Homemade Christmas Present Ideas 4 Dad

My dad is getting pretty bored with cards, jerky, and games... So what else can I give him!!??

Posted by Squaggadoodle 6 years ago

W00t! (Dad joined!)

After a lot of pleading, I got Dad to type up an Instructable in Word. He originally wanted it to be posted under my name, but where's the fun in that? After a little more pleading, I got him to join. He's still a little iffy on this, so I need you guys and gals to convince him. (Welcome him, convince him this isn't a typical shady internet site, etc.)S.C.Twohttps://www.instructables.com/id/How_to_Land_a_Plane_5/#

Posted by Spl1nt3rC3ll 9 years ago

Help Help! My dad's birthday is tomorrow and I need somehting BIG HUGE and SPECIAL to make VERY QUICKLY ! any ideas?

I specifically want something very special, but not anything like 'I love You Forver, You are The best' or anything. like a game, somthing electronics, but keep it simple, I do not know anything about electronics more than a couple facts!

Asked by weirdudette 8 years ago

psss! can you surprise my dad? please?

Hi everybody, I discovered that my dad is already a member of instructables! He has been a member for some times, until he recently told me that he is a member... His user name is Zapper, I don't know why he is called him self that, but that is what he choose.He is still not quite convinced that Instructables is a great site so can yall please greet him a warm welcome to instructables? Please? Heres Zapper.Thanks!UPDATE: Don't leave any welcome comments on his orange board, because he deletes them, I don't know why he is doing this.

Posted by Plasmana 9 years ago

My girlfriend's father will do anything to keep me away from her. What do I do? Answered

He even resulted to physical force. She is really mad about it but i don't know what i should do. i am never bad, i think i set a good stage for myself, i behave and all around him, but it's getting on my nerves.

Asked by PyroMaster007 9 years ago

Whats better Family Guy or American Dad ?

Whats better Family Guy or American Dad ?

Asked by cheesemaker101 8 years ago

My Dad Just Joined

Hey everyone. My dad just joined Instructables. He helped me with the Hot Dog instructable and will probably be making his own Instructables soon. His profile is... here.

Posted by Gjdj3 9 years ago

Is there any way I can convince my dad to break his rule about cellphones? Answered

Whenever I asked my dad for a phone he always said when you have a job.....................well I am going to get a job in 9 months but I am getting to go more places by myself a lot more and I would like to have one not for protection but just for real emergencies and whenever I get left alone and need to call my parents because it is getting kind of embarrassing when I have to ask my friends to borrow one of their phones I think I am responsible enough I know I will not stay up till dawn texting people and I know I will only use it in emergencies and when needed plus he has two phones one he never uses but he is still paying for it so please I need some tips and tricks to getting a phone 9 months early

Asked by acidbass 8 years ago

DADCANDO: Kaptin Scarlet's book is out!

I just had the chance to read the new Dadcando book from Kaptin Scarlet, aka father-of-four Chris Barnardo who runs dadcando.com.   The book is absolutely excellent, which will come as no surprise to anyone who has seen his carefully-crafted Instructables.  All of the projects are creative, inexpensive, well-documented, accessible, and most importantly, they look like fun.  The  I was quite taken by the Waves and Wheels section (that little submarine will be making an appearance in my daughter's bath soon!) and even the science and Advanced projects are quite doable for even a novice DIY dad. But Barnardo shines when he turns his glue gun and paints to the fantastic.  Written in the voice of his Kaptin Scarlet persona, the Great Adventures chapter describes how to make a wizard's wand, a feather quill and magical ink pot, and dragon-hunters goggles.  The projects simply ooze creativity, and look good enough to support hours of imaginary play. The book is peppered with wise advice for the single or divorced, non-custodial parent who wants to stay engaged in his children's lives without succumbing to the usual pitfalls of consumerist overindulgence or disconnection.  The tips are universally applicable without seeming preachy, and provide lots of encouragement to get away from the computer and do something with your kids.  In short, Dadcando is brilliant.  It's the perfect Father's Day gift, or general-purpose inspirational gift for anyone you know with kids.  I really can't recommend this book highly enough, and will be sending copies to friends and family as soon as it's available in the states! Dadcando at amazon.co.uk (available now) Dadcando at amazon.com (available July 5)

Posted by canida 7 years ago

For all the dads here

Happy Father's Day! What are you all doing?

Posted by Weissensteinburg 10 years ago

My dad doesn't like some instructables.

He says that i shouldn't trust the recipes and some of the stuff on here because most of the recipes i make from here aren't that good like randofo's apple pie. :-(

Posted by Yerboogieman 9 years ago

Gift Ideas

Gift ideas? My little brother loves Nintendo any craft I can make for him? My sisters birthdays is coming up (its on NewYears Eve) And my boyfriend...uh I'm clueless about, I just know not to get him anything pink or easter purple..or hello kitty (or Halo Kitty)  Idea exchange? I Got my sister a mist machine for christmas I thought it would be great for their parties and great in general (10 bucks at Family Dollar)  And I just got Photo Frames for my parents :| Any better ideas?  Thanks!

Posted by WhyHello 7 years ago

How do you clean the glue off of a 2 litire soda bottle? Answered

I want to make the "Victorian Domed Glass Display Case" from Dadcando.com, but am unable to clean the glue off of my 2 litre bottle, Please help.

Asked by Aztof 8 years ago

Ok my dad messed up kinda big this time... (car problems)? Answered

Well basically my dad tried to change the oil in the car... (new-ish Nissan versa) and he accidentally poured oil into the wrong thing and filled the already full transmission... he figured out and removed some and poured the correct amount in... but that was after he took it for a spin... and then he over filled the engine oil thing and now it doesn't register any oil pressure at all... (he removed the excess)... what did he mess up or break and how hard is it to replace and how much would it be to get the part/take it to some place...

Asked by girrrrrrr2 8 years ago

i need a christmas present for my dad Seveastrouk and i dont know what to get him HELP!

The title says it all folks butr still help PLEASE!!!!

Posted by jonnybo111 6 years ago

My dad is having trouble at work with a cnc machine, can you help?

My dad works with cnc machines and needs to record the encoder data directly from the machine in real time. Is there something for various encoders/machines.

Asked by I3uckwheat 7 years ago

Can i use my dads project

Can i take my dad's project and enter it in a contest?I have his permission.And he prefers me to do it because, he is busy.if I did this I would narrate it as if he was righting it.And I know how he did it.

Asked by designer 246847 2 months ago

What kind of stuff should i put on my new computer? Answered

Specs https://www.instructables.com/community/I_built_a_Super_Computer_we_named_it_HAL/My dad said no Firefox, just letting you know, i asked at least 5 times. Thanks!he also said no dual booting with XP or OS X, he said he might try Redhat or Ubuntu, which is, odd.

Asked by Yerboogieman 9 years ago

My girlfriend's father caught us making out in her backyard at 1:00 am. He was pissed. What should I do?

My girlfriend and I have a very happy relationship. We couldn't see each other during the day, but decided we really wanted to hook up that night. Her parents go to sleep at 10:30, and she decided to sneak out and I'd meet her in the backyard, since her house is in walking distance.I told my parents I was going for a walk around the block. I left at 11:00 pm and said I would be home by 11:30, which is the curfew when minors have to be off the streets.I get to her house and 11:10, she quietly sneaks out and we meet up. I had intended to leave and be home on time, but soon found ourselves making out under bright moonlight and we just couldn't bring ourselves to end it.Soon I start getting phone calls from my parents. My cell phone is vibrating in my pocket but I didn't pick up. Quite frankly I was too lost in the moment to care.I ignore the calls for a while. After a long time, we're both terrified to hear the back door open and her father come out!He says, calmly but obviously pissed. "---- come inside. And you best go home."I slip away without a word, obviously pretty spooked. I get to the end of her street, and check my cell phone. It's 1:00 AM!!My parents called the police and reported me as missing! I got to the end of her street, and a police cruiser picks me up for being out after curfew.They contact my parents. I wasn't arrested because I explained to the officer the situation, I was with my girl, we lost track of time, honest mistake, apologies, etc. My parents call my girlfriend's parents. Her folks are obviously not happy with me. I've had my cell phone service disconnected, and my girlfriend doesn't have Facebook, e-mail, or any way for me to contact her.I need to know----1. How to make amends to her parents2. If we can continue our relationship with her parents hating me3. How to manage this whole clusterf**k situationPlease any advice will help! This just happened yesterday so I need to act. I'm really crazy about this girl and we have a great relationship, it'd be a shame to lose it.Thank you so much to everyone!-IR

Asked by VivaRedChe 8 years ago

My dad has a bump on the back of his neck

My dad has a HUGE bump on the back of his neck, at first i thought it was a zit but after about a year its grown to the size of a golf ball...i've told him to go to the doctors, but he refuses to go...i dont know what to do, and i worried about him...what should i do.?

Asked by dannielleeee 5 years ago

i need to hack my step dads pc as i think he is cheating on my mom. i really need help some help

 He has a laptop with wireless connection and a gmail account.

Asked by Jonuget 8 years ago

My girlfriend's dad really hates me for some unknown reasons. What should i do?

I have a problem with my girlfriend's dad. I dont know how to fix it......everytime her dad sees me, he just yells at me......today he saw me and her together and he started beating me.....I didn't do any self defense as i know alot about respects. I am 20, and she is 17 turning 18 in couple months....It got to a point that i really hate her dad but can't do anything about it. My girlfriend also doesn't know what to do because her dad really loves her and everytime after he yells/beat ME, he just apologizes to her but obviously my girlfriend is starting to hate him more as each day goes by......I don't want this to happen because i think family is always important so i am trying to find solutions to fix this at any cost! Even getting stab by him as he threatened me today before i left. I just don't get the problem at all. Her sister who is 19 year old can date freely with this other guy but her dad just HATES me. I look and AM a very nice guy....only thing is can think of is i am a whitewashed asian and her dad has a very traditional asian mind. Whereas her sister's boyfriend is an asian that can speak fluent chinese

Asked by peterchong 9 years ago

how to i make a motorcycle cheap?

I want my dad to have a motorcycle.

Asked by pokemonjarrod 8 years ago


I was dating this girl whom i really love and her dad forced her to break up with me because he doesnt like me but i dont get why he doesnt like me he has never even met me. im all about respect and this is the first time this has happened to me i just need some ideas on what i can do to get her back in my life PLEASE HELP ME??????

Asked by nicknack121 6 years ago

The best joke in an Instructable

One thing I like a lot when reading Instructables is how creators give a personal spin to their project descriptions and the instructions on how te make something. Sometimes there is even a small laugh on my face when somewhere hidden in step 9, picture 2 there is a funny joke. I can't help it that I include some silly dad jokes myself in my projects.  The idea of this topic is to create a collection that make you smile. A quest for the hidden (dad)jokes in projects. Which ones are your favorites? Since most dad jokes only work in  context I suggest you only post the link to the Instructable and how hard you laughed about it. Not the joke itself out of context. Then we can all go hunting for that silly joke. 

Posted by thijsv 1 year ago

USMC Sniper? Answered

Ive been wanting to join the Mariane Corps lately like my Dad did ( he gat to rank CPT. but i want to be a sniper in the USMC. i have great aim in mine and my dads oppinion, but how long do i serve before i could retire, and alos after i retire could i still be NCIS agent

Asked by DELETED_JAZ97 8 years ago

when converting a dc car alternator to ac how much ac amps can you get? Answered

My dad wants to know this for a wind generator

Asked by I3uckwheat 8 years ago

68 Camaro Help

So my Dad's Birthday is coming up and I want to get him his high school 68 Camaro Z-28. He was selling it (or so he thought) to a Mark T Reese, wife Janet living in Mobile, Alabama. My dad lived in California. Mark said he didn't want to buy it. He offered to sell it for my dad and since he already bought plane tickets, rented a trailer for the Camaro and was in Arizona on his way, so he accepted. So he went and dropped it off and came back to California and never heard from him again. I asked my dad the VIN but because it was a race car so it didn't need to be street legal so carfax is useless. He bought it in 1979. If anyone happens to know how to find it please let me know. Thanks.

Posted by alecgates15 10 years ago

how do you make a popsicle gutair?

 i want to make my dad a popsicle gutair for christmas help?

Asked by tommysg97 8 years ago

My eligilility ? Answered

Hello Becky,I am 10 years old and using my Dad's email. Can i still take these lessons ?Thank you Jai

Asked by jai_kakade 1 year ago

Father modifies his son's powerwheels to 66HP (video)

I nominate him for dad of the year:

Posted by LanceMakes 5 years ago

What to do with...?

I recently received two demo broiler units from my friend's dad. They both each have one broiler unit and a carbon fiber filament inside a quartz tube. (Just what my dad relayed to me from him.) What the hell should I do with these bad boys?

Asked by Zem 7 years ago


Hey I want to get into airsoft, but I'm 16 ands I'm quite certain my dad will think I'm a sissy. any ideas?

Posted by James (pseudo-geek) 10 years ago

how do i hook up my equalizer?

Our radio broke so my dad got a new one on craigslist, the guy also gave us an equalizer and a few speakers. my dad didnt want the speakers or equalizer so he gave it to me. i cant hook up the equalizer to the two speakers (left and right).

Asked by tim127 6 years ago

I need help wining a bet my dad was talking about Korea and he said i wouldent last.

I need help wining a bet my dad was talking about Korea and he said i wouldn’t last he said it’s like going outside when its 20 out and wetting yourself with a hose so me being me i said i could so im gonna wait till its 20 out and wet myself and spend that day outside. What can i do to stay warm and make it the 8 hours???

Asked by Don,t try this at home 7 years ago

im in school and BORED!

Im bored, my dad is going over to his girlfriends so i might make hamburgers for dinner, or china man food.

Posted by Yerboogieman 9 years ago

R. PC Repair Twitter account

Visit our business twitter, owned by my dad. https://twitter.com/RigleyPCRepair

Posted by Yerboogieman 9 years ago

how do i locate a stolen laptop?

Laptop was stolen and had no tracking program that i was aware of. it was a newer dell studio laptop, gift from dad,

Asked by 9 years ago

My dog died...

(sob) (cry) (sob) My dog died. My mom ran him over. He survived the accident but the surgery and other stuff would of been $4000. And there was a chance he wouldn't make it through. So me my mom and sister and dad (my dads away in California for my uncles wedding) decided to put him down. So it was a hard good by to my dog Sandy.Sorry no pictures.

Posted by Easy Button 10 years ago

How long does domestic beer keep?

My dad is wondering for a Refridgerated keg, how long domestics would keep.

Asked by xGzuzfreakx 6 years ago

should I get the vulcan nerf gun? read deatails plzz? Answered

Hi my mom and dad say the vulcan ebf is shit but is it

Asked by kctrooper 9 years ago

I have no clue what this is...

 With a sequence of click-click-click-click-click pause X'3? ( with an initial click-click ), I'm thinking that this electrical dial was for an alarm, then again it may not be as part of a warning/alert system at all.  Given to my dad by his dad who served in the navy in Nam. Here's a link to a video I uploaded to YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huHTDpLh9sQ&sns=em thanks!

Posted by Lags witch 5 years ago

Milkshake Bars

My dad keeps telling me about these candy bars that used to be made called Milkshake Bars.http://www.candywrappermuseum.com/milkshake.htmlI've never had them before, but they are apparently not made anymore.Basically, I was wondering if anyone would know how to make one. If so, could you list it as an instructable so that I might make one for my Dad. I think he'd really love to have one.Thanks.

Posted by boltfox20 9 years ago

WANTED: Metal/Wood Shop in NE Ohio

I am looking for a metal/wood shop in North East OHIO that me and my dad can use.

Posted by Clayton H. 9 years ago

im looking for a free simple website builder

Anyone found a good one I'm going to build a website for my dads company it will be a pretty basic design with a photo gallery and maybe a q and a.

Posted by Tanners 9 years ago