I need to know how to use science to keep ice cream cold with out freezer? some sort of self freezing container?

Thinking about making a small container that I could take with me. about pint size not much bigger with some sort of chemical combo to achieve freezing state

Asked by sunsetinhome 9 years ago

Where can you fined plans to build a shipping container house.

I would like to build it myself in the cheapest way. I have seen a video from Columbia and how they put together 4 containers for a small compact house. I have not seen anything in the USA that does not drain the pocket book of the little man or woman. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Sakimoto

Asked by sakimoto 8 years ago

how to change Wiper(Windshield) water in my Skoda Fabia?

How to change Wiper(Windshield) water in my Skoda Fabia? I tried to fin the container but i didn't get that. please tell me the step by step procedure to find/locate the exact windshield water container and how to fill that with new water. If possible please provides pics that shows where is the windshield water container in Skoda Fabia 1.2 MPI model 2011 exactly? Thanks

Asked by tonydicosta 6 years ago

Advice on a wood project

I am looking for some innovative ideas along the lines of the normal Mail sorter / holder / bill organizer. But I need to have it more efficient than a 3 slot wooden bin hung on the wall or sat on the table. All ideas will be considered....this is a home use project so I can get my financial life back in some kind of symmetry, or more organized at least. What we have now:

Posted by Goodhart 10 years ago

Soduim hydroxide container? Answered

Is it safe to keep sodium hydroxide (NaOH) in a glass container or is PYREX necessary for safety? 

Asked by jonrb 8 years ago

What can I do with this? Answered

 I found an odd looking metal container. According to the label it's supposed to contain mints, but it's not altoids. What can I do with it? The picture is a bit fuzzy, but it should do.

Asked by nutsandbolts_64 8 years ago

I am considering turning my turtle sandbox into a planter for my salad garden but am wondering about drainage.

I have one of those little turtle sandboxes for the kids. You know, the kind that fill up with water because I never remember to put the lid on when it rains. Should I put a bunch of small holes in the bottom or just one larger hole in the center for drainage. Also, any other input on how to best do this would be great (ie best way to fertilize etc...). Thanks.

Asked by ru12bseen 8 years ago

Demo (Contractor) Bags Are Sometimes Better than Garbage or Other Bags

Folks use garbage bags for storing and hauling .  Problem is, garbage bags rip easily and usually are good for one use. Demo bags are woven from polypropelene and are strong and  can be re-used.. Haul one load, dump it, bring the bag back,  Refill and repeat. Or use it for moving. No worries about ripping. They are not waterproof or completely dustproof. So one may wish to line it with a plastic bag. http://ecobrooklyn.com/demo-bags-trash-bag-alternative/ I think I may try to use this as a potato bag for growing potatoes a described in an earlier instructable

Posted by Wilmette 5 years ago

thin clear plastic rectangular container

Anyone have a source (cheap!) for a thin clear plastic rectangular container? Like this glass one: http://www.wholesaleflowersandsupplies.com/images/4_thin_rectangle_vase.jpg roughly 6-8" wide and less than 2 inches thick overall?  thanks for any leads, cheers, flashj

Posted by flashj 8 years ago

how does this tea container work? Answered

My parents have had it for as long as i can remember, and then a bit more, its branded by Tetley, and as i recall, it is some sort of limited edition container, there is no date stamped on it anywhere, its made by Royal Winton. when you poen the lid, the container will play a tune, and its only when there is light visible by the bottom of the lid, if you set the lid on a flat surface or turn off the lights, it stops singing. which brings me to the question: how does it know its open, how does it make noise, and, most confusing, how has it managed to keep working even though its at least 20 years old? surely if it ran off of a battery it wouldve burnt out by now, right?

Asked by zack247 7 years ago

Cargo Shipping Container (steel) 8' x 8' x 20' I would like to convert to living quarters. Any info on the conversion?

For the conversion I would need information on installing an entry door, windows, insulation, electricity, heating, wall board, plumbing ~~ sink, toilet, shower ect.  Any information would be helpfull. Thank you. 

Asked by garrison111 6 years ago

Are there other ways to cool an object to 77 K (−196 °C; −321 °F) without use of cryogenic fluids, like liquid nitrogen?

 I am looking for a way to be able to keep an object below 77 K, while maintaining an airtight container. This cannot be obtained with cryogenic fluids like liquid nitrogen, as it becomes highly explosive and dangerous. Therefore, I need a way to keep an object below 77 K in an airtight container, safely.

Asked by gabe94 8 years ago

Javafix containers?

I'm reasonably certain that I didn't dream this up, but if I did I am sorry. No, not really because somebody should make a coffee brand called that. Anyway apparently there was back in the DDR a coffee brand called 'JavaFix'(spelling uncertain) Which is either a mistranslated or made up name  or it was actually called that in which case it's awesome and I have to know where to get a tin or two. (or at least a high resolution image.) Yes I did google it and no I didn't find any appropriate links. (Presumably Britney Spears owns the whole coffee industry with something weird called a "latte" or a 'frappuccino' I assume it is some type of hard drug made of amphetamines ground toddlers and the anguished cries of dying orphans...)

Posted by XylophonicMonkey 8 years ago

How do I paint plastic containers, and then protect the surface?

Plastic containers like milk containers, for example.

Asked by madhs 8 years ago

Instructable Going to be LED light plants container

Here the link to build the container

Posted by reusesave 9 years ago

How do I build a wooden container in the shape of triangle? Answered

I need to build triangular pull out/roll out waste bins to fit into nooks in my kitchen. Two sides are 18" wide and the other (front) side is 16" wide. The bin should be 24" tall (I have 34" of clearance between floor and counter.) A square box I could handle. The triangle has me a bit unsure of how to screw everything together. Has anyone ever built a triangular wooden box?

Asked by kamariden 6 years ago

Zipfizz Containers

I have a bunch of empty Zipfizz containers. I don't want to toss them in the trash (no plastic recycling in my area). What in the world could I make with them that would be useful?

Posted by jwade19 4 years ago

Small Household Containers to hold gas? Answered

I need a small container to hold extra gas for my dirt bike.

Asked by Keltonthebeast 4 years ago

is it ok to compost in galvanized metal containers?

Will galvanized metal containers leach chemicals into composting material intended for garden use

Asked by 8 years ago

will concrete cure when in a sealed container? Answered

If the container is completely full of concrete, or possibly has a small air space?

Asked by theRIAA 9 years ago

Pressure and containment

How much pressure(Psi or atm) can this container hold? Its a mentos mint container I dont know what it is made of, Im just assuming is like aluminum or some sort. The dimensions are in the image. 

Posted by TechnoGeek026 6 months ago

Anyone got thoughts on this instructable idea?

I own a foodsaver with those airtight containers. The rubber piece came off the other day and got me to thinking. Almost any container could be used by drilling a hole in it. Maybe someone could come up with a DIY to make containers that work with foodsaver or those Zip pumps that take the air out of containers. Those pint containers that come with Chinese food might work. Or Tupperware or Ziploc containers would do also. I just have the idea but not the talent to do it. I'll leave that to others. ha ha.

Posted by bayridge 7 years ago

Enlist all the sites like instructables containing DIY stuff n all?

Enlist all the sties which contain DIY stuff, experiments etc etc.

Asked by electrosam 9 years ago

How do you take apart an apple earpods container?

I want to take apart an apple earpod container so i can use the case for a project

Asked by Schmidty16 4 years ago

What devices would contain a TIP31 transistor?

I have a lot of old electronic devices... Which are common ones to contain a TIP31?

Asked by Arbitror 8 years ago

off-grid, affordable, and open-source shipping container house

Howdy,  I've launched a kickstarter to build an affordable, off-grid, and open-source shipping container house:  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1868967872/shipping-container-to-off-grid-house-conversion . Any feedback would be appreciated; thanks!

Posted by liseman 7 years ago

Reusable To-Go Food Containers

I've been thinking of this idea for a while now. Everyone is using those reusable shopping bags these days, so why not design a reusable, resealable and collapsible to go container? I say collapsible so that when you're not using it, it can be stored in a purse and not take up a lot of room.

Posted by InvaderDig 9 years ago

ALTOIDS!?!? Answered

I got a altoids container and gonna get some more so what should i make?

Asked by knexsuperbuilderfreak 8 years ago

Would it be possible to make a fish tank from a plastic storage container?

About a year ago I bought a 10 gallon fish tank for about 10 bucks and 3 small comet feeder goldfish. I had a spare filter and some gravel then tossed in some hides. It look great but now that the fish are about 3-4 inches each I decided they would like a slightly larger tank. I don't want to spend 50 plus dollars for another tank. I was talking to another fish owner the other day and mentioned a large   plastic storage container, He said he had used one and built a wooden box around it to support it. My idea is to buy a 30 gallon storage container or cheap plastic pond and build a wooden frame around it then spray great stuff in the gaps for support. How does this sound? I have a desk with a couple cricket keepers on and a leopard gecko. I planned to put wheels on it so I can slide it in and out of the space under the desk. I have a light that I can mount to the bottom of the desk. Does this sound like it would be okay or a disaster waiting to happen.  Thanks, Clemsonguy1125

Asked by imthatguy1125 7 years ago

Easy way to strip paint off plastic containers?

I am trying to take paint (printing) off of a plastic container -- the body is a 5 and the lid is a 2. I can do it by hand using sand paper but it is taking a really long time. (And I have 18 containers to strip.) Any suggestions for something that would strip this and not be too crazy with fumes, bad for environment, yadda yadda yadda? Thanks for the help!

Posted by kellybasinger 9 years ago

Do leds contain toxic material such as arsenic or lead? Answered

I heard something about LED light bulbs containing lead or arsenic. Does this apply to LEDs like the small kind?

Asked by MarS10 2 years ago

how much psi can a a1 steaksauce container hold

I have a project and i need to know how much psi a a1 steaksauce container can hold

Posted by rollingstoner357 10 years ago

eBooks only contain table of contents and comments

Hi, The ebooks available for download only contain a table of contents and comments, but not the actual instructables.  Not what I would call an eBook!! Is there a problem with the eBook generation or is this on purpose? Cheers, Shauno

Posted by shauno 6 years ago

Pressure Container

How much Psi or atm can this mentos mint container hold if i seal it then put a vavle on it? I dont know what material it is made of, Im assuming its thin aluminum. Can anyone help me with this please.

Posted by TechnoGeek026 6 months ago

Plastic containers that have #2 on bottom. Who knows of a bonding agent?

I have tried several different rods with my plastics welder, super glue, two part epoxy and bondo. Something to bond #5 plastic containers would be helpful.

Asked by mimsmall 9 years ago

Container explodes after being shot with rifle? What mixture?

I saw this on tv. The guy was putting a mixture in a variety of objects, then backing away up to what a ppeared to be a hundred yards and shooting the container with a high velocity rifle. The explosion was large depending on how much was used. What was the mixture?

Asked by 9 years ago

can I paint plstic plant containers with yogurt to make them look old?

Painted garden plastic pot using yogurt?

Asked by 8 years ago

I think I have a cool idea, will it work?

I would like to see a scientific 'domino's' event. My idea is that you have a series of containers with different chemical combinations, and they all have entry and exit areas. The containers would have a starting spot, whereby a chemical would be added to the current combination, to cause a spurt to leave the exit point, and enter the next container by the entry point, this would cause another reaction, and the chain would continue to the next container. I'm wondering if the reaction could be continued for 20 containers or more. Obviously an explosion in the chain would break the next container, so each reaction would need to be thought out to produce a spurt. What's more the positioning of each container would need to be perfectly planned according to the power of the reaction. For the container's I'm thinking something like a glass watering can, with chambers inside if needed to produce the right reaction or effect. The entry point would be the filling rea, and the spout would be the exit point. I think it's a cool idea, and I would love to know if it could work.

Asked by Kyndig 9 years ago

Project Cases,Boxes,Containers,Holder......

What ever you want to call it what else can you use. Sure there's Altoids tins and Tic Tac containers But what else do you use for a project housing ? And dose anybody know of any sites that sell components and allow Interac Online ?

Posted by littlechef37 10 years ago

I have an electric wheelchair that contains 2- 12v gel batt

I have an electric wheelchair that contains 2-12v batteries. the charger has 115v/230vac input & 24vdc/5a output. what do i need to get to be able to install a solar charge / battery maintain system?

Asked by Richard Earle 1 year ago

How best to transfer 2 liters of liquid from one container to another and back again?

I'm bulding a cleaning machine. I need to transfer 2 liters (.53 Gal) of liquid (water with a small amount of cleaning agent) from one container through a filter to another empty container of the same size, quickly. I would like to accomplish this buy pressing a button. Then transfer the liquid back to the original container. Looking suggestions on how best to accomplish this. Thanks

Asked by MarkS786 1 year ago

van/truck into camper? change metal containers?vertical, like double decker way?

Hi, anyone knows how to mod van/truck into camper? change metal containers-ShortOnes to camping trailers?in vertical, like double decker way. viva container city london...ps my first question ))

Asked by forelgner 9 years ago