 months ago

fan club Traistariu-contact-0722.410.597

Cu Tornero, Mihai Traistariu s-a impus imediat in peisajul muzical din Romania. Este prezent pentru recitaluri in Romania dar si in strainatate, si este permanent invitat la spectacole, lansari, campanii electorale, petreceri diverse, manifestari orasenesti, nunti, botezuri si revelioane. Contact impresariat artistic si programari-0722.410.597 sau 0745.503.350 ori trimiteti e-mail la tvbucuresti@yahoo.com

Posted by traistariu 9 years ago

printing on contact paper

I'm interested in making vinyl wall decals myself for my apt. I saw one instructable to cut the design on contact paper and stick it on the wall. But what if I have my own design (image) on my computer and wanted to print that on the contact paper. Can I do it using my inkjet printer or do I need any other special paper? Basically I wanted to print my design on any vinyl paper and transfer that onto the wall. Thank you...

Asked by srini318 8 years ago

Does contact paper (used for wall art) damage a painted wall when it's removed months or years later?

We're not allowed to paint our walls so I wanted to do some wall art using contact paper/adhesive vinyl. It will be up for about 3 years and I don't want it to take the paint off when I peel off the paper/vinyl. Any info or tips on removal would be great! Thanks!!

Asked by jamieliz21 9 years ago

Is it possible to repair a contact that has been removed while soldering?

When I was attempting my Xbox 360 Rapid Fire ModXbox 360 Rapid Fire Mod the LED fell off along with the contact. Is it possible for me to somehow repair it? Or to continue with the mod? Or is my controller unrepairable?

Asked by bOeesh57 9 years ago

wiring a speaker: which wire do i solder where? Answered

I took apart some old headphones for the speakers unfortunately the wires pulled away from the soldering when dismantling. So i have a REd wire and a Brown wire which contacts do i solder them to?Picture 3 is a simple image of what the back of the speakers looks like, each contact is labelled with a different colour so if you know which contact goes to which use the coloured label to say whether it goes with the red or the browen wire.for example- red wire to purple contact,brown wire to red contact.thankyou to anyone that helps Mdog

Asked by mdog93 8 years ago

who do I contact if I have a video game idea? Answered

I have several ideas that I think would make good games.

Asked by nerd7473 6 years ago