I will pay you to make my Idea!

So basically I want a very simple device which is just a little buzzer and either some kind of laser sensor or even bits of string. I want something that can be worn that makes a noise when the wear slips out of good posture. I am sure this could be easily done. All quotes will be received and considered.

Posted by moogle123 5 years ago

mis spelled screen name, correction please? Answered

Hi mis spelled screen name, want to correct. thx

Asked by Pruple Rain 1 year ago

Is this schematic CORRECT?

PLZ  anyone check this sch  it is the sch for mt8870 dtmf decoder  i wanted 16 outputs  is this sch correct  i dint place the crystal and other components

Asked by Mayoogh 3 years ago

Plz anybody check this Schematic correct or not?

It is the sch for mt8870 dtmf decoder i wanted 16 outputs is this sch correct i dint place the crystal and other components

Asked by Mayoogh 3 years ago

US no longer melting pot, to be politcally correct

I heard today that to be politically correct the United States are no longer considered to be "a melting pot". I don't remember what it is now or where that idea came from though... but its no longer "a melting pot".

Posted by wingman246 10 years ago

For those who want a correct diagram?

Question Body: give us more detail on your question...

Asked by RobertoA67 1 year ago

Write an "Instructable" not an "Intractable"

Who can figure out how to prevent auto-correct from changing the word "instructable" to "intractable"? I know there are funnier auto-correct fails, but this one is seriously annoying. 

Posted by belsey 2 years ago

what is a correct resistor to use on a 2n3094 transistor? Answered

Im connecting it to a Positive 9volt signal for a distortion

Asked by fatfoohy 8 years ago

How to turn on magnetic correction on a Motorola droid?

I recently downloaded Google Sky on my Motorola droid and noticed the direction was off almost 10 degrees. The info said to turn on magenetic correction, but I can't find it. Has anyone else fixed this problem?

Asked by DELETED_afw11 8 years ago

Corrections to the original Instructable?

Folks, Question: if I go back and repair some typos and then hit publish again does it reset everything or are the stats (views) cumulative regardless?

Asked by r.michael.seng3 5 years ago

setup() vs. loop()? Answered

Hi Becky.If I wanted to execute a function only once, is it correct to place it in setup instead of loop? I tried it and it worked, but I was wondering if that is the correct way.

Asked by Cambenora 1 year ago

We can use any shower cap, correct? Answered

Is there a specific material, type (translucent), thickness for diffusion? Amazon is taking a while to ship me the shower caps you recommended. Thanks!

Asked by JBR7 10 months ago

How would I get a non-corrective contact lens prescription? Answered

I want some of these: http://www.9mmsfx.com/lenses.html But you need a prescription.

Asked by bowmaster 8 years ago

I need to quickly correct this failure.

One of my important projects suddenly stopped opening in the Project. I stopped accessing it, and it all complicated me a lot. I can’t imagine how this could happen.

Posted by JodieSaunders 9 days ago

how do i find the correct direction for my tv areal?

I live at hornsea in east yorkshire i have just moved there i have tried to get a good enough signal for my dgi box to work but are unsure of the correct transmitter to aim for and if u can tell me which one how do i know i am facing it

Asked by 9 years ago

Need to make sure HEX file is correct that you have?

I am in the start of the build for the laser show and trying to get all my parts ordered. Is the HEX file that you have available to download correct? I can trouble shoot everything but the chip. I am downing this for a class project and don't want to get to a point where my hands are tied. I have spoken with Digikey and they are willing to program the chip as long as I have the correct HEX file to send them. Would you please email me at adaws845@cougarmail.cccc.edu ?

Asked by adaws845 8 years ago

How to communicate with the SD Module?

 i have run a program on Arduino Duemilanove where the program i got from blushingboy.net/p/SDuFAT/  but there are some error that i do not know how to correct it... please help me to correct the error..

Asked by teddycute 8 years ago

Testing my ailerons out of the RTF Bixler2, work opposite the stick.

How can I correct my ailerons? It cannot be done with my Transmitter. Push aileron stick right and the right aileron goes down and the left goes up. Push aileron stick left and left aileron goes down and right goes up. My radio is not capabible of making the correction. What can I do to correct this problem?

Asked by Stew34five 4 years ago

Updates/corretions to my Instructables not showing when logged out

I've made some corrections to my Instructables. While I can see them updated while I'm logged in, the contents go back to the original version when I log out. I suspect that pages are cached. Is there a way to override/refresh the cache, so that my corrections can be seen by the general public? Thank you, Aki

Posted by ledartist 6 years ago

Spellings? Answered

You spelt Frank Chimero as ‘Frank Chimera’. Overzealous auto-correct perhaps...

Asked by iNerdier 1 year ago

What is the correct name for this plastic?

I have seen this stuff used by machinists for jig making and small parts. What is the professional name for this plastic? I thought it might be ABS plastic but i dont know for sure

Posted by SlickSqueegie 5 years ago

What is the correct method to cast a medal using Sulphur?

I keep getting small pins when too hot and large air bubbles when too cold.... there is zero data on the net about casting with sulphur - please help!

Asked by Doj 6 years ago

Console versions? Answered

Am I correct that there is no tinkerCAD equivilent available for the console editions of MC?

Asked by Lorddrake 1 year ago

Join Us (You know you want to)

Feel free to join a society with the aim of collectively correcting Instructables users' spelling mistakes.But, please, correct spellings constructively.Be nice about it.:DGrammar Police

Posted by bumpus 9 years ago

The correct Diode Specifications for Solar Panels in parallel.

Hello Guys I have a question, If you connected 4 of 250Watts 24volts solar panel in parallel before connecting them to your charge controller, what would be the recommended blocking diode rating on each of these panels?

Asked by EugeneT18 1 year ago

What is the correct picture size ?

Hi, just wondering what is the correct picture size for Instructables ? I'm uploading 700 x 519 pix pictures.  Also, since all my pictures on Instructables look wrinkled, I was wondering if it's possible to choose to show pictures in static means ( simply list all pictures in line, so visitors can scroll down instead of click for the next picture ). Static pictures may provide much better image quality. -- My poor suggestion.

Posted by 7PLAIN 6 years ago