On 9-1-08 I saw Jessica Robinson Make history. She was the Very ist person in Deal or No Deal's history to win 1,000,000$ That is a lot of money

Posted by alfpwns 9 years ago

Anybody know how long deal extreme shipping takes?

I'm in the US mid-atlantic area. i'm just alittle worried, they just seem to good to be true

Asked by otherscott 9 years ago

Does anybody know any cheap deals for a wireless camera?

Well the tile kind of says it all, i am looking for a wireless camera that i can use on a small robot  i have a controller called ez-b   check this out -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EB70ehdJbo&playnext=1&list=PLA5BCC7944B2E7909&feature=results_video is there another camera i can do the same thing to? i would buy and use their own camera but it's too expensive and this is a first time experience with cameras (on robots)

Asked by rptech 5 years ago

Good deal? Answered

So i was wondering, as christmas is coming up, is near on £600 worth this? Because if i got this for christmas this would cover my birthday present a which is a bout a month after christmas. (34 days after)

Asked by Millawi Legend 7 years ago

The phrase "You have no right": What's the deal?

Recently, I saw someone use a variation the phrase "You have no right to say that".  Location and who said that are not important.  Anyways, my bull detector went off, so I just decided to post this topic. For all the people who have used this phrase before, guess what?  They still said it.  The receivers of this skewered phrase obviously don't care if they don't have the right to say it, which brings me to this train of thought: Why do we call it a "Right"?  Most times people say it as if it was not a legal right at all, but matter of fact is, that most conversation on the internet is not really anything to involve cops or authorities in (Well, at least the conversations with the phrase I mentioned above), so why are we treating this as something straight out of the constitution or bill of rights or whatever? Offtopic: I kept the poster of the comment and the location of the comment anonymous for a reason.  It would be smart for him/her to not blow it with a poorly written comment. Why I posted this topic: There have been a bunch of phrases on the internet (some offensive with cuss words and whatnot) that don't make sense when you go by their definition, and I felt like ruining one of them.

Posted by DJ Radio 8 years ago

new one deal one week website

Acidealhttp://www.ac1d.net/Just openned, hope someone like it!

Posted by ac1D 9 years ago

What website is the best to sell my 3D print voucher?

I tried to sell my 3D printing voucher on forum here at instructables, but with no effect... I was giving 25$ for free and nobody was interested.  And now im asking ;)  What website is best for selling that kind of stuff?   Since july I have this  voucher,  and i cant sell it :/ Thank you in advance!

Asked by kondzio29 4 years ago

Which DealExtreme knife is best?

So, I am looking a cool knives on dealextreme, and I was wondering, which is the best?links:http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.18076http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.6198http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.7011http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.11620

Asked by Flumpkins 9 years ago

Airsoft scope?

I am wondering if I got a good deal. I bought a 2.5x 32mm hunting scope for $5. Also what mounts do I need to attach it to a standard airsoft R.I.S. rail system?

Asked by thing 2 7 years ago

Is this a good deal? Answered

Is this airsoft gun a good deal for someone who wants quality without paying "an arm and a leg"? http://www.airsoftpost.com/product_info.php?products_id=27379

Asked by thing 2 7 years ago

Great Knex Deals!

This is a forum of curiosity. Ever bought some knex off ebay, or craiglist, or anywhere else? Got it for an awesome price? Share it here! You can use this forum to show, brag, share, sell or advertise some awesome deals that you have/had while buying knex. Here is my most recent on (pictured below), I bought 10 knex balls (10 half yellows and 10 half reds) for just $3! How awesome is that? =P So... whats deals have you had?

Posted by Hiyadudez 7 years ago

Solitaire game problem!

How do I manipulate the game of Solitaire so that it deals random 4 of a kind on each deal. Thanks, Hank? EX. 10-jack -7-10-10-4-10 as long as there is 4 of a kind in the deal, in a row or ramdomly.

Asked by hank88e 9 years ago

saw a deal on ebay to recondition dewalt 18v batteries. does anyone know if it works?

Bought some new batteries today and when looking on ebay a guy had a booklet you could buy to learn how to recondition dewalt batteries. Actually any rechargable battery and also lead batteries. The cost was about $8. just wondering if it was a real deal.

Asked by 9 years ago

Knit fabric curling? Answered

How do you usually deal with knit fabric curling at the edges while you're attempting to cut and sew it? This has been one of my biggest issues with knits and I don't know how to deal with it.

Asked by PaigeGrel 1 year ago

5 voltages?

What are the top 5 voltages we deal with in the U.S.?

Asked by erik30 7 years ago

Is this the best NdFeB magnet deal?

 I'm doing a little informal research to find the best deal in neodymium magnets. The price per cubic inch seems to be extremely variable- some on the order of $10 and others in the hundreds of dollars. Can you find a better deal than I did? Conditions on the order of NdFeB magnets: * Total price, including shipping to the US,  under $30 * Contains at least four magnets with intact coating * Contains a total of at least 6 cubic inches (98322mm^3) of magnet  The best I could come up with is $4.93 per cubic inch. Can you find a better unit price?

Asked by NobodyInParticular 8 years ago

What's the deal with sending patches? Answered

If you become a pro member you have the ability to receive and give patches, I don't understand what they do? Is it just a way to say thank you? if so I think Instructables needs to make up some new ones or drop it altogether. 

Asked by Blechmen 5 years ago

Negative Instructables?

For some reason, my profile says I have -2 instructables. What's the deal?

Posted by Argool 9 years ago

Help wanted in the UK: Dealing with SNOW

Hello there all, As you might be aware, us here in the UK are having a fair amount of snow, which as you might also be aware, causes our country to slowly collapse... Since those of you who live in Canada and northern states of the USA are quite a bit more used to the snow, I wondered if the collective genius of Instructables could give us some tips on dealing with snow... Things which'd be interesting to know about: -Footwear -Driving -Clothing -Shovelling I think you get the picture. Cheers!

Posted by macmaniac 7 years ago

Free Share Point Hosting Platter

Free Share Point Hosting PlatterShare Point Deals August 2008 Free Giveaway!!! http://www.sharepointdeals.com/aug08-hosting-platter.aspxShare Point Deals and Sponsors are pleased to announce another spectacular Free Giveaway. This month Share Point Deals is offering Free Hosting Platters. This specialty meat hosting platter is perfect for gatherings and picnics. Fill out the registration form on the right to enter.Offer available while supplies last. Free Hosting platter may appear differently in person. Chili peppers not included.

Posted by red111112 9 years ago

mabe i just might.....

Make a computer group that has to deal with any computer componets!

Posted by get to da parakeet 9 years ago

Can't Download PDF? Answered

- I haven't been able to download custom or standard PDF files on here anymore. What's the deal?

Asked by buirv 9 years ago

Your Instructable Failed to Publish.

Not sure what the deal is, but I've tried this multiple times over the last few hours with no luck. 

Posted by craftedworkshop 1 year ago

Same Deal: New Pro Membership Expiring

I'm pretty sure that I'm good until April of 2013, but I got two emails stating that my pro membership is expiring.  I passed the first one off as a bug but now I'm a little concerned.  Are the ones I receive as gifts, sitting in my pro membership tab, have an expiration date?   Thank you. Zurichko

Posted by zurichko 6 years ago

any software dealing with bitmap for arduino plotting or GRBL

I want to build something like a CNC. But using a pen instead of CNC's drill so that I can use it to draw image. I searched a lot about G-code, but they are all for vectorgraph. So I need help if there is any software that can translate the bitmap to G-code? THANKS

Posted by asygoogle 4 years ago

Anyone know a way to get the best deals out of buying a Bass guitar from a pawn shop? Answered

How much would a decent beginning bass guitar cost through a pawn shop? What can I do to avoid getting ripped off? Is there anything I should look for in buying a bass guitar from a pawn shop?  

Asked by Juklop 8 years ago

tips on buying a microscope, looking for aa good used deal. ecoli, parasitesl, arva eggs,

I want to buy a compound microscope, i want to be able to check for ecoli and parasite eggs. i figure 2000 power may work, correct me if not. would really like to be able to monitor or take pics via pc, but may be out of  price range.  looking at $300 us tops ,unless a super good used deal for around $500 comes by. i never took biology ,well since high school, so am out of ouch of what i want. ebay has new ones of a chinese brand, have to look up the name, but prefer used for better deal unless people know that the new ebay scopes A??? are a good deal. are scopes up-gradable , meaning, could i get a scope and add the camera attachment later? thanks, pure noob here, i know i dony want clips, and i know certain lights = cheaper from my research.

Posted by escapefromyonkers 7 years ago

Telekinetic Pen Kit - Discount for Instructables Community

We've worked out a special deal for the Instructables community to get the Telekinetic Pen Kit from the Maker Shed for 20% off until Dec. 19. We'll be sharing this deal in the upcoming Dec. 11 newsletter, but you can get it now. After ordering, use this coupon code: TELEPENSee the Instructable here: Telekinetic Pen.

Posted by ewilhelm 9 years ago

What is the Deal with this Original Xbox Controller? Answered

Well, I picked up this controller for incredibly cheap at a yard sale, but then when I got home, I noticed the plug was circular as oppose to my Xbox's Oval-ey female plugs. And the Controller looks legit enough, it has all of the Microsoft and Xbox markings, it's just the older style of controller. Could anyone explain this to me? Greatly Appreciated!

Asked by Wasagi 7 years ago

Ipod touch for droid

Would you guys consider a ipod touch for a droid a good deal. The ipod has a 40$ case and is a 8gb.

Posted by silentassasin21 7 years ago

JD Independence Project IP rights

Apologies if this has been asked before, but I've looked around and haven't been able to find anything dealing with the IP rights associated with the JD Independence Project contest winners.  Typically Instructables contests don't run into this issue as they are dealing with already-created content and as such the IP is either available already or made available by nature of the public release of information (rendering the content ineligible for patent, at least under US IP law).  With this particular contest, however, the prize is meant to preemptively fund a project, business, etc - so there's definitely the possibility of IP creation.  How would Instructables/JD deal with this and what assurances do entrants have that IP generated as a result of the contest remains their own?

Posted by spinnakr 5 years ago

Magnet Sculpture Kit - 20% Discount for Instructables Community

We've worked out a deal with the fine people at the Maker Shed for you to receive a 20% discount on the Magnet Sculpture Kit until December 19. We'll be sharing this deal in the upcoming newsletter, but you can get it now. After ordering, use this coupon code: MAGNETICSee the Instructable here: Make a Magnet SculptureMagnetic Sculpture kit from Collin Cunningham on Vimeo.

Posted by ewilhelm 9 years ago

suggestions plz

Hi, my laptop lcd is broken .it is a 15.4 inch dell inspiron 1501,so my question is if i want to change the lcd i have to buy the same model of dell i.e 1501 or can i buy different inspiron version like e1505,9100 like that because i see some deals on other versions of dell .actually i see a very good deal($15) for inspiron 8500 ,so do you think it will fit.

Posted by vijaybhaskar 10 years ago

Any Way to Easily Obtain Deuterium?

I've had an interest in how physicists obtain deuterium for their experiments (especially those dealing with nuclear fusion).  I know it comes in small quantities in water, in the form of deuterium oxide ('heavy water') .  It also comes in the form of 'heavy methane' also.  I've looked at several patents dealing with extracting deuterium from such sources.  Is their any do-it-yourself (DIY) techniques that could use every day materials to obtain deuterium?

Posted by bigboy4006 7 years ago

Dealing with an unsquare slab? Answered

I started to lay out my walls and found out my slab inot square. it was supposed to be 16 x 24 and it is 16 x 23' 9 x 23' 11. bothe ends are 16 ft but the two side differ by 2 inches. do i build to the slab and try to square up with the roof or do i square up the initial framing and leave an inch ovehang/short on the slab? BTW they deliverd the lumber yesterday and it is raining today

Asked by rh7157 9 years ago

Instructables on my blog

Http://mann-tut-was-mann-kann.com/blog THIS is the german way to deal with wood ! , Click the link and learn more about german wood techniques :)

Posted by Dennismc 4 years ago

Fret saw operation. Answered

Typically, what sort of thickness of wood (plywood, solid softwoods) can a hobby-quality, bench-top fret saw comfortably deal with?

Asked by Kiteman 6 years ago

Technical Question? Answered

Even though I've completed the lessons only a 3 out of the 8 indicate completed and the other indicate started?No big deal as I'm keeping track.Enjoying the lessons.

Asked by Ur iel 1 year ago

Game turn indicator - how to build?

My family likes to play a particular card game called Phase 10. The way it works is that after each hand, the deck is handed to the next person to deal from.  We're often so busy chatting/having fun we forget exactly whose turn it is to deal. Not a big deal of course, but all our attempts to keep track have failed.  I thought it would be cute to set up a little strip of LEDs and have them be controlled by a button. Push button, next LED lights up, with each LED assigned to a player so we know whose turn it is to deal next.  There's nothing commercial I could find, and I don't know enough about LEDs, controllers, etc, to do so - so I'm looking for someone who can explain what has to be done (and the materials) so I can build it... or if someone wants to take on the project and get paid for it too, that works.  It's meant to be a christmas present for my father (who's the worst one of all about remembering whose turn it is) so - that's the estimated deadline. Anyone got info for me on how to set this up?

Posted by sevendaysky 5 years ago

How to deal with spam on instructables?

Guys, if you see spam, anywhere on the site, please do not reply to it, even if you are just saying "spam". Adding comments actually slows down the removal of the spam, so just flag it and move on. If it is really offensive spam, or it needs quickly removing for some other reason, then email service@instructables.com, or send a PM to any members of the staff or the Community Team who seem to be online at the time. If you're running on UK/Europe times, that will likely be me.

Asked by Kiteman 3 years ago

If I bought a Gameboy advance SP at a garage sale for 15$ would that be a good deal? Answered

It was only 15$ Anyone know how much they are normally?

Asked by bubbaman22 8 years ago

Anyone interested in Collaborating? How to deal with drunks...

I've been thinking about this as right now the goddamn drunk that came to the door a few hours ago is still rapping on the door, he's a special example because he's caught in this loop, he came asking for someone called steve and wasn't a problem, I sent him on his merry way and he came back in half an hour, oblivious to the fact that we'd had that conversation, he was however agressive this time, he tried to push his way in to the house and got a good smack to the jaw, door closed. He then came back again, in a friendly mood and started the conversation again, I'm now ignoring him - usually they take the hint the first time... Anyway I was wondering if anybody would like to collaborate on an 'ible about dealing with them, see I've had a variety of random interactions with drunks, from where I used to work to random happenings and down and the local, I'd probably be able to persuade my friend who's a barman to add some wisdom, and maybe my mate the security guard who is bored anyway... Anybody interested? If I've missed a life changing and amazing 'ible on such things then it may not be needed but haven't seen one on this subject anyway...

Posted by killerjackalope 9 years ago

Mother's Day Emergency? CLick here.... You know the deal...

You know the deal. Mother's day is in 2 days. No gift ready. No moneyAny good instructables on what I can do for mother's day?????Well, fungus amungus has provided this: Mother's Day Instructables for all your needs!I'll post the ones I like here, if it helps...What I've found so far: How to Make Unique tile pictures for less than $3! (I am so doing this one!!!)Mother's Day flowerWrite or Draw with light! (I'm also gonna make one of these saying "I love you" or "Happy Mother's Day!)My own How to make Paper Flowers ( I made her a bouquet of these last year!A dozen Red Origami RosesHow to Fold a Japanese Paper Ball

Posted by Keith-Kid 10 years ago