I just submit my newspaper tray instructable today and the system says could not enter the contest. Why? I want to participate in the Epilog contest. Please answer

Posted by cremolada 9 years ago


Is there a way to see how many votes someone has for an instructable?

Posted by kooljo 4 years ago

Enter existing instructable into contest

How do I enter an existing instructable into a contest?

Posted by TexasBaconMan 6 years ago

idea for contest

How about a "make some sound" contest

Posted by Microbe 7 years ago

Contest? Answered

Why is Quebec People  are excluded from ALL of the contest?

Asked by dcôté 3 years ago

Hi! I want to enter a contest.

Hi! I'm from South Korea, which is located in Asia. I saw the teacher's contest and I wanted to enter the contest. But the contest said that only US and other few countries can enter it. But I really want to enter a contest! Can Korea also enter a contest? 

Posted by dudalsdjaak 6 years ago

Contest Entrees which barely fit Contest Theme

Sometimes a contestant barely fits the contest theme. Sometimes it clearly does not. Can an entry be disqualified for not being of the theme? Some projects seem to get votes for being cool regardless of whether they are entered in the right contest.

Posted by Toga_Dan 3 years ago

How is a Contest Made?

How are contests created? Could I start one if I wanted to?

Posted by LoneWolf 8 years ago


Does anyone know why there are no more international contests ? (all contests are limitied to entries from the US, Canada, UK and Australia)  what happened ?

Posted by sitzikbs 6 years ago

Your Contest?

I don't have a laser at this time. So how would I enter your contest?

Asked by DavidS4819 6 years ago

Max Contest Entries

There has been some question about the max number of contest entries allowed in the contest FAQ forum. There are few ibles that have won a Halloween contest and then are entered in more contests that equal more than 3 total contests. Until now, it seemed that Halloween  was the exception to the rule. However, with this example, it seems that there is a bug in the contest entry system. This ible has won a contest and is entered in 4 more.

Posted by Brooklyntonia 3 years ago

Where did Contest go

Where did (Let it glow) contest go ? judging ended on 10 January 2015...we are still waiting for results, but where are the entries? where is the contest itself? why totally vanished from this website ? 

Posted by goldenshuttle 3 years ago

A new type of contest

I think there should be a Leatherworking contest, to see who can make the best leather objects. Why should there not be one, there is a sewing contest last I checked.

Posted by McGyver2 7 years ago

wrong date on contest

Hi.  I just wanted to let you know that the date on the "Make it Move Challenge" is off.  On the main Contests page it says that the deadline is July 17th, but the headline under the Contest Info says "Enter Now! Contest Closes July 10." 

Posted by ejp1087 7 years ago


Is there a time limit for how long after you publish an instructable, it can be entered into a contest? (if not, there should be...maybe a year) Is there a limit to the number of times the same instructable can win a contest? (if not, then it should be limited to once)

Posted by explosivemaker 5 years ago

i want to join a contest? Answered

i want to join a contest but on the bottom of the announcement there is a small notification: "Contest is open to entries from US and Canada (excluding Quebec), UK, and Australia"and I'm not from any of those countries. is contestant from other country are not allowed to join?

Asked by pauluschristopher 6 years ago

Contest list

I dont see the contest list anymore on instructables. Neither it is on facebook. Can any one enlighten me why is it removed?

Posted by sabu.dawdy 1 year ago

Can I joined in Instructables photo contest

I'm from Thailand.It's not in the list of your condition.Can I send entry to the competition?

Posted by Hansaphoto 5 years ago

contest judging?

When it comes to the contests how does the judging work? do the people like me vote on the entries? or is it admin people from the instructables website?

Asked by fireball9919 6 years ago

Any word on when the Craftsman Contest winners will be announced? Answered

Just wondering when the winners of the Craftsman $20,000 contest would be announced...

Asked by 9 years ago

Removing an instructable from a contest

I can't figure out how to take an instructable out of an old contest so I can unpublish it. I've looked all over the contest page, and the editing options for the instructable.

Asked by Aar000n3y 9 years ago

diy drones contest not taking me in!

My instructable has not been taken in one contest for days now what should i do!?

Posted by pawanvs99 5 years ago

How do I delete an entry in the Halloween contest?

I have two entries in the Halloween contest, one for the overall display and one for a specific component.  Is there a way to consolidate the two into one while the contest continues?

Asked by ThawedHead 8 years ago

A few contest entries appear twice in Make it Glow Contest

Hi - I noticed that my entry and one or two others are posted twice in the Make it Glow contest.  I can't figure out how to un-enter one of the two duplicates of my Spinning Blinking Tardis entry.  Suggestions?

Posted by lmperkins 4 years ago

Cookie contest.... Excluding resident of QUEBEC. Why ho why are we excluded from the only contest I was sure to win??? Answered

Residents from Quebec are excuded from this and I guess other contest. I do not see why???

Asked by fbujold 6 years ago

contest. the word descriptive.?

I would love to enter your contest. but my entry is not bassed on looks to confuse. mine is bassed on combanation of flavours. i would like a more defind . requirment. wether this is a looks or floavour comanation contest.  thank you for your time, rolfo

Asked by RolfH1 2 years ago

duplicates in contest entries list

I noticed when browsing contest entries, there are some entries that show up twice consecutively, see screenshot I know it's not intentional

Posted by frank26080115 6 years ago

Can i participate in multiple contest with one project ?

Please sagest me ASAP 

Posted by AmitK14 10 months ago

Contest Etiquette- Reposting Old Instructables

I noticed that some authors will repost an old instructable in order to enter a current contest.  Is this frowned upon?  Are there any rules around this practice? Thanks, Kris

Posted by The Papier Boy 7 years ago

Do we have any new contests coming up? Answered

I couldn't find any.

Asked by jtp139 8 years ago

Build My Lab Contest Question

I was wondering if this contest is just about building things or could I enter something along the lines of advice on ergonomic use of microscopes.  I noticed on the contest page under Judges Prize -Lab Hacks it mentions "Do you have simple solutions to common challenges around the lab?..Help make life in lab easier and safer for everyone....".  This would seem to fit but not sure since the contest seems to focus on building equiptment. What do you think?

Posted by ChrysN 4 years ago

Contest Ideas and Suggestions

Just thought I'd start a forum topic for people to post contest ideas under one topic.  I did a quick search and found questions about contest ideas and multiple topics that are specific to a single suggestion.  So, I am posting this as a starting point and will add ideas for any contests here from now on.  And hopefully it won't just be me posting : ) If this does exist somewhere already, let me know! Thanks!

Posted by annahowardshaw 7 years ago

Contest prize help

Hi I won first prize in the Halloween photo editing contest and haven't heard a single thing about getting that prize in 7 weeks. However, i did contact instructables about 2 weeks ago asking what had happened and was informed that they were getting stock and it shouldn't be that much longer. I'm just curious is this normal for contest prize to take more then 7 weeks to reach someone.

Posted by sircaptaintigerotter 5 years ago

Help!! Im confused with contests eligibility

Hi i have a question and im sure others have the same enquiry, as everyone knows, instructables does not have a wide range of eligible countries for their contests. so im wondering if im from Malaysia (which is not an eligible country), can i still join a contest but have the prize (if i win)sent to an eligible country? Because i have a relative who is currently staying in Australia(eligible country) and i really want to join these awesome contests. Thank you, Sean

Posted by schin7 5 years ago

How To Enter a Contest

Entry:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           So how do we enter a entry to a contest? First u must have  1 or more  your own INSTRUCTABLES project(s).Than click on CONTEST tab and select a contest that a project u want to be enter. Click on Enter Contest or Entry and click on 1 project u want to submit to the contest. The contest will end with a date and the one that has the most vote win prizes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Prizes : The one who wins gets prizes the rest get a t-shirt or nothing                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            How to Vote: So click on Vote Now and vote the instructions u like and u can vote more than 1 but not to much                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       THX for reading and u are welcome to see my instruction projects and plz subscribe!!! : )                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Posted by JessicaL10 3 years ago

contest update

Im just wondering what happened to change the end date of the contest. i was trying to look to see where there was a post or something and couldnt find anything. does this mean it will be judged on the 10th instead judgeing announced today? im just confused how it the contest is changing its making it hard for me to keep up. thanks in advance - Nate

Posted by DjProToJeeX 10 years ago

Contest to win a PC

Someone PM'd me about a contest to create something new with their old PC.  I was going to enter but unfortunately it is only open to US residence.  I thought I would pass this along since there are a lot of Instructables posted that would be eligible for this contest (provided that you are from the US).  The prize is a PC. Here is the link:

Posted by ChrysN 5 years ago

Contests? Answered

If i submit multiple entries in a contest, will they have an effect on the judging of each other asides from the fact that only one can win. Will he user be kept in mind while judging the entries or will they all be judged separately and the highest scoring one be awarded? ty

Asked by SA-DIY 1 year ago

When will the 3D design contest results come out?

I have entered a instructable in the competition and i really want to know the  results.

Asked by Madman146 3 years ago

I am not able to enter Full Spectrum laser contest

I am not able to enter my instructable in the full spectrum laser contest. Can  you please help me out. I posted it on Mar 18, 2014 and it is within the dates they have mentioned.The following message appears.

Posted by BakeitUp 4 years ago

Can I submit more than one project in a contest? Answered

I've seen it done before, but I don't know if it is legal or not.

Asked by ddlucas 3 months ago

Contest criterias

I tried to post this earlier but either something went went wrong or I was too blonde to find it, so if i is adouble plese ignoreand delete! My intention was to enter the Make it Glow contest with a better and more complete version of my forever Light. But after checking some entries I decided against it. There are a lot of totally unrelated entries in the contest and I fail to see the point in entering if obviously noone cares about what goes into a contest. For example a hovercraft, cordless screwdriver, fingerprint scanners, remote controlled robots, space doors or cmputer controlled flower pots..... I though the reason for a contest would be to have stuff in there that fits th contest.... I know some standards are not that high but isn't it a bit too low to allow totally unrelated entries into a contest??? Me, I simply don't see how a contest can be fair if the entry rules are already being completely ignored and obviously noone here cares to remove those entries... For that simple reason I won't support a contest with my entry.

Posted by Downunder35m 3 years ago