Can you cook instant noodles with hot water?

Can you cook instant ramen with hot water? Not the instant cup ones, but the instant pack ones, the one that you usually have to cook. What I mean by "with hot water" is cooking that pack noodles (where you usually have to cook) like a cup instant noodles.

Asked by huang.wencong 6 years ago

Cook a Burger with Your Tailpipe

Why waste all that heat out your tailpipe when you can cook a burger with it? We've seen an instructable on how to [ cook with your car], but this concept shows a simple device for grilling on the go.It looks like it's still just an idea, but where else can we harness energy that would otherwise just heat up the air? link

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

corner cook top. Any information and pictures of cook tops in the corner? Thanks, Pat

Corner cooktops. We are building a house and would like to put in a corner cook top. I know that they take up more room, I would love to see some pictures. Any information would be great. Thanks, Pat

Asked by paddycake 9 years ago

Tasteless, textureless chocolate chip cookies, EVERY first batch I make? Answered

For the last 3 times I have tried making chocolate chip cookies, the first round that I slide in the oven has come out completely tasteless and textureless. No light buttery taste, no vanilla taste, not even a vaguely burnt taste. And they aren't crispy or chewy either. They're definitely cooked all the way through, and I follow the recipes exactly. The 2nd batch normally turns out slightly better, but I couldn't tell you why. I am a rather bad cook, but that doesn't explain why all the cookies suck. :P To quote one of my friends, "This will haunt me for the rest of my life. I don't know how to even describe this cookie, as there is nothing to describe about it." My mother once made a vague comment about the temperature of the oven, but I'm still not sure how to fix it. It's probably not the recipe; I've used several different ones that are all fairly standard and similar. 

Asked by -Salamanda- 3 years ago

Arghh! Eggs!

Today was a great day in school! I came home craving hard boiled eggs, so I take 4 eggs from a container that I thought was fairly old (5 days or so). Turns out they were fresh. Now my eggs are impossible to completely peel, albeit being good inside.Is there a good way to remove all of the shell? Is there anything I can do with these eggs (that is, a recipe)?I really to see 3 good eggs go to waste. Does anyone know what to do?Thanks,Bran.

Posted by Bran 10 years ago

Im 13, and i love to cook.

I love cooking, but i hate eggs, onions, peppers and tomatoes. any suggestions

Asked by MacLean 9 years ago

How to Cook Bacon with a Machine Gun

FINALLY! Now you can stay nourished while you're out shooting rounds.  And what does a machine gunnist crave more than bacon, right? See it all here

Posted by scoochmaroo 8 years ago

Is lighter flame/smoke/fume toxic?

I was going to make an instructable on mini roasting when something hit me. When you use the lighter to light maybe a marshmellow, is the fire or smoke or fumes from the fire toxic? I mean the gas/alcohol gets neutrilized when it burns up and turns into flame but If i cook with it, it may be a different question. If someone asks me to think about smokes, the I should say to you that smokes are already toxic and anyone smoking shouldn't care. ( I don't smoke, I want to live) If possible you can answer this question and have credit in my next instructable.

Asked by knex_mepalm 7 years ago

What sources of aluminum are safe for casting into cookware? I have lawnmower engines, soda cans, lawn chairs.?

I'd like to make some aluminum bowls and pans, what aluminum alloy sources are safe to use for this?

Asked by robbtoberfest 9 years ago

How do I cook chicken to be really soft?

How do I make chicken really soft after cooking , like they do in chinese restaurants? It invariably becomes a bit hard. TIA :) Have a great day!

Asked by koraaonline 3 years ago

Just curious... Does Instructables have a 'best of' cookbook??

We seem to have a giant collection of some very 'tasty' recipes on here. Wouldn't it be great to have them in a cookbook-like form, categorized. Even a quick cookbook vs traditional cook-time book. The instructables format even gives the novice cook an almost foolproof set of instructions which would make it soooo easy for someone to impress their guests.

Asked by Pazzerz 9 years ago

Any Ideas for Making Chocolate?

I want to make home-made chocolate kisses with my boyfriend.  But I cant find any recipes! I'm up for making any chocolate with my boyfriend. I  just really want to do something different and unique. Thanks for any help -Lexy

Asked by WhyHello 6 years ago

Cooking spray? Answered

How do the cooking sprays differ from the oil. Are they healthy?

Asked by wasawills 1 year ago

how do you cook spinach? Answered

How do you cook raw spinach?

Asked by kelli_enkeli 8 years ago

how to cook noodles good?

I cant seem to cook noodles a good way .. when i cook then they go all hard and yuck can some one help me ??

Asked by lisaaa.. 7 years ago

I am looking for non cooking recipies to use with Seniors.?

I am an Activity Director with an Assisted Living Community and am looking for things to cook with out using a stove per say.

Asked by hearthstone 8 years ago

Removing salt from meat prior to cooking? Answered

When you brine or salt the meat prior to cooking does moisture build up on the surface? Should the meat be washed with water a patted dry before cooking?

Asked by essikric 1 year ago

Recipes for cooking spaghetti with chicken? Please give me one.? Answered

Recipes for cooking spaghetti with chicken? Please give me one.

Asked by maemole 6 years ago

how to cook good cake?

Hello all i need cook good cake have any idea? i am boy

Asked by girogi180492 5 years ago

Do you bake muffins with a lid on top,on top the stove or in the stove itself?

Cooking with wood stove when making muffins do you cook on top or in the oven? want to learn to cook on a wood stove?

Asked by chazmatt 8 years ago

can you cook sugar? Answered

I am making a smoke bomb and I want to know if it is all right to cook sugar by it self?

Asked by ducktape100 7 years ago

Microwave Cooking Cheats

How do you use your microwave to speed up recipes? Are there unusual microwave "cheats" you rely on?

Posted by garnishrecipes 5 years ago

what is the best way to cook grouper?

They are 8oz filets.

Asked by 9 years ago

cooked to perfection? Answered

Cooked a T-bone steak for lunch today, salt on the steak half hour before cooking, little grapeseed oil into hot cast iron frying pan that i use for camping, about 3-4 minutes each side. cooked to perfection!I wouldnt use vinegar or soap on this pan, its got well seasoned over the years on use on the fire.

Asked by BigAndRed 11 months ago

I am going to cook dinner for 5, I need an idea what to cook.?

I am going to cook dinner for 5, I need an idea.? I have plenty of jasmine rice, some frozen corn, deep fryer with potatoes to fit for fries, frozen ground meat, a TON of spices, potatoes, hot sauces, orange and orange zest, lemon zest, a little cornstarch, etc. I have the works. What can I do with the works? Can you give and/or link recipes?

Asked by PKTraceur 8 years ago

frying stuff Answered

I just got a fryer for christmas. My family and I have been thinking of things to fry with it. Aside from fries, we thought of mushrooms, onion rings, and some other things. I was wondering, what are some things that we can make?

Asked by Fizzxwizz 8 years ago

Different ways to cook chicken?

Different ways to make bake chicken

Asked by rejoiice 9 years ago

How many steaks can be cooked at once? Answered

If cooking for four or six people, how best to handle with a skillet yet serve all at same time?

Asked by steve keuss 1 year ago

Can a cook top stove be made out of an old regular stove

I was wondering if one could just remove the stove part from a regular model and maybe reuse the top as a cook top surface (gas of course)

Asked by brentcrady 8 years ago

How to cook infused egg?Help!

Please tell me how to do! Thanks!

Posted by s3615625 2 months ago

Can you use hydrogen gas for cooking

Can you use hydrogen gas for cooking ( Stoves ) What modifications would i need to do.? Conversion from Gas to Hydrogen

Asked by HOWLER88 4 years ago

Experimental Cooking

To break in the forum - I'm thinking of making a Dorito and Onion Pot Pie. Fun? YES. Delicious? Hard to say...

Posted by jerbtown 11 years ago

"techniques" section in cooking?

Hey! I just posted an instructable on red foods, and I had a little trouble figuring out how to categorize it. I think that the cooking section could use a techniques category. If someone wanted to post an instructable about how to descale a fish or cut an onion, right now they'd have to decide if that was a main course, salad or sandwich. General cooking techniques are what I get the most requests for when I teach cooking. I think that more technique-based instructables would be a huge asset to the community! Cheers, Renee

Posted by kitchentablescraps 7 years ago

cooking on a rock

Hi, a long while ago I went to japan on a business trip, my host took me to a restaurant, lunch,, that the hostess cooked the thin strips of meats, veggies, and fruit on some sort or flat rock.  There where burners under the rock. might someone know what kind of a rock this might be? thanks jack 

Posted by hohum 5 years ago

This will be my first year cooking Thanksgiving dinner?

Should I buy any kitchen /cooking supplies I'll need for Thanksgiving in advance of the Holidays? I'm guessing I'll need some new pans, serving dishes and maybe a Cuisinart? When do most people buy the kitchen supplies they need for the Holidays?

Asked by 8 years ago

I want to cook artichokes (whole, fresh) on a salt block. Any tips for this? Should I precook the arti some?

A full sized artichoke takes a long time to steam or boil. I want to cook some on a Salt Block but don't know if I should pre-cook them a bit so they don't have to stay on the salt block all day.  I am sure I can cook them on the salt block but also wonder if they will continue to be tough if not par cooked. I'll report back with photos when I am done and figure it out.

Asked by papajon 6 years ago