I need blue prints for a motor that converts megnetic energy into electrical energy = science fair projects... urgent?

I'm at school and came up with the idea of making a motor that converts megnetic energy into electrical energy, any help with parts needed/ blue prints/ advice will be greatly appreciated!

Asked by Sam Singer 8 years ago

Custom PDF not working

Lately, when downloading a custom PDF everything is included no matter what I un-check.  Not sure if it's my computer, happened at work and now at home.

Posted by target022 6 years ago

Custom PDF not working correctly

When I go to make a custom PDF, I remove the Header, Comments, and related instructables. However, tonight it is still showing the header and related instructables..

Posted by josheggleston 7 years ago

halo custom skins.

Okay well, I have made and awesome pelican, pistol, and warthog skin. Should I release?

Posted by davison112 8 years ago

Custom Furniture Concept

Instead of buying a chair that was made in a factory, get the file printed up at your local fab shop. Check out this video that was presented by Bruce Sterling last night in Italy.Yes, the voices aren't the greatest.

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

custom battery

I need a 12 volt rechargeable battery configured like a 9 V  but it can be longer,,,I need as many amps as possible........maybe connect two 9v and cut voltage...is it possible? I'm dumb about these things so be gentle.....I have 8/ 1.2Volt batteries configured in a plastic holder..but the voltage is not working out.......any way to boost the voltage on the 1.2 batteries with out a lot of bulk?

Posted by antant00 7 years ago

Your Custom Xbox Here (Include Pictures Or A Description)

This forum is to describe your Xbox (preferably if you have changed it in some way from its original state). You can either post a picture, a movie, a detailed description of what you did or how it looks. You can also give a link to your instructable if it is about moding an Xbox or Xbox 360.

Posted by Dr.Paj 10 years ago

Customizable pdf does not work

I just paid for a pro membership for access to the customizable pdfs.  I have tried three times now, and it does not work for this instrucaible: https://www.instructables.com/id/Paracord-Wrap-Bottle/

Posted by moonshinedrums 5 years ago

my brother is building a recumbent motorcycle (feet first) can anyone recomment a good tech manual for this?

He is a low tech sort of guy so hard copy manual is best, but not essential. oh time is a factor as his birthday approacheth!

Asked by maninamousesuit 8 years ago

Airsoft Mortar

My homemade marble cannon the MC-200 has, and can be repurposed to fire hundreds of airsoft bb's at once. It is too dangerous (not to mention hefty... It's 6 feet long!) to fire directly at people, so it makes a good mortar. I only ended up paying $20 for it is the best part too.

Posted by Dr meat201 10 years ago

How to make a long lasting battery pack for portable vaporizer that is small and long lasting?

What would the specs be to make a battery or buy a battery that would work for my portable vapir oxygen mini vaporizer? Can I just use any 12v battery pack or is it more complicated than that? The ac adapter says the output power is 12v----1.5A with a max output power of 18w. And I know the oxygen mini has an optional battery pack but it is expensive and doesn't last that long. The attached picture is of the ac adapter. Also how could I charge this pack?

Posted by chris1015h 8 years ago

Custom Chopper Bike

Custom Chopper

Posted by mr-maker 7 years ago

cant add answers to custom links

When customizing the links next to You there is no option to add the answers page

Posted by 11010010110 9 years ago

How to make a custom video aka youtube vid and make it good and get a lot of views? Answered

Like is there a website to make a cool custom video or youtube video?

Asked by digger1oo1 6 years ago

custom painted guitar

My guitar that me and my friend painted:) So now I`ve got a unique guitar

Posted by schpeglar 5 years ago

Custom Built USB sticks

Hi I am willing to make custom built USB sticks in any available size I will mod them in  any way you want. email me at ollygeorge@live.co.uk

Posted by olly_george 6 years ago

Laser Pointer Custom Lens Image

Was wondering if anyone has info on making a custom 'lens' for a laser pointer. Not sure what it's called, I just say lens [the piece responsible for making the laser beam into a star, crosshair,  or whatever]

Posted by Sovereignty 6 years ago

custom sound chips? Answered

I've always wondered how these doorbells and other such devices play a particular recorded jingle or a song.I think its possible to make  circuits which can play custom tunes set by us(maybe using a PC).Could you please give me a brief idea on how this is done?

Asked by Adarsh_tronix 5 years ago

custom image

I have made an image on microsoft word to use as the image for my profile, when i update it shows a link and not my image. what am i doing wrong? and how can i upload my image?

Posted by King_Banana 9 years ago

Help wanted for making custom map for halo.

I am working with Berkin to create a map called "Murderer's peak" for halo CE.  However, due to system issues with both of us, we need some help. Anyone who is willing to help will need 3ds max 5 or 8.  Also HEK(Halo editing kit). Picture of what we are doing:

Posted by DJ Radio 8 years ago

Is there a good, relatively cheap way to get a custom made LCD computer screen that can be powered by USB from my laptop

Is there a good, relatively cheap way to get a custom made LCD computer screen that can be powered by USB from my laptop?  I want to buy one because I haven't got the tools or the time to make one. Assuming you actually can make one.  An internet shop, a street shop, anything is fine. Cheap meaning less than like £50. Not sure if thats unreal or not.    Ty :D

Asked by UpTheGuns 7 years ago

Custom Computer Build?

Hello again everone. I am building a custom acrylic computer system and I have everything up and running just fine, all but the sound system. What I did was, I found two different speaker units and removed the speakers and accessories from the cases to make the cp system have just to speaker units installed in it. Ok here I go!. I removed a speaker and two tweeters from one unit and I removed the two speakers and the power amp from the other unit. How do I connect the all three speakers to the power amp and onto the audio card connected to the motherboard on the pc. I took some pictures for you to look at and see what I am up against. Need your help. so I am thanking you in advance for information about this . Eljero.

Asked by eljero 5 years ago

Custom MP3 Player Cases and Case Mods here

This is where you can suggest cases for iPods, such as a carved out book that holds an iPod and headphones (like the one I made last year) or maybe have an idea to make a secret iPod holder out of a pop can. If you have any ideas/pictures of your case (hand made or store bought) post em here. I'll get this started... One idea I have is an iPod case for my 1st gen 4GB apple mini of mine, I am currently making an instructable on it so it will be published once my camera gets back so I can take the finishing pictures of it. Descriptions/ideas/how to make one from an idea listed/pictures/ect. are all welcome here (MP3 player related).

Posted by Dr.Paj 10 years ago

How can I replicate this?

Particularly the display that says volts , I have no problem pushing the data to the numerical display but I have no idea how to go about making the light up display that says Volts. http://www.tomsdigitalelectronics.com/yahoo_site_admin/assets/images/gt_aux_in_green.67132051_std.jpg

Asked by Tom101222 3 years ago

i have an idea for a custom ergonomic mouse, and i'm hoping for someone to judge me.

Hello community, lately i've been feeling some pain in my wrist from computer usage, and while letting my wrist get some rest, i thought about getting an ergonomically designed mouse. but let's face it: it's way more fun to make one yourself =) so i have this idea for casting a mouse casing, but i never casted anything before, so i'm hoping to find some mistakes in my plan before they cost me money (I'm not stingy, i just don't have a lot of money). so i'm hoping that someone who did cast stuff before could judge my plan before i execute it. - i'll first unscrew my current mouse, and see how the electronics inside are held in place. - i'll let my hand rest in silly putty, so it'll take the shape of my hand in a relaxed position. - then i'll use silicone putty to make a negative of my hand mold. (i'm not sure whether silly putty and silicone putty are the same thing, i'm very bad at doing productive research. if they are, that's a problem, and i might need to use something else). - after i've got my negative, i'll use something like Instamorph to create the actual case i'll eventually use. i'll also make a shape for the inside to hold the elektronics. depending on how precise this has to be, i might use another mold for that too. - to finish it up, i'll take the newly made case out of it's mold, apply some custom painting (just for fun), and perhaps some rubber for extra grip, and then transfer the elektronics. so that is my plan. i hope i'll get some productive comments on this, and perhaps i'll learn something from it. i'm going to study product design, so how awesome would it be if i did it with a self-designed mouse ^_^ oh, and this might be posted in the wrong place. i haven't used this website for a while. if it is, please accept my apologies. i hate messy websited too. =P

Posted by tommiesmee 5 years ago

Need someone who can laser-cut/machine a number of parts based on my design...

Hello all! I need some custom-designed parts for a project I am doing and I don't (yet) have the machinery and means to make them. I could go to any number of online places for custom parts, but I ask here first because I am trying to both support and rely on the community spirit of the site, and because the members here are more sensitive to some of the weird stuff people around here make and therefore are not simply suggesting materials based on "industry standard" uses. Additionally, I thought I would probably get a better deal without the "limited production run" price hike that machine shops usually charge. To add to that, I don't need new and shiny materials. As long as it works, I don't mind using what comes off of other people's scrap piles. I don't have the designs laid out yet, but I'm thinking I will probably have a need for cutout polycarbonate or aluminum about 3/16 to 1/4 inch thick (4.7-6.3mm), I'm not sure of the material yet. Basically, it would involve drilling one or more holes at each end of a short strip of that. Dead simple, and a pain that I can't do it, but like I said, I don't have the tools. For now, that's all I can think I need. If you're interested, send me a message and we can talk about details and compensation. I look forward to helping the Instructables community be as self-sufficient as possible! Thanks, Gareth

Posted by victus_maestro 9 years ago

Pancake crane from a pancake master

Pancakes are awesome just being their lovely fluffy selves, but others have found that they can also be a great way to express yourself as well. Here on Instructables we've seen them made in cool shapes and printed on, but the site Jim's Pancakes takes it to a whole new level with all sorts of creations Jim makes for his daughter like the crane below. Great stuff. Jim's Pancakes via neatorama

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

How do I go about making this

I was thinking about making this, and making an instructable with it, but I have come to a dilemma.  I am a novice at electronics.  And as such, I would like input on how to go about doing this project, I was thinking Arduino at first...and it got pricey from that angle, was then thinking about full on design from scratch and just buy each component as I need it.  Please any input is appreciated on this project.

Posted by ReonBalisty 5 years ago

Want to put 12 different voice instructions into a stuffed lamb. Button pressed; voice begins. Where is this technology?

LambieAnn is a lamb who sees lambs skating on TV and wants to learn to skate. She is the main character in a children's book. I would like to put a voice into her stuffed animal character. When the button would be pressed, it would activate her voice. She would give educational cues that would help all skaters become better i.e keep your head up. There would be a few fun comments too. I would like to know where I can find this technology so the button can be put into the lamb's ear or belly when the stuffed animal is manufacturered.

Asked by 8 years ago

Custom Minecraft World Painter Map

I made a custom Minecraft map in World Painter.

Posted by ~KnexBuild~ 3 years ago

Can not use the Customize function.

Error on page when trying to CUSTOMIZE to get my FAVORITE button up.

Posted by Ruple 6 years ago

Custom Electronics Project Enclosures

I need to have a custom enclosure made for my senior design project. It has to be placed on the back of a hand and thus have some curve to it to hug around the hand. Also, it can not be much bigger than about the size of a deck of cards. Most places I've found only have rectangular enclosures. Does anybody know of a place that could fabricate the custom design I described? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Posted by Mungerbees 6 years ago

How to Build a Custom Sound Effect Alarm Clock

Hey, I wanted to build an alarm clock with multiple, customized sound effects that could be chosen instead of randomized. I'm really new to instructables, and electronics in general, but I've thinking about this project for a long time and I'm willing to learn just about anything to get it done. Where can I find an instructable or link that will point me the way? Thanks!

Asked by bryanquocle 7 years ago

Custom Painted Nerf Guns (Looking for Offers)

Hello!  I'm JonnyBGood, and I'm looking to accumulate some offers for my custom painted Nerf guns. I don't plan on going as far as commissions, I just want to see if there's any interest in my work for the right price. As of right now I'm mainly checking the market, before fully investing in making more custom Nerf guns. When making an offer, please send me it in a PM and make sure to consider that I've spent a minimal of five hours of painting. Also consider the cost of the blaster and the time required to make modifications. In my state, the minimal wage is around 8$ so I will ignore any offer that has me literally working for free. I hope that this works out and I receive a lot of reasonable offers so I can start painting, and then I will definitely get back to everyone who has sent me an offer.  Thanks for checking out my latest endeavor, and I hope my received feedback allows this to be successful!  JonnyBGood

Posted by JonnyBGood 3 years ago

How to make a silicone keyboard cover?

I'm looking for an easy step-by-step tutorial of how to make a silicone laptop keyboard cover with customs symbols on it.

Asked by Afrocalypse 6 years ago

What names for Linux aren't taken that relate to the color blue?

I would like to know so I can create my custom distro. I would also like to know what is the issue with my UCK Ubuntu Customization Kit? https://answers.launchpad.net/uck/+question/251475

Asked by nerd7473 3 years ago

My custom tr18.

Well i havent made anything for months so i decided to make a tr18. it eaisily shoots 100ft (i havent tried finned rods yet) the only part i really modded is the stock and part of the front. tell me what you think of it, and post other tr18 pictures here!

Posted by ~KGB~ 7 years ago

Custom built laptop?

Hello people.  I'm new to this business of building laptops, so I don't know anything, even where to get the parts. I would like to build a nice gaming laptop. My budget is 1000$, so if anyone is able to post a good set of parts including the barebone (so the parts would fit the barebone). Thanks in advance. 

Asked by Dan070 3 years ago

Custom Bass

If you could have a custom bass (or have one) what would it be like? If i had one, it would have the cutaway style of a Music man bongo, with tribunal flame bridge. the end of the body would have a sort of curved flying v style to it. The finish would be a sort of metallic blue and black flame. KIllswitch, and a couple of built in effects, couple gaine and tone knobs. 5 string, with the usual music man head. Maybe a bit different though, all thats just off the top of my head.

Posted by wingman246 10 years ago

Offering Cheap Website & Hosting for Fundraiser

Need a custom website? How about $150 then $40 a year? I'm down to the wire attempting to raise additional money for my trip to LA to cover the Series Finale of We're Alive for our Podcast the We're Alive FanCast on the MickRed Network. http://werealive.mickred.com/downloads/custom-website/ I can even embed your Instructables on your website. Thanks  MrRedBeard

Posted by MrRedBeard 3 years ago

Custom Minecraft Wall Torch

Hello all. This is my first time here so, I hope I can find the info I need. I've never used a soldering iron before and know little about wiring, but I'm eager to learn. I'm looking to customize an electronic Mainecraft wall torch that I have, with a flickering light. However, I wanted to come here first to see if anyone has opened one of these up before. I was planing on using a flickering light from one of those electric candles. I'm not sure if it's as simple as switching out the LED or if I have to rip more parts from the candle. I appreciate any help you can give. Thanks

Posted by OX_Bigly 4 years ago

how to fix broken ipods?

How do i fix a broken ipod or create a customizable working one?

Asked by 9 years ago

[Help] Custom sounds for model

I've created a resin cast of a gun (raygun) from a video game (Black ops 2) and as part of making it as authentic as possible I would like to have it emit sounds I've pulled from the game at the press of a button, much like a toy gun. I don't know where to go with the idea from here. I would like something that's relatively easy to hear and not too quite and powered by batteries. If someone could point me in the right direction as far as parts I would need to achieve this I would appreciate it.

Posted by h1web 4 years ago

Custom Refrigerator Skin

I wanted to figure out how to create a skin for large items such as refrigerators, washing machines,  etc.   I am having trouble conceptualizing the necessary steps to completely hide cosmetic blemishes on large machines and appliances.  Would creating a skin be a good solution?  I am guessing there is a more elegant way than simply placing a large image printout underneath glass?  Also FYI, some of the appliances are completely brand new so I would ideally want a "top layer" solution as opposed to a "painting" solution. Nice to have features: 1.  weather proof 2.  Can be easily swapped with new design

Posted by adacquel 6 years ago

Is there a (easyish) way to make a custom USB HID for Windows? Answered

Hello, I just came across a project that has inspired me to make a small version of my own and wanted to see if I would be able to do it before I start buying.  Original project: http://imgur.com/a/DyQZL I want to create a small 4 - 10 button array, potentially with a dial/knob for audio volume etc for my Windows machine. I am currently struggling to find out how I would get the buttons to communicate with the computer... would it be through some sort of Arduino board? Or something else? And then how I would assign custom functions to each individual button/dial/switch. I have attached a (very basic and probably incorrect) diagram in order to try and show what I want to make. Any ways, thanks for any help you can provide :) 

Asked by lshoesmith 2 years ago

Custom Stairwell Doubles as Handy Bookshelf

These stairs provide access to a loft room in a tiny apartment as well as a nifty spot to place loads of old paperbacks and CDs. As someone who is getting threats to start getting rid of books on a near daily basis, I can appreciate this.Another thing that's interesting is that this is the first set of stairs I've seen that has a prescribed way of going up and down them. You're meant to step on the side that sticks out more with the indent allowing the traveling foot to clear it. I think I'd want a handrail if I wanted to prevent any houseguests from plummeting down and slamming into the door at the bottom, though. linksee also:Stairs that double as dressers

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

Custom Widget tutorial.

Can anyone out there point me to a good tutorial on making a custom widget for a website.

Posted by greasyguide 11 years ago

what kind of material should i start with to make prototype bluetooth headset casing ?

Looking to take apart a bluetooth headset and rebuild it to look completely different, maybe going with metals or even plastics not sure would be easier/cost effective. 

Asked by cerius 5 years ago

Anyone know a good ring commissioner?

Well, I've checked for people that'll make a "Latnok Ring" and they're too expensive, mainly because they don't work with stainless steel... Does anyone know a company/person that'll make me a Latnok ring for about $100-$200? Sorry if this is a repeat question, but it wasn't quite well answered... maybe this time it will.

Asked by wrenfacedoggy123 7 years ago